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Posts Tagged ‘Health’

Best Places to Feed a Baby in Greenville, SC

Posted on | 9 Comments

While we know you breastfeeding moms have rights, it is helpful to know which places make it easier for you to breastfeed. In this article, you will find advice for places to breastfeed conveniently in Greenville. If you know of another place that may make life a little easier for a breastfeeding mom in Greenville, let us know in the comments!


10 Great Ways to Meet Mom Friends in Upstate, SC

Posted on | 21 Comments

Looking to meet other moms? Local mom Shawnee Colabella has put together this great list of places to meet other moms around the Upstate. If you’re looking for a group of moms to meet at a local park with or a group of moms to exercise with we’ve got the information you want!

Mom Escape event at Lake Cooley in 2019

If you’re new to the Upstate, you might be searching for a good way to meet other moms in your new town.  Or if you’ve been here your whole life but are new to being a mommy you might want some new friends who also have children.  No matter what your situation is, making new friends can be challenging and requires some effort.  But luckily for all of us moms, there are some great resources that can help you connect with other moms in our area.

Out and About Moms of Greenville

Out and About Moms of Greenville (OAMG) is a local group of over 2,800 Upstate moms from all walks of life with children of all ages. In order to ensure that all moms are welcome joining OAMG is completely free! OAMG was spearheaded by one of KAG’s contributors Desiree Hempe. Out and About Moms of Greenville currently runs through Facebook. Due to the limitations, as well as, for safety reasons members are required to maintain active participation. Active participation is defined within the guidelines you agree to upon joining.

The OAMG administrators hold weekly playdates, as well as encourage each mom to create events that suit her needs and schedule. The administrators for this group consistently offer an up-to-date calendar of private events, local happenings, and deals. This forum allows moms in the Upstate the opportunity to get to know one another, plan and attend playdates, provide emotional support, as well as offer and receive much-needed advice. Join for FREE by searching Out and About Moms of Greenville on Facebook.

Out and About Moms of Spartanburg

Another option for making mom friends and getting out of the house is this Out and About Moms of Spartanburg, the sister chapter to Out and About Moms of Greenville. Moms can join this group by simply asking to be added to the closed Facebook group as long as they live close enough to the Spartanburg area to attend events. In this group, anyone can make play dates. If a mom knows of a cool event around town or has an idea for a playdate, she can create the event. They can host something as simple as meeting at the park to play. Also, there are no limits to what types of activities they do (it even includes things like walking and hiking play dates). There is no fee to join, but they do ask that moms who join the group try to attend at least some of the play dates. To join the closed Facebook group, search “Out and About Moms of Spartanburg.”

Moms of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Another great resource for moms is the International MOPS group which is short for Moms of Pre-Schoolers. There are several local chapters in the Upstate which are run separately. This group for mothers of children birth to kindergarten hosts in-person meetings, as well as online Mama Meetup video chats. Read about the local MOPS group in Greenville from mom Rachel here.

Here are a few local MOPS Groups:

Buncombe Street United Methodist Church, Greenville
Seacoast Church, Greenville
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Easley
Upstate MOPS
Anderson MOPS
North Greenville MOPS
Community Bible Church, Easley

Find your nearest MOPS chapter HERE.

MOPS does require yearly dues; the amounts, as well as further information on this annual fee, can be found on their website. The Administrators of each local chapter will offer regularly scheduled meetings, monthly play dates, and a monthly mom’s night/day out. Each chapter provides free pre-school modeled child care through the Moppets program for their meetings. Although MOPS is church-affiliated, you do not have to be a member of the church to join.


A great resource for moms to find a variety of groups directed at parents and mothers is Meetup. Each group is run separately and has its own rules regarding membership, as well as if any dues are required. You can search for local parenting, playdate groups, mommy and me groups, exercise groups, support groups, etc. on Meetup.

