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Ellaberry Llama Farm: Make Your Llama Dreams Come True in Hendersonville, NC

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Ellaberry Llama Farm is a completely unique farm in Hendersonville, NC, about an hour north of Greenville, SC, that lets guests interact in ways they likely haven’t experienced with a llama before!

 Media tickets were given for this experience.

I love llamas and alpacas and big, fluffy animals. I am also an avid hiker. So when I heard of a farm in Hendersonville that lets you hike with a llama and actually play with them and get up close, I was practically in my car driving up there already. 

Ellaberry Llama Farm is so much more than a farm though. This place not only has a very unique history but the family who owns the farms and its llamas are amazing. Plus, what they let guests do at the farm when it comes to interacting with their llamas is the stuff dreams are made of. 

About Ellaberry Llama Farm

The farm sits on more than 100 acres of farmland and is actually a sixth generation apple farm. They aren’t a u-pick apple orchard though. Their apples are for processing, which means they get made into applesauce and baby food that you’ll likely see in a grocery store. 

The farm is surrounded by gentle hills and sits at the foot of Bearwallow Mountain. While we went during the winter time and the apple trees were bare, they are full of blooms in the spring and only add to the beauty of the farm. 

The agritourism llama venture started out of creative necessity. When Hendersonville got hit with a late frost last year, the apple orchards in the area lost most of their crops. Ellaberry Farm was no different. But they did have llamas and these llamas were trained with human interaction – which I’ll get to in a minute – so the idea was thrown out there to open the farm for tours. Guests would get to interact with the llamas on the farm tour and if they wanted to hike, that would also be an option. Well, the idea thankfully caught on and here I am writing about these fluffy and loveable creatures. 

The farm currently has 26 llamas, including an adorable fluffy baby llama.

How Llamas Got on the Farm 

The Justice family (not to be confused with the other Justus family with the awesome weatherman and apple orchard) has four kids who are all homeschooled. The oldest, Allie, fell in love with llamas when she was 10 years old and the neighbors had llamas. Her sister also adored llamas and their dad, being the great father he is, decided to get a couple llamas. They had the farm and the space and barn so it worked out. 

But that wasn’t enough for Allie, now 17 years old. She learned how to care for llamas through the instruction of her llama-loving neighbors and became quite the expert. She worked with her local 4H group on caring for them and then started showing them at llama contests around the country. They probably aren’t called llama contests but these are basically to show how awesome your llama is and they can win prizes for the best llama. Allie’s llamas were champs and she came home with lots of ribbons. To train the llamas to do this well, Allie has to work with them constantly, like twice a day on doing all the cool llama things they need to do to get first prize. 

This kind of constant interaction lends itself to some very attentive llamas who interact well with humans. They are gentle and full of personality and oh-so-cute and fluffy. Allie also knows a lot about llamas, way more than my mind could possibly remember at once. I remember that they have three stomachs, that she taught them not to spit at people, that females are pregnant for a year, and that they have soft padding on their feet, which look like sheep feet. I promise you’ll learn a lot of interesting llama facts when you go to the farm. 

Interacting with the Llamas

We did the farm tour llama experience and got to do a short jaunt in the woods with the llamas to see how that part of the trek works. But the majority of our experience was the farm tour, which was amazing. Calling it a tour is not the right word. This was more of an unforgettable experience than anything. Honestly, when can you run with a llama through an obstacle course together? That’s more than a tour. 

You’ll learn a lot on the llama tour as the Justice family takes you either on a school bus or a tractor ride over the barn to meet the llamas. You’ll learn about the history of the farm and about llamas themselves and how to interact with them. 

Once you get to the barn, you are free to pet the llamas, take photos, and just enjoy their fluffiness. You can hug them and talk to them and ask questions of the tour guides, Donna and her husband, Jason, and of course, Allie. We got to give the llamas little treats also and some of them gave us llama kisses. No llama drama here. 

Allie and her family have trained the llamas not to spit at humans so you don’t have to worry about that.

Playing on the Obstacle Course

After you get to know the llamas a bit, you’ll lead them on their leash over to the obstacle course ring. This is a big sandy, enclosed ring that has fun obstacles like a pool noodle slide through thing, a balance beam, crates to step over and through, a tunnel, and things to jump over with your llama. 

The llama follows your lead here so you have to do all the obstacles with your llama. This was beyond fun. It was like being a kid again except better because you had a llama with you!

