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Three Seasons of Pick-Your-Own at Thompson Family Farms Near Campobello, SC!

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Upick pumpkins in the fall, Upick tulips in the spring, and Upick sunflowers in the summer, count us in! Thompson Family Farms in Landrum, SC and Campobello, SC has so many opportunities to pick your own. Picking blooming flowers and pumpkins is delightful, and Thompson Family Farms is one of the only farms near the Upstate that offers three seasons of u-pick. What a win! I adore this farm because it is well-maintained, it is run efficiently, the view of Hogback Mountain is perfect for photos with my kids, and everything we have picked has been high quality.

For pick your own cut pumpkins, Thompson Family Farms will open to the public on Thursday, September 21, 2023, until the end of October. Enjoy the gorgeous mountain views as you head out into the fields to find the perfect pumpkin for your jack-o-lantern or pie. Field pumpkins are precut from the vine for your convenience.

*Tulip U-pick is available in mid-March 2024.
* Sunflower U-pick is available at the beginning of July 2024.

Fall is Here: Pick Your Own Pumpkins at Thompson Family Farms!

As the fall season begins, so does the time of year to head down to the pumpkin patch to pick some pumpkins for decorating your home for fall and Halloween. Thompson Family Farms will open their pick-your-own-cut pumpkin patch in September at their Campobello location. There will be over 10 varieties of pumpkin to choose from, which is more than I even knew existed! The farm will also have prepicked and organized pumpkins near the farm stand if you aren’t too keen on picking yours yourself.

While at the farm, you can enjoy a sunflower maze, a selection of fall crops, and lots of photo opportunities! So, grab your sunscreen and closed-toed shoes (it’s a little bumpy out there in the fields) and head on down to the pumpkin patch at the farm.

U-pick Pumpkins

Pumpkins will be priced by size and variety and will start at $7 per pumpkin. The farm will have a limited number of wagons to help lug your pumpkins to the car, but they do recommend bringing a wagon if you want to have one out in the fields.

Pumpkins in the field are precut from the vine to ensure that underripe pumpkins are not picked. Any pumpkin still on the vine is not ready to pick, so please do not pull on their stems!

There will also be prepicked pumpkins, Indian corn, corn stalks, and cotton stems for sale as they continue to ripen throughout the season.

Sunflower Maze and U-pick Flowers

While at the farm, be sure to head to the sunflower maze! The maze is 7 acres and is a great way to spend some time with your kids doing a scavenger hunt. You will find scavenger hunt papers at the front counter, which include clues to the educational maze.

After the maze, you can also pick sunflowers, zinnias, and cosmos for an additional fee and have them wrapped in a bouquet at the front counter to take home.

Homeschool Day

On October 4th, 2023, homeschooling families are invited to take a farm tour of Thompson Family Farms from 12 pm – 4 pm! Tours start every hour, at 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm, and 3 pm. Homeschool students can pick a crop souvenir and will have access to the pumpkin and u pick flower fields. Pumpkins and flowers are an additional fee.

Tickets are $8 per student ages K4- 12th grade. Reservations are not required, but groups of 10 or more should contact the farm directly.

Hours and Admission

Thompson Family Farms will be open September 21, 2023, through the end of October for u-pick pumpkins along with other seasonal items. Hours are 10 am – 7 pm, Thursdays – Saturdays. Admission is free!

Things to Know Before You Go U-Pick Pumpkins

The Thompson Family Farms pumpkin and sunflower fields are located at 13830 SC-11, Campobello, SC.

  • There is a graveled parking area right when you enter the farm to park at.
  • Be sure to bring sunscreen or a UV umbrella, the farm is mostly un-shaded.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes or boots to protect your kids and your feet from ants, sticks, etc.
  • The fields are pretty bumpy, so strollers are not recommended. We recommend bringing a carrier if you have smaller children, as the ground has dips and holes that are hard for little feet to navigate.
  • The farm does have porta potties if you need to use the restroom.
  • Bring water! It gets hot out there in the fields.
  • There are honeybees enjoying some of the flowers, so be careful when picking your flowers to avoid getting stung.
  • Pets are not allowed!

Thompson Family Farms
13820 SC-11, Campobello, SC

Pumpkin Guide to Greenville, SC, pumpkins in Greenville

Love pumpkins? We have a whole guide for that!

Kidding Around Greenville Pumpkin Guide: where to get pumpkins, where to learn about pumpkins, tasty pumpkin treats, and lots more!