Kidding Around Greenville Community

It goes without saying that Kidding Around Greenville is an amazing resource for all things family related within the Upstate. However, you might not have known that Kidding Around Greenville has its own community on Facebook for its members to connect. Kidding Around Greenville Community is a wonderful forum open to all readers of Kidding Around Greenville!

Boiling Springs First Baptist Church MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

This MOPS group meets at 9 a.m. in the fellowship hall of Boiling Springs First Baptist Church in Spartanburg on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday every month during the school year. There is a meeting fee. For more information, please check out their Facebook page.


MOMS Club is an international nonprofit group of “Moms Offering Moms Support” that meets for a variety of group outings and activities. Joining a local moms club group means meeting local moms and their children regularly for playgroups, outings around town, and monthly moms’ nights out. MOMS Club offers a packed calendar that helps get moms out of their homes and into relationships with other moms by creating opportunities to get together with their children in various ways. Their calendar includes everything from zoo outings, baby playdates, park visits, craft get-togethers, community service activities, library events to moms-only trivia nights. Moms get to pick and choose which events they would like to attend – there are no mandatory events.

North Spartanburg MOMS Club

The chapter includes moms living in the following zip codes: 29316, 29349, 29322, 29323, 29330, and 29356. In order to be an active member of the group, there is a $20 yearly fee. For more information about joining this group, please see their Facebook page or contact [email protected]

Spartanburg MOMS Club

This chapter includes all Spartanburg area moms who do not live within the North Spartanburg county zip codes. This group has a $20 yearly fee for members. While the group has a large calendar of activities, they also offer a variety of interest groups. For more information about joining this group, please see their Facebook page or contact [email protected]

Spartanburg Stroller Rollers

This group meets to work out together at the Upward Star Center on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30 a.m. for a one-hour class. The website states, “Being a mom and staying fit is a constant challenge.  We strive to bring moms together to encourage one another, get fit, and form lifelong relationships.” There is a cost associated, but your first class is free and there are no contracts (you can cancel your membership at any time). If you have a stroller, check out all the fun these moms are having while exercising with their babies. Note: Spartanburg Stroller Rollers is temporarily closed.

With multiple options, moms can find the groups where they feel most comfortable. Many local moms are active in more than one of these groups! If you are trying to find out where the moms are hanging out in Spartanburg, start with these groups.

Do you have a resource for meeting other moms to add to our list?

September 26th is AERD Awareness Day

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Asprin Exacerbated Respiratory Disease is a disease characterized by a triad of symptoms: asthma, nasal polyps and an allergy to aspirin and other NSAID drugs. The reaction to NSAID drugs can be severe, even life threatening. Because the symptoms appear slowly overtime, and because the disease is not commonly well understood, it is often very difficult to diagnose. While symptoms can be managed through various medications and surgeries, there is no cure. September 26, 2019 is the second AERD Awareness Day. In honor of this, I’m sharing my AERD story.

Thank you to Kidding Around Greenville for sharing my story.

My AERD Story

My second son was born by C-section in December of 2009. This was also the day that I would experience my first NSAID reaction. I had developed asthma during this pregnancy, which my doctor thought was odd. I had been suffering for over a year with significant congestion. But I was a new mom, with a toddler at home and another on the way and I just figured I was tired. I was in a new place, I was experiencing allergies here in the south that I’d never had back in Upstate, NY. There was nothing to worry about.

But after my C-section I was treated with IV Toradol for break through pain. Toradol is an NSAID. I should say here that until this moment I had never reacted to any medication and had a history of handling NSAIDs like ibuprofen as a young adult just fine. But this was the day that would no longer be the case. I remember holding my new baby boy, talking with a visitor and realizing I was starting to wheeze. I asked for my inhaler, I used it, but it wasn’t helping. My husband got the nurses and they came in, immediately had me on oxygen and had paged respiratory. I was dizzy, crying and I was scared. Everyone kept asking me why this was happening, and I didn’t know! I even had one doctor tell me that my inhaler must have been empty. It was not. For the remainder of my stay I had regular respiratory treatments and then I went home, not knowing why this had happened.

