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Big Apple Doughnut & Cafe Is A Doughnut Lovers Dream Come True

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Big Apple Doughnut & Cafe has two locations for amazing donuts, filled and topped however you want. Plus, they have doughnut sandwiches for a bit of sweet and savory all in one bite. We went looking for some amazing doughnuts and we think you’ll agree – we found them. Check out Big Apple Doughnut & Cafe in Mauldin and Taylors, SC.

Big Apple Doughnuts & Cafe

See Inside: A Visit to Big Apple Doughnuts & Cafe

Come along on our visit to Big Apple.

The Doughnut Breakfast Sandwich at Big Apple

We thought the doughnut breakfast sandwich might be amazing. We were right; it was like eating the most delicious breakfast in sandwich form. If bacon, eggs, and cheese sandwiched between two donuts isn’t something you want your trainer to find out about, they have other more traditional options for their sandwiches.

donut wall and breakfast donut sandwich

The Doughnuts at Big Apple Doughnuts & Cafe

The donuts here are all left unfilled and when you order them, you can choose from eight fillings, and numerous topping choices. They have sprinkles, chocolate, coconut, maple bacon, eclairs, and sour cream doughnuts, plus a whole lot more. We found them all to be fresh and very yummy.

Big Apple Doughnut & Café Locations

Big Apple Doughnuts & Cafe of Mauldin, the original Big Apple Doughnut & Cafe:  219 W Butler Road, Mauldin, SC   | 864.807.2676    
Big Apple Doughnuts & Cafe of Taylors, the new Wade Hampton location: 3245 F Wade Hampton Blvd Taylors, SC | 864.790.8219

Locals’ Reviews: Big Apple Doughnut & Café

Big Apple Donuts & Cafe on [W Butler]! The absolute best, and they also have other delicious food on their menu.

Sasha Corbett

Big Apple is awesome! Fresh, and they fill your donuts when you order with your choice of filling

Alex Caro

Big Apple Donuts & Cafe has the BEST donuts I’ve ever tasted!! They fill the donuts with TONS of filling, the donuts are SO soft and fluffy, and they have DELICIOUS food as well. Their maple/bacon donuts are the best!!

Tia Cameron

Big Apple Donuts in Simpsonville! You have to get the Strawberries and Cream filled! Great donuts all around, but that one is next level.

Elyse Geggis

We love their bacon topped donuts!

Deirdre Smith
rack of glazed donuts

Donuts: Greenville, SC

Want more donuts? Follow our donut trail and discover all the delicious donuts near Greenville, SC.

Perfect for Families: Scuffletown Food Truck Park Opens in Simpsonville, SC

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A new food truck park, the first of its kind in the Upstate, is open in Simpsonville, SC. There are six food trucks and a special addition for little kids. Read on to learn all about it.

When Justin and his wife, Allie, moved to the Upstate, they couldn’t find something they had become familiar with in their home out West: a dedicated spot for food trucks where families could hang out with each other and their kids could play. So they decided to start one.

The Scuffletown Food Truck Park opened in December 2023 and has been busy ever since. We’ve got all you need know to visit and have a blast with your family.

Scuffletown Food Truck Park food truck
Scuffletown Food Truck Park food truck

About the Scuffletown Food Truck Park

Justin and Allie knew they wanted a place in Simpsonville with a variety of dedicated food trucks and a space to have a fun time together for families, couples, and everyone in between.

Justin is a former firefighter but now runs the food truck park full-time. It has gotten a fantastic reception in the community and after visiting, it’s easy to see why. Imagine a smaller version of the outdoor space at Swamp Rabbit Cafe but with food trucks.

They have a picnic area enclosed on three sides, a taproom where guests can pour their own beers, a platform for bands, and a fully enclosed play area with a sand pit.

The Food Trucks

The food trucks at the park are all stationary and have their spot for a year. They have all kinds of food options from sweets to ramen to BBQ to Columbian cuisine.

