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These Restaurants in Greenville Are Open on Thanksgiving Day: Dine-in or Take-Out and Catering

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Looking for some help with food for Thanksgiving in Greenville, SC? Do you find cooking Thanksgiving dinner to be a little overwhelming? Honestly—preparing a Thanksgiving meal is no joke.  Making the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and various other side dishes can be hard and take a lot of time. Some families choose to totally skip it and go out for dinner or order in and pick up.

Our list has restaurants offering dine-in service, full take-out meals and even restaurants where you can just grab a turkey or a few sides to supplement your own home-cooked meal. There are lots of great restaurant options in Greenville to make your most delicious Thanksgiving dinner dreams come true.

Most of our local grocery stores are also offering Thanksgiving meals, or at least part of them, for pickup.

Looking for more fun things to do in Greenville & Spartanburg for Thanksgiving? Here’s your Thanksgiving Celebration Guide!


A Guide To The Delicious Restaurants in Spartanburg, SC

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Are you looking for great restaurants in Spartanburg, SC? Are you wondering where Spartanburg locals eat? We’ve got you covered with a list of some of the most popular restaurants in Spartanburg for breakfast, lunch and dinner and by category like family-friendly, date night, and “getting work done while enjoying a meal” places.

Downtown Spartanburg

Spartanburg is Full of Amazing Places to Eat

It turns out that we write a lot about food, and Spartanburg has a lot of amazing restaurants to write about!

Restaurants in Downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina

The downtown Spartanburg area has so many options when it comes to dining. There’s a little bit of everything including Asian, American, Mexican, pizza, pub-style, and more. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, no matter what you are craving.

Breakfast in Downtown Spartanburg

If you want to sleep in, here are some brunch options that readers suggested! The Best Brunch Restaurants in Spartanburg

Health In Hand
When something light and nutritious is all you feel like having, Health In Hand is the spot! You can grab an organic salad, a wrap, yogurt, fresh squeezed juices, acai bowls and other breakfast options.

Little River Coffee Bar | Pharmacy Coffee
This locally owned family of coffee shops not only serves up a delicious cup of coffee, they also have an in-house bake shop that makes delightful treats.

Spartanburg dining

Mon Amie Morning Cafe
Some days you just want breakfast for lunch, or you’ve had a late start to the day. Mon Amie serves from their breakfast menu all day. Not sure what you want? That’s ok; at 10:30 am, they add a lunch menu to the offerings.

Papa’s Breakfast Nook
The classic greasy spoon, Papa’s serves up no-frills breakfast 24/7. Grits, bacon, eggs, and all of the things you want when you’re looking to pull up to a hearty breakfast meal.

Other Breakfast Options In Downtown Spartanburg

Lunch in Downtown Spartanburg

The owners of Burrito Hub have expanded their success to burgers. Burgär is located downtown and is a great spot to grab a bite before you hop on a Blue Duck E-Scooter to see the city!

10 Places You Should Head To Right Now For a Juicy Burger in Spartanburg, SC

Cribb’s Kitchen
Cribb’s Kitchen is a favorite for lunch, and even more popular among those who brunch! Boozy milkshakes and decadent American fare will have you making a visit to this place regularly.

Willy Taco (Multiple Locations)
Ameri-Mex cuisine is extremely popular in the Upstate and Willy Taco is the favored spot for this Mexican-inspired style menu. Tortillas topped with all kinds of fun combos make this a unique dining experience.

Blue Moon Specialty Foods
This restaurant and market serves breakfast and lunch items that are made from scratch, and perfect on the go. You can also grab a casserole for dinner while you’re there – to make mealtime easy the entire day!