It would be years later, after reacting to simple ibuprofen twice, after sinus infections, after a misdiagnosis by an ENT who didn’t know the disease extended to all NSAIDS and not just aspirin, after allergy shots, and nasal polyps so large I could not breathe through my nose at all for two years, that I would finally have a diagnosis. Finally, I found an allergist who knew something of the disease and got a diagnosis. However, there wasn’t much he could do other than refer me for surgery and give me steroids. Five years ago I had my first surgery and regained a little bit of my sense of smell but lost it again within months as the polyps started to grow back and it all started all over again.

As my symptoms slowly worsened again over several years, I’ve dealt with periods of depression. Imagine not being able to smell cinnamon in the fall or pine trees in December or even dinner on the stove! Over these years I’ve had long periods of time where I feel achy and flu-like, with sinus headaches, reflux, asthma. Some days are really bad, some days are great, and there often isn’t a clear reason why. The worst is knowing this thing will never really go away. This is my normal.

Last year, I had my second sinus surgery and an AERD specific treatment called Aspirin Desensitization, which requires daily intake of high dose aspirin. Thus far my polyps have not returned. While I still experience many symptoms of this disease, I am periodically able to smell things annd for that I am very thankful!

Hope for the Future

In fact, I’m quite blessed in a lot of ways. I did find a doctor who knew about AERD. I did find an ENT who knew the illness and could help me. And I did find my way to see experts in the field currently studying this disease. The doctors there knew exactly what all the strange symptoms I’d been having were, and finally I didn’t feel like a mystery patient! There are new options for people with AERD available because of ongoing research. It is so encouraging to know that it might not always be this way. Hope is good!

AERD Awareness Day

Why am I sharing this? The goal of AERD Awareness day is multi-faceted. We want people to know of this disease because it can be so difficult to diagnose. We want doctors to be made more aware so they might recognize the pattern of symptoms and educate patients so they might avoid life threatening NSAID reactions. How much easier the last ten years of my life would have been if the doctors and nurses in the hospital had recognized that I might be reacting to toradol because I had AERD! We want ERs to know that yes, an allergy to an NSAID is a real thing and no amount of Benedryl or the like will make it safe to give AERD patients. And we want to emphasize the fantastic work being done researching this illness, finding new and safer ways to handle the symptoms, and maybe even finding a way to a cure.

Looking for more information?

Expert doctors in AERD run these clinics:

Brigham & Women’s AERD Center
The Penn Medicine AERD Center
Scripps AERD Clinic

These are great places to look for information on AERD, as is The Samters Society.

Thank you for reading my story and sharing it to help us raise awareness of AERD.

These are the Pediatric Dentists Kidding Around Readers Trust

Posted on | 3 Comments

Searching for a great dentist for your child? This list includes the pediatric dentists our readers recommend. No matter what part of the Upstate you live in, you’re sure to find the perfect dentist for your child!

Finding good dentists for their children is often at the top of any parent’s mind but the choices can be overwhelming and oftentimes online reviews can be hard to find. One of the best ways to find a good dentist is to ask friends and family for their recommendations. But even then, parents may only have one or two answers without much background.

Kidding Around Greenville gets questions all the time about pediatric dentists in Greenville – so who do we go to in order to find the best answers? Our own readers. And boy, have you all delivered.

Please note that this content is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Users are advised to check the certification of any care providers listed below and consult their own medical doctors before proceeding with a care plan. (more…)

Farm Fresh Fast: A New Kind of Fast Food

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Ever get so busy you don’t have time to cook? Farm Fresh Fast wants to be there when those days hit, as a quick but healthy (and tasty) meal option. Kidding Around Greenville contributor and local mom, Kristina Hernandez visited Farm Fresh Fast and now she’s telling you just what to expect. File it away in the back of your brain, because you know that “too busy to cook” day is coming soon!