Here’s a list of the food trucks at the park:

  • Too Sauc’D Up – they serve all kinds of chicken wings.
  • Rad Dad’s BBQ – they have BBQ, nachos, and grilled cheese.
  • Duck Donuts – they have amazing donuts.
  • BirriaBoy – they serve ramen, tacos, and burritos.
  • Half Rooted – they are a Columbian eatery with burgers, empanadas, arepas, and yuca fries.
  • One Love Fusion Foods – nachos, tacos, and rice bowls are their specialties.
Scuffletown Food Truck Park
Scuffletown Food Truck Park food truck

Having all these options are just perfect for families because people can have what they want. We got kids dishes at One Love Fusion and Rad Dad’s BBQ and they were both delicious. The BBQ kid nachos at One Love Fusion were especially amazing and pretty big for a kid size. The fries and pork sandwich at Rad Dad’s didn’t disappoint either. They had lots of BBQ sauces to choose from, which I really enjoyed.

Most of the food trucks we checked out had at least one dish that even the pickiest eaters will love.

The Taproom

The Taproom at the food truck park is pretty cool. It’s an entire wall of beer that is self-serve. You control the amount of beer you have and you are charged by the ounce.

I tried the Keeping It Teal from Snafu Brewing Company in North Charleston and whoa. It’s a fruity sour with raspberries and a hint of cotton candy. I’d have that again in a heartbeat.

Scuffletown Food Truck Park taproom
Scuffletown Food Truck Park Taproom

They have a large variety of beer and you can try as many as you like because you’re in charge of the pours. So fun.

If you need even more variety, there are canned beers available as well.

The Playground and Sand Pit

Here’s where the Scuffletown Food Truck Park really shines and where it’s incredibly obvious that Justin and Allie are parents.

The sand pit is huge and they have those small digging toys where you sit and pretend you’re a big dig operator. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does (*ahem, did*) this. There are sand toys and a small play apparatus.

Scuffletown Food Truck Park sand pit
Scuffletown Food Truck Park sandpit

And the entire area is totally fenced in. Fenced in. No kids are escaping. You can hang out with your delicious food and beer on a nearby picnic table under a heat lamp while your kids get their energy out in the playground. It’s absolutely perfect for parents and a much-needed addition to this area.

​Hours of Operation

The hours are a little confusing as the taproom and food trucks all kind of operate on different schedules. Before you go, be sure to check the Scuffletown Food Truck website to make sure the truck you want or taproom is open.

Scuffletown Food Truck Park outdoor area
Scuffletown Food Truck Park outdoor area

Taproom hours

Sunday and Monday: 11 am – 8 pm
Tuesday and Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 11 am – 9 pm
Friday and Saturday: 11 am – 10 pm
Sunday: 11 am – 8 pm

For the food truck hours, follow Scuffletown Food Truck Park on social media as they regularly post the updated hours.

​Scuffletown Food Truck Park
206 Ladean Court, Simpsonville
Scuffletown Food Truck Website | Scuffletown Food Truck Facebook | Instagram

Don’t miss our guide to all the restaurants in Simpsonville, SC

BridgeWay Brewing Co: Family, friends, food, & duckpin bowling

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Looking for information on the brand new BridgeWay Brewing Co. opening in Bridgeway Station? You’ve found it! BridgeWay Brewing Co. is opening to the public on Friday, December 22nd, 2023. Kidding Around got to visit on media night so we have all the details on the BridgeWay Brewing menu, beers, bar, and duckpin bowling. This is a family-friendly spot with something fun for everyone, located in Mauldin’s new Bridgeway Station. And trust us, you are not going to want to miss this one.

Thank you to BridgeWay Brewing Co. for hosting us on media night so we could bring this Bridgeway Brewing Co. review to our readers.

Bridgeway Brewing

About BridgeWay Brewing Co.

Located in beautiful Bridgeway Station, BridgeWay Brewing Co. offers families and friends a place to hang out, relax, and have fun together. It’s a place to catch the big game with other fans, play a few rounds of duck-pin bowling with the family, or just kick back and enjoy some delicious food and a house-made beer. If that’s not your thing, they also offer wine and other adult beverages.

Bar at Bridgeway

Sights & Sounds: A Video Review

Take a peek at what you’ll find at Bridgeway Brewing.

