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Improve Your Bike Skills at Gateway Park: Travelers Rest, SC

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Have you visited Gateway Park in Travelers, SC? This park along the Swamp Rabbit Trail is full of outdoor things to do, including an impressive bike park where you can practice jumps, ride the pump track, and older bikers can conquer the skills down two different jump lines. Here’s all the information you need to take advantage of Gateway Park on your next visit to TR.

Bike skills park at Gateway Park in Travelers Rest

About Gateway Park in Travelers Rest

Gateway Park is located along the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Downtown Travelers Rest, right behind Sunrift Adventures.

Biking is a bike draw to Gateway Park, but there are also other things to do. There is a small playground in the shade, plus tennis courts, a football field, and a basketball court. Restrooms are centrally located in the middle of the park. And, there are a number of picnic tables and even charcoal grills located throughout the park.

Playground at Gateway Park

Getting to Gateway Park

There are two entrances to Gateway Park, but if you’re not looking for them, you might miss them. The first entrance, and the one that GPS will probably take you to, is right behind Sunrift Adventures. You will actually turn into the Sunrift parking lot and then veer to the right into the Gateway Park parking lot. At this end of the park you’ll find the basketball court and field.

If you continue driving through the park, you’ll pass the restrooms on the left, the playground on the right, and then you’ll arrive at the bike skills park.

There is another entrance/exit here at the bike park onto Henderson Drive. Turning left here will bring you back up towards Main Street, Travelers Rest.

Skills park at Gateway Park, Travelers Rest, SC

Biking at Gateway Park

There’s something for every level of biker at Gateway Park. While my older kids and husband spend most of their time at the park on the skills in the jump lines, the park also offers a pump track, several platforms at varying heights for drop jumps, and 2 1/2 miles of mountain biking trails through the woods and around the park.

Kids track at Gateway Park

There’s also a small figure 8 track for kids beside the playground.

Jump Lines

Bikers using the jump lines start at the platform in the corner of the bike park. Skills in the jump lines include gap jumps, steep table tops, and a variety of berms. Here you’ll find a helpful map of the trails and maybe a friendly biker or two to give you some pointers. If you’ve never tried these types of jumps, a good way to start is by rolling over the jumps on the trail slowly, rather than jumping. It’s always a good idea to take new trails slowly, anyway.

Skills park at Gateway Park, biking in TR

Drop Jumps and Pump Track

Pump track

Across the road from the jump lines, you’ll see the small pump track and the drop jumps. The pump track would be a could place for younger riders to try some skills. There are no jumps on this track only bumps and turns.

Beside the pump track is an area for bikers to practice drop jumps off of platforms. There is a variety of heights to choose from, entry and exit of these jumps is a grassy field- no trails. When bikers are present you’ll want to keep an eye on the kiddos here.

Ride the trails

In addition to the skills portion of the bike park, there is also a trail through the woods and around the park. There are about 2 1/2 miles of mountain bike trail.

dirt bike trail at Gateway Park

Got a flat?

When we arrived at the park most recently, my husband pulled his bike out of the van, only to realize the tire was flat and he didn’t have the adaptor he needed to pump it up. He brought the bike over to Sunrift Adventures, located right beside the park, and they pumped it up for free. He was also able to buy the missing adaptor so he’d have it for next time for just $1. Sunrift is a great resource in the area for biking and all kinds of outdoor adventures.

Watch: Ride the trails at Gateway Park

More to Love at Gateway Park

This park used to be the site of Travelers Rest High School. So, if you are not in the mood for biking, grab a football and play on the football field that has been used to train athletes for decades. You can also enjoy the basketball court or baseball diamond.

If you are 5 or 95, you will find something at this park to get your heart pumping while soaking in some vitamin D. Bring some friends, and get out to Gateway Park.

Gateway Park in Travelers Rest

Visit Gateway Park in TR

115 Henderson Drive, Travelers Rest
Visit the Gateway Park website for more information.

Would your family enjoy a day visiting Gateway Park in Travelers Rest?

Where else can you ride? Check out the Kidding Around Guide to Mountain Biking in the Upstate.

Cedar Falls Park in Fountain Inn is the Perfect Park to Visit on a Beautiful Fall Day

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Looking for a beautiful park to enjoy on a crisp fall day? Cedar Falls Park in Fountain Inn offers a fun playground, a paved walking path, a historical site, and a waterfall. We’ll give you all the information you need to plan a day at this park with your family.