“Here are the duck eggs,” said Daniel Leyman of Lilac Acres Farmstead. He walked into Farm Fresh Fast when I did and was presenting the large eggs to Jonathan Willis, who owns the popular restaurant. Jonathan had found Daniel right before he opened Farm Fresh Fast and was buying the eggs to use for duck omelets.

When Jonathan talked about working with small farmers to source local ingredients for the new fast food farm-to-table restaurant, he wasn’t joking. Daniel’s farm consists of two acres at his home in a subdivision in Taylors that houses some ducks, chickens, goats and pigs on his property. So far, Jonathan has found 15 local farmers and works closely with them to ensure he gets the best possible ingredients. We can’t all go looking for great ingredients at local farms but we can eat them at Farm Fresh Fast.

Farm Fresh Fast in Greenville

The concept behind Farm Fresh Fast

Jonathan Willis created a meal planning and delivery service in January 2016 in Greenville that catered to busy families and professionals. As a certified nutritionist and trainer, he had the knowledge to create healthy and tasty food and saw a market in Greenville that would embrace it. And they did.

He accomplished his two-year plan in only eight months and was ready to expand the business to the next level: a fast food restaurant with the convenience of a pickup window and the taste and food straight from the farm.

Healthy and fast food are pretty much never mentioned in the same sentence and Jonathan set out to change that. He also knew that charging high prices for good food wasn’t the way to go and attract a base of customers that would regularly be able to enjoy the restaurant.

With the immense help of his then-fiancée Kaylee Gonzalez, who loves creating healthy alternatives and is a fitness buff herself, he set out to do what no one in the Greenville area has done: start a healthy, true farm-to-table fast food restaurant.

Farm Fresh Fast restaurant in Greenville

The Food at Farm Fresh Fast

Farm Fresh Fast sources 80% of its ingredients from local farmers and their goal is 90%. If tomatoes aren’t in season, they aren’t serving them. When lettuce is in season, the restaurant will have a killer salad in the works.

Jonathan started planning his menu back in the fall and worked with local farmers to start planting then so that he can have what he wants now – spaghetti squash, zucchini, and cauliflower.

A West Virginia native, Jonathan’s own background shines through in the Almost Heaven Fat-Free Cheddar-Stuffed Burger, which uses lean ground beef and pork ($12.99). The bun is made by Upcountry Provisions in Travelers Rest (which my oldest child devoured before I could get to it) and gluten-free options are available. The Seasonal Stiry-Fry is another highlight, using only local vegetables to create a satisfying meal ($8.99).

The meals are portion-sized yet filling. After having the Almost Heaven burger, I didn’t feel awful or too full. It was a perfectly sized dish with really good ingredients. Oh, and it was fast too – our meal was out in about 10 minutes.

Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are all available and thoughtfully cooked and prepared.

“What you think about fast food – I want to flip it on its head,” said Jonathan. “Often you order something at a fast food place and don’t expect it to be right. You expect it to be mediocre. We want to be different, efficient, and we want people coming back for more. We are setting high standards for farm-to-table food.”

Vegan Options Are Super Popular

Since it’s opening, Farm Fresh Fast has created a “No Kill Menu“, featuring an Ancient Grain Bowl and Buffalo “Chicken” Wrap.

Willis has taken steps to work specifically with the Greenville vegan community, attracting the attention of local news even for his creative menu options that even meat lovers enjoy and that the vegan community are happy to support.

Farm Fresh Fast is food for the whole family

I needed ask Jonathan the question “will kids like the food?” He answers with a resounding ‘yes’!

Jonathan and Kaylee reiterate that the restaurant is kid-friendly and the pick-up window is especially geared towards busy parents just trying to get their kids something healthy to eat and to do it quickly.

My kids really loved the chicken and my youngest pointed to the cauliflower in the open kitchen, wanting to try it (she ate it all and took some to-go). The restaurant felt homey and welcoming.

Kaylee works at The Children’s Museum of the Upstate (where Jonathan’s other restaurant, Seedlings, is) and has plans for Farm Fresh Fast to engage families through educational opportunities with local farmers. She also says she’s the “fat in the relationship” with her husband, meaning she loves a treat now and then and works hard to make sure that healthy food isn’t boring or tasteless food.