You can trade your llama for another llama and do the course again. You can even try some jumping obstacles with your llama, which is harder than it looks because you have to jump while trying to get your llama to come with you and jump themselves. They all have very different personalities and some llamas are all like, “nah, I want to watch you jump and I’ll walk calmly around the obstacle”. Others are all into it and will jump along with you. This was so fun and myself and my kids really had a blast playing with our llamas. 

Llama Therapy 

All this llama cuddling and playing got me wondering if llama therapy is a thing and sure enough, it is, although not very widespread or studied yet. Llamas are charismatic megafauna, a term biologists use for bigger animals like tigers, pandas, orcas, or polar bears that have a wide appeal to humans. Llamas are technically in that category but even cooler because humans can safely cuddle and play with them and they can be incorporated into therapeutic uses. 

Ellaberry Llama Farm doesn’t have an official llama therapy program but they do host groups that have suffered trauma in the past or have disabilities and welcome them to do all the things with the llamas that they are comfortable with. Ellaberry also takes llamas to local nursing homes so residents can interact with the llamas and as you can probably guess, the residents love it. 

From my own personal experience with these llamas, I can tell you I left the farm feeling more relaxed and carefree than I had been when I first got there. These llamas made me ridiculously happy, almost as happy as baby goats do – readers know that is a high bar to reach since I just love baby goats so, so much.

Hiking with Llamas

Since Ellaberry Llama Farm is situated on more than 100 acres, they have miles of trails they use for their llama hikes. We hiked a bit of one of the trails just to see what it was like and really, if you love hiking and llamas, this tour needs to go on your bucket list. 

The farm offers two trail options: a one to one and a half hour trek and a longer two hour moderate hike. Each hiker gets their own llama partner and the llama can carry a small pack with water and snacks if needed. 

Llamas are excellent hikers with sure footing. If you’ve ever hiked one of the trails to Mt. LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you may have seen the llamas carrying supplies up and down the trails to the lodge. My kids and I got to see the llamas once when we were out there and it was so cool.  They are very strong and can carry up to 20 percent of their body weight. But humans can’t ride on them so don’t try that.

The llamas are very well-trained and my kids had no issues walking with them even though the llamas are way taller and bigger. The animals are just so sweet and fun. I got such joy seeing the faces of my kids as they cuddled with their llamas and played with them. 

Special Events with Llamas

Ellaberry Llama Farm offers birthday parties and other special events right on their farm. The birthday party option is 1.5 hours and includes 15 kids plus the birthday child. They have picnic tables for parents to bring a birthday cake or cupcakes. Kids will get to run through the obstacle course with their llama and have the option to take lots of photos at photo booths at the farm. 

The farm can also bring llamas to you! They will take llamas to daycares, schools, birthday parties off site, weddings, nursing homes – you name it. Contact the farm directly for more info. 

Booking Your Llama Experience 

Ready to go have fun with llamas at Ellaberry? To book your own llama experience, contact Donna Justice directly at [email protected] or 828.606.3577.

You can also follow Ellaberry Llama Farm on Facebook as they will post when they have slots open for tours and hikes. 

Tickets for the farm tour are $20/person. Farm tours are about 90 minutes long. For the llama hikes, a minimum of four hikers are required for each hike and the shorter hike costs $50/person while the longer one is $75/person.

The farm is open all year round. Be sure to dress for the weather in whatever season you go and bring sunscreen in the summer. 

Things to do Nearby

While you can’t take the llamas up to Bearwallow Mountain, you can definitely fit in a hike there while you’re visiting Ellaberry Llama Farm. The hike is a moderate two-mile trek with sweeping 360 degree views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s stunning. 

Chimney Rock and Lake Lure are only 20 minutes away from Ellaberry as well, where you can visit the free Flowering Bridge, stroll through the Chimney Rock Village, or take a hike at Chimney Rock State Park

During apple picking season, you will have no problems finding an apple orchard nearby to pick your own apples. The farm is very close to several big apple orchards. 

And if you visit during the wintertime and want to add on a few hours of snow tubing, Black Bear Snow Tubing is less than 15 minutes away. 

