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Park Circle: The World’s Largest Inclusive Playground is in Charleston, SC

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Park Circle Playground in Charleston, SC has the honor of being the world’s largest inclusive playground because any kid, no matter their ability, can enjoy the park. We checked it out and can confirm it is enormous and fun!

I first laid eyes on Park Circle playground in Charleston, SC about two blocks away. It’s that big. I couldn’t even get the entire playground in one – or two- photos. And it was designed for any child, no matter their ability. 

Park Circle Playground
Park Circle Playground

About Park Circle Playground 

Park Circle, which opened November 2023, encompasses 55,000 square feet and is the world’s largest inclusive playground, meaning that the playground was designed for any child, no matter their development or ability. It also includes their friends, siblings, parents, and caregivers. Yup, you parents can play on the playground. I did!

Here’s how the park describes their inclusivity: 

“All children means everyone. The need for play does not distinguish between children who are typically developing and children with disabilities. Everyone of all abilities needs play. And everyone means not only children with a physical disability requiring an accessible playground, but it also includes developmental disabilities like autism; children with sight or hearing impairment and children with intellectual disabilities such as down syndrome.”

Park Circle Playground
Park Circle Playground

I think this is just beautiful. Seeing tons of kids and their parents and siblings playing at this playground made me happy. 

Park Circle, besides the enormous playground, also has walking trails, a farmers market pavilion, event space, nature garden, and an inclusive baseball field. 

Things to Play On at Park Circle 

I had no idea where to look first when we got to the playground. My kids, ages 13 and 9, seemed just as overwhelmed but recovered quicker than I did and decided to head to the nearest double slide massive climbing structure. 

There are just so many things to play on: slides, swings, zip lines, a legit ninja course, exercise equipment, obstacle courses, more swings. We were there for over an hour and probably didn’t even play on half of the playground equipment. 

park circle playground
Ninja course at Park Circle Playground

Our favorite was definitely the ninja course. I always had respect for the American Ninja warriors but after doing a bunch of the ninja obstacles (and massively failing), I have a whole new respect for those athletes. There are lots of upper body focused apparatus’ plus beams, a climbing rope, and other rope nets to traverse. 

There are areas of the playground for any age and ability as well from play houses to huge slides that you have to climb up to even get to. 

Park Circle Playground Design is Parent-Friendly 

I give a lot of credit to the designers of the playground because they absolutely nailed it when it comes to things that matter to parents: an enclosed space, seating, and shade. 

The playground is entirely fenced in. You may lose your kids while they are playing on the equipment but they won’t get far because there is a fence around the whole playground. 

There are shade sails everywhere to provide cover from that brutal summer sun. There are a few spots where the shade sails aren’t directly over but for the most part, the playground is covered. Way to go designers!

Park Circle Playground
Shaded bench at Park Circle Playground

And lastly, there are lots of benches around the playground. I didn’t sit down ever because I was playing with my kids but if we had stayed longer, I probably would have rested on a bench. Most of the benches are also shaded. 

I so appreciate the thought and consideration that went into the construction of this playground. They did a truly excellent job. 

There are also bathrooms on site at the adjacent pavilion to the playground.

Visiting Park Circle Playground 

Park Circle is in North Charleston, about a 20-minute drive from downtown Charleston. It is totally free to visit and is open daily from 7 am – 5:30 pm. 

Park Circle Playground
4800 Park Circle, North Charleston, SC
Park Circle Playground Website

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Southside Park in Greenville, SC Offers More Than Just a Water Park

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Have you visited the playground and park at Southside Park in Greenville, SC? Popular for it’s waterpark, there are lots more ways to enjoy Southside Park. Here are all the details about the playground and surrounding area at Southside Park in Greenville, SC.

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Many of you may have headed to Southside Park in Simpsonville to visit Discovery Island Water Park, but there is so much more to do there. Let me share with you some of our favorite things about the park!

Southside Park Greenville SC Waterpark

What else you’ll find at Southside Park

A playground for everyone

The playground area at Southside Park is huge! There a several different play zones set up for children of various ages.

There is an area just as you enter the playground for small children.  My son used to love sit by the activity spinner and spin it around. It also has swings and a climbing structure just the size for small children.

Just below the small children’s area is the riding and rocking area. The four-person bouncer is so much fun to explore with your kids. The bouncy animals are fun to ride too.

The large child play area is filled with three large structures that feature slides, climbing spaces, and bridges. They are perfect for pretend play and burning off energy! There is so much to do that children will want to explore them for a while.

playground at Southside Park Greenville SC

Sport Areas

Southside Park has a number of sports areas to play on. Some were designed for specific games while others are more open ended.

There are a number of tennis courts that are in good shape.  When they aren’t being used for tennis, I bet your kids will like tossing balls over the net.

Beside the tennis courts are basketball courts. While the baskets are all high, I think children will have fun trying to make baskets there.

No far from the basketball courts are two soccer fields with goals. They are tucked away from the other play areas right next to an eating pavilion. What a great place to play soccer or tag in a small space after having a picnic lunch.

Southside Park has several big open grassy areas. They are large enough for a number of people to play Frisbee, fly kites or play football.

tennis courts at southside park greenville sc

Plan a trip to Southside Park

417 Baldwin Road
Simsponville, SC 29680
Visit their website Soutside Park here.

Don’t just think of Southside Park as the home of Discovery Island! Think of it as a fun place to play and explore.

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