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Wildflower Cupcake & Dessert Bar: This Bakery Shop in Greenville, SC Is Working To Help More Than Just Your Sweet Tooth

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Have you heard about Wildflower Cupcake & Dessert Bar? Cupcakes are amazing little personal size baked goods that can turn your day around. Making amazing cupcakes for the lucky folks of the Upstate could have been enough to allow Local baker Kristen Kay to throw down her apron and call it a day. But for this small business owner, cupcakes and sweet treats are just a means to an end. Find out what Wildflower Cupcake & Dessert Bar does for the Upstate besides curing a cupcake craving! 

Baking cupcakes allow Kristen to help people. Kristen is there to lend her talents to transform flour, eggs and sugar into fundraising efforts. Organizations like Let There Be Mom, Valor, The Booth Fairy, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, The Blood Connection, and others benefit when her piping bag get filled with frosting and a finished cupcake (or cookie) leaves the shop. 

The way she helps also manifests in providing a person with sensitivities, or diet restrictions that would normally keep them from biting into a delicious cupcake, that opportunity. 

One of the questions we get asked quite frequently at Kidding Around is where to find items for people, most often children, with diet restrictions. Every kid deserves a cake, right? Kristen makes every attempt to fill these orders that most places won’t. 

  • vegan/dairy-free
  • gluten-free
  • vegan & gluten-free
  • sugar-free
  • low carb/Keto
  • special request option – soy and corn free

Your child all of a sudden decides that Groundhogs day is THE NUMBER ONE HOLIDAY? Head to Wildflower for that celebratory cupcake to honor old Punxsutawney Phil. 

If you’re not convinced you need a treat from here in your life yet, I have one more feel-good story for you. 

Local floral & Veggie farm Wet Knot Farms suffered a terrible flooding incident in the Spring of this year. The community jumped in to help however they could. Unfortunately, the floodwaters made their edible items non-sellable. The good news is their flower crops made it, and now have a prominent spot in Wildflower Cupcake & Dessert Bar. Waiting in cases to go home with you and your delicious item. 

Wildflower cupcake and dessert bar - cupcakes and cookies

Wildflower Cupcake and Dessert Bar in Greenville, SC 

Owners name: Kristen Kay

Do you have a kids menu? 

No – it’s all kid-friendly

What are your contactless delivery options? 

Curbside pickup 

Do you offer outdoor dining? 


What makes your spot unique?

In addition to our normal cupcake, and dessert bar options, we cater to kids and adults with special dietary needs. These are available for walk-in or special orders, and custom decorating is offered in most cases. 

What dish is the most popular? 

Strawberry Crush 

What dish are you the proudest of? 

Our carefully thought out and crafted variety of cupcakes, and our signature cookie sandwiches

It’s my first time at your restaurant, what do you suggest we order? 

The Banana Pudding Cupcake, Strawberry Crush Cupcake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich, or Key Lime Cookie Sandwich

Where do you love to eat when not at work?

We’re an indecisive group, and enjoy so many local establishments! Smoky Dreams Barbecue is definitely one of those!

Gifting Options: Gift Certificates 

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wildflower cupcake and dessert bar - cake and shop front

What Locals Are Saying About Wildflower Cupcake & Dessert Bar 

My friend bought me their gluten-free chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and they were some of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth.

Alicia Byars

Wildflower Cupcake and Dessert Bar is my go-to place for my daughter who has food allergies! They have been so accommodating & understanding in making “safe” treats for my daughter!

Jessica Sammons

Learn More About Wildflower Cupcake & Dessert Bar 

Wildflower Cupcake & Dessert Bar 
3730 Pelham Rd Greenville SC 29615 | 864.775.5554

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Feed & Seed: Cafe, Local Market, and Meeting the Needs of the Community in Greenville, SC

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Feed & Seed is a unique nonprofit in Greenville, SC that seeks to reduce food waste while producing excellent products for consumers and giving access to food to families who live in a food desert in Greenville. 