Offered in July… U-pick Sunflowers at Thompson Family Farms!

Thompson Family Farms, a upick sunflower field near Greenville, SC.

See the Sunflower Fields

U-pick Sunflowers

If you love sunflowers (it is hard not to) then Thompson Family Farms has a U-pick experience for you! You can mosey through fields of gorgeous sunflowers, and even pick a few to take home.

The U-pick sunflower fields are located in Campobello, SC, right past the Greenville County line into Spartanburg County off of Highway 11. The patch is huge, and overlooks Hogback Mountain, making for spectacular views. There are also several varieties, so you can create an array of yellows and orange colors for your bouquet!

In addition to the sunflower fields, there are places for photo opportunities, a kid-sized sunflower maze, and picnic tables to enjoy the view.

The sunflower fields at Thompson Family Farms.
The sunflower fields at Thompson Family Farms
A "face in the hole" sunflower picture stand at Thompson Family Farms.

Sunflower Photo Ops: More Than Just the Flowers!

There is not much needed to get some amazing photos, but Thompson Family Farms has made for some special areas to get those Pinterest-worthy shots. There is a pallet-style photo backdrop surrounded by sunflowers, a fun “face in the hole” sunflower wall, and even some adorable bamboo bean pole teepees near the entrance that make for some adorable photos.

There are also rows and rows of blooming sunflowers to use as the backdrop of your photos. The farm is offering daytime and evening hours (on Friday and Saturday) and even has sessions available for professional photographers.

The entrance at Thompson Family Farms in Campobello, SC.
Thompson Family Farms, Campobello, SC

Hours and Pricing for U-pick Sunflowers

Thompson Family Farms will open for u-pick sunflowers on July 1st, 2023. For updates, including weather changes and sell-out date, check out the Thompson Family Farms Facebook page.

Hours: Monday – Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm. They will have sunset hours on Fridays and Saturdays from 5 pm – 9 pm. The farm will be open on July 4th for their regular day hours.

Prices: Admission is $6 per person, but ages 12 and younger are free. U-pick sunflowers are $1 per stem.

Thompson Family Farms
13820 SC-11, Campobello, SC

Offered in Spring… U-pick Tulips at Thompson Family Farms

As some of the first pops of color to emerge from the ground, tulips are a welcome sign that spring is here. Fresh-picked tulips make excellent gifts, centerpieces, and decor. Plus, it is so much fun going out to a U-pick patch and selecting the flowers yourself. It’s pretty joyful.

Scenes from the tulip farm

Check out some of the beautiful scenes waiting for you at Thompson Family Farms.

Arriving at Thompson Family Farms for tulips in Landrum, SC

Located just 25 minutes from Greer, you will find Thompson Family Farms in Landrum at the base of Hogback Mountain. The Flower Patch can easily be found by following the signs off of Arledge Road. You can park in the gravel area, and head down to the tented shelter. The fields are not hard to miss, as they are busting with color from the blooms. Down at the welcome tent you will be greeted and shown baskets, buckets, and scissors to use for picking your tulips.  

The Flower Patch at Thompson Family Farms is open seasonally in March. The length of time the patch is open is depending on weather and bloom time, and the season is very short!

The Flower Patch at Thompson Family Farms, SC

U-Pick Tulips in The Flower Patch at Thompson Family Farms

Tulips are synonymous with the cool, breezy weather of early Spring. You can u-pick from 9 varieties of tulips throughout the short season. They have multiple colors, including pink, red, yellow, white, and variegated orange/red, and more.

Be sure to stay on the paths when walking through the flowers. In addition, if you cut the flower, you buy it. Be sure it is the flower you want before taking your scissors to the stem.

The Thompsons recommend cutting the flower at the length that you want, and we found cutting low on the stem to be best for us. Most importantly, make sure to not dig or stomp on the bulbs, as they will be left in the ground to bloom again next year! 

Once you have all of the tulips you would like, you can head back to the tent to have them wrapped in bouquets. If you plan to pick a large number of tulips, I recommend bringing something sturdy like a box to take them home in, so they are safe from damage. 

Tulips: Photo Opportunities at The Flower Patch

Other than the obvious photos of you and your children amongst the flowers, The Flower Patch also has two lovely photography setups on the property. If you head to the far ends of the fields you will find a red tractor set up with a rustic farm vibe of window panes and flower buckets that make for some adorable photos!