BridgeWay Brewing Co. Menu

Let’s talk food, becuase it was delicious. There’s a full menu with appetizers, wings, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and lots more. We tried several items and they were all fabulous, especially the nachos. These were not your average nachos with a little cheese and a few toppings. They were loaded with toppings, rich and full of flavor, not to mention one of the biggest plates of nachos I’ve seen in a long, long time.

We also enjoyed a fried chicken sandwich and a bacon jam burger, both of which were perfectly cooked. My chicken was crunchy on the outside, and juicy on the inside, with just the right amount of sauce and toppings, as all excellent friend chicken sandwiches should be. Both came with fries that were nice and crispy.

Beer at BridgeWay Brewing

Beer and drinks at Bridgeway

I am a fan of darker beer, so I picked the seasonal Winter Warmer at BridgeWay. I really enjoyed the holiday flavors and the beer was not overly heavy so I had plenty of room to enjoy my meal. My husband enjoyed a glass of prosecco instead of a beer.

The bar at BridgeWay is unique in that addition to the house-made beer, they offer wine, prosecco, and a full bar of spirits and craft cocktails. So no matter your preference, you’ll find something excellent that you’ll enjoy. Their taps have their beer made in-house, and in the future will also have ciders and a few other options of brews they aren’t currently able to make, like sours.

Brewery at Bridgeway Brewing Co.

Duckpin Bowling

Just what is duck-pin bowling? It’s kind of like a miniature version of bowling. Think of a shorter lane, a much smaller ball you can hold in one hand, and every pin is connected to the alley by a string. The mechanisms in the game raise and lower each pin by its string.

You don’t need bowling shoes, you don’t need bumpers, and most importantly you don’t need to be good at bowling to enjoy this one. I am not a good bowler, and I beat my husband in duckpin bowling. Ok? It was icing on the cake right there.

Duckpin bowling at Bridgeway Brewing Co.

What ages will enjoy duckpin bowling at BridgeWay?

Ball control is the key here. So anyone who can roll a ball roughly down the center of a lane, avoiding gutters, can enjoy duckpin bowling. This is probably not the best activity for the very youngest of kiddos, as these lanes aren’t meant for hard-core toddler ball lobbing and thunking. So, we’d recommend this family activity for about ages 5 and up.

Bowling: How to get a lane

There are 4 duckpin bowling lanes at BridgeWay Brewing Co. Right now the lanes are first come first serve, at a cost of $35 per hour rental of the lane. The lane fits up to 6 people, and theirs a cozy booth with a table at the front of the lane. So, you can rent your lane, order your food and beverages, and play! Once your food comes, you can enjoy it while you take turns at the lane.

Of course, if your group is larger than 6, you could additional lanes. The tables and lanes are side by side.

In the future, BridgeWay Brewing Co. will offer reservations for lanes online.

The Future of BridgeWay Brewing Co. at Bridgeway Station

Speaking of the future, BridgeWay Brewing also plans to offer birthday parties and other private parties. Located right at the front of Bridgeway Station, the brewery has a huge and gorgeous outdoor space that will be totally perfect as the weather warms up. We also noticed there were some heaters in the space, so, you likely won’t have to wait long to enjoy that area.

If you haven’t visited Bridgeway Station, it has a very upscale European feel with lots of pretty brickwork and even a waterfall into a little decorative pool. Right now, it’s all lit up with beautiful Christmas Trees and Christmas lights. So if you’re looking for a lowkey Christmas outing with the kids, go grab yourself a bowling lane, get some delicious food and drinks, and then go walk through the pretty lights.


BridgeWay Brewing Co. opens Friday, December 22, 2023. They’ll open at 4 pm.