Feed & Seed, located in Judson Mill right off the edge of downtown Greenville, is home to a fairly unique operation that opened in 2022. And they are in that exact location for a very good reason: because it’s a food desert. 

Feed & Seed wears many hats and I’ll tell you why a visit to them is a delicious idea. 

About Feed & Seed 

Feed & Seed is a nonprofit located in the middle of a food desert in Greenville. The USDA defines a food desert as, “A tract in which at least 100 households are located more than one-half mile from the nearest supermarket and have no vehicle access; or at least 500 people, or 33 percent of the population, live more than 20 miles from the nearest supermarket, regardless of vehicle availability.”

There are more than 6,500 of them in the United States, including 21 in 14 different counties in South Carolina, according to the USDA. However, Feed & Seed is not a food bank but they certainly have in mind people in low-income areas who are struggling with food insecurity. The nonprofit went through miles of bureaucratic red tape to allow the use of SNAP (food stamps) to be used to buy their products, including nine locations in Pickens and Oconee counties where people can purchase FoodShare boxes for $5 with SNAP.

Food Share Feed and Seed
Packing FoodShare boxes

They house a cafe where they sell local produce, meat, dairy, and their own housemade take-and-bake meals, as well as a cafe where you can order breakfast or lunch. I’ve had their Italian sub and wow, I’ve been dreaming of that deliciousness ever since. 

They also work with local farmers to buy their produce and fruit, which is awesome because farmers often can only sell their goods on-site or during the farmers’ market season, which is only about a third of the year or even less sometimes. That’s a small window to stay in business.

Feed & Seed also hosts community events and has space for meetings, parties, or other gatherings. 

Meeting the Needs of the Community 

Feed & Seed saw the need for fresh produce and local food and was founded to fill the gap between the people who need that and the people who provide it. That’s the reason for the location they chose and the idea took off from there. 

The nonprofit partners with several local farms and others in the area who grow and produce that nourishing, healthy food that everyone needs but may not have access to. They do that by buying produce directly from farmers, processing it themselves, and selling it right at their store. 

Feed & Seed also has a program for Oconee County and Pickens County called FoodShare where boxes of fresh produce are sold for $20 cash or $5 EBT. There are nine pickup locations. These boxes are filled with 10-12 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables. Anyone can order a FoodShare box. In Greenville, Foodshare Greenville is run by Mill Village Farms.

Feed & Seed often needs volunteers to fill these boxes. You can sign up here.

Reducing Food Waste

You know how you have this grand idea of buying three heads of kale that you plan to cook the following week for your family and then, two weeks later remember it’s there and it really doesn’t look all that great? Or maybe you bought a bunch of peaches, put them in your refrigerator and found them a month later all moldy? OK, please tell me I’m not alone here. Americans waste an enormous amount of food. It’s truly awful and after I toured Feed & Seed, I was determined to make smarter choices in menu planning and remembering what I’ve bought and how to use it. 

Feed & Seed steps in to help make sure that food waste doesn’t happen by buying produce, veggies, and fruit directly from farms and immediately making use of it so it doesn’t go bad. 


Food banks are a necessary part of the community in Greenville but even they have limitations. With food banks, they often cannot keep enough fresh produce because they don’t have the necessary refrigeration and storage. At Feed & Seed, they have massive refrigerators plus have come up with ways to reduce food waste by freeze-drying and dehydrating fresh fruits and vegetables, which give them long-lasting staying power and significantly reduce food waste. 

They also offer rental refrigeration to farmers who need a place to store extra goods. This is a huge service to smaller farms especially. 

The Cafe & Store

Feed & Seed sells a huge variety of local goods from honey to jams to dairy to meat to produce to coffee. I could have spent a ton of money there! 

I really like that the nonprofit has such a laser focus on local food. Honestly, it makes me feel good to buy something I know was grown or produced right here in the Upstate because it goes right back into our local community. 