If you’re looking for more fun in Hendersonville, including lots of free/cheap activities, check out our Hendersonville Guide

Ellaberry Llama Farm 
4178 Old Clear Creek Road, Hendersonville, NC

Lots of Winter Family Fun at Black Bear Snow Tubing in Hendersonville, NC

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Are you thinking about snow tubing at Black Bear Snow Tubing in Hendersonville, NC? Western North Carolina has great snow tubing and Black Bear Snow Tubing is a stellar option for families! They have a huge mountain to get your winter in high gear with a fun snow tubing trip for the whole family! We took a trip up to try out that snow-tubing mountain and it was so much fun! Now we have all the details to share so you can plan your trip!

Media tickets were provided for this review and the opinions are solely those of the author.

Snow tubing at Black Bear in Hendersonville, NC

While there aren’t any places to snow tube in the Upstate, SC, there are definitely options nearby and one of them is Black Bear Snow Tubing in nearby Hendersonville, NC, just over an hour from Greenville, SC. The snow tubing family-owned operation has been in business for seven years and they really have a good thing going there, which I’m going to tell you all about in this story.

Snow Tubing at Black Bear

The slope at Black Bear Snow Tubing is 600 feet long with an 80-foot drop and it’s pretty fast. They make their own snow (unless they get a big snowstorm, which doesn’t happen too often) and the hill is well-maintained by their attentive staff.

How it works is that when you get to Black Bear, you go to a little shed to watch a short safety video, where you learn how to get out of your tube on the run and not to start snowball fights, sign a waiver, and head inside the cozy lodge to pay. Then you get your tubes and head to the hill.

They have a pulley system to get you to the top of the hill, which works by slipping the handle of your tube on a cable that takes you, while sitting inside your tube, right up the hill to the top. Once at the top, you’ll wait for a few minutes before being situated into your group by the staff and then sliding down the hill.

On the snow tube pully at Black Bear in Hendersonville, NC
Black Bear Snow Tubing Pulley System

Why Black Bear is Different

I’ve snow tubed at many places in our area and I think Black Bear Snow Tubing is pretty fantastic. Here’s why:

  • You can (and should) make a reservation ahead of time, which is crucial for us in Greenville who need to travel out of state to go snow tubing. It’s quite a bummer to get to our snow tubing place and either find out that they are sold out or having to wait hours for an open slot.
  • The staff is attentive and efficient. They were always around watching the hill to make sure things were running smoothly and safely. When there was a slight backup at the top of the hill, they figured out how to manage to get us all down the hill and back up to keep snow tubing without interruption.
  • The lodge is super cozy and warm and has reasonable concessions. I got a $2 hot chocolate and it was amazing. Plus, they have food, including apple cider donuts, that is affordable and you can get warm by the wood-burning stove inside or watch on the deck if you don’t want to go tubing.
  • The setup takes into account smaller kids. There is playground next to the place where you wait in line to go up the hill so smaller kids can get out their energy and there is a big fire pit also near the waiting area where you can warm up.
  • If you forgot a hat or gloves, they have them for sale inside the lodge. I feel like us parents can relate when our kid gets out of the car to go snow tubing and forgot his or her winter hat.
  • The check-in is fast. This is important because you want to get on the hill and start having fun as soon as possible!
  • Black Bear has excellent communication. They post daily on their Facebook page about current snow conditions, which is super helpful when you’re unsure about the weather.
  • The snow is real. They don’t have any synthetic chemicals in the snow – it’s the real deal.

My kids, ages 11 and 8, and I had such a blast snow tubing at Black Bear Snow Tubing. We went down the hill about 10 times (maybe more, I lost count honestly) and had so much fun together. I really love places where adults can carelessly be kids again. My kids are already asking to go back. The hill was super fast and seeing my kids faces light up with joy was special. I love those moments.

Tips on How to Enjoy Snow Tubing at Black Bear

Winter being winter, it’s usually cold when you go snow tubing. I’ve found that bringing hand and foot warmers is a really good trick to keeping everyone warm and comfortable. You can get them at Wal-Mart, Amazon, or most drug stores and they stay warm for hours.

Sliding down in a tube at Black Bear Tubing

It’s also really important to make a reservation when you know you want to go snow tubing. This is especially true during school breaks and holidays. Snow tubing is an awesome family activity on a day off but a lot of people also have the same thought. Don’t forget to make a reservation.

You don’t need to wear snow bibs or snow pants. I had on fleece leggings, hiking boots, and a couple layers of tops with a heavy coat (it was really cold when we went!) and I was fine. I saw people wearing all kinds of clothes that worked for them like pants, leggings, jeans, and sweatpants. The snow wasn’t wet at all when we went but if you go on a warmer day, you may want to bring a change of pants in case they get wet.

