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Adventure for All Skill Levels at Vic Bailey Subaru Bike Park in Spartanburg, SC

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Did you know Spartanburg, SC now has its own bike park? The Vic Bailey Subaru Bike Park is located along Spartanburg’s Mary Black Rail Trail. The park has features for bikers of all skill levels from beginners to advanced including a pump track, easy street and advanced skill features like table-top jumps, a vertical wooden bridge and more. Here’s everything you need to know to enjoy some time at Spartanburg’s bike park.


Custom Cookies: Edible Works Of Art In Spartanburg, SC

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Are you looking for something to wow your kids, cheer someone up, or maybe just to celebrate making it through another week of all this craziness? The custom-decorated cookies available from these Spartanburg bakers may be just the thing! You can purchase cookies decorated for any theme or occasion. Kidding Around’s Melanie has compiled this list of Spartanburg’s popular custom cookie bakers to help our readers get their hands on some beautiful treats!


Express Your Inner Artist at Hearts of Clay

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Are you looking for a place to take your family for some creative fun? Did you know that we have a place that is perfect for almost any occasion, right here in Spartanburg? Hearts of Clay is more than just a pottery studio, and we’re going to tell you why our family loves spending time there!

About Hearts of Clay

For twenty years, families have been creating memories with Hearts of Clay (Formerly Flying Saucers). In that time this family owned business has expanded to include glass fusing, canvas painting and more.

A trip to Hearts of Clay is the answer whether you’re looking for some family fun time, gifts for family members, a fun place to host a birthday party, or even a place to bring the kids for a parent’s night out.

Hearts of Clay art studio

Our family has visited so many times, I don’t even remember the first time we went. Since that first time, we have celebrated my son’s fourth birthday there, commemorated every month of my daughters first year of life and enjoyed a mommy and son date night. I even eat my morning cereal out of a Hello Kitty inspired bowl I made there.

If you feel like you aren’t artistically inclined, you shouldn’t be intimidated. The pieces available range from beginner to intricate, and there’s always someone around to help. If you mess up, the glaze can be rinsed off and you can start over. Any age can have fun painting pottery, the glaze used is non-toxic and will not stain clothes. For the more artistically inclined you have the option to use the pottery wheel to “throw” your own piece to paint. Once your item is painted, you leave it behind to be kiln fired and it’s ready in about a week. There are also pre-fired items that can be painted with acrylic paint if coming back is not an option.

Hearts of Clay offers options for everyone

If pottery isn’t your thing, they also offer canvas painting and other classes in the studio and at Los Mexicanos restaurant in Boiling Springs. The classes typically cost $20 if reservations are made in advance or $25 at the door. I’m always looking for mom’s night out activities and canvas painting and margaritas, sounds like the perfect night!

Hearts of Clay also offers a monthly Kids Night Out event, that lasts about two hours. With their convenient location, it’s the perfect opportunity to have a date night or get some holiday shopping done. You won’t have to worry about the kids, they’ll be fed dinner and get to create something. Reservations are required, and the cost is $25 per child.

Home school families can register for the art enrichment classes offered Fridays during the school year. These 90-minute classes are twice a month and cost $25 a month. Every Friday from 11 am – 2 pm home school families will also receive 20% off the pottery they paint. Preschool age children receive $2 off the item they paint as part of the “5 & under club” on Wednesdays.

If your church or school is looking for a fundraiser idea, Hearts of Clay can help with that too! They offer DIY ornament kits, that include everything you’ll need to make a keepsake ornament. Then they pick up the items, kiln fire them and return them to you. This can even be utilized as just a fun activity for a large group. Using this DIY kit you could have an ornament painting birthday party at your home or use one of the two party rooms in the studio. We chose to have ours in the studio, and the kids each got to paint two ornaments that went with the “Frozen” theme. The kids had a blast and I didn’t have to worry about cleaning up a mess afterwards.

There are so many reasons to visit Hearts of Clay! I encourage you to check out the event calendar and head over to make some memories.

art projects at Hearts of Clay studio

Plan a visit to Hearts of Clay

Visit the Hearts of Clay website.
Monday – Saturday 11 am – 8 pm
Sunday 1 pm – 5 pm
660 Spartan Boulevard, Suite #20, Spartanburg

Have you ever visited Hearts of Clay?