Inside of Feed & Seed

The one thing I didn’t try was their take-and-bake meals and soups. They looked so good and I saw some of the chefs preparing lasagna while I was there on a tour and it looked amazing. I did have an Italian sub and cookie and both were delicious. It’s obvious the chefs take pride in their dishes. You can even order online to save time.

For many families with single parents, making healthy meals is a huge challenge. It’s these families especially that Feed & Seed had in mind when they started to offer their ready-made meals that people can purchase and take home and heat up in the oven or microwave. They are nutrient-dense and provide a healthy alternative to fast food. SNAP benefits can be used to pay for these. 

Seasonal Harvest Boxes

Feed & Seed also sells seasonal boxes with 100% local goods, produce, and fruit called a Harvest Box. This is like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and each season is six weeks long and you pick up the box once a week.

Harvest Box Feed and Seed
Spring Harvest Box at Feed and Seed

The team at Feed & Seed includes recipes in the boxes and you’re able to preview what is in it in the beginning of the week so you can menu plan. I absolutely love this feature plus purchasing these boxes is a fantastic way to support local farmers. 

Local Produce in Greenville, SC.

Check out more places you can find local produce in Greenville!

Volunteer Opportunities

As you may imagine, this operation requires a lot of effort and Feed & Seed needs a lot of volunteers to make their vision a reality. 

Volunteers are needed to assist in packing boxes for their FoodShareSC program to feed families in need. You can see current volunteer opportunities on their website or sign up for their email newsletter to get all the information right to your inbox.

Feed and Seed Volunteering
FoodShare volunteering

Volunteers must be 14 years old to give of their time at Feed & Seed and those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult age 18+. 

Besides the box packing, volunteers are needed on local farms that Feed & Seed works with, to help with tax preparation, and to assist with events. 

Visiting Feed & Seed: Review 

Obviously, Feed & Seed has a lot on their plate (no pun intended) and have chosen to tackle some pretty massive issues in the community. They truly hit the ground running when they opened and have only expanded as they have continued to seek to bring fresh food to everyone. Plus, they’ve got a really great thing going at their cafe and market, which I highly recommend you visit. 

They are open Monday – Friday 8 am – 5:30 pm. They serve breakfast those days from 8-11 am and then lunch is served 11 am – 2 pm. 

Feed & Seed
701 Easley Bridge Road, Suite 6010, Greenville

30+ Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free or Cheap in Greenville, SC

Posted on | 23 Comments

Are you looking for discounted kids meal deals at restaurants where kids eat free? Greenville, SC has some options to fit what your kids are craving. You may be wondering “What about deals where kids eat free near me”? We have all the location information you need! Finding meals that your kid will enjoy is made easy at these local restaurants that offer meal deals throughout the week. Grab your calendar and add these restaurants to your meal plan routine for a cheap and stress-free dining experience with the family!

kids eat free greenville
Quick Links to Find Kids Eat Free Offers For The Day You Need!

5+ Best Burgers Greenville, SC Has to Offer According To Readers

Posted on | 1 Comment

Looking for the most delicious, best burgers in Greenville, SC? Kidding Around Greenville readers have recommended their favorites giving you options for the tastiest burgers around town. If you find a burger you love based on this list, show us some love and let us know!

Where to find the best burgers in Greenville, South Carolina

We asked where to get the best burgers and Kidding Around Greenville readers delivered big time. You guys really love your burgers! When I’m craving a burger, and believe me, if I wasn’t before writing this post, I am now, it’s all about the juicy center with gooey cheese melting over mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions with perfectly cut and seasoned French fries and a pickle. It’d be hard to find something more satisfying than a really good burger. And look no further than this list!


You’ll Want To Visit Topsoil Kitchen & Market, A Farm To Table Restaurant in Travelers Rest, SC

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Have you visited Topsoil Kitchen & Market in Travelers Rest, SC? Food at Topsoil is sourced from local farmers as much as possible, making it fresh and delicious. Find out what the owners recommend and check out Topsoil Kitchen & Market.