Other Lunchtime Options In Downtown Spartanburg

Dinner in Downtown Spartanburg

The Kennedy
If you’ve ever wondered what a dining experience in a big city was like, book the Chef’s table at The Kennedy. Chef Jamie Cribb and his staff will make you forget you are in Spartanburg. It’s like dinner theatre for foodies, and one of the most memorable meals I’ve enjoyed in the Hub City.

entree and drink from the kennedy in spartanburg

The Tulip Tree
People think they need to head to Greenville to eat from a fancy Chef-driven menu. It’s just not true, and The Tulip Tree is one of the restaurants helping to dispel that myth.

Monsoon Noodle House
When you’re craving Thai, the kids want orange chicken, and no one can agree – Monsoon Noodle house offers a little of everything, and it’s all delicious! Their Tom Kha Soup will make you feel better if the winter blues have got you down. The outdoor dining on Morgan Square is right outside the restaurant, and you can enjoy your soup while you watch the ice skaters put on a show on the seasonal rink.

Spartanburg Dining

Other Dinnertime Options In Downtown Spartanburg

Romantic Restaurants

Heirloom: A Milltown Eatery | Westside Spartanburg
The menu at Heirloom is locally sourced southern cuisine. It’s the perfect spot to go when you want delicious food, without heading to the downtown area.

Dray: Bar & Grill | Downtown (adjacent) Spartanburg
If you are looking for a place to spend a rare night away from the kids, this is the place. Check the Dray: Bar + Grill Facebook for upcoming events, like movie nights, where the menu is created to go along with the theme of the movie. It will make for a unique date night experience, with very little work on your part!

Spartanburg Dining

Fr8Yard | Downtown Spartanburg
Ok. You might be scratching your head that this snuck in under “romantic restaurants”. Hear me out. While it is definitely not the most romantic spot in town, if you are looking for a fun date night location – this fits the bill. Weeknights are less busy, so it lends to being able to hear your date.

Or maybe you’re a single parent looking for a place to meet up with that person you met online. It’s well-lit and has street-side parking making it the perfect first-date spot. If you need a friend to rescue you, the scenario of running into someone here you know isn’t all that far-fetched.

For more date night meals and activity, options check out our guide to The Top Romantic Dates in Spartanburg.

Best For Young Kids

For more kid-friendly restaurants in Spartanburg check out:

Flock Shop | Downtown Spartanburg
A Nashville Hot chicken spot might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of kid-friendly. Suggesting the obvious places would be a waste, so for parents that have been afraid to try something new with littles in tow, hear me out. They have an affordable kid’s meal, outdoor dining, and here’s the huge PLUS; they are located right next to a park. You can run them around while you wait for a table and then maybe they’ll fall asleep at the table. BOOM – instant date night.

Spartanburg Restaurants

Wade’s | Downtown Spartanburg
Old fashioned homestyle cooking, “meat and three”, southern comfort food, whatever you call it – Wade’s is the spot to get it and enjoy a meal with your child. The only time this popular restaurant isn’t full is when it’s closed. They have a great kid’s menu, and it’s very affordable!
Oddly enough it seems that its proximity to Spartanburg Regional Hospital makes it a popular meal for post-partum moms, craving a plate full of non-hospital fare!

Best for Business

Mesh Lounge (Spartanburg Marriott) | Downtown Spartanburg
Mesh offers plenty of space to spread out your laptop and paperwork while meeting up with out-of-town associates. There’s a quiet outdoor area also if the meeting is more laid back.

Spill The Beans | Downtown Spartanburg
Ample seating and plenty of coffee, make this an ideal location to get things done!

Make The Most of Your Time With These Itineraries For A Weekend In Spartanburg, SC

Budget Friendly

Burrito Hub | Downtown Spartanburg
Taco Tuesday at Burrito Hub is one of the most delicious, wallet-friendly meals you’ll find in Spartanburg! Hugo Montanez is bringing the joy of eating authentic tacos to Spartanburg with the food at Burrito Hub. For most people it only takes a single visit to get completely hooked on the delicious street tacos and other menu items.