19 Game-Changing Services for Grocery Shopping in Spartanburg

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Our lives are busy. Between work, school drop off and pick up, and extracurricular activities, parents have little time to shop for groceries and prepare delicious and nutritious meals for their families. Thankfully, there are multiple options to make shopping convenient and cooking easy.

Grocery Delivery Options

If you do not have time to make it to the grocery store, there are several grocery delivery options available here locally. Each are based on your home address, so you will need to verify your address with the company first.


Hooray! Shipt grocery delivery has just arrived in Spartanburg. Currently, you can use Shipt to order groceries from Publix and have them delivered to your home the same day. The membership includes free delivery on $35 worth of groceries.


Whoohoo! Instacart has also arrived in Spartanburg. Instacart currently offers personal shoppers for Publix, Costco, and CVS Pharmacy. After you set up an account, you can start shopping and have your products delivered the same day.

Mother Earth Produce

Mother Earth Produce is a local and organic delivery service here in the Upstate. Families can sign up for fruits and vegetables from local farms delivered straight to their doors. You get to select the right size bin for your family.

Amazon Grocery

If you are already an Amazon fan, you will love Amazon Grocery. You can order beverages, snacks, breakfast goods, candy, cooking staples, baking supplies, and baby food to stock your pantry. However, this service does not include fresh food or produce. Our area is not currently part of the Amazon Fresh program.

Online Ordering

Another option for busy parents is online ordering. Online ordering means ordering your groceries online through the store’s website and then picking them up easily from the front of the store or a designated parking space.


Spartanburg has two Walmart locations that offer online ordering (Neighborhood Market on Cedar Springs Rd and Supercenter on East Main Street). Personal shoppers will do your shopping and deliver the items right to your car at the time you request.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club members can shop online and use store pickup for items including fresh produce. When you are ready, check in at the store, bypass the register, and pick up your groceries.

Meal Prep Companies

If you are pressed for time and need a meal prepared for you, there are some awesome meal prep companies in the Upstate. These companies offer premade meals that just require you to heat and serve.

Blue Moon Specialty Foods

In addition to their popular spices and sauces, Blue Moon Specialty Foods also offer premade quiches and sides. Plus, they offer “Fresh-to-Go” meal options three days a week that you can pick up from their local store. These come in “Family Meal” or “Date Night” sizes with choices like slow-roasted short ribs or shrimp and crab potpie.

Delightful Dishes

Delightful Dishes in Inman is a local restaurant that also sells frozen casseroles as well as full holiday meals for your family.

Healthletic Meals

Healthletic Meals is a meal prepping service in the Upstate aimed at helping you provide healthy meals for your family. You order meals from their menu. Then, they cook, package, calculate the nutritional value of each dish, and deliver them to you.

Moveable Feasts

For those looking for premade dishes, Moveable Feasts is another great local choice. They offer several different casseroles, soups, chicken, beef, and vegetarian options. These feasts come frozen and will need to be heated.

Salted Chef

A unique option is hiring a personal chef to come make meals of your choice in your own kitchen. Salted Chef is a Spartanburg business that will bring the chefs to you. You even have the option of having them make several meals to store.

Hub City Delivery

And, if you simply don’t have the time to shop or cook, you can always take advantage of Hub City Delivery. With this service, you can order a meal from one of your favorite Spartanburg restaurants and have it delivered to your home ready to eat.

Meal Kit Delivery Services

Meal kit delivery services are becoming super popular. They allow parents to cook delicious meals at home without having to do the shopping. Plus, they introduce you to new flavors and dishes, as well as teach you how to cook. Meal kits are delivered on a subscription plan with all the ingredients you need and a guided recipe.

One important thing to note – most of these meal delivery kits claim you can cook a meal in thirty minutes. I do not know anyone who has accomplished this task in that amount of time, but they are well loved regardless!

Blue Apron

One of the most popular meal delivery services is Blue Apron. It offers nutritional family plans serving 4 people two times a week starting at $71.92. For those wanting to learn the chef’s secret, Blue Apron is a safe way to go.

Green Chef

This meal kit offers the most diverse recipe collection that even includes vegan, gluten-free, and paleo options. It is the most organic ingredients of any meal delivery kits. Green Chef offers a family plan of two meals for 4 people starting at $11.99 per meal.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh offers fresh ingredients and excellent recipes delivered straight to your door. Each full meal comes in a box that can easily fit in your fridge until you can make it from scratch. You also can select the number of family meals you would like delivered weekly. Two meals for a family of 4 runs at $8.74 per serving.

