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Halloween Candy Buy-Out Programs in Greenville, SC

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Greenville Candy Buy-Back Programs: Did your kids bring home too much Halloween candy? Don’t worry! We have several dentists in Greenville to take that candy and exchange it for something that won’t result in a sugar overload or rot on their teeth. Plus, some of that candy will be shipped overseas to our American soldiers who will enjoy a treat.

Greenville Dental Studio

Bring Halloween candy in for a donation.

Times: Greenville Dental Studio will participate in a candy buy-back program for two days in the first week of November. Drop off during business hours. Greenville Dental Studio is accepting candy Tuesday, November 1st, and Thursday, November 3rd, 2022.

Location:  644 North Main Street Suite 111, Greenville

Greer Pediatric Dental

They will buy your Halloween candy for $1 per pound, up to five pounds.

Times: Parents can drop off candy the first week of November on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd from 6:30 am to 12 pm and 1:15 to 4 pm. The clinic will be closed Friday.

Location: 3115 Brushy Creek Road, Greer

Palmetto Family Orthodontics

Palmetto Family Orthodontics will buy candy for $1 a pound and then donate it to local charities and overseas troops.

Times: Mondays – Thursdays the first two weeks of November, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: 501 Verdae Boulevard, Greenville

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If you hear of any more candy buy-back programs in the Greenville area, please let us know in the comments!

5 Things to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

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If you end up with an astounding amount of candy that your kids bring home at Halloween and don’t know what to do with it, we have some ideas!

My kids love Halloween, as do I. Our neighborhood goes all out and most of the hundreds of homes give out candy, kids are trick-or-treating at every age, and neighbors get to hang out by fire pits in their driveways and drink an adult beverage. What this means is that my kids get a lot of candy, like mountains of it. I never know what to do with all that candy. I let them eat some, I sneak my favorites (hello, Peanut Butter Cups and Sour Patch Kids) to eat when they aren’t looking, and my kids usually will eat a few pieces here and there for the next few months. 

One study showed that the average American eats 3.4 pounds of candy on Halloween. All those bite-size Snickers bars and bags of candy corn add up apparently. But for kids, the numbers are astounding. The same study revealed they eat up to 7,000 calories and three cups of sugar on Halloween alone. You know who really suffers? All those teachers the next day at school who are dealing with kids probably still on sugar overload. Thoughts and prayers.

There has to be a better way to handle all this candy, right? Since I don’t have all the answers, I asked my best resource: our Kidding Around readers. 

And they delivered! 

So let’s get to it. These are the best ideas our readers offered on how to handle the Halloween candy overload. 

Switch Witch

I had zero idea what this was until several readers suggested it. The Switch Witch is basically giving your kid(s) a small gift in exchange for the majority of the candy they get. This can be especially helpful if your child has an allergy – they can still collect candy but get a cool gift instead of a boatload of stuff that makes them sick (side note: look for homes with teal pumpkins when trick or treating with a child who has allergies – these homes will have non-candy items. This is what my family does and it’s always a hit)

These are a few ideas of how to make the Switch Witch work for your family:

“I tell my kiddo that the switch a witch eats up the candy and in exchange will use her magic to make him a gift. In our house he gets to pick five pieces of candy and the rest he can give to the switch a witch with the idea that the more candy she gets the bigger gifts she can make him. I typically do a costume or art supplies or legos. About the same size or a bit smaller then a birthday present you buy for a kid’s birthday.”

“I do the Switch Witch for my daughter who is allergic to dairy, peanut, tree nuts & sesame. She leaves her Halloween candy out for the Switch Witch & in exchange she/he leaves safe candy &/or a book, new toy, etc.”

Let Them Eat It

This is an option I know a lot of parents do which I had never even considered: let the kids eat as much candy as they want. Just go ahead and jump in the deep end. Our readers say this option essentially gives kids too much of a good thing and they are so sick of candy after Halloween. 

These are a few suggestions from our readers on how to handle this option:

“I let my daughter eat whatever she wants. It’s her candy and she won’t eat to the point of making herself sick, so I let her learn what her body wants and stop when she’s done (which is usually pretty quickly because she’s really good about that).”

“My son eats what he wants, but the novelty wears off within a day. Then we have old candy come Valentine’s Day.”