5 Authentic Taco Spots In Spartanburg, SC That Will Make Your Mouth Water!

Duncan Family Restaurant | Duncan
A traditional “meat and three” style restaurant, the Duncan Family restaurant offers large servings at low prices. If you time your meal right, you can watch the trains go by during dinner!

Flavorshack Chicken & Ribs | Duncan
If you haven’t been to Flavorshack in Duncan yet, you have no idea what you are missing! This locally-owned chicken shack offers patrons huge servings of chicken and more!

Spartanburg Dining

Take Out

Monster Subs | Westside Spartanburg
Subs piled high with fresh meat and veggies are Monster Subs specialty. Stepping into this Spartanburg sandwich shop is probably the closest thing you’ll get to experience a proper NY sub shop, without leaving the Upstate.

Spartanburg dining

Pizza in Spartanburg, SC: Pizza is always a great take-out option in Spartanburg – and there’s no shortage of places to choose from! See our pizza in Spartanburg list to find your perfect pizza.

Restaurants for the Holidays in Spartanburg

Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

Looking for more great restaurants in the Upstate? Here are some of the best restaurants near Greenville, SC.

Le Petit Croissant is Picnic Perfect

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There is something romantic and precious about artisan-made desserts, not only do they taste good, but they make the sudden surge of calories quite worthwhile. At Le Petit Croissant, pastry chef and owner Vincent Cardonna can be seen working hard in his kitchen on a daily basis. The croissants are churned out fresh each morning accompanied by beautiful and delectable handmade chocolates and fine petit fours that beg for tea time.

Le Petit Croissant Greenville SC
Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

Looking for more good restaurants? Here are the best restaurants in Greenville, SC.

Our visit to Le Petit Crossaint

On our first visit, we went for a classic selection and filled our Eclipse picnic basket with croissants, éclairs, raspberry tarts and quiches. Needless to say the pastries didn’t last the 2:30 pm show time and were gobbled up by kids and adults alike. We promised ourselves we’d be back.

Le Petit Croissant describes itself as a bakery making European-style pastries with a twist. Recently, after a hearty lunch downtown, we walked over to the bakery to have our dessert. My petit four was called Butterfly Cake with its changing hues, and hubby had the Raspberry dome. Once again, our sweet craving ended on a high note.

Le Petit Croissant candies in Greenville SC

And finally, about the chocolates. Have I told you about the chocolates? Cardonna is a master chocolatier. His creations are always infused with a unique combinations of flavor. You can build your own box, pick from their seasonal choices or purchase a chocolate or raspberry syringe for that quick boost! Le Petit Croissant is also fast becoming known for its Chocolate and Macaron Workshops that are often sold out. You can sign up or form your own group of six at $65 per person. Also in the works are chocolate workshops for kids.

We are well aware that Greenville has no shortage of fabulous bakeries that make flakey croissants and unforgettable homemade pies. What makes Le Petit Croissant stand out is the purveyor’s willingness to offer something new, delightful fine desserts minus the stuffiness. It’s not a place to buy good ol’ birthday cakes in a flash. But it’s still a mom-and-pop shop, where the same baker who wakes up to churn fresh pastries is the same one who fashions whimsical chocolates for your little ones, and just might be the same person serving you. Whether it’s a craving for something sweet or savory, this little shop has given us something to look forward to on our strolls downtown at the Historic West End.

Le Petit Croissant Greenville chalkboard

Visit Le Petit Croissant for yourself

As in any bakery, expect items to run out. Best to go there for breakfast or lunch. They open at 8 am every day except Mondays; they are closed on Mondays.

Le Petit Croissant
640 South Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601
Have you visited Le Petit Croissant yet?

Enjoy a Meal at These Restaurants in Travelers Rest, SC

Posted on |

Are you looking for restaurants in Travelers Rest, SC? TR, as the locals call it, has many delicious places to enjoy a meal. You’ll find everything from a super kid-friendly coffee shop to a smokehouse, fine dining, and amazing crepes in Travelers Rest. Check out our list and don’t miss our guide to Travelers Rest.

Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

Looking for more great restaurants?

Here are the best restaurants near Greenville, SC.


10 Kid-Friendly Restaurant Options That Aren’t Fast Food in Greenville, SC

Posted on | 4 Comments

Have you been searching for restaurants that are a little fancier, but are kid-friendly? Greenville, SC has several that are both! If you’re looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate something special or just something a bit nicer than chicken nuggets, check out this list of the best restaurants for kids in Greenville, SC.

Kid friendly restaurants in Greenville, South Carolina that are not fast food.

Dining out with kids isn’t only for intrepid parents who’ve taken their kids to dinner since birth. Parents deserve some fun and creative dining experiences that don’t involve chicken tenders! To make it a more fun and memorable experience, in addition to providing you with a few dinner suggestions (not the usual suspects), we’ve also shared some of our tips below based on our dining experiences around town.


A Guide To Restaurants in Downtown Greenville, SC

Posted on |

Looking for restaurants in Downtown Greenville, SC? Greenville, South Carolina, has made its mark on the culinary map with a selection of well-respected restaurants. Diners have no shortage of choices regardless of what they might be craving! From a casual lunch to a romantic dinner date, every kind of meal can be found in downtown Greenville.

This is a list of Downtown Greenville restaurants, sorted by meals and occasions. Plus, a list of restaurants along Main Street in downtown.

Guide to Downtown Greenville, SC

This article includes:
Dinner in Greenville
Lunch in Greenville
Breakfast in Greenville
Dessert in Greenville
Restaurants on Main Street
Romantic Restaurants in Downtown Greenville
Best for Kids
Restaurants for Business
Take Out in Downtown Greenville

Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

Looking for more restaurants in the Greenville area? Here’s your Ultimate Guide to Greenville’s restaurants.


This Unique Date Amounts to a Four-Course Meal at Four Different Greenville Restaurants

Posted on | 1 Comment

Need a unique date night idea? How about a great night out with friends? Or maybe you just love good food. Today KAG contributor Kristina Hernandez is telling us about a unique tour you can take in Downtown Greenville, called At the Chef’s Table Culinary Tour. On this tour, you’ll enjoy great food, learn about the food and people who prepare it, and hear unique tidbits of Greenville’s history.

Thank you to John Nolan for providing this tour in order to allow us to share a review with you.

Just. One. More. Bite. My eyes were fighting with my full stomach as I stared down the dark chocolate tart at The Lazy Goat, the last of what amounted to a five-course meal of Table 301 restaurants in downtown Greenville. Over two hours earlier, I had met other excited participants for John Nolan’s At the Chef’s Table Culinary Tour at Soby’s on the Side, ready and willing to experience the highly-rated walking food tour.

I made it this far and just gave in, savoring just one last bite of the delicious dessert.


Eat and Play at These Kid Friendly Restaurants: Greenville, SC

Posted on | 13 Comments

Are you looking for kid-friendly restaurants? Greenville, SC has several with play areas so your kids can burn off some steam while mom and dad might even be able to enjoy the food on their plates! We are sharing our list of family restaurants in Greenville, SC, and the surrounding area, including ones where your kids can make art while you eat, watch planes take off and land, or even get into a game of bowling.

Tight budget? Check out our list of Greenville Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free


Where to Grab a Healthy and Fast Meal in Greenville, SC

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If you don’t have time for a meal in a restaurant but still want to feed your family a healthy dinner, then these healthy restaurants Greenville, SC has to offer will complete your dinner menu! Believe it or not, you can get a fast, yet healthy, meal right here in Greenville.

Local Mom Lindy put together this list of local spots for a quick and healthy meal that even your kids will like.