Home Chef

Another meal kit delivery service that offers all the ingredients you need to cook a meal your family will love. You can even order five weeks in advance with Home Chef. However, while they have recipes for family-friendly meals, they do not offer a family plan. Instead, each meal kit is $9.95 per serving.

Terra’s Kitchen

For those who want to cook but don’t enjoy prep work, Terra’s Kitchen is the right fit. This meal delivery kit arrives in a reusable vessel with all your ingredients chopped, washed, and ready to go. Prices are based off the meals you select.

Meals for Others

All true Southerners know, when the going gets tough, the South gets cooking. If you have lived here long enough, you know food is the essential means of comfort in times of sadness and celebration. Mothers welcoming new babies and families mourning loved ones are often presented with meals to make these times a little easier. These websites make coordinating meal drop-offs more effective.

Take Them a Meal

Take Them A Meal is simply a website where friends and family can sign up to deliver a meal on a certain date. Whether it is a homemade meal or a frozen casserole, you can let the family know when you will be coming and what you will be bringing.

Send A Meal

For those unable to make the actual meal delivery, Send A Meal works to send a family a complete meal. There are several different gourmet meal options with a wide price range. Meals are prepared and delivered to the family’s home.

What other options do you know about that make food preparation easier for families in the Upstate?

Meet Jennifer Curry
Jennifer relocated to Spartanburg seven years ago, and now spends her days working from home and taking care of her two kids. She loves this area because we can go from rural areas to urban areas to the mountains within an hour. Her favorite things to do with her kids are using their imaginations and visiting Spartanburg County local libraries. Follow Jennifer at www.litlovingmom.com.

Where Did Spartanburg Get It’s Nicknames?

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Growing up in Spartanburg County in the 80s and 90s, I often heard Spartanburg referred to as Sparkle City. I naively thought this nickname just meant things were really shiny in Spartanburg! Since moving back to Spartanburg about a year ago, after a decade away, I quickly found that Hub City is Spartanburg’s presently accepted term of endearment. So, where did Spartanburg get these nicknames?

Why Spartanburg?

The city of Spartanburg got her formal name from the Spartan Regiment, a local militia during the American Revolution made up of fiercely independent men from the upcountry of South Carolina. Spartanburg was formed in 1785 and incorporated in 1831.

Where Did Spartanburg Get the Nickname Sparkle City?

In 1956, four boys from Cowpens High School formed a rock band named The Sparkletones. 1957 they signed with the ABC Paramount record label after winning a local talent contest.  The Sparkletones had multiple Billboard Top 100 hits, with “Black Slacks” becoming their most popular song. They worked with Paul Anka and performed on American Bandstand, The Nat King Cole Show and The Ed Sullivan Show. The group broke up in 1961 but did occasional reunion shows around South Carolina in the 1980s. Their glory days coined “Sparkle City” as their hometown’s nickname.

Hub City Farmer's Market in Spartanburg, SC

Why is Spartanburg Called Hub City?

Long before the Sparkletones sang their first note, Spartanburg was known for something else. In 1859, Spartanburg’s first railway connection began with a line from Union to Columbia. By the late 1800s there were seven different rail lines connecting Spartanburg to the rest of the Southeast and by the early 20th century, Spartanburg had become a transportation hub, with up to 90 passing through or stopping in the city and earning it the name, The Hub City. This nickname has seen a vast resurgence in popularity recently and you can find many area businesses with Hub City in the name. Our signs welcoming you into Spartanburg even bear the words.

Whatever you choose to call this city, Spartanburg, Sparkle City, or Hub City is rich in history and a great place to live!

Meet Jaime Brown
Jaime Brown grew up in Spartanburg and Greenville where she met her future husband in the 6th grade. After marriage and a few kids they moved away for a decade and now find themselves back in the Upstate with their four daughters ages 18, 14, 7 and 4. Having a college age child, high schooler, elementary aged fireball, and a special needs preschooler keeps her very busy but she loves each stage and encourages other moms
to enjoy motherhood. Jaime enjoys rediscovering the city where she grew up with her family. Bonfires, good coffee creamer, date nights, international travel, frugal interior design, and sleeping children are some of her favorite things. You can connect with her on instagram or her blog.
instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/jaimelbrown/
blog: coming soon