“If you’re not letting your kids go into a diabetic coma just one night of the year, are you really letting them enjoy childhood? Lol!! Mine usually get sick of it before long and I hide it in a bag and pass some out here and there and take a bunch myself lol.”

Trade It for Money

This is a good way to teach kids about ways that money works. There are a few local dentists where kids can bring in their candy by the pound and get a few dollars. This can work at home also where kids exchange their candy for money. 

Donate It

Some families will let their kids choose a handful of their favorite candy and then donate the rest to send overseas to the military or use it in Operation Christmas Child or Box of Joy.

“We will donate most of it to a local church for use in Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child boxes and also to the Blue Star Mothers for care packages sent to Troops.”

Use the Candy for Christmas or Gingerbread Houses

Other parents will sneakily steal some of the candy and reuse it for Christmas stockings. And not-so-sneaky parents will use leftover candy for candy houses or for use when they construct Gingerbread houses during Christmastime. 

“Let them have a little the night of and maybe the next day, and save the rest to divvy up into the Christmas stockings.”

“Let them eat it and then whatever is left in December is used on our gingerbread houses.”

What do you do with the tons of Halloween candy your kids bring home?

Where is all that Halloween candy coming from this year? Make your Halloween Plans

Haven’t made your Halloween plans yet? Here’s our HUGE list of Trick or treat and Halloween Events Around Greenville, SC.


Why Teal Pumpkins Are A Great Idea This Halloween

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Curious about the teal pumpkins you see popping up around town? Read on to learn more about the Teal Pumpkin Project. We’ve got suggestions for Greenville families wanting to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project this Halloween. 

One in 13 children in the United States has some kind of food allergy so it’s likely you know a child that has one or maybe your own child is part of the food allergy community. Food allergies can be everything from minor allergic reactions to life-threatening emergencies, so parents, family, friends, and teachers are often vigilant of food labels.

It’s so sad to see the disappointment a child living with food allergies may feel when confronted with a food that irritates him and everyone else gets to enjoy it. No one wants that to happen to trick-or-treaters, but sadly allergen-safe food trinkets and treats are not common on the Halloween scene.

Halloween can be an especially challenging time for these kids and their families as schools have parties with candy that are off-limits, stores are filled with treats that are forbidden and all their friends are trick-or-treating and filling their baskets with chocolate and candies that contain threatening allergens.

But, we can help change the trick-or-treat experience for children living with food allergies by offering some safer trick-or-treat options. Include small items in addition to candy, and display a teal pumpkin letting families know that you have options for their child.

This article includes:
What is the Teal Pumpkin Project?
Non-food Ideas for Trick or Treaters

Teal Pumpkin Project

For all the ways to celebrate Halloween in Greenville and the Upstate, don’t miss our HUGE Guide to Halloween Celebrations and Trick-or-Treat in Greenville and Spartanburg.

Enter the Teal Pumpkin

In 2014, the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), came up with an idea to help make Halloween safer for these kids and less stressful for their parents.

They asked people across the country to swap out their candy and treats for non-food trinkets to hand out to trick-or-treaters. To tell the little pumpkins, astronauts, and goblins that their house was safe for kids with food allergies, FARE suggested painting a pumpkin teal and putting it outside for everyone to see.

First of all, this is a great idea and a wonderful way to include these children who may feel left out otherwise.

Secondly, teal is a pretty color and easily recognizable, even in the dim twilight of Halloween trick-or-treating.


Grateful Parents & Kids

Homes that choose to paint their pumpkins teal elicit a huge sigh of relief from parents who are out with their little ones who are allergic to some types of food, including nuts, seeds, or dairy, many of which are found in traditional Halloween candy.

“Trick or treating has been a difficult holiday to participate in with our son, who has several food allergies. Last year, he was able to only eat five candies out of his entire bucket,” explained Emile Dowd, a mom of two adorable boys and owner of WonderLight Photography in Greenville.

“The Teal Pumpkin Project has made it a lot easier for our little guy to enjoy and participate in trick-or-treating alongside his friends. It’s fun to see him so excited when we come to a house with a teal pumpkin and we’ve been really grateful for those that take the time to include all children! Hopefully, more and more people decide to participate each year so that kids with allergies can feel included in the festivities.”