“I want to show people what food is supposed to taste like,” she said.

They also have been working with Livewell Greenville to create nutrition charts for all menu items.

The menu has a rotating list of 20 grab-and-go items available for sale at the counter and at the pick-up window, including Hickory BBQ Pizza, General Tso’s Chicken over Rice, Chicken and Whole Wheat Waffles, Southwest Burrito Bowl, Turkey Chili, and the Spicy Chicken Wrap.

Farm Fresh Fast quick meal in Greenville

The Farm Fresh Fast vibe

The vibe at Farm Fresh Fast is just really cool – the décor is well-thought out, featuring tons of reclaimed wood (that Jonathan went and picked up himself from old barns in the area), hand-laid concrete counters, and lots of repurposed farm items.

There is an abundance of natural light and guests can get an up-close look at the way everything is prepared because the kitchen is entirely open to the dining room through the bar area.

The restaurant is aiming high.

“We want to be a company of the community,” explains Jonathan.

“It’s all about the fiscal eco-system – by eating here and eating local food where we purchase from area farmers, it’s a cycle that benefits the local economy. No one is doing this on a fast food scale.”

And consumers are ready for this. Nationally, mom and pop restaurants are growing faster than chain restaurants. Bloomberg reports that some big-time restaurant chains are shutting down and Americans want something that feels more like home: “Large chains seem rooted in the American experience. But times, and tastes, are changing. Customers these days believe locals have better food, service, deals and even decor, the Pentallect report said.”

Greenville is a good example of this trend as innovative, creative spots are popping up all around town, seeking to make eating out a community experience, which is exactly what Farm Fresh Fast is aiming for.

Plan your visit to Farm Fresh Fast

Farm Fresh Fast is open from 7 am-9 pm Monday – Thursday, 7 am-8 pm Friday, 10 am – 3 pm on Sunday, and closed on Saturdays.

Farm Fresh Fast
860 S. Church Street, Greenville

Have you ever visited a farm to table fast food restaurant?

According to Our Readers These are the Top Family Doctors

Posted on | 1 Comment

Finding the right doctor is key to being happy and healthy– from quashing those pesky coughs and sinus infections to treating more serious ailments like diabetes and gastrointestinal worries. But where to start? We asked about your favorite family practitioners and KAG readers came through. Here is a list of your preferred docs in the Greenville area.

best family doctors in Greenville

2018 recommendations:

Travelers Rest Family Medicine

KAG Reader, Amanda, says, ” Dr.Brittany Peacock at Travelers Rest Family Medicine because she truly cares for her patients!” Travelers Rest Family Medicine is Prisma Health affiliated.
9 McElhaney Road, Travelers Rest

Family Practice Associates of Easley

Family Pracitce Associates of Easley is recommended by Tara, who says, “Dr Laura Hunt at Family practice associates in Easley. She’s been my doctor for the last 20 years and she genuinely cares about her patients. She has an excellent bedside manner and you know that you are getting the best treatment and care.”
700 Brushy Creek Road, Easley

Milestone Family Medicine

Milestone Family Medicine got rave reviews from KAG readers. Andrea writes that Dr. John Melba is her favorite: “He is attentive, patient, answers any and all questions and doesn’t rush you through appointments.” Dr. Jessica Pollard at the same practice was also a favorite of our readers.
12 Arborland Way, Greenville

Heritage Pediatrics and Internal Medicine

Located in the heart of Simpsonville, Heritage Pediatrics and Internal Medicine serves both adults and children as all four of their doctors are trained “Med-Ped”- board certified in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine.
727 SE Main Street #320, Simpsonville

McCraw Family Medicine

Also in Simpsonville, McCraw Family Medicine is another reader favorite. Dr. Andrew McCraw’s patients love him and he gets great reviews online.
404 SE Main Street, Simpsonville