Opening weekend hours:

  • Friday 12/22: 4 pm-11 pm
  • Saturday 12/23: 11 am-11 pm
  • Sunday 12/24: 11 am-5 pm
  • Monday 12/25: Closed

BridgeWay Brewing Co. will reopen with regular hours of operation on Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Regular hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 4 pm-11 pm
  • Friday-Sunday: 11 am-11 pm

BridgeWay Brewing Co.
610 Bridgeway Boulevard, Simpsonville

Family Friendly Breweries in Greenville, SC

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Family-friendly Breweries Near Greenville, SC

Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

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The Kidding Around Guide to Restaurants near Greenville, SC

Magical Things to Do: Simpsonville, SC Christmas Events

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Wondering about Simpsonville Christmas events and holiday happenings? You’ve come to the right place. KAG contributor Kristina Hernandez has all the information about holiday activities, shopping, events, and celebrations during the holiday season in Simpsonville, South Carolina!


A Guide To Restaurants in Simpsonville, SC

Posted on |

Are you looking for a restaurant near Simpsonville, SC? Whether you are looking for a restaurant for a specific meal or occasion, this guide can help. We also broke down our list into sections of Simpsonville due to it’s size.

Spread across the lower half of Greenville County, getting from one end of Simpsonville, South Carolina to the other can be time-consuming if you’re not familiar! Locals know to ask for more details when someone says, “Meet me in Simpsonville” because that could mean several different sides of town. We’ve sorted out our restaurant list into sections of Simpsonville: Fairview Road, Five Forks, Downtown Simpsonville, and Fountain Inn.

Where In Simpsonville, South Carolina Are You Headed?

There are three major areas within Simpsonville:

  • Downtown Simpsonville is precisely what it sounds like and includes a park, a cute open-air ice cream shop, and plenty of dining options.
  • The Five Forks area will be the Eastern end of Greenville’s busy Woodruff Road, and people forget that this is part of Simpsonville.
  • Lastly, the Fairview Road area is the Simpsonville central retail hub area. There’s a movie theatre, several shopping centers, and nearly every kind of dining option you can imagine.

Fountain Inn, SC: Not to be forgotten, but just outside of the Simpsonville border is Fountain Inn. This small town in Greenville County is just five and a half square miles and includes some of our favorite places to grab food.

Scuffletown Food Truck Park

Don’t miss the new and super cool Scuffletown Food Truck Park in Simpsonville!

Breakfast in Simpsonville

Big Apple Doughnut Cafe – Fairview Road
Learn more from Kidding Around – Big Apple Doughnut & Cafe Is A Doughnut Lovers Dream Come True.

Maple Street Biscuit Company  – Five Forks
Delicious biscuit sandwiches, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and more are on the menu for breakfast. Come hungry because the portions are enormous! Go early because they can get swamped on the weekends.

rack of glazed donuts

Lunch in Simpsonville

Uncle Bertos Burritos – Five Forks
A delicious spot to grab some authentic Mexican Food!

Henry’s Smokehouse – Downtown Simpsonville
Pull up a chair and enjoy some delicious BBQ!

The Sheriff Burger – 1020 Northeast Main Street, Simpsonville
Delicious and unique fusion burgers that locals are loving.

Southern Catch – Fairview Road
A no-frills southern-fried-seafood restaurant. It’s only open three days a week, so plan to have lunch at this off-the-beaten-path cafe. It’s past all of the commercial areas on Fairview Road.

Tacos at Uncle Bertos Burritos

Dinner in Simpsonville

Shortfields – Downtown Simpsonville
In business for over a decade, Shortfields serves everything from burgers and fries to grilled salmon. They also have a reasonably priced kid’s menu in addition to the extensive menu.

Golden Llama – Five Forks
Healthy and delicious Peruvian cuisine is an exotic way to enjoy dinner without offending the pickiest eaters in your family. Golden llama’s menu includes grilled meat dishes, salads, and more.

Lin’s Asian Cafe – Five Forks
The menu at Lin’s includes sushi, Chinese-American dishes, Thai cuisine, hibachi, and more! They also have several lunch specials that make them an excellent choice for that meal.

Romantic Restaurants in Simpsonville

Stella’s Southern Bistro – Fairview Road
An area favorite, this southern bistro utilizes the local farmers to inspire the food on the menu.

Unterhausen – The Castle Cellar Pub – Downtown Simpsonville
This hidden gem of Simpsonville is tucked away in the basement of a castle. OK, maybe not a castle, but pretending is fun, right? Once you enter, you’ll forget that you didn’t cross a moat to get in—the intimate size of Unterhausen. The German beer and the delicious Bavarian food will have you wondering how it took you so long to discover this place.