FARE offers some ideas to get the word out in your own neighborhood about the Teal Pumpkin Project like putting up flyers (you can download premade ones at FARE’s website), making a homemade sign that sits with your teal pumpkin to help explain it, and posting about it on social media using the hashtag #tealpumpkinproject. Be sure to post about it as well in your neighborhood Facebook page or website.

Ideas for Non-Food Things for Trick-or-Treaters

Instead of candy, teal pumpkin families can give out:

Bouncy balls
Rubber stamps
Mini-crayon sets
Finger puppets
Adjustable rings
Little dinosaur toys
Sticky hands

The Oriental Trading Company even has a page of Halloween novelty toys great for people who want to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project.

The list is endless. Be creative. Maybe next year, the teal pumpkin homes will be known for giving out the coolest things for Halloween.

Do you have a child in your family or on your block who would be excited to see teal pumpkins this Halloween?

Enjoy Some Haunted Fun On The Greer Ghost Tour In Greer, SC

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Have you ever wondered about the colorful and perhaps haunted history of the South Carolina town of Greer, SC? This fall, the chance to familiarize yourself with the spirits of the city is here. So read on, and put the Greer Station Ghost tours on your calendar!
Be sure to grab your tickets because they usually sell out fast! Tickets are on sale now! Tours happening now through October 31st, 2022.

Thank you to Greer Heritage Museum for providing tickets so we could review this tour for our readers!

Greer Ghost Tours Marquee

This Greenville Paranormal Investigative Team Seeks to Help the Living And the Dead

Posted on | 4 Comments

Do you crave a little something spooky around Halloween? Do you love a good ghost story? If you answered yes then you’re going to love this article about South Carolina Investigators of the Paranormal. Our chat with owner Melinda will fill your need for a scare and maybe even transform a skeptic or two into a believer with her tales so read on. If you dare.

Are you looking to conduct your own ghost hunt? Check this guide to some of the Upstate’s Haunting Hot Spots


Haunted Places To Visit Near Greenville, SC

Posted on | No Comments

Do you love a good scare? If so, this article about spooky haunted places near Greenville and Spartanburg is just for you. Allow local parent, Chad, to tell you about some of the most popular haunted places in the Upstate and the legends behind them.

If you are looking for more spirited fun, check out our list of Haunted Cemeteries in The Upstate. You can also spend the night in a haunted hotel, rental, or cabin at one of these spooky places in the Southeast.

Or, try Greer Heritage Museum’s Greer Ghost Walks!


2022 DRIVING TOURS: Spooky Halloween Houses in Greenville, SC

Posted on | 20 Comments

Looking for some safe Halloween fun for the family? We put together this awesome driving tour of local homes with fabulously spooky Halloween displays. So load up the kids and go for a spooky drive. Which is your favorite stop?

We started this driving tour in 2020 because really, we needed the stuff to do and people around here are very good apparently at doing some seriously creepy Halloween decorations. It was so much fun, for 2022 we have four routes: Greenville, Simpsonville/Mauldin, Greer, and Five Forks (only two houses) – see the map. **When looking at the map, the addresses in orange have been confirmed for 2022. Any other color has not. We still have a few houses not on routes that we need to drive by but all the homes on each of the routes has been driven by and confirmed that they have great Halloween decorations!

Extra special thanks to readers Jason Hurdich and Heather Harris who tested many of the houses on our routes and checked them out for scare ratings and accuracy!

Looking for more spooky fun? Here’s our Greenville, SC Halloween Event Guide!


Trick-or-Treat Door to Door in These Greenville Neighborhoods

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Where can you bring your family to trick-or-treat in Greenville? When going door to door asking for sweets in your own neighborhood isn’t the right choice, where do Upstate families go? Safety concerns, a lack of other children in the neighborhood, or just a lack of anyone at all could cause a family to look to other neighborhoods for their trick or treating needs. So if you want the door to door trick-or-treating experience this year but aren’t sure what neighborhood to visit, this is the list for you. We asked our readers where the most “Halloween visitor friendly” spots in the Upstate were, and this is what they told us.

Parents, these are recommendations gathered from our readers. Please always use your judgment regarding your child’s safety trick-or-treating and consuming treats in these or any other neighborhoods.

You can use our Halloween Guide to find fun events, trunk-or-treat and trick-or-treat opportunities, and ways to celebrate Halloween with your family all month long.