There is also a pallet-style backdrop with a chair and blooming flowers to take pictures with. The property itself is situated in a field that is surrounded by trees, so there are many opportunities to get that perfect spring picture. 

Photographers that are interested in renting the space can contact Thompson Family Farms directly through their sign-up link to book private sessions. There are a limited number of sessions available due to the short season for tulips. Private sessions occur from 5 pm until sundown.

Price of Admission and U-Pick Tulips

Admission is $5 per person for ages 12 and older. Children under 12 are free to attend. If you want to participate in u-pick, Tulips are $1 per stem. The farm does take cash, card, and Venmo.

Please follow the farm’s guidance for cutting and watch your step to ensure that the other tulips are safe for other people to enjoy their u-pick experience.

Tips to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Sara Thompson, the owner of The Flower Patch, recommends making a fresh cut before putting your flowers in their water vase once you arrive home. You should then display your flowers out of direct sunlight. She also mentioned the fascinating fact that tulip stems continue to grow once placed in water, so they may appear to be longer after a few days in the vase. Be sure to change out your water regularly to elongate your bloom time. And most importantly, enjoy! 

Tulips at Thompson Family Farm, SC

Key Things to Know Before Visiting Thompson Family Farms

  • There are no dogs allowed at The Flower Patch.
  • There is only one porta-potty for emergencies, so be sure to take a potty break before arriving.
  • You can pack a picnic and enjoy the view. There are two picnic tables located by the creek, and plenty of grassy space to lay down a blanket. If you picnic, please pick up all trash before leaving.
  • It can be muddy in the field, so wear appropriate shoes. 
  • The farm is accessible but is bumpy because of the gravel parking lot. If you plan to bring a stroller, ones with wheels made for rough terrain are highly recommend. A soft body carrier for baby may be easier. 
  • Reservations are not required. However, you should follow the Thompson Family Farms’ Facebook for updates and information before heading to the farm.
  • The u-pick tulip fields are open in light rain but be prepared for mud in that scenario.
  • Don’t forget water, hats and sunscreen when you head out to pick sunflowers in the summer!

Thompson Family Farms
Tulip Upick at The Flower Patch
328 Arledge Road, Landrum, SC
Hours: Monday – Saturday
10 am – 5 pm

Sunflower Upick
13830 SC-11, Campobello, SC
Hours: Monday- Saturday
9 am – 2 pm
Additional evening hours:
5 pm – 9 pm on Friday and Saturday

Looking to make a day trip out of your adventure? Check out Campbells Covered Bridge located just a few miles’ drive of the Thompson Family Farms. You can also find other fabulous things to do in our discovery guide to Landrum, SC!

Pick Lavender at Elf Leaf Farm: Greenville County’s Only Lavender Farm

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Elf Leaf Farm is the only lavender farm in Greenville County, SC and their u-pick lavender field is beautiful with views of the mountains. Lavender season is upon us and we’ve got all the details on how to experience this incredible farm with your family in Greenville, SC. 

lLvender at Elf Leaf Farm

The family love is strong at Elf Leaf Farm in Landrum, South Carolina, just a 35-minute drive from Greenville, SC in the Upstate. The farm is run by Allison and Derek Garrett and their children. Their two youngest daughters, Deirdre and Georgia, are bubbly, cheerful and welcoming and I immediately wanted to be their best friend. They are really fun! 

Elf Leaf, which is Scottish term for “lavender” (a nod to Derek’s side of the family), is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, anchored by the prettiest farmhouse I’ve ever seen and built on land owned by the Campbell family. If you’re familiar with Campbell’s Covered Bridge, that’s the same family. The bridge is actually just a few minutes away from Elf Leaf Farm. 

But let’s get back to the lavender, which is oh-so-gorgeous, and in season during the month of June. I’ll tell you all about how you pick your own lavender plus enjoy the special offerings of the family trade right at the farm. 

Elf Leaf Farm’s Roots 

Every farm has roots and Elf Leaf’s run deep as the land was part of the Campbell family for many, many years. When Allison and Derek started thinking about retirement, they wanted a farm. Derek always loved farming and Allison always loved soap-making. I promise this is relevant. 

Derek was working at the Oconee nuclear plant and would drive home to Greer a different way most days, checking out various farms and properties along the way. When he found the current property that is now Elf Leaf Farm, the couple knew they had found home. They purchased about 48 acres in 2016 and then later added two more acres later on. 