Places With Delicious Food In Fountain Inn

Bobby’s BBQ & Seasonings
Learn more from Kidding Around – Bobby’s BBQ & Seasoning in Fountain Inn, SC Will Have You Begging For Seconds.

Gio’s Bakery
Learn more from Kidding Around – Gio’s Pastry Shop: An Edible Trip To Italy Is Just Around The Corner in Fountain Inn, SC.

More spots to try out in Fountain Inn

A meal from Bobby's BBQ

Best For Young Kids

Warehouse at Vaughns – Downtown Simpsonville
This food hall venue not only has a selection of different food vendors to order from (so everyone gets what they want), there is a large outdoor seating area with plenty of space for kids to run around.
Bourbon Street Burgers | Tacos and Bla Bla Bla | Anchor Raw Bar | Southern Freight | Humble Pie Pizza Co | Pineapple Express | Crazy Cow Creamery | The Peanut Co.

Bova Pizza – Five Forks
With a menu including brick oven pizzas, pasta dishes, and even chicken tenders, it’s the holy trinity of picky-eater options.

Ice Cream Station – Downtown Simpsonville
This walk-up ice cream shop is suitable for kids (and kids at heart) of all ages! Plus, they have Dole-Whip, for you Disney World fans!

Ice cream station in SImpsonville, SC

Best for Business

Exchange Coffee Co – Downtown Simpsonville
Enjoy an early morning meeting with coffee or a meal of crepes at the Exchange Coffee Co.

Budget Friendly

Coach House Family Restaurant – Fairview Road
This Greek/Diner-style restaurant has an extensive menu with an all-day breakfast menu, burgers, gyros, salads, seafood, and more. You’ll be hard-pressed not to find something you’re craving on this menu, and it’s all reasonably priced.

Take Out

Mei Mei House – Fairview Road
Chinese take-out is always a good idea! Mei Mei house has been in that location for over a decade, and locals love the food here!

The Five Forks Library is the Envy of All Other Libraries

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Libraries are great. They have free Wi-Fi, story time, free DVDs to rent, and you can read until your heart’s content. But all libraries are not created equal. The Five Forks library branch of the Greenville County Library System made all the other libraries jealous. Here’s why.

What makes the Five Forks library branch so great?

With it’s 28,000 square feet of floor-to-ceiling windows, bright colors and inviting decor, a fenced-in play porch for the little kids, a quiet room that is as peaceful as a spa, and a teen room with giant bean bag chairs, this library is incredible.

Five Forks Greenville library

Kids Area

When you walk into this gorgeous glass-walled and colorful building, make a left and go straight to the massive kids’ area. Sectioned off by age group in the main space are reading tables, computers with games and headphones, and play tables with toddler games. Attached to the kids’ space is an entirely other room for story time, complete with enough space for kids to run circles around each other and parents to sit on the side benches and watch.

Off the kids area is also an outdoor play porch with stackable cubes and picnic benches. There is also a family bathroom and a nursing room.

*High-five* Greenville Library system.

Teen Room

Next to the kids’ space is an enclosed teen room that overlooks a field next door and is outfitted with private cubicles and giant bean bag chairs. There is art on the wall by local students and all the latest books that teens care about.

And it says “TEENS” on the door, so it’s cool.

Main Space

The Five Forks Library has a huge meeting space for local groups to rent out plus an enclosed room on the other side of the library that can be used for crafts or homeschool groups (the floor is waterproof because….crafts).

You can bring your coffee and relax in the designated space near the front of the library where drinks other than bottled water are allowed and read or work. If you need a laptop, rent one out with your library card. You can use it throughout the building.

Near the giant windows is plenty of seating to work or read or ponder life. The quiet room has several tables and chairs with ottomans where guests can read quietly away from the rest of the library. It is decorated with really cute wallpaper and relaxing yellow and green colors. It’s my favorite room.