Owners and Food at Topsoil Kitchen
Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

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Here are some of the best restaurants in Greenville, SC!

Topsoil Kitchen & Market in Travelers Rest, SC

Owners name: Patrick McInerney, Wendy Lynam, and Adam Cooke

Do you have a kids menu? Yes

What are your contactless delivery options? Curbside Pickup

Do you offer outdoor dining? Outdoor Dining – covered, open & heated

What makes your spot unique?
We are plant-forward and protein-particular, sourcing everything we can from local small farms. Our chef is James Beard Nominated for Best Chef In the southeast, and we are right on the swamp rabbit trail.

What dish is the most popular? Mushroom risotto

What dish are you the proudest of?
Our menu is ever-changing based on what is coming out of the ground from our farm as well as a number of other small farms in the upstate.

It’s my first time at your restaurant, what do you suggest we order?
Start with a cocktail (or mocktail) by our mixologist Mae. Order a few small plates to share, and try the market vegetable plate for a very unique approach to plants.

Where do you love to eat when not at work?

Jianna, The Anchorage, Fork and Plough, and Sushi Yama Travelers Rest

Gifting Options: Gift cards, virtual gift cards

Topsoil Kitchen & Market

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What Locals Are Saying About Topsoil Kitchen & Market

This is an AMAZING restaurant!! Go support them, and your stomachs will be happy you did!

Lindsey House

One of the best restaurants around!!

Malgorzata Dragon-Langiewicz
Topsoil Kitchen & Market

Learn More About Topsoil Kitchen & Market

Topsoil Kitchen & Market
13 South Main Street, Travelers Rest | 864.400.5424

20 Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free Across the USA

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Wondering which national chains kids can eat free? There are serveral national restaurants that offer free or discounted kids’ meals. Kids Eat Free promotions are one of the most popular deals restaurants offer families. No matter what city you live in, or where you travel, there are national chain restaurants with deals on kids’ meals. Here’s a list of national chain restaurants with kids eat free (or cheap) deals.

National Kids Eat Free promotions

This list is intended for informational purposes only. Please confirm with individual restaurant locations prior to visiting and ordering.


More Kids Eat Free! Find local restaurants in US cities where kids eat free (or cheap)


National Chains Where Kids Eat Free

The national chains in this list offer free or discounted meals for kids! Many of these locations may or may not participate in the kids eat free promotional deals, so always check with your local location to confirm the meal deal is available.

Bob Evan’s

(Tuesday only) If you download and use the Bob Evan’s app, you can receive a free kid’s meal with the purchase of $15 or more. Your purchase must be made through the app the receive the promotion.

Bruster’s Ice Cream

If your child is less than 40 inches tall, he or she can receive a free baby ice cream cone from Bruster’s any day of the week!

Cici’s Pizza

At participating Cici’s Pizza locations, you can free kids’ meals with the purchase of an adult buffet. The offer is only valid for children 3 and under. The promotion is for any day of the week that your local Cici’s Pizza location is open!


My Chili’s Rewards Members can redeem rewards points for free kids’ meals at Chili’s. Join the Rewards program to learn more.


Kids (10 years old and younger) eat free at Denny’s on Tuesdays from 4:00 – 10:00 pm with the purchase of at least one adult entree. The offer is good for up to two kids’ meals, dine-in only.


(Monday only) At participating Fuddrucker’s locations, you can grab a kids’ meal for only $1.99! You must purchase an adult entree to receive the promotion, and the meal includes an entree, a side, a cookie, and a drink.

Jersey Mike’s

(Sunday only) You can grab a free kids’ meal with an adult purchase at participating Jersey Mike’s throughout the US on Sundays. Contact your local Jersey Mike’s to confirm that they offer this deal.