As one of only two lavender farms in the Upstate, I had to know why lavender was the crop of choice. It’s because Allison just loves lavender and made soap with it for years and years. She made a lot. And it took up a lot of space at home and while she did sell it at local farmers markets and at The Shoppes Off Trade in Greer, she kind of needed a bigger space. And more lavender of course. And that’s how lavender became the focus on the farm. 

Picking lavender at Elf Leaf Farm
Elf Leaf Farm

Lavender is not native to South Carolina and is very, very hard to grow. Allison and her family really had to figure out how to dig deeper in the Southern soil, past the red clay to make it work. They attended lavender conferences (yes, there’s such a thing) and talked to other lavender farmers and eventually, after a lot of trial and error, were able to grow some pretty spectacular lavender plants. 

Events at Elf Leaf Farm 

While u-pick lavender is certainly the focus of Elf Leaf Farm in June – and the family is truly all hands on deck during this time since it’s the only time of year to harvest – the farm also has a huge permanent tent to host events like weddings, corporate lunches or dinners, or whatever other things that people may want to do at a lavender farm. 

They even have two separate cottages for a bride and groom and the view from the tent is directly at the mountains. Flowers and blueberries and more lavender are planted around the farm and Deirdre and Georgia have big plans for hosting people throughout the year at the farm.

These ladies are a lot of fun to be around and if their events are anything like their personalities, they are going to be awesome. Deirdre actually went to acting school and lived in Brooklyn, New York for awhile and in 2016, she did the most Brooklyn thing ever and went home to help on the family farm. When the pandemic hit, she started working there full-time. Her and her family are so invested not only in the farm but in each other and that shines through in how they run the farm. 

One event you really don’t want to miss is their inaugural Date Night at Elf Leaf Farm on Friday, June 9th from 6-8 pm. For $75/couple, you get a bottle of wine, a picnic blanket, a charcuterie picnic basket, and a bluegrass band. Pretty romantic if you ask me. 

2023 U-Pick Lavender 

The lavender fields at Elf Leaf Farm will be open to the public these dates from 9 am – 4 pm:

  • Wednesday, June 7 – Sunday, Jun 11, 2023
  • Wednesday, June 14 – Sunday, June 18, 2023
  • Wednesday, June 21 – Sunday, June 25, 2023

There is no admission to Elf Leaf Farm for u-pick dates. You only pay for your lavender, which are sold in 2 inch bundles for $8. You get shears and a beautiful basket to go pick your lavender. 

Picking lavender in the field
Picking lavender

If you’re a family who would just love from family photos in a lavender field, that’s possible! There is a $50/hour charge to use the field for professional photography. You can contact the farm to arrange your amazing lavender photo session. 

Lots of Lavender Products 

The first place I went when I got to the farm after meeting Derek was the Elf Leaf store. Oh my gosh, I thought I went to heaven. The scent of this little shop was perfection. I really didn’t want to leave. I only left because my new best friends, Deirdre and Georgia, promised my kids and I lavender brownies and iced tea at the farmhouse. 

Lavender products at Elf Leaf Farm
Lavender products in the store

The shop is small but mighty. They have everything you can think of that involves lavender: tea, lotion, lavender coffee, lavender scone mix, lavender simple syrup, soap (the soap is always involved), lavender honey right from the bees on the farm, dried lavender, and just so many other things. They also have tea towels, local pottery, and even a lavender cookbook. It’s pretty amazing. Take your time. Smell the lavender, buy some stuff. 

You can also find Elf Leaf’s products at the Landrum farmers market or buy directly online if you happen to need more lavender things (which you probably will). 

Tips on Visiting Elf Leaf Farm 

To make the most of your visit at Elf Leaf, we have some suggestions: 

  • Leave your pets at home. The farm does not allow them. 
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat. It’s hot and lavender likes full sun, hence you’ll be in full South Carolina summer sun. 
  • Bring lunch or snacks. The farm is a beautiful place to hang out. 
  • Wear closed-toed shoes. It’s a farm and there are ants and bugs and other things you don’t want on your feet. 
  • Follow the directions of the staff. There are certain plants you can pick from and others you cannot. Just be courteous and follow directions. 
  • The farmhouse is private. As much as you’d probably like to live in the farmhouse on the property, it’s the private property of the Garrett family so don’t go and invite yourself in. 
  • There are beautiful bathroom facilities at Elf Leaf Farm so don’t worry if your kid needs to take a potty break!
  • After your visit, dip your toes in the water at Campbell’s Covered Bridge, just three minutes from the farm. It feels great!