Healthy places to eat in Greenville, South Carolina
Taco from Papi’s Tacos

I recently wrote up a list of alternatives to the fast-food drive-thru’s and it was so popular that Kidding Around Greenville readers wanted a list of even more quick-service restaurants with healthier food options. So below are some of your favorite spots for a quick bite with kids (a couple of these even have a pickup window!). Note: We did not relist the places that made our first list of healthy drive-thru spots. Be sure to check that out too as almost all of the places on that list offer dine-in too.

Healthy Restaurants: Greenville, SC Quick Places for Dining In With Kids (that don’t have drive-thrus)


903 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Greenville, SC

Located off Wade Hampton, Asada is an authentic Mexican joint that gets rave reviews from our community for everything from the more familiar burrito to the exotic yucca balls. Their brunch looks tempting too!

Clean Eatz

3608 Pelham Road Suite C, Greenville, SC

Want something quick, super duper healthy, but also full of flavor? Then Clean Eatz is a place you HAVE to try. They have burgers, wraps, build-your-own bowls, and more. I highly recommend building your own bowl, because there are so many options to make your meal. Their Chocolate Covered Strawberry protein smoothie is the perfect amount of sweet. They even have a healthy kid’s menu, with things like pizza rolls and turkey burgers.

Farm Fresh Fast

860 South Church Street, Greenville, SC

As one of the most highly recommended healthy restaurants Greenville, SC has to offer, Farm Fresh Fast is where it is at! Busy families can subscribe to a meal plan with delivery, so you’ll always know where dinner (or lunch or breakfast) is coming from. If you just need something quick one night you can call ahead to order a single meal for pick-up, or just drop by their restaurant on Church Street for a meal. You don’t have to be a subscriber to eat here. Farm Fresh Fast uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients, for farm-fresh food, fast.

We loved Farm Fresh Fast, simply because the food was quick, healthy, and tasty! Learn more in our KA review of Farm Fresh Fast.

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Multiple Locations

Ironically based out of Atlanta (aka the South EAST), Moe’s is nonetheless pretty good as far as this born and raised Southwesterner is concerned. Much like Chipotle, there are many build-your-own options, but you get unlimited chips and a free salsa bar. So not as good for dieting, but delicious! You can also get birthday freebies and welcome free queso when you sign up for their email club.

O-CHA Tea Bar

300 River Street Ste 122, Greenville, SC

Though their focus is tea, their dining menu is delicious with many vegetarian options in addition to some amazing pastries. O-CHA Tea Bar is very kid-friendly – when I nursed my baby there a while back, the owner personally came over to thank me for nursing my child and let me know nursing mothers are always welcomed there.

Tamale from Papi's Tacos
Tamale from Papi’s Tacos

Papi’s Tacos

300 River Street, Greenville, SC

Downtown along the Reedy River, this “stationary food truck” is owned by fine dining experts at the above Lazy Goat. Kids will love the gelato and enjoy watching the geese in the Reedy River. Papi’s Tacos also has a location in Easley.

Find out why Papi’s Tacos is the place to go in Greenville when you are craving authentic Mexican tacos that are fresh in our KA review!

Sun Belly Cafe

1409 West Blue Ridge Drive, Greenville, SC

Have dietary restrictions and want something vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free? Sun Belly Cafe has a menu loaded with special diet items, but they do not skimp on the flavor! They have a variety of salads and unique, protein-loaded dishes to try out. If you like spicy, they have a savory Ethiopia Stew Plate that my husband always gets when you go here and literally salivates over. This place is probably not the best for families with picky eaters because they have a more adventurous menu, but there are options on the menu for everyone.

Swamp Rabbit Cafe

205 Cedar Lane Road, Greenville, SC

It’s a popular local spot, but because of its delicious selections of soups, sandwiches, salads, and most recently pizza, all made with fresh, local ingredients, Swamp Rabbit Cafe deserves a spot in the realm of healthy eating out. We just won’t mention those fantastic scones, cookies, or cinnamon rolls.

Learn why the stecca is the best and you’ll never find cleaner, locally sourced products than at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe in our KA review!

Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

3604 Pelham Road Ste A, Greenville, SC

Delicious gyros, salads, platters with chicken or lamb, and great side choices are available for dine-in or call ahead for pick-up. Taziki’s has some unique children’s meals, like chicken pitas. They also have great family to-go meal deals available.

Tropical Grille

Multiple Locations

With several locations in the area, Tropical Grille is perfect for any meal and super convenient. They have enough variety with their Cuban-themed menu to suit everyone in the family, no matter what they like, and the prices are very good for what you get.

Their sauces are also fabulous and they have lots of healthy options. Call ahead for pickup or drop-in for a quick, but delicious, dinner. They have a family option for dinner as well, which can last for a couple of meals.

A couple of the Tropical Grilled locations have drive-thrus, but the majority are dine-in or carry-out.

Yum Bai SC

Food Truck: Schedule frequently changes

This is an excellent food truck option if you are looking for healthy restaurants. Greenville, SC’s own Yum Bai SC offers fusion Asian cuisine, and their consistently parked at some pretty awesome locations and breweries. You can find out where they are going to be located through their regular Facebook posts of their upcoming schedule.

Read our KA review of Yum Bai SC to learn more about their delicious Asian cuisine and get your hands on some of those Lemongrass steaks!

As always let us know if you have any other recommendations. We love hearing from our readers!

Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

Learn about all the delicious food that Greenville, SC has to offer in our Ultimate Guide to Restaurants in Greenville!

Farm Fresh Fast: A New Kind of Fast Food

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Ever get so busy you don’t have time to cook? Farm Fresh Fast wants to be there when those days hit, as a quick but healthy (and tasty) meal option. Kidding Around Greenville contributor and local mom, Kristina Hernandez visited Farm Fresh Fast and now she’s telling you just what to expect. File it away in the back of your brain, because you know that “too busy to cook” day is coming soon!

“Here are the duck eggs,” said Daniel Leyman of Lilac Acres Farmstead. He walked into Farm Fresh Fast when I did and was presenting the large eggs to Jonathan Willis, who owns the popular restaurant. Jonathan had found Daniel right before he opened Farm Fresh Fast and was buying the eggs to use for duck omelets.

When Jonathan talked about working with small farmers to source local ingredients for the new fast-food farm-to-table restaurant, he wasn’t joking. Daniel’s farm consists of two acres at his home in a subdivision in Taylors that houses some ducks, chickens, goats, and pigs on his property. So far, Jonathan has found 15 local farmers and works closely with them to ensure he gets the best possible ingredients. We can’t all go looking for great ingredients at local farms but we can eat them at Farm Fresh Fast.

Farm Fresh Fast in Greenville

The concept behind Farm Fresh Fast

Jonathan Willis created a meal planning and delivery service in January 2016 in Greenville that catered to busy families and professionals. As a certified nutritionist and trainer, he had the knowledge to create healthy and tasty food and saw a market in Greenville that would embrace it. And they did.

He accomplished his two-year plan in only eight months and was ready to expand the business to the next level: a fast food restaurant with the convenience of a pickup window and the taste and food straight from the farm.

Healthy and fast food are pretty much never mentioned in the same sentence and Jonathan set out to change that. He also knew that charging high prices for good food wasn’t the way to go and attract a base of customers that would regularly be able to enjoy the restaurant.

With the immense help of his then-fiancée Kaylee Gonzalez, who loves creating healthy alternatives and is a fitness buff herself, he set out to do what no one in the Greenville area has done: start a healthy, true farm-to-table fast food restaurant.

Farm Fresh Fast restaurant in Greenville

The Food at Farm Fresh Fast

Farm Fresh Fast sources 80% of its ingredients from local farmers and their goal is 90%. If tomatoes aren’t in season, they aren’t serving them. When lettuce is in season, the restaurant will have a killer salad in the works.