There are port-a-potties outside the lodge to use and no bathrooms indoors.

Double-check Black Bear’s Facebook page before heading out. Snow tubing is very dependent on weather, which changes often in the mountains. They will post current conditions and if they are open or closed most days.

Ticket Prices and Policies at Black Bear Snow Tubing

Tickets are $30/hour or $40/two hours for snow tubing. Kids must be 4 years old in order to go snow tubing. You can either sign a waiver when you get to Black Bear Snow Tubing or print one out online ahead of time. Either is fine.

While Black Bear Snow Tubing does take walk-ups, it is much better to make a reservation ahead of time instead of getting there and finding out they are full. Online reservations are fantastic for this very reason so definitely make use of them.

And be sure to check Black Bear Snow Tubing’s Facebook page before heading out to double check they are open and running. Winter tubing runs mid-December through February usually depending on the weather, of course.

And if you want to tube during other times of the year, you totally can! They have warm-weather tubing in the fall.

Black Bear Snow Tubing
373 Kerr Road, Hendersonville, NC

Want to spend the day in Hendersonville? We’ve got lots of ideas on what to do in this fun town!

Moonshine Mountain Delivers Thrilling Snow Tubing During Winter Months

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Looking for a family-friendly winter activity? Check out Moonshine Mountain in nearby Hendersonville, NC for snow tubing this winter. KAG Contributor Kristina Hernandez brought her children for a day of tubing down the mountain. Check out her review so you’ll know what to expect and plan your visit to Moonshine Mountain.

They are projected to open on December 26th, 2022.

If you see the giant pink elephant, you know you’ve made it to Moonshine Mountain in Hendersonville, NC. Get used to the feeling of being watched by all kinds of mismatched statues of dinosaurs, bears, and the Blues Brothers. But it’s all part of the thrilling fun of this snow tube mecca in Western North Carolina.

Located only an hour from Greenville, Moonshine Mountain offers super fast snow tubing for any age down their mountain. They have a cozy lodge with games, hot chocolate, snacks, and coffee available. If you’d rather skip the tubing part or are done with your time, you can watch all the action from the deck at the lodge or head to the bridge over the tubing area to take photos of your family speeding down the lanes.

Moonshine Mountain is planning to open December 26, 2022, for their 2022-23 season, which extends through February depending on the weather. Before you go, definitely head to their Facebook page for the latest updates on weather, snow report, and wait times. They have the capability to create their own snow so you’ll be fine even if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate on the white fluffy stuff.

There are bathrooms on site but they are port-a-potties so don’t go there expecting the Ritz of bathrooms. The place is rustic and eclectic, not a fancy ski lodge.

Tickets, Tube, & Lift

Tickets are $40 for each tuber no matter the age and you have to sign a waiver upon arrival – head right to the “Form Shed” and then take your waiver to the lodge for payment and your sticker. You’ll get two hours of tube time. They do not take reservations so it’s first come first serve. If you want a good chance of snow tubing the day you want, you need to get there early. Like anything outdoors since the pandemic, a lot of people want to go. Over Christmas Break last year, they were posting wait times of anywhere from two to six hours. 

After leaving the lodge, go to the building with the airplane on top to pick up your giant tube – I don’t know how much they weigh but they aren’t light (I definitely tripped over them a couple of times!) – and head to the mountain after the lodge. There is a pulley system that acts as a lift to get you up. It’s easy and fast.

Your other option, if the line is long, is to take your tube and walk up the mountain. I don’t recommend this if the conditions are icy, which is how they were when I went. I got about 80 percent up and got stuck because I couldn’t get a good grip on the ice. It all worked out but the lift is easy and you don’t get stuck!

Going Down the Mountain

Once you’ve reached the top, you get to choose one of the three lanes. Having never snow tubed before, my two little kids (ages 7 and 4) and I just chose the first lane, which was a good choice since it seemed like the other two were even faster. Moonshine Mountain claims one of the steepest slopes in Western North Carolina. I’m not disputing that after day of snow tubing here.

My kids are small enough where we were arranged so that I could hold onto both their tubes and we could go down together, which made me feel a bit safer. Every tuber, no matter their age, get their own tube. The employees are all great and very friendly. They get you up the mountain and down it safely while having a lot of fun.

I saw a lot of other groups go down in “trains”, where you hook your feet under the arms of the person in the tube in front of you and then slide down together. It looked awesome.