Greenville County Library Five Forks branch Simpsonville

The Return of the Books

Returning books to the library is not usually exciting. It is at the Five Forks Library though. Head inside and immediately to your right is the cool returning-your-books contraption. Place your book in the slot and watch it go up a conveyor belt, be read by a machine, and then onto another conveyor belt where it is dumped into a giant bin of its friends where it will be returned manually to its proper place in the library.

Kids love watching this. Adults love watching it. And it gives you an incentive to return books that you should be returning anyway to avoid late fees.


Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 9 pm
Friday -Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm
Sunday: 2 – 6 pm

Five Forks Library
104 Sunnydale Drive, Simpsonville

Visit the Five Forks Library Website.

What’s your favorite thing about the Five Forks Library?

Greenville County Library System

Here’s everything you need to know about Greenville County Library System.

50+ Nostalgic Arcade Games Are Waiting to be Played at the Upstate Pinball and Arcade Museum!

Posted on |

An awesome arcade that has the best games from the 80s and 90s is located in Simpsonville, SC and we just had to try it out! Thanks to the Upstate Pinball and Arcade Museum for having us come by to do this review.

When I see an old-school Pac-Man machine, I immediately think of my mom and how much fun we used to have to play it (and constantly getting eaten by ghosts). Super Mario Brothers bring back memories I had of my friends and me playing it together in middle school. Yes, I’m dating myself but I don’t even care because there’s a place in Simpsonville where I can now go and play all these retro games and share my own great memories with my kids and make new ones as well.

Upstate pinball and arcade museum

Kids Can Burn off Energy Indoors at Acrosmith’s Family Fun Gym Time

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Looking for toddler or kid open gymnastics play? Local mom, Kristina, visited Acrosmith Gymnastics for family gym time where her kids got to play on all the equipment for an hour.

A great activity for little kids any time of year, but especially when it’s brutally hot, unbearably cold, or rainy, is Family Fun Gym Time at Acrosmith Gymnastics (formerly Tot Time) located just off West Georgia Road near I-385 in Simpsonville.  It’s just $6 for one full hour’s worth of kid-friendly free time at the gym.

Family Fun Gym is offered Monday-Thursday at 9:00 am and 10:15 am and Fridays at 10:15 am. The 9 am time slot is for kids walking through six years old and the 10:15 am time slot is for kids up to age 12.


Discovery Island: Water Park Fun for the Whole Family in Simpsonville, SC

Posted on | 4 Comments

Are you thinking about bringing the family to Greenville Rec’s Discovery Island Water Park for some summer fun? The park, located inside Southside Park in Simpsonville, SC, has a little something for everyone. Find out about each of the park’s attractions and all the details you need to know for a fun day at Discover Island.

For more suggestions of where to swim this summer, see our list of places to Splash & Swim in Greenville.

Thank you to Greenville Rec for providing passes so we could bring this information to our readers.

Discovery Island

Spend the Day in Simpsonville, SC

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Looking for a little Upstate, SC day trip? The town of Simpsonville, SC is a great place to spend the day with great parks, cute downtown area and excellent restaurant options. We have a suggested itinerary for a day in Simpsonville, plus a list of things to do, places to eat and even places to stay if you’re staying longer than a day.

The residents of Simpsonville, SC are in a great location for getting around the Upstate. Located near both major highways and one of Greenville’s major retail hubs, Simpsonville is the perfect place for busy families to settle down. With an abundance of places to dine and things to do, it’s no wonder new communities are sprouting up all over Simpsonville.

Things to do in Simpsonville

Looking for more places to spend the day with your family? Here’s our list of Day Trip Towns, just a short drive from the Upstate.

Spend A Day In Simpsonville

With all the entertainment, shopping and dining options in Simpsonville it’s easy to spend the day in this town and not have a need to leave. If you aren’t sure where to start the day, we have a sample itinerary to get you started!

Starting the day : We suggest grabbing breakfast at a favorite of one of our readers:

Authentique French Creperie, 107 West Curtis Street

OMG! Authentique French Creperie. SO GOOD. I don’t like crepes, but theirs are AMAZING. I always take out of town visitors there. They have weird hours though, so make sure you check online before you drive over!