Jonathan started planning his menu back in the fall and worked with local farmers to start planting then so that he can have what he wants now – spaghetti squash, zucchini, and cauliflower.

A West Virginia native, Jonathan’s own background shines through in the Almost Heaven Fat-Free Cheddar-Stuffed Burger, which uses lean ground beef and pork ($14.99). The bun is made by Upcountry Provisions in Travelers Rest (which my oldest child devoured before I could get to it) and gluten-free options are available. The Seasonal Stir-Fry is another highlight, using only local vegetables to create a satisfying meal ($15.49).

The meals are portion-sized yet filling. After having the Almost Heaven burger, I didn’t feel awful or too full. It was a perfectly sized dish with really good ingredients. Oh, and it was fast too – our meal was out in about 10 minutes.

Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are all available and thoughtfully cooked and prepared.

“What you think about fast food – I want to flip it on its head,” said Jonathan. “Often you order something at a fast food place and don’t expect it to be right. You expect it to be mediocre. We want to be different, efficient, and we want people coming back for more. We are setting high standards for farm-to-table food.”

Vegan Options Are Super Popular

Since it’s opening, Farm Fresh Fast has created a “No Kill Menu”, featuring and Greek Pita Wrap and Buffalo “Chicken” Wrap.

Willis has taken steps to work specifically with the Greenville vegan community, attracting the attention of local news even for his creative menu options that even meat lovers enjoy and that the vegan community are happy to support.

Farm Fresh Fast is food for the whole family

I needed to ask Jonathan the question “will kids like the food?” He answers with a resounding ‘yes’!

Jonathan and Kaylee reiterate that the restaurant is kid-friendly and the pick-up window is especially geared towards busy parents just trying to get their kids something healthy to eat and to do it quickly.

My kids really loved the chicken and my youngest pointed to the cauliflower in the open kitchen, wanting to try it (she ate it all and took some to-go). The restaurant felt homey and welcoming.

“I want to show people what food is supposed to taste like,” she said.

The menu has a rotating list of 20 grab-and-go items available for sale at the counter and at the pick-up window, including Hickory BBQ Pizza, General Tso’s Chicken over Rice, Chicken and Whole Wheat Waffles, Southwest Burrito Bowl, Turkey Chili, and the Spicy Chicken Wrap.

Farm Fresh Fast quick meal in Greenville

The Farm Fresh Fast vibe

The vibe at Farm Fresh Fast is just really cool – the décor is well-thought out, featuring tons of reclaimed wood (that Jonathan went and picked up himself from old barns in the area), hand-laid concrete counters, and lots of repurposed farm items.

There is an abundance of natural light and guests can get an up-close look at the way everything is prepared because the kitchen is entirely open to the dining room through the bar area.

The restaurant is aiming high.

“We want to be a company of the community,” explains Jonathan.

“It’s all about the fiscal eco-system – by eating here and eating local food where we purchase from area farmers, it’s a cycle that benefits the local economy. No one is doing this on a fast food scale.”

And consumers are ready for this. Nationally, mom and pop restaurants are growing faster than chain restaurants. Bloomberg reports that some big-time restaurant chains are shutting down and Americans want something that feels more like home: “Large chains seem rooted in the American experience. But times, and tastes, are changing. Customers these days believe locals have better food, service, deals and even decor, the Pentallect report said.”

Greenville is a good example of this trend as innovative, creative spots are popping up all around town, seeking to make eating out a community experience, which is exactly what Farm Fresh Fast is aiming for.

Plan your visit to Farm Fresh Fast

Farm Fresh Fast is open from Mondays-Thursdays 11 am – 8 pm and Saturdays 11 am – 3 pm.

Farm Fresh Fast
860 S. Church Street, Greenville

Have you ever visited a farm to table fast food restaurant?

Discover more healthy options!

KAG’s Healthier Drive-Thru Guide

Healthy drive thru meals near Greenville, South Carolina

Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

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