Elf Leaf Farm 
141 N Campbell Road, Landrum

Downtown Landrum, SC

There’s more to explore in Landrum!

Here’s our guide to things to do in Landrum, SC.

Explore This 110 Year-Old Covered Bridge: Campbell’s Covered Bridge

Posted on | 1 Comment

Have you been thinking about checking out Campbell’s Covered Bridge? This bridge is the last remaining covered bridge in South Carolina. At this Greenville County property, you can explore the bridge, enjoy a picnic by the creek and even get in a short hike.

The area of the park near the bridge is currently undergoing renovation and restoration. Access to that portion of the park may be limited.


Stone Soup Market & Cafe in Landrum, SC

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Have you visited the quaint Stone Soup Cafe in Landrum, SC? The restaurant has beautiful comfortable seating indoors and out. We love the pretty garden-like setting outdoors, as well as the cozy and comfortable indoor seating. And, we loved the relaxed ambiance and friendly service. Here’s why you should add this spot to your list of great restaurants for a date night, or a relaxing meal out with friends and family.

Stone Soup in Landrum, SC
Outdoor Seating at Stone Soup

Stone Soup Setting

From the minute you pull into the stone parking lot, after your drive down Main Street Landrum, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a little mini-vacation spot in the mountains. Surrounded by mature trees and pretty hanging lights you can choose to either dine indoors or out. Either way, you can enjoy a leisurely meal in a beautiful setting. 

This place is the total opposite of busy city, downtown dining in loud buzzing restaurants. My husband and I have visited a couple of times for a date night, and each time is just as good, if not better, than the last. 

Outdoors, and tables are set under shade awnings and a pavilion. There are both fans and heaters so the space can be enjoyed in a variety of weather. Indoors, cozy and comfortable tables are spread throughout a couple of smaller rooms of dining space with great big windows, allowing for easy conversation and a relaxed ambiance.

It is rather unusual for my husband and me, especially leaving the kids at home, to enjoy a drink, then an appetizer, a meal, and also stick around for coffee and dessert. But at Stone Soup we do because it was just that beautiful and relaxing. We probably spend an average of 2 hours on our date night meals Stone Soup. The service was wonderful and we never once felt rushed. In fact, our waitress suggested at the end of our meal that we just keep sipping our coffee and take our time. 

Stone Soup Menu

All that and we haven’t yet discussed the food. The menu at Stone Soup includes a wide variety of wood-fired pizzas, sandwiches, unique appetizers, and entrees, plus cocktails, and a small selection of the day’s desserts.

We ordered (and highly recommend) the Tuna Bites for an appetizer. It was gorgeous and delicious. The tuna bites are black sesame-crusted Rare Ahi Tuna, pickled ginger, wasabi cream, chopped red peppers, and green onions, on top of the lightest, crispiest wontons you’ve ever seen or tasted.

Appetizer at Stone Soup in Landrum, SC

We ordered the tuna bites again on a second visit, and they were just as delicious!

For our meals, we’ve enjoyed sandwiches like their salmon BLT and a woodfired calzone. The bacon on that BLT was some of the thickest and tastiest I’ve had while the salmon was cooked perfectly. The calzone was massive and could have easily fed two people, which it didn’t because my husband loves calzones and ate the whole thing. It was just that good. 

Dessert isn’t printed on the menu, but just ask your server for what they are offering that day. We intended to get one dessert and share it, but, on the day we went, they had both peanut butter pie and a chocolate flourless cake that may as well have been fudge. So, we got them both and we had no regrets.

Stone Soup Market

Stone Soup also carries a selection of housemade baked goods, deli salads, and specialty items that can be purchased in their market. They also have housemade frozen casseroles to pick up and bring home.

Stone Soup
1522 E. Rutherford Street
Landrum, SC

Tuesday through Thursday 11:30 am to 8 pm
Friday 11:30 am to 9 pm
Saturday 11:30 am to 8:30 pm

Discover Fabulous Food and Things to Do When You Spend the Day in Landrum, SC

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Looking for a great little town where you can spend the day in Upstate, SC? Tucked away on the north side of Spartanburg is the quaint little town of Landrum, South Carolina. This town has lots to explore for a day or weekend. Here are some great places to eat, things to do, and even a couple places to stay in Landrum, SC.

Downtown Landrum, SC

This article includes:
Things to Do in Landrum, SC
Great Restaurants in Landrum, SC
Places to Stay in Landrum, SC