Parks and playgrounds near Greenville, South Carolina

Looking for more parks? We’ve got your Ultimate Guide to Parks and Playgrounds Near Greenville, SC.

Want more ideas on parks to explore, places to hike and more outdoor fun? Check out our Things to do Outside page.

I was first introduced to Cedar Falls Park by Deirdre at JDaniel4’s Mom. Deirdre and I are friends, and she is also a local blogger. She blogged about her visit to Cedar Falls Park during the 2013 Greenville Park Hop. I could tell that she and J Daniel had a lot of fun during their visit, and I decided that my family would need to check the park out ourselves.

After our visit my husband and I agreed that Cedar Falls Park is a local secret. The playground is imaginative and great for getting kids active. But the best part about Cedar Falls Park is the paved path (yay for strollers!) that leads to a beautiful wooded area where the Reedy River rolls over waterfalls and wildlife abounds.

waterfall at Cedar Falls Park

The history of Cedar Falls Park

Cedar Falls Park doubles as not just a recreational spot but also as an historic area. The site originated as a Cherokee hunting ground and transportation hub across the Reedy River. Later in the 1800s, a dam was built to power several mills. In the 1900s, a larger dam generated electric power for the Fork Shoals Mill. A more complete history of the Cedar Falls is located on a park sign on the trail.

On the trail, you will also find a sign explaining the Cherokee history of the site as well as a sign about the environmental aspects of the Reedy River which includes a chart of wildlife in the area.

Basic Information about Cedar Falls Park

The 90+ acres at Cedar Falls Park contains so much:

  • a paved walking trail to the falls
  • a sand volleyball court
  • picnic shelter
  • restrooms
  • playground
  • parking at both the playground and a small amount of parking beside the falls
  • large grassy areas for play
Cedar Falls Park playground

The Playground at Cedar Falls Park

My kids really enjoyed the play area located at the first entrance of the park. The playground based on fairy tales, included a bean stalk ladder, rock wall, small cave window, and large fun climbing structures. As a mom of a very brave toddler, I was glad to see that even the larger playground wasn’t terribly high (not that I would have wanted her to fall off it).

The playground designed for smaller kids was a little larger than other local options. I liked how it was still challenging and fun for even my 5 year-old (though he was fascinated with the larger structure on the other side).

The playground did not have a fence and both levels of playgrounds were connected. Since the playground was beside the parking lot, you did have to watch small kids closely to make sure they didn’t wander off.

The Falls at Cedar Falls Park

The walk to Cedar Falls was not difficult. Our kids (2 and 5) complained a little and we ended up toting the toddler, but we made it there and back without too much trouble. We did not bring a stroller, but the path was completely paved down to the falls.

We noticed a lot of people playing in the water, but we did not due to it being part of the Reedy River. Parents will want to know that this portion of the Reedy River has the same toxic level warning signs as you will find near the Reedy River at Falls Park.

I wore flip flops and the kids wore shorts on our visit. I would recommend tennis shoes and long pants as you will want to explore off of the path once you reach the falls. Don’t forget plenty of water and snacks too. Basically dress and pack for a hike.

The area was beautiful and we noticed lots of interesting insects and birds.

Even though the park was a little outside the normal area we travel for park visits, I’m sure that we will visit again. The kids really enjoyed their time playing at the park, and word is that Cedar Falls Park is a must-see spot in Greenville in the fall.

Visit Cedar Falls Park with your family

Cedar Falls Park is open daily from 9 am – dusk.

201 Cedar Falls Road, Fountain Inn

Visit the Cedar Falls Park website for more information.

What is your family’s favorite thing about Cedar Falls Park?

What’s Not to Love About The Pavilion?

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Where in Greenville can you make a snowman, bounce with a giraffe and possibly see a Penguin? If you couldn’t answer “The Pavilion Recreation Complex” then let me fill you in on one of the Greenville area’s greatest spots to play! With ice skating rinks, a bounce house, athletic fields, and more, there are plenty of activities for every age. We’ve compiled all the details you need to know for a visit to Greenville County’s Pavilion Recreation Complex.