Golden Corral

(Tuesday only) At participating Golden Corral restaurants, you can get a kid’s meal for $2.99 with the purchase of an adult buffet. The deal is valid for children aged 4 – 10. Check with your local Gold Corral to confirm that they offer this deal.


(Wednesday only) If you are a member of Ikea, you can enjoy the perk of two kid’s entrees free when you purchase an adult entree. This promotion is available at Ikea stores throughout the US.


Select Moe’s locations offer one kids meal for children under 12 years old every Sunday with the purchase of an adult entree $6 or more at many locations. Children can customize their kid’s meal with a kid-sized burrito, quesadilla, or taco plus a cookie and drink.
The offer is valid in-store only at participating locations.

O’Charley’s Restaurant and Bar

Though O’Charley’s Restaurant and Bar does not offer kids eat free deal, they do have super cheap kids’ meals. Participating O’Charley’s locations offer a kid’s meal for 99 cents!

Pizza Inn

(Tuesday only) At participating Pizza Inn locations, you can enjoy a free kids’ meal with the purchase of an adult entree on Tuesdays. Check with your local Pizza Inn location to confirm this promotional kids eat free meal deal.

Rapid Fired Pizza

With locations expanding across the US, Rapid Fired Pizza offers Tuesday kids eat free meal deals at participating locations. Kids eat for $1.99 on Tuesday evening with the purchase of an adult entree.

Red Robin

Kids eat free, with the purchase of at least one adult entree, on the first Wednesday of each month from 5:00 – 8:00 pm at participating Red Robins.

Ruby Tuesday

Kids eat free every Tuesday after 5:00 pm at Ruby Tuesday with the purchase of an adult entree.


Smashburger is quickly expanding across the US and offers a kids-eat-free meal with the purchase of an adult entree. The promotion is dine-in only. Check with your local location to make sure they offer this deal.

Steak n Shake

Kids eat free all weekend long at Steak n Shake for every $9 you spend.

The Melting Pot

(Select days only) You can have a unique dining experience at The Melting Pot and also get a free kids entree with the purchase of an adult entree. The deal is valid at participating locations across the US but may have varying days of the week the kids eat free meal deal is offered. Contact your local location to confirm.


(Wednesday only) At participating Zaxby’s locations, they offer a 99-cent kids meal when you purchase an adult entree. Check with your local Zaxby’s location to confirm that they offer this deal. Day of the week of the meal deal may vary by location.

For more freebies, Check out our list of Birthday Freebies You Can Sign Up For.

Free things to do for kids across the USA

Savings That Are Worth The Fun!

Totally Free Things to Do
With Your Kids

13 Local Restaurants that Offer Healthy Kids’ Meals

Posted on | 2 Comments

Where are the healthy kids’ menus in Greenville, SC? Can’t bear to put together another meal for your kid that consists of cheese and a carb? Me neither.

As a parent, meals can be a difficult and dreaded time. Ask your kid a million times to finish eating or suggest they try a new vegetable and be greeted with a look that could kill. So we asked our readers for some help – where do they suggest for a healthy restaurants in Greenville for their kids? Here are several local restaurants that fit the bill. Your family will have plenty of healthy restaurant options for the next time you want to eat out with kids.

Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

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The Shaved Ice That Will Ruin You for the Best is Right Here in Greenville, South Carolina

Posted on | 3 Comments

Ever heard of Pinguinos Hermanos? Love a good shaved ice? A sure sign that warmer weather is on the way is the re-opening of the shaved ice establishments in Upstate. Of course, most people have their favorites. This is funny because, really, it’s all just the same. Some crumbled-up ice topped with sugary syrup. Right?

What if we told you the newest frozen obsession for a bunch of Upstate, SC residents were different than the rest?

What if we also told you that people stand in lines two dozen people deep waiting to get their hands on one of these “Instaworthy” desserts?

It’s TRUE. All of it!

Are you a fan of local food trucks? Check out our Guide To The Food Trucks Near Greenville, SC

chicken entree yum bai sc