Mom Review of the fun at Moonshine Mountain

We got there before Moonshine Mountain opened so we had plenty of time to get in several runs until a bigger crowd showed up. The most we waited to get to the lift after sliding down was 15 minutes and that was at the most crowded part of the day. It was run efficiently, they play music, have a bonfire near the mountain so you can warm up, and have an on-site photographer to grab your best photo (which we absolutely bought).

The place is very family-friendly and really caters to all ages. We saw people on dates, families, big groups, and friends just having fun together. There are plenty of things for the kids to play with, or on, while there as well. There is a little igloo they can explore or climb on the backs of dinosaurs or sit by the fire and enjoy hot chocolate.

I found it’s run efficiently to move people from one area to the next to get in as many snow tube runs as possible but certainly geared towards safety. If you’re looking for something fun to do as a family this winter or to bring out-of-towners to, Moonshine Mountain is a great choice.

Check hours on website as they are mostly open on weekends and school breaks. They do not offer group rates.

Tips for Moonshine Mountain in North Carolina

1 – Bring cash. Moonshine Mountain doesn’t accept credit cards for anything so you need enough money for the tickets plus whatever snacks or hot chocolate you want. Tickets are $40 per person. If you purchase photos, bring an extra $30-$40. I loved the photos since I couldn’t go down the mountain and snapshots at the same time.

2 – While there isn’t an age requirement, there is a minimum height requirement of 36” to tube and a 250-pound limit on the lift. Tubes can hold up to 300 pounds but you’ll need to walk up the mountain. Ages 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

3 – Check the weather and snow report before you go on their website and/or Facebook page. Rain will usually necessitate closing. You don’t want to drive all the way up there and not be able to go tubing.

4 – Get there early. We took someone’s advice and got there about 20 minutes before opening, which allowed us plenty of time to sign the waiver, get our tube, and hit the mountain before other people showed up. If you get there hours after opening, be prepared to wait for a long time or not get tickets at all.

5 – Bring a change of clothes. There are changing rooms on site and you may get wet or muddy. It’s just more comfortable to change before you head home.  

6 – Don’t forget winter hats and gloves and layers are your friends. It can get chilly so just be prepared. You can always ditch layers in the car if you warm up. We don’t have snow gear so we layered leggings under pants and jeans and did the same with shirts. Worked out well.

Have you gone snow tubing at Moonshine Mountain?

Moonshine Mountain
5865 Willow Road, Hendersonville, NC

FREE Christmas Play at Linda’s Plants & Shrubs: Hendersonville, NC

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Does a FREE indoor farm maze and play space sound like fun for the kids? Bring the little ones to Linda’s Plants & Shrubs in Hendersonville for some totally FREE fun in their super cool hay bale, indoor, Christmas maze. They also have free hot chocolate and coffee. And, while you’re there you can pick up some super gorgeous holiday plants and a Christmas Tree!

Entrance to the Christmas maze

The Christmas Maze at Linda’s in Hendersonville, NC

Greenhouses are not just for growing plants. Linda’s Plants and Shrubs has converted one of its large greenhouse spaces into a Christmas maze and play area for kids. No matter the weather, it’s dry and toasty at this maze made of haybales and decorated with tons of holiday decorations and inflatables. Kids must wind through the maze and crawl through a tunnel and a tire on their way to a climber and slide that goes right into a pit of dried corn.

For the construction-minded and truck-loving kiddos, there is also a place to play in the corn with large provided dump trucks. Parents can play along in the maze or relax on the benches while the kids play.

Play space in the Christmas Maze at Linda's

The maze and play area are totally free to visit. Younger kids, toddlers, preschoolers, and younger elementary will especially enjoy this area.

Santa at Linda’s Plants and Shrubs

Santa will be visiting Linda’s on December 4th, 2022 from 12 pm to 3 pm. Don’t forget your free hot chocolate at the checkout area near the maze.

Trees and Plants

When you walk into Linda’s the first thing you’ll experience is the fresh, piney smell of Christmas trees and wreaths. Smells are free, too, and totally worth a pause even if you don’t need a tree. But if you do, these trees were beautiful!

Next on the list, Christmas cacti. Linda’s has so many blooming Christmas cacti and other holiday plants, like Poinsettias. I love Christmas cacti and I have five or six in my house. I’m lucky to get even one to bloom. So, today I added another, a big beautiful, already fully in bloom Christmas cactus to enjoy right now. Yay!