Mom Review: The Runway Park at Greenville Downtown Airport

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If you have a kid who loves airplanes, then Runway Park near Downtown Greenville, SC is the best park ever! Please tell me you’ve been. There is a wonderful park, with swings, climbing structures, a paved trail for bike riding, and lots of different slides. But the best part is that you can watch small-engine planes take off while you play! There is also a mini golf course and family-friendly restaurant in the same parking lot. What a win!

Runway Park at the Greenville Downtown Airport in Greenville, South Carolina

If your kid is super duper into planes, check out Spartanburg’s Downtown Memorial Airport Park. The park has a playground and even a free splash pad!


Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park Makes for a Perfect Fall Day Out

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Are you looking for information about Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park? If you want to know all the reasons this is a great park for kids, you’ve come to the right place. Local mom, Erika, has reviewed all of Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park’s amenities and is sharing why it is one of her kids’ favorite parks. 

Goodbye to those hot, humid days of summer, and hello to the cooler, crisp air that fall brings! Now is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, and what better way to do that than to check out one of the wonderful parks that Spartanburg has to offer?

One park worth mentioning, and well worth the trip to Boiling Springs, is Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park, located at 591 McMillan Blvd. Whether you have never heard of it before, or just haven’t had a chance to make it out there, there are multiple reasons to add this park to your “to-do-with-the-kids” list.

parks and playgrounds spartanburg greenville

Want to explore other parks? Here’s a round-up of the best parks and playgrounds near Spartanburg, SC and Greenville, SC.

What’s so great about Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park?

How is the playground?  Great; but we’ll get to that part later. Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park offers a lot more than just a playground and a few swings. Seven different sports fields, with football goal posts and soccer goals, are located in this gem of a park, so bring your soccer ball along and let the kids run off some of their energy. The fields are well maintained with the grass kept short and fire ant mounds are sprayed frequently.

Inside the park, lies Shoally Creek Disc Golf Course. This 18-hole course sits on a “hilly” landscape, making it a bit more exciting, and most of the course is played through the woods. A course map is posted near the start, of course, giving you an idea of what to expect as you play. A wildlife sign is posted, so keep a lookout for the critters that call the woods home. The course is open during daylight hours and is free of charge, just be sure to bring your own discs.

If you’re a fan of Disc Golf, check out our list of more locations where you can play Disc Golf In Spartanburg.

Nestled in the back of the park, away from the noise of the playground, you will find a sand volleyball court, as well as a caged tennis court, with three courts located inside. You will also find a paved walking trail with “doggy bag” receptacles, so leashed pets are welcome on the trail.

Var Du Mar MacMillan Park playground in Boiling Springs

The playground is great too

What is a park without a playground? Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park offers not one, but two fenced-in, fun playgrounds geared toward children ages two and up. The smaller playground is designed for children age two to five and offers multiple height-appropriate slides, a tic tac toe board, a steering wheel, a bridge, and multiple ways to climb onto the playground, such as stairs, an arched ladder, and a climbing wall. The playground is open underneath so your little one can run under it for added play space. With twelve swings total, four are kiddie swings for children four-years-old and under, and eight regular swings, it’s not likely that your child will have to wait their turn for a swing!

The larger playground, geared toward children age five to 12, doesn’t lack space or fun! A large bridge connects two different parts of this awesome playground, and each side includes a covered “treehouse-like” area. Various slides, ranging from smaller ones with less of an incline, spiral slides that are high enough to include three spirals before you reach the bottom, and side-by-side slides so your children can race each other down, sit on all sides of this playground. Multiple climbing walls, stepping stones, and staircases can turn this playground into a fun obstacle course, amongst other fun ways to enjoy it.

Neither of the playgrounds is made of wood, so no need to worry about pulling any splinters out at the end of the day. The ground of the playground area is mulch; however, there is soft padding at the end of each slide so your child has a soft place to land.

What else makes this park great?

Convenient options can make or break a park for parents, and Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park does not fall short in this category. Some of the most dreaded words a parent wants to hear 10 minutes after arriving at the playground are “I have to go potty!” only to realize that the closest bathrooms are all the way back home. This park has a men and women’s bathroom, located near the tennis courts, with multiple stalls and a changing table; and more importantly, these bathrooms are kept clean! There are several benches throughout the playground area for parents to sit and relax while their children play. Shaded areas with picnic tables are easily accessible, so you can pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic with your family. The playground area is fenced in, reducing the worry of your child running into the parking lot. Trash cans are situated throughout the park for your convenience and are frequently emptied to keep bugs away. Beverage vending machines are located near the fields closer to the park entrance, as well as a concession stand that is open during organized sporting events.