Great Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating in Greenville

Botany Woods, Greenville

Botany Woods!!! The Best!….But trust me! It’s enough candy for a child. Both my twins come bk with their buckets almost full.


Botany Woods is in Greenville, east of Pleasantburg road and behind the Ollie’s on Wade Hampton.

Half Mile Lake, Greenville

Half Mile Lake subdivision is located off State Park Road near Altamont Road.

Riverdale Subdivision, Greer

Riverdale Subdivision Greer across the street from Clayton Homes off Wade Hampton Blvd


Riverdale is located just west of the Highway 80 and Wade Hampton intersection in Lyman.

O’Neal Village in Greer

We had two readers mention this North Greer neighborhood, located off of 101.

We love O’Neal Village in Greer.


Subdivision off hwy 101 right before oneal Baptist church on right


Fountain Inn

While it’s not a neighborhood, it does come reader recommended, so we are including Main Street, Fountain Inn.

I grew up with amazing Halloween memories there and they’re still carrying it on.


Neely Farms, Simpsonville

Neely farms hands down!!


Orchard Farms, Simpsonville

Orchard Farms is located in the heart of the Golden Strip in Simpsonville.

Silver Leaf, Greer

At least 3 readers recommend the Silver Leaf community for trick or treating. It’s located in Greer off of Old Spartanburg Road.

Amber Oaks Farm, Greer

Someone recommended Amber Oaks Farm in Greer by Blue Ridge High school. It’s located off Pennington Road and Highway 101.

Tymberbrook, Lyman

Tymberbrook in Lyman, it’s a big older neighborhood and soooo many of the houses are involved, lots of kids and costumes lots of people having driveway parties!!!


Tymberbrook Drive is located in Lyman, north of Wade Hampton near Lake Lyman.

Lyman Mill Village

Lyman Mill Village! Park your car and go walking all around. Most of the homes give candy and there are trunk or treats from churches. Police have roads blocked for safety!


North Main

The Neighborhood of North Main street just above Wade Hampton got a lot of likes from our readers, too! According to Kidding Around fans, East and West Earle Street sound like a good place to trick or treat.

Honey Creek, Anderson

The Honey Creek subdivision in Anderson came highly recommended. It’s near Arnold’s and South Main Street, and is technically in Belton.

I grew up with amazing Halloween memories there and they’re still carrying it on.


Tips for Trick-or-Treating as a Guest in a Neighborhood

Local mom Dallas, had this great bit of advice for those visiting other neighborhoods on Halloween :

Parents: bring a trash bag to help pick up the discarded wrappers and random trash that inevitably happens when we visit neighboring communities for better loot. We live in a rural area and go to local subdivisions and noticed the residents are SUPER appreciative if you help out a bit and don’t leave their neighborhoods trashed.


I once noticed something being done and have now started doing it when we visit other neighborhoods on Halloween. I bring glow necklaces and bracelets to hand out to kids walking past us trick or treating. It helps keep kids safe, we’re helping to contribute to the loot of trick or treaters in a non-allergenic way, PLUS everyone loves glo-sticks!

We hope that no matter where you decide to go, we hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

In addition to all the places our readers shared with us, there are many community events that you can find on the Kidding Around Greenville Guide to Halloween Events and Trick-or-Treating in Greenville and Spartanburg.


The Best Halloween Events for Babies and Toddlers in Greenville, SC

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Looking for some Halloween events in Greenville for your baby or toddler? One of the highlights of having babies, if we are honest with ourselves, is dressing them. And costuming in October is even more rewarding and adorable. We at Kidding Around Greenville think we can help. Here’s a list of costume-happy activities without late hours or spooky décor. They are the perfect formula for toddlers and babies! Besides, we all need another excuse to coo over our little skunks and dragons.

Read on for some tot-friendly destinations in Greenville to try this year.

Looking for more? Don’t miss our enormous Guide to Halloween Events in Greenville and Spartanburg!


To Trick or Treat Off Your Street – That is the Question

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Looking for a safe place for your kids to trick or treat in Spartanburg? Local mom, Jennifer, tells us about the right way to trick or treat in a neighborhood that is not your own. Read on to find suggested Spartanburg neighborhoods for trick-or-treating and guidelines.