Christmas Cactus at Linda's

The poinsettia table screamed Christmas in the best possible way, and my husband picked out some other blooming holiday plant that I have absolutely no idea what it is or what to do with it. But, you know, it’s pretty. And, you can never have enough pretty plants, really. Then, my kids found a few succulents to add to their collections, of course.

Linda’s also has some adorable little pots for your new plants, and also some farm goodies like jams and honey.

Visit Linda’s Plants & Shrubs

308 Stepp Acres Lane
Hendersonville, NC 28792
Phone: 828.685.0738
Linda’s Plants & Shrubs
Linda’s on Facebook

Hours: Monday through Saturday 9 am to 5 pm, Sunday 11 am to 4 pm

Things to Do in Hendersonville, NC

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Just over the border into North Carolina is the mountaintop town of Hendersonville, NC. There are lots of things to enjoy, but the thing Hendersonville, North Carolina is most famous for is their apple orchards! If you are planning a trip to Hendersonville, we’ve got all the info you’ll need to enjoy a day trip or weekend getaway any time of year.

This article includes:
Apple Orchards & Pumpkin Patches in Hendersonville, NC
Breweries and Wineries in Hendersonville, NC
Free and Low-Cost Fun for Families in Hendersonville, NC
Unique Experiences in Hendersonville, NC
Places to Eat in Hendersonville, NC
Where to Stay in Hendersonville, NC


See Historic Planes for FREE! Western North Carolina Air Museum in Hendersonville, NC

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Did you know Hendersonville, NC has a FREE airplane museum? The Western North Carolina Air Museum is hanger beside a small runway full of historic airplanes. Learn about the history of the planes, how their made and how they fly. There are evern air craft that kids can climb in, explore, and experiment with the controls. If you have an aviation enthusiast in your family, no matter they age, this is not a place you’ll want to skip. Let us introduce you to this amazing little gem in Hendersonville so you can plan your visit soon!

WNC Air Museum planes

What is the Western North Carolina Air Museum?

The museum consists of a single hanger filled to the brim with intersting and historic air craft, informational exhbitis, and knowledgable staff there to answer your questions and explain everything about these planes. There is also an aviation library that takes up almost an entire wall of the hanger, full of information for anyone researching an aviation topic whether its historic, technical or anything inbetween.

Plane at the WNC Air Museum

Is the the WNC Air Museum a Place for Kids?

YES! Definitely bring kids to this museum. Signage at the museum asks parents to supervise their children at all times, which makes sense since there are so many valuable aircraft and exhibits densly packed into the space.

That said there are definitey things for kids to touch, explore, play with, and enjoy. There are photo ops for kids in the form of a wooden painted plane. And your kids may also notice some stuffies doing a little piloting. Both a plane and a gyrocopter are available for kids to climb into the pilot’s seat and move the controls. They’ll actually be able to move the rudder, ailerons, and elevator. This was definitely my kids’ favorite part of the museum.

Kids lpiloting at WNC Air Museum

The staff at the museum were very kind to my kids, answering all their questions and complimenting us on their inquisitiveness and behavior. And really, what parent doesn’t want to hear things like that about their kids?

On our way out, my kids were offered copies of some avaition magazines which they eagerly accepted. Members of the Air Museum donate copies they are done with to the museum so kids can bring them home to learn more.

WNC Air Museum Stuffed Pilots

When Can We Visit the Western North Carolina Air Museum?

The regular hours of the museum are as follows:

  • April – October: Wednesday & Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm
  • November – March: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, 12 pm to 5 pm

The museum may also be open additional hours for special events, like the Hendersonville Apple Festival. VIsit the Western North Carolina Air Museum website for special events information.

WNC Air Museum

Getting to the WNC Air Museum

When you plug the address into your GPS or maps app you should have no trouble getting to the museum. Its located just a few miles from downtown Hendersonville, but the area is residential and you may feel like you’re headed off in the wrong direction. The drive is gravel and you’ll see the hanger from the road.

WNC Air Museum entrance

Western North Carolina Air Museum
1340 Gilbert Street, Hendersonville
FREE admission and parking

80+ Vintage Games to Play at the Appalachian Pinball Museum in Hendersonville, NC

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Have you visited the Appalachian Pinball Museum in Hendersonville, NC? You can play over 80 different historic pinball and arcade games. They have games vintage cames that cover arcade game history for the last 7 decades. Get a peek inside these machines and see how they work. Visiting the museum is totally free, and if you want to play the games pay $12 and play all day. Here’s everything you need to know to visit the Appalachian Pinball Museum!


