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Posts Tagged ‘Simpsonville SC’

Kids Can Burn off Energy Indoors at Acrosmith’s Family Fun Gym Time

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Looking for toddler or kid open gymnastics play? Local mom, Kristina, visited Acrosmith Gymnastics for family gym time where her kids got to play on all the equipment for an hour.

A great activity for little kids any time of year, but especially when it’s brutally hot, unbearably cold, or rainy, is Family Fun Gym Time at Acrosmith Gymnastics (formerly Tot Time) located just off West Georgia Road near I-385 in Simpsonville.  It’s just $6 for one full hour’s worth of kid-friendly free time at the gym.

Family Fun Gym is offered Monday-Thursday at 9:00 am and 10:15 am and Fridays at 10:15 am. The 9 am time slot is for kids walking through six years old and the 10:15 am time slot is for kids up to age 12.


Things to do During the Holidays in Simpsonville, SC

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Wondering about holiday things to do in Simpsonville this season? You’ve come to the right place. KAG contributor Kristina Hernandez has all the information about holiday activities, shopping, events and celebrations this season in Simpsonville.


A Guide To Restaurants in Simpsonville, SC

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Are you looking for a restaurant near Simpsonville, SC? Whether you are looking for a restaurant for a specific meal or occasion, this guide can help. We also broke down our list into sections of Simpsonville due to it’s size.

Spread across the lower half of Greenville County, getting from one end of Simpsonville, South Carolina to the other can be time-consuming if you’re not familiar! Locals know to ask for more details when someone says, “Meet me in Simpsonville” because that could mean several different sides of town. We’ve sorted out our restaurant list into sections of Simpsonville: Fairview Road, Five Forks, Downtown Simpsonville, and Fountain Inn.


Discovery Island: Water Park Fun for the Whole Family in Simpsonville, SC

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Are you thinking about bringing the family to Greenville Rec’s Discovery Island Water Park for some summer fun? The park, located inside Southside Park in Simpsonville, SC, has a little something for everyone. Find out about each of the park’s attractions and all the details you need to know for a fun day at Discover Island.

For more suggestions of where to swim this summer, see our list of places to Splash & Swim in Greenville.

Thank you to Greenville Rec for providing passes so we could bring this information to our readers.

Discovery Island

More Than 50 Nostalgic Arcade Games are at This Fun Museum in the Upstate, SC

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An awesome arcade that has the best games from the 80s and 90s is open in Simpsonville, SC and we just had to try it out! Thanks to the Upstate Pinball & Arcade Museum for having us come by to do this review.

When I see an old-school Pac-Man machine, I immediately think of my mom and how much fun we used to have to play it (and constantly getting eaten by ghosts). Super Mario Brothers bring back memories I had of my friends and me playing it together in middle school. Yes, I’m dating myself but I don’t even care because there’s a place in Simpsonville where I can now go and play all these retro games and share my own great memories with my kids and make new ones as well.

2022 Extended Holiday Hours:

  • December 21, 22, and 23: 10 am – 7 pm
  • December 23: Noon – 9 pm
  • December 27, 28, and 29: 10 am – 7 pm
  • December 30: Noon – 9 pm
  • December 31: 10 am – 5 pm
Upstate Pinbal arcade

Spend the Day in Simpsonville, SC

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Looking for a little Upstate, SC day trip? The town of Simpsonville, SC is a great place to spend the day with great parks, cute downtown area and excellent restaurant options. We have a suggested itinerary for a day in Simpsonville, plus a list of things to do, places to eat and even places to stay if you’re staying longer than a day.


You Can Ride a Zip Line at the New Simpsonville City Park Playground

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Goodbye late 1980s, hello sensory play, ADA-inclusive structures, and a zip line. It’s all happening at the Simpsonville City Park, which got a huge makeover in late 2017. Out with old equipment, rusted swings, and questionable slides. In with bright new swings and slides, balancing apparatuses, and sensory play equipment.

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The all-new Simpsonville City Park

The City of Simpsonville spent just under $200,000 of dedicated recreation funds to totally revamp the playground. And additional private money was raised to create the Simpsonville Sensory Playground, an area dedicated to providing kids with sensory disorders a place of their own to enjoy play (although any kids are welcome to use the equipment).