Carolina R.

After breakfast: Head over to the zip line & playground at City Park, or enjoy the seasonal farmers market!  

If the weather isn’t cooperative, you can enjoy a matinee showing at the local IMAX theater. (Temporarily closed due to Covid-19)

For lunch: Stroll up the street to all the restaurants and shops of Main Street, and grab a frozen treat afterward at the Ice Cream Station.

If you are enjoying a day out without the kids a stop at a Sweet Sippin’ event would be a great way to end the day. They offer all kinds of different food and drink pairing events, live music events, game nights and more.

Upstate Pinbal arcade
Upstate Pinball & Arcade Museum

Things To Do In Simpsonville, SC

Upstate Pinball & Arcade Museum: Play 50+ nostalgic pinball and arcade games for one low price- no coins needed! Family fun for all ages.

Head to one of the Simpsonville Parks: Simpsonville has a bunch of parks that offer everything from zip-lines to Frisbee golf and even a train ride!

During summer months you can participate in the Park Hop Scavenger Hunt that includes area parks. Kids have the chance to earn prizes with this free program.

  • Heritage Park | 861 Southeast Main Street
    This park is part of the Heritage Park Amphitheater that hosts festivals, concerts and other events throughout the year. We also like this park because of all the shady seating options for parents to sit in while the kids play on the large playground. There is also a a miniature steam engine train that guests of the park can enjoy for just $2 per ticket (kids under 2 ride free with a paying adult).
  • City Park | 198 Park Drive
    City park is a favorite among locals for its large ADA compliant playground and all the seating it provides parents. There’s a Frisbee golf course, restrooms, picnic shelters, a special sensory playground and more.
  • College Street Park | 321 West College Street
    This small neighborhood park offers guests a merry-go-round, swing set, jungle gym and baseball and basketball facilities.

Regal Simpsonville IMAX Theater | 780 South Street | 864.462.7342

Simpsonville Farmers Market | 405 East Curtis Street

Held every Saturday from mid May through the end of September, 8 Am – Noon. In the past there have been 30 plus local vendors at the market, selling everything from seasonal produce, locally roasted coffee, artisan cheese, soaps and more.

Five Forks Branch Library  | 104 Sunnydale Drive | 864.234.4904

One of the newest library branches in The Greenville Library system, this location has it all. The kids area is enclosed and even has it’s own covered outdoor play area. Teens have there own space and grownups can check-up on their email with the free WIFI. Patrons with a valid library card can even check out a laptop for use on site.

Where Are The Best Places To Eat In Simpsonville

Scuffletown Food Truck Park

Check out the new and super cool Scuffletown Food Truck Park

Papi’s Tacos |120 South Main Street | OPENING SOON

One of downtown Greenville’s favorite taco joints is expanding to Simpsonville with a larger menu and more of the same delicious Mexican food Jorge “Papi” Barrales has become famous locally for.

As someone who is extremely passionate about my tacos, I couldn’t be more excited about the expansion of this new Papi’s Tacos location to Simpsonville.

Stella’s Southern Bistro | 684 Fairview Road | 864.757.1212

A favorite of our readers, Stella’s is a great place to grab a gourmet meal.

Upscale, Stella’s Bistro is some of the best door I’ve ever put in my mouth. The service is beyond excellent and the seasonal menu means there are always new things to try.

Elyse M.G.

Sidewall Pizza  | 117 Southeast Main Street | 864.610.0527

Greenville’s most popular locally owned pizza chain recently added another location to Simpsonville. Be sure to sign up for their awesome birthday club. It’s free and you receive a free pizza on your birthday!

Love Sidewall Pizza Company!

Heather H.

Maple Street Biscuit Company  | 2815 Woodruff Road | 864.283.0946

Delicious biscuit sandwiches, fresh squeezed orange juice and more are on the menu.

Come hungry because the portions are huge! Go early, because they can get really busy on the weekends.