See Model Trains for FREE at Apple Valley Model RR Club in Hendersonville, NC

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Did you know there is a free model railroad museum you can visit in Hendersonville, NC? The Apple Valley RR Club is located in the historic train station in Hendersonville and visitors can check out the indoor and outdoor model trains, and climb aboard a real caboose, totally free. Read on to find out all the details to plan your visit to the Apple Valley Model RR Club.

Railroad scene at Apple Valley Model Club

Team ECCO: Don’t Miss This Pint-Sized Powerhouse Aquarium in Hendersonville, NC

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Did you know Hendersonville, NC has an aquarium? Team ECCO Aquarium and Shark Lab is located right on Main Street in Downtown Hendersonville, NC. Squeezed in beside stores, restaurants, and coffee shops, Team ECCO ‘s footprint may be small, but the education squished between those walls is massive. The aquarium’s true charm is in interactive experiences led by its knowledgeable volunteers. Here’s a bit about our visit to Team ECCO, plus everything you need to know to plan your family’s visit.


Hands On! Children’s Museum in Hendersonville, NC is the Perfect Day Trip

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Have you visited Hand On! Children’s Museum in Hendersonville, NC? It’s the perfect place for kids to play and learn with parents and grandparents. The small footprint of Hands On is great for a kid-size adventure without being too overwhelming. You’ll find Hands On! along Downtown Hendersonville’s beautiful Main Street, beside Black Bear Coffee.

The orchard at Hands On

Hands On! Children’s Museum

Hands On! Children’s Museum has a target audience of children aged ten and under. The museum is all located on one floor which is great for parents keeping track of multiple kids.

The smaller front section contains a fire truck play area, dinosaur dig exhibit, an art area, and a Kilwin’s Ice Cream themed pretend play area.

Fire truck at Hands On in Hendersonville, NC

Behind that you’ll find the larger open play space where kids can pretend to shop for groceries, cook a meal, and pick apples. There’s also a pretend play doctor’s office with a baby care station, dentists’ office, engineering area and theater.

The middle of the museum features a beautiful mountain play area with a fun stairway that leads to a slide in the rocks. The bubbling sounds of both a natural looking waterfall feature and a fun water play area add to the natural mountain scene, and fill the whole museum with the calming sounds of running water.

Mountain area at Hands On

Babies and Toddlers at Hands On!

There is a small area set aside just for babies and toddlers at Hands On! In this area you’ll find soft mats, a low table and chairs, many sensory toys suitable for toddlers and babies, plus blocks and puzzles.

Rocking chairs in this area overlook the mountain in the center of the museum.

Admission and Hours at Hands On!

Your $10 admission allows you to enter and leave the museum for a full day. Every person pays admission – even adults. Infants are $4. Hands On! is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9 am – 5 pm. (Closed Sundays and Mondays, except for special holidays and seasonal breaks.)

Memberships are available and if you think you would make the trip to Hendersonville more than a few times a year, a membership could be the perfect option for your family. (Remind grandparents that museum memberships make great birthday and Christmas gifts!)

Classes, Parties and More

Hands On! offers regular classes that are often free with your admission. Classes range in topics from science to reading to crafting. Summer is filled with weekly class options – and the convenient part for parents is that one child can attend a class while the other children play. Throughout the year there are weekly classes – such as storytime and science classes, plus other weekly options.  Be sure to check their website or Facebook page for all the details.

Hands On! also offers an easy and enjoyable option for birthday parties. They provide a party room for the cake and gifts and then, of course, the museum is all the entertainment you will need for your birthday guests.

Dinosaur at Hands On

More to Do in Hendersonville, NC

Downtown Hendersonville has so many fun things to do. Hop out of the museum for lunch at one of the family-friendly Main Street restaurants. Options like pizza and sandwiches and an iconic soda fountain shop across the street can make Hendersonville a great day trip destination. Right next door to the museum is Black Bear Coffee Shop with great coffee beverages, treats, sandwiches and a lot more. And, McFarlan’s Bakery is right across the street. Pick up some donuts, cookies, pastries, or even a whole pie to bring home!

Gather a few of your girlfriends and strap the kids in their booster seats. A day at Hands On! will be a day the kids will really remember and love

Hands On! Children’s Museum
318 N. Main Street, Hendersonville, NC

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