As with any public park, there are rules set in place for the safety of everyone.  Glass containers are not allowed, so keep that in mind if you decide to pack a lunch.  While leashed pets are allowed in certain areas of the park, they are not allowed in the fenced playground area; however, service animals are allowed in all areas of the park.

The park is open 7 days a week, park hours vary throughout the year:
Nov. 1‐ Feb. 28: 7 am ‐ 7 pm
March 1 ‐ Oct. 31: 7 am ‐ 9 pm

You can view the full list of park rules here.

Do your kids love Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park as much as mine do?

See Hundreds of Raptors in the Air: South Carolina Hawk Migration

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Looking for something different to do outside this fall? How about a trip to observe an amazing hawk migration? Visit this fall to see these amazing creatures soaring across the sky. Join in the SC Hawk Watch at Caesars Head State Park or Sassafras Mountain. Kidding Around’s Maria visits each fall with her children and today she’s sharing some ideas for making the most of your visit.

Are my children the only ones with hawk fascination? They seem to have a knack for spotting them from the car, on a hike, at the park, all over. After our unit study on birds, I have to agree with them, raptors are pretty captivating birds. If you agree, you might want to head up to Caesars Head State Park this fall where you can see hundreds of migrating hawks.

The Hawk Migration at Caesars Head State Park

From September through November, Caesars Head plays host to thousands of migrating raptors who use the thermals coming off the rocky outcrop to soar upward, conserving their energy as they migrate to their winter ranges.

The peak of this migration is early to mid-September. During this time it’s possible to see a couple of hundred raptors in the air all at the same time. You can expect to see Broad-winged hawks, but other possibilities include Bald Eagles, Ospreys, American Kestrels, and many others. My children really hoped to spot the less common Peregrine Falcon, and we did!

You won’t need to go far from the parking lot area to see the hawks. Just head for the scenic overlook. We like to bring lunch and sit on the rocks with our binoculars. You’ll often find a ranger or knowledgeable bird watchers at the overlook who are happy to point out various raptors in the sky.

Sassafras Mountain

Sassafras Mountain is another great place to view the hawk migration. Sassafras is the highest point in South Carolina and you can access the beautiful observation platform without any hiking. Even better, there’s no admission for Sassafras Mountain so visiting is totally free.

Landscape mountain views from Sassafras Mountain

You can find out more about Sassafras Mountain in our review.

Plan a homeschool field trip to the hawk migration at Caesars Head State Park

Check out Raptors! A kid’s guide to birds of prey (J 598.9 Laubach) at the Greenville Library. It is packed full of information about the habits of these birds from diets, to migration, to nesting habitats, and all in language accessible to kids. This book also features silhouettes of flying birds, so it might be a good one to bring along on your trip.

Once you’re back home, older children may appreciate examining data from past year’s hawk watches. You can find that information at Hawkcount.org by selecting Caesar’s Head Hawk Watch (South Carolina) in the Hawkwatch Site box. Select the year and month on the left-hand side to view the data for that month.

Consider letting students turn the data from the tables into pie charts or other graphs and compare the data across years or individual fall months. This is a great way to bring math into this predominantly science trip.

If you’d like to bring in a little history, check out some books about John James Audubon, who in addition to drawing beautiful pictures of birds and documenting their species and habitats, proved that when birds migrate they return to the same areas each year. What a fitting study after observing a hawk migration!

My children really enjoyed The boy who drew birds: a story of John James Audubon, by Jacqueline Davies (JB Audubon), which, of course, you can find in the Greenville Library System.

If this trip sparks some curiosity about birds, consider a full unit study. We really enjoyed Homeschool Legacy’s Once-A-Week Unit Study, Birds of a Feather.

If you’d like to view these magnificent raptors up close, check out the Carolina Raptor Center in nearby Huntersville, NC.

Carolina Raptor Center

The Carolina Raptor Center is an awesome place to see raptors up close. Check out our review of the Carolina Raptor Center.