There are several climbing structures and balancing equipment, which definitely lend themselves to kids who are practicing to be little ninja warriors. There are plenty of swings, including two for children who are disabled, baby swings, and regular swings for bigger kids.

And the zip line is pretty awesome, too. Kids (and I imagine adults – truth be told, I really wanted to try it out) line up for their turn to sit on the seat hanging by a thick rope and zip on the line to the other end of the playground. This is a popular feature and certainly a favorite activity for my own kids.

For adults hanging out while their kids play, there are a couple hanging porch swings to enjoy situated near the entrance to the playground. The playground is entirely fenced in, except for the entrance, so it makes it relatively easy to keep track of the little ones and not worry about them wandering off.

The City Park is the only fully inclusive playground in the area compliant with the American Disabilities Act. Way to go Simpsonville!

Besides the new playground equipment, the City Park also has an enclosed dog park, a fitness trail, a disc golf course, and picnic tables. There is also a free book lending library on site. Thankfully there are bathrooms within a short walking distance from the playground as well.

The location is ideal for spending time in downtown Simpsonville. It’s close to restaurants, shopping, and the popular Ice Cream Station. It’s a wonderful town to explore and this new playground just kicked it up a big notch for families.

Want to go?

Simpsonville City Park
100 Park Drive, Simpsonville
(located right off Main Street and next to the Simpsonville Police station)

Have you checked out the all-new Simpsonville City Park yet?

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From Ice Cream to Play: Our Day in Downtown Simpsonville

While there are tons of things to do in Simpsonville, I want to share with you a few of our favorite places in downtown Simpsonville. Let me start by telling you about a conversation I had with a grandfather and his grandson standing beside the Ice Cream Station. He and his grandson had just discovered it wasn’t open at 11 a.m. just as my son and I had. He asked me if there was anything to do nearby. I shared with him several places that were with in walking distance of the Ice Cream Station. ~Deirdre Smith, KAG Contributor

Ice Cream Station Simpsonville

My favorite things to do in downtown Simpsonville

The first thing I want to mention to you was a couple of our favorite lunch spots. We love the pizza with homemade sauce and crust at Frank & Co Pizza Cafe. The meat and three called Zamorah’s is a little more expensive, but the food is delicious. We love their mac and cheese. Henry’s Smokehouse is another favorite. Their bbq and sides are wonderful. My new friends, however weren’t really interested in having lunch before ice cream!

RELATED CONTENT: Best Icecream in Greenville | Best BBQ in Greenville

Exploring the grounds around the downtown plaza area was my second suggestion. The clock tower is really cool. There are cool trees to make fun stories about and hug. There are train tracks to walk on, when there isn’t a train coming, of course! There are fun shops like the Carolina Olive Oil just across the parking lot. We love to grab a few pieces of bread they have set out and try a new olive oil or balsamic vinegar. My son selects the flavor and I place a little of it on the bread. Both the grandfather and grandson shook their heads. This apparently didn’t sound like something they wanted to do!

Next I told them that just a little ways down the road from where we were standing is the Simpsonville Veterans Memorial. It is a great spot to remember those who have served our country and see a big stone flag. The grandfather look interested, but his grandson just wanted to find a fun spot to play.

“The best place to play is not far away from here,” I told them. The Simpsonville City Park on Curtis Street has an updated playground with a couple of different play spaces. It also has a fitness walk and a bocce court. Both the grandfather and the grandson looked excited about that suggestion.

simpsonville parks

After they walked off toward the park, I remember the labyrinth at Holy Cross Church. It was designed for prayer and reflection. I have taken my son there, just to walk, a few times. Following the labyrinth can be tricky! You really have to focus on walking it from start to finish. I guess they will have to wait for someone else to tell them about that though!

Do you have a favorite thing to do while in downtown Simpsonville?

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Meet Deirdre
JDaniel4’s Mom is a former teacher who loves to explore Greenville with her preschool son J. Daniel, IV by learning, laughing, listening, and living. She writes about parenting, educational activities, and children’s books on her blog JDaniel4’s Mom. You can connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter.Deirdre, JDanielsMom