Keystone Family Medicine

KAG Reader, Jodi, tell us, “Dr. Rebecca Smith at Keystone Family Medicine. She listens and cares.” Keystone Family Medicine is also part of the Prisma Health System.
1409 W. Georgia Road, Suite B, Simpsonville

Medical Group of the Carolinas – Five Forks

Doctors at this practice in Five Forks are members of the larger Medical Group of the Carolinas, which has several locations throughout the Upstate.
219 Batesville Road, Simpsonville

Covenant Internal Medicine

Dr. Reed Mathias get thumbs up at Covenant Internal Medicine in Greenville. Billing themselves as focusing on the “health and wellness of the whole patient”, this practice offers a variety of normal healthcare services plus nutritional counseling and Botox and EKG.
10 Enterprise Boulevard #111, Greenville

What is your favorite family doctor in Greenville? Let us know in the comments!

Don’t miss our list of top pediatric dentists and top pediatricians!

According to Kidding Around Readers These are the Best Pediatricians in Greenville

Posted on | 17 Comments

Are you looking for the perfect doctor in Greenville to take your kids to? Picking a good pediatrician is often a difficult task, and not a job that you can complete by checking out an advertisement. If you are like me, you trust the mom-to-mom recommendations from your friends when trying to find a new doctor for your children. Here’s our readers list of who they think are the best pediatricians in Greenville, SC.

Please note that this content is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Users are advised to check the certification of any care providers listed below and consult their own medical doctors before proceeding with a care plan.

Best Pediatricians in Greenville

So, on Kidding Around Greenville, we asked our growing community of moms what pediatricians they would recommend to a new mom looking for a doctor in the area. We found their answers helpful, and we hope that you do too! If you have any input, we hope that you will jump right in and join this Facebook thread and add your favorite pediatricians to our list.

Obviously, this list is not comprehensive and different doctors will be a good fit for different families. But, we couldn’t help but notice a couple names pop up on our list of best pediatricians in Greenville over and over again.

Pediatric Associates – Simpsonville

1409 West Georgia Rd, Suite A, Simpsonville
Pediatric Associates – Simpsonville

Leslie says, “Dr Lookadoo is amazing with my kids! We just love him!”

Carrie says, “Dr Kevin Springle is our all time favorite!”

The Children’s Clinic in Greenville

890 S. Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville
Heidi says, Dr Chea is the BEST. She takes time to talk to the kids. We arte never rushed. She is patient and she isn’t an alarmist nor a super laid back Dr. She has a good balance. I absolutely love her. I highly recommend her.

Eastside Pediatrics

4501 Old Spartanburg Road, Taylors
Taryn says, ” We are also patients at Eastside Peds – have been for going on 5 years now. Always kind and considerate and we are never just sitting around waiting waiting. The nurses are kind and always return my calls in a very timely fashion. I can’t stress their patience and kindness enough.”
Gina says, “My youngest came from a foreign orphanage at age one and had anxiety and a fear of heights. Almost vertigo symptoms. Dr Mages was the only Dr in town who didn’t dismiss my concerns and did her earliest exams in my lap on the floor of his office.”

Carolina Pediatrics

GHS Patewood Medical Campus, Building A
200 Patewood Drive, Suite A120, Greenville
Vedah says, “Carolina Pediatrics is hands down the best doctor around. I must say they are all amazing but Dr Cole is our favorite. She listens to every little concern and really truly loves your child and pays attention to them. Doesn’t rush you. Best of the best.
Jana says, “Dr Butcher at Carolina Peds is amazing!!!
Devin says, We have seen most of the Drs there but we absolutely love Dr Mathias! She is so caring and sweet! All three of our kids see her!”

The Christie Group

9 Mills Avenue, Greenville
Brandi says, “Dr Martin at Christie pediatric group! She takes the time to get to know my children! She invests in them and it does not go unnoticed! We love her!”