Plan your own trip to Caesars Head State Park

8155 Geer Hwy, Cleveland
Website: Caesars Head State Park
Admission: $3 per adult; $1 children 6-15, free 5 and under
Hours: 9 am – 6 pm, daily

Enjoy your hawk watch at Caesar’s Head!  Maybe we’ll see you there!

10 Great Ideas for Next Time Dad Has the Kids in Greenville, SC

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Planning some mom time and in need of kid-friendly things to do with Dads in Greenville, SC? We’re here to help with some Kidding Around and reader-tested ideas. Here’s a list of some of our favorite places in Greenville that would be perfect for Dad to enjoy with the kids. We have lots of free ideas and some low-cost options, too! 

Fun things to do with dads near Greenville, South Carolina

Take a Trip to Caesars Head State Park this Fall

Have you visited Caesars Head State Park for hiking, picnics, site-seeing, and more? Dramatic views over the Upstate along with easy access and ample parking make for a winning combination at one of our favorite South Carolina State Parks – Caesars Head! Here’s everything you need to know!

About the Caesars Head State Park Area

Caesars Head and Jones Gap State Park form the 11,000-acre Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, and are connected by several hiking trails including the popular Rim of the Gap Trail and Jones Gap Trail. Less than a mile from the Caesars Head Visitor Center is another favorite trail – Raven Cliff Falls Trail, which takes you to a platform that looks across the gorge at the 420-foot waterfall.

Trails in both Caesars Head and Jones Gape State Park range from easy to strenuous hiking.

Gorgeous Views Without the Hiking: Caesars Head State Park

However, you can get the grand panoramic views without the hike by heading to the Visitor Center, which is only a couple hundred feet from the parking lot to the overlook. This time of year you’ll probably meet members of the Hawk Watch program documenting the annual hawk migration; the past few years the numbers of hawks counted peaked a little after mid-September, while large numbers of turkey vultures were seen into November.

Bald eagles and even peregrine falcons can be seen during these months! To get an idea of how the migration is progressing this year, check the daily tallies; those can be viewed on the Hawk Count website. Also, see our article on the Hawk Watch at Caesars Head for additional information and educational resources.

Caesars Head

Fall Foliage at Caesars Head

Autumn is a great time to visit for another reason, as the fall foliage in the foothills can be spectacular while cooler temperatures allow for increased visibility. Views extend over Table Rock Reservoir all the way to North Carolina and Georgia. Remember to bring layers, as it is often 10 degrees cooler on Caesars Head than it is down in Greenville and Greenville County.

From the overlook don’t forget to walk the trail around to view “Caesar’s Head” in profile! The trail descends through “Devil’s Kitchen,” a crack in the granitic gneiss rock, and circles around to a viewing area from the side of the outcrop.

If you cross US 276 from the Visitor Center you’ll find the trailhead for Frank Coggins Trail, which mostly serves as a connector to many of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area trails, but is also an easy hike in a less crowded section of Caesars Head.

Amenities at the State Park include restrooms, picnic tables and the Visitor Center, which houses exhibits, hawk displays, and a variety of souvenirs. For those looking for a longer hike, or reservations at one of the 18 backcountry campsites, check in at the Visitor Center for trail maps and information.

Fall Foliage

Fishing at Caesar’s Head

You can fish for brook, rainbow and brown trout in the Middle Saluda River, as well as Matthews and Julian Creeks.

Plan your own trip to Caesar’s Head

Directions: From Greenville take Hwy. 276 W for about 30 miles. The parking lot and Visitor Center is located at the top of the mountain, 3 miles before the North Carolina border.

Hours and Admission: Trail access cost: $3 adults; $1.50 SC seniors; $1 ages 6-15, ages 5 and younger are free

Days and Hours of Operation: 9 am – 9 pm, daily during daylight saving time. 9 am – 6 pm, daily, the remainder of the year. Trails close one hour before dark, year-round.

Visitor Center Hours: 10 am – 5 pm Monday – Thursday and 9 am – 5 pm Friday – Sunday. The Visitor Center and gift shop are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, however, the park remains open on these days.

Pets are allowed in most outdoor areas provided they are kept under physical restraint or on a leash not longer than six feet. Owners will be asked to remove noisy or dangerous pets or pets that threaten or harass wildlife.

This article was originally published on Femme au foyer.

Does your family love Caesar’s Head as much as mine does?