Unterhausen – The Castle Cellar Pub | 103 East Curtis Street | 864.757.8801

This hidden gem of Simpsonville is tucked away in the basement of a castle. OK, maybe not really a castle, but pretending is fun right? Once you enter, you’ll forget that you didn’t cross a moat to get in. The intimate size of Unterhausen. the German beer and the delicious Bavarian food will have you wondering how it took you so long to discover this place.

Bobby’s BBQ and All Purpose Seasoning | 1301 North Main Street, Fountain Inn | 864.409.2379

I’d be doing you a great disservice if I didn’t include one of the Upstate’s best places for BBQ, just because it sits a few feet outside the town limits. Located across from Heritage park, Bobby’s BBQ is a family owned restaurant that is unique for a few reasons. They pride themselves on the quality of their food. But that’s not why I find them especially unique. One visit to this place and you will see, that everything they do is done with love and care for the community they feed. Let me ask you, how many BBQ places have you seen offer a vegan option? That’s right, I said Vegan, at a BBQ place. For most Pit-masters that would be blasphemy. Bobby’s offers guests a vegan jack fruit “pulled pork” style sandwich, because they know that not everyone eats meat. And that’s OK at Bobby’s.

Something else I love the Nelson family for, is not even on the menu.

How many times have you been caught out and your infant has a wardrobe emergency that threatens to ruin your trip out? Like a messy bathroom-type emergency. Most parents have experienced that type of “what do I do now?” moment. Owner Sarah Nelson had this happen and decided if she ever owned a business she’d do something to help parents. In each restroom at Bobby’s is a cart, stocked with zip-lock bags separated by size with a diaper and a change of clothes.

Any place can serve food.
Most places can serve good food.
But when a place shows patrons it cares about people to the extent that the Nelson family does… Well, they’ve found a customer for life in me. The fact that they serve up pulled pork tacos doesn’t hurt either. 

Where To Stay In Simpsonville

Use this map from STAY22 below to find hotels and vacation rental homes available in Simpsonville, SC.

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Holiday Inn Express & Suites – Greenville SE / Simpsonville
642 Fairview Road | 864.962.3228

  • Free Breakfast
  • Free WIFI
  • Pool (seasonal) & fitness center
  • Service animals only

Days Inn by Wyndham
45 Ray East Talley Court | 864.963.7701

  • Free Breakfast
  • Free WIFI
  • Pool (seasonal) & fitness center
  • Pet Friendly

WoodSpring Suites – Greenville/Simpsonville
3025 Grandview Drive | 864.962.9500

  • In-room kitchen
  • Free WIFI
  • Pool (seasonal) & fitness center
  • Pet friendly

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott
3821 Grandview Drive | 864.962.8500

  • Free Breakfast
  • Free WIFI
  • Pool (seasonal) & fitness center
  • Service animals only

Seasonal Fun In Simpsonville

Here are some of the common seasonal events that happen annually in Simpsonville:

  • Block Party at Five Forks May
    This event last year attracted hundreds of attendees. There will be live music, free activities, crafters, food for purchase, and more.
  • Fair at Heritage Park | May
    This 11 day county style fair includes rides, food, live music and other attractions.
  • Simpsonville Independance Day Celebration | June
    A free celebration with live music and fireworks at Heritage Park
  • Simpsonville Labor Day Festival | September
  • Halloween at Heritage Park | October
    A free and safe way to celebrate Halloween for thousands of kids in the Upstate. The event offers kids candy, inflatables, games, performances and special visits from kid’s characters.

What’s Happening This Month in Simpsonville?

february 2024

thu22feb10:00 amthu10:30 amStorytime @ Simpsonville BranchSimpsonville (Hendricks) Branch, 626 NE Main Street Simpsonville, SC 2968110:00 am - 10:30 am(GMT-05:00)

tue27feb10:00 amtue10:30 amBouncing Babies @ Five Forks BranchFive Forks LibraryFive Forks Library Branch, 104 Sunnydale Drive10:00 am - 10:30 am(GMT-05:00)

thu29feb10:00 amthu10:30 amStorytime @ Simpsonville BranchSimpsonville (Hendricks) Branch, 626 NE Main Street Simpsonville, SC 2968110:00 am - 10:30 am(GMT-05:00)