Parkside Pediatrics

211 Batesville Road, Simpsonville
Ruba says, “Dr Pickell at Parkside is great!!! Good listener, thorough and very pleasant with my kids. Overall very positive experience at Parkside!”
Jaclyn says, “We see Dr Minten at Parkside Pediatrics. We LOVE Parkside! They are so good with kids, wait times are non-existent, and they have same day appointments for sick kids”
Kahrissa says, “We love Dr Rodgers at Parkside! Super Helpful! Explains everything really well.”
Would you add any children’s doctors to this list? Let’s keep this list of the best pediatricians in Greenville going either in Facebook or here in the comments section!

Greenville Speaks: Best Allergists in Greenville

Posted on | 2 Comments

Thank you to Elizabeth for putting together this list of the best allergists in Greenville as recommended by our readers.

Spring is here and though it may be the prettiest time in the Carolinas it can also be the worst time of the year for allergy sufferers.  But rest easy friends because we have some excellent allergists in our area.  I can speak from experience that my allergist has changed my life – gone are the days of being sick for weeks or months every spring and fall.  If you’re suffering from terrible seasonal allergies this list is for you!


Lice are a Nightmare and Greenville Has a New Clinic to Take Care of Them

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Lice is one of a parent’s worst nightmares once their kids enter school. The inevitability of a household with school-age children dealing with lice is pretty high. Enter the Lice Clinics of America, which I didn’t even know was a thing until learning they opened a location in Greenville. It’s like a franchise restaurant, except for lice prevention and treatment, and happens to be the largest network of urgent care lice treatment clinics in the country.

So instead of Googling about lice prevention and what to do when a child comes home with lice, I figured I’d go right to the experts and ask all my lice-related questions. Heather Purtle is the clinic owner of the Lice Clinics of America location in Greenville and she graciously answered my questions.

What you need to know about lice

KIDDING AROUND GREENVILLE: How common is head lice in elementary, middle, high school and college? What are the chances that parents will have to deal with lice?

HEATHER PURTLE: It’s estimated there are 6 to 12 million new cases of head lice diagnosed in children ages 3 to 11 each year in the United States. To put that number in perspective, 1 in 20 children have lice at all times. And approximately 40% of people will get head lice; a few decades ago only 4% of the population got head lice. This dramatic increase is due to the evolution of Super Lice, which are lice that are resistant to traditional treatments. Just like antibiotic resistance, lice have evolved and they now can survive traditional, over-the-counter, pesticide treatments.

Head lice cases have not been tracked as closely in older children, teenagers and adults so there aren’t accurate statistics at this time. But unpublished studies show a dramatic increase in cases in teenagers and adults, as well as children. This is related to the prevalence of Super Lice and also could be related to technology. People regularly gather in close proximity around video games, computer screens, and take selfies with heads pressed together. It is likely that once there is a head lice infestation in the house, a parent, caregiver or other sibling also will become infested and moms especially are vulnerable.

KAG: Lice are one of parenting’s worst nightmares. How does Lice Clinics of America help parents deal with this?

HP: Lice Clinics of America offers a professional, head screening as the first step in the process. (And very good news- many more clients are negative than positive!) To give you an accurate diagnosis, we carefully head screen clients, putting all samples under our high- powered microscopes. If we find anything, you will see it and we can advise you on your best treatment options.

If someone in your family is positive, Lice Clinics of America recommends the entire family should be screened, as lice quickly spread in families or other group living situations, like college dorms or retirement homes. If someone is positive, Lice Clinics of America offer in- clinic treatments that take about an hour to be lice- free or DIY, take home options to use over a 10-day period. Both options are highly effective, non-toxic and pesticide- free. In contrast, traditional, over-the-counter treatments are only 25% effective and typically contain pesticides that have been linked to some scary side-effects.

Lice Clinics of America is the largest lice network in the world, with approximately 300 locations. It is a company dedicated to using science to solve lice. If you ever Google “head lice,” you most likely will be overwhelmed by the- often contradictory- advice. Lice Clinics of America- Greenville will give you the best, current practices and save you a lot of unnecessary worry and work.