Caesars Head State Park
8155 Geer Highway
Cleveland, SC

SC State parks ultimate guide

Find your favorite park

Here’s our huge guide toall the South Carolina State Parks.

8 Hiking Trails near Greenville Kidding Around Readers Recommend

Posted on | 6 Comments

Ready to get out and hike the trails near Greenville, SC? Today, contributor Kristina Hernandez shares some of the best places to hike near Greenville, SC.

For even more hikes, see our complete guide to hikes near Greenville, SC, which has hikes for every age, ability and every type of trail including trails with waterfalls, historic hikes, and more.

Some of my earliest memories as a kid were hiking with my family. It became a fun activity as my brothers and I got older and we got to pick out where we would go and which trails we would explore. I was banned from being the guide when I led us around in circles in the woods and eventually ended up on some unknown road (before GPS). Thankfully it’s pretty hard to get lost nowadays and hiking is still a favorite activity of mine. Because Greenville is so awesome, there are tons of great parks in the area to enjoy the outdoors, burn off some energy, pack a picnic and make a day of it.

Table Rock hike

When hiking, be sure to be considerate of other hikers, don’t leave trash on the trail, always keep animals leashed, don’t climb around waterfalls or allow kids to play near them as the rocks are and can be slippery and hazardous, and wear proper shoes (like not flip-flops or heels – I’ve seen people wear these when “hiking”), and be aware of your surroundings and wildlife like snakes and birds. For important tips on recreating responsibly, please see this story on the seven Leave No Trace principles.

One thing to note is that since the pandemic hit in March 2020, getting outdoors has now become a thing. National Parks, forests, and state parks are all reporting record-high numbers, which means many of our favorite trails are packed, which is pretty much the opposite of what we have been urged to do by medical professionals (although most agree that being outdoors is a good choice in these trying times). Because we live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and with literally hundreds of miles of hiking trails nearby, it’s truly not that hard to find less traveled trails. We made this Instagram short story on the All Trails app to show you how to search for less-trafficked trails. You can also join local hiking pages or just do your own research online or ask friends who are avid hikers. Happy Trails!

Kidding Around Greenville readers give some of their favorite hiking spots in the area below. One reader is on a mission to see all the beautiful waterfalls within an hour of Greenville. She uses the AllTrails Hiking & Mountain Trails app to find them, and other trails in the Upstate. We also have a list of waterfalls near Greenville to assist our readers.


Kids Can Do More than Just Play at Railroad Mini Park

Posted on | 2 Comments

Have you visited Railroad Mini Park? This modest park is right off Stone Avenue near Downtown Greenville, so it is perfect for a quick play date after school or on the weekend. KAG contributor and local mom, Deborah, recently visited the park and tells us why this park offers more than just play.

What to Expect at Railroad Mini Park

No railroad. No train. This park is named after the street it is near, Railroad Street. Just a quarter mile off Stone Avenue, you’ll find a large grassy area, a full basketball court, and a playground. Park along Becker Street or Scott Street and walk across the grass.

View of the playground at Railroad Mini Park in Greenville, South Carolina

This playground is perfect for children of all ages and will improve balance and strength. The bouncy balance beam is a fun twist to the classic balance beam. No one will have to wait to slide with two slides on opposite sides of the playground. In the center, there are a few games. My boys’ favorite game was the spinner. Spin the arrow and then find that symbol somewhere on the playground.

A large cover keeps much of the playground shaded when the sun is at its highest. Bring a picnic to enjoy at the picnic table under the shade beside the playground. If you don’t want to pack a picnic, drive less than a mile and enjoy Willy Taco, where kids and adults can enjoy deliciously fresh Mexican food and even play a game of cornhole.

Railroad Mini Park sits just half a mile from NorthPointe, home to Harris Teeter, stores and restaurants, apartments, and a large parking garage.

Bring a basketball and other lawn games and your whole family to enjoy the park and maybe do a little shopping too. Yet another day made great in Greenville!

Obstacles on the playground at Railroad Mini Park in Greenville, SC

Railroad Mini Park
32 Becker Street, Greenville

Have you taken your kids to the new Railroad Mini Park yet?

Park Guide to Greenville, SC

Want to check out even more great parks in the Greenville area? Visit our guide to parks near Greenville, SC for info and reviews on tons of local parks!