Photo credit to Lice Clinics of America

How does Lice Clinics of America work?

KAG: Can you tell me a little bit about what Lice Clinics of America does?

HP: Sure! Lice Clinics of America is best known for our quick, effective cure for eliminating Super Lice and their eggs through a 3-step process involving an FDA-cleared medical device, comb-out and topical rinse.

Step 1: There isn’t a shampoo, oil or spray on the market that effectively treats nits (lice eggs). But a scientist at the University of Utah discovered if you remove the water in the eggs, it kills them. He invented our exclusive, FDA-cleared medical device, the AirAllé. It is the only FDA-cleared, medical device in the upstate for treating lice and eggs. This heated- air treatment takes 20-30 minutes and has been clinically proven to kill the living lice and 99.2% of their eggs (nits). It is the only treatment that effectively kills nits.

Step 2: The purpose of the AirAllé device is to kill the lice and eggs through dehydration, but dead lice and eggs will remain in the hair after treatment. Our technicians will do a post-treatment comb-out with a professional lice comb (which usually takes about 30 minutes) to remove the dead lice and eggs.

Step 3: The technician will apply a post-treatment topical rinse to ensure the eradication of the lice. Using this procedure, we guarantee you will leave our clinic lice-free.

Lice prevention

KAG: If a parent is notified of a child that has lice in their child’s class, should they bring their child to a Lice Clinic of America location to get checked? What precautions should they take when they get that email?

HP: If you’re concerned, call Lice Clinics of America for a head screening appointment. Lice Clinics of America can spot lice a lot earlier using our microscopes than you can with the naked eye. But it’s still important for parents to perform frequent head checks on children, especially if you’ve been notified that a child’s classmate has lice. If you are unsure how to check your child’s head, call Lice Clinics of America for a head screening appointment and we’ll screen your child, while teaching you how to repeat the process in the future.

The most important thing to keep in mind when preventing head lice is to avoid head-to-head contact with others. It’s estimated more than 98% of infestations occur from direct head to head contact: hugs, horseplay, sports and selfies are perfect opportunities for transfers. It is extremely rare to get lice from secondary objects such as hats, brushes, helmets, etc. But as a precaution, we recommend that these objects not be shared.

KAG: How fast can Lice Clinics of America see a child? Can the child be treated immediately if they have head lice and can parents get everything they need to combat lice at the clinic – like they don’t need to run around to different stores to find what they need?

HP: Lice Clinics of America operates by appointment. In order to be checked and treated for lice, all you have to do is book an appointment and come into our professional lice removal clinic. In as little as one hour, with no pain or toxic chemicals involved, you or your child will leave lice-free, guaranteed. Everything you need is located at our clinic; you do not need to go to different stores to purchase products.

Other information you should know

KAG: Why did Lice Clinics of America choose Greenville as the next city to open in?

HP: Lice Clinics of America locations are individually owned and operated. Many owners have had some experience with lice, which led them to look for better solutions. I’m the same. Last year, my elementary-aged children gave me lice. I, neurotically, stayed up all night searching for solutions and scrubbing my house. During my research, I realized that the best treatment in the world (AirAlle′) was not available in the Upstate. To my children’s great horror, I bought the rights and opened a clinic to serve the Upstate. My employees and I have been overwhelmed by how rewarding it is to help families and individuals during this short-term, life crisis!

KAG: How much does it cost for an appointment at Lice Clinics of America and do you take insurance?

HP: The prices for the various treatment options include:

Screening and consultation — $20 (This fee is waived if you choose an AirAlle′ treatment.)

Signature AirAllé® treatment— $199

Express AirAllé® treatment— $159

Comb-out treatment— $95/hour

Do-it-yourself lice removal kit—$29.99 and up

Lice Clinics of America’s in-clinic services often are covered by insurance, so we offer you forms you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. We also accept HSA. Additional information on specific pricing for the Greenville clinic can be found here.

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