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Shop and Make Art at TR Makers Co in Travelers Rest, SC

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Looking for a place to make some art in Travelers Rest, SC? TR Makers Co offers art activities for both children and adults. You can plan a birthday party or girls’ night here, or take advantage of summer sessions, playdates and even homeschool classes.


Travelers Rest Makes A Perfect Summer Staycation

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Looking for some staycation ideas? How about a day in Travelers Rest? Kidding Around Greenville contributor Lindy Wilson ventured out and about on her own personal Staycation to Travelers Rest.  This quaint town offers shopping, parks, restaurants and more!

So maybe your budget (or perhaps even just your sanity) doesn’t permit for a full out family vacation this year. The trend of “staycationing” is still one many families enjoy. We are fortunate because there are tons of great spots within a short drive of the Upstate! Today I’ll focus on one area just a little north of Greenville, but be sure to dig around our archives for even more staycation ideas.  The website is loaded with pieces such as weekend itinerary ideas or western NC day trips or SC day trip ideas.

About Travelers Rest

A few months ago, we headed to Travelers Rest, which we had driven through before but never really checked out. It’s very hip and you can make a day of it just exploring Main Street. So get out those strollers or tie on those baby carriers! (We choose the carrier for our baby while the four year old had to bear heavily enforced hand holding.)

staycation in Travelers Rest near Greenville

We started TR with the Whistle Stop Cafe and of course fried green tomatoes. The cafe is charming- lots of memorabilia and decor along with a staff that was eager to greet us. The fried tomatoes, which I believe were my first ever, were amazing. The kids tried a little but preferred the kids menu, which wait for it – was written on a Dinosaur TRAIN coloring sheet! After many train pictures, we ventured out to find other spots.


This particular outing was for the Greenville Crawl so we were eating just a course or two per stop. That meant we still had room to try the nearby Sidewall Pizza! You could try your own version of a crawl or just take a different path to space out lunch, snack and dinner breaks. There were a few stores across the road we would have checked out if we had more time. The Whistle Stop Cafe also is right along the Swamp Rabbit Trail! There is also Gateway, Poinsett and Trailblazer park so consider adding those in to get out some wiggles! You could also check out the TR Farmer’s Market too. There is also a baby store specializing in natural products – Modern Cloth!

As I was saying, we immediately came upon Sidewall Pizza. Now originally we weren’t going to go but as we had time, we decided to check it out. Oh my gosh – pizza loaded with local meat! Thin flaky but not crackery crust! YUM! The kicker was homemade mint cookie and cream ice cream, my husband’s two favorite flavors in one! I was delighted that it was a light spearmint taste, and you can guess how the kids felt about pizza and ice cream! We’re also very excited about their birthday club for free pizza.

Next we wandered further down “the other Main street” here in downtown Travelers Rest to the Tandem Creperie. Not wanting to get too full, we got their Orange Rosemary Spritzer and a cafe americano. Daddy, my photographer extraordinaire, didn’t share his coffee but the spritzer was great. Very different but good! The baby and the big girl nearly drank it all! The shop itself was the epitome of hipster cool. It took a second for me to figure out why they had a tandem bicycle:) There was also patio seating which you might find better for kids.

In addition to some great restaurants in Travelers Rest, there were tons of local boutiques. This included Carolina Bee Company‘s store front AND Copperhead Mountain Moonshine, both of which we stopped in and were offered free samples. The honey was fun with various creamed flavors- chocolate, blackberry and cinnamon. The owner was busy but kind and made sure my baby was old enough for honey. Watch little hands as they do have some gorgeous but breakable pottery items. In case you didn’t know, raw local honey has many health benefits, including helping with seasonal allergies which is great for when it “pollens” here and all of Greenville is coated in yellow!

As a nice stop for us parents, the Copperhead distillery was awesome. We only had two samples each as the kids were with us and all, but they were more than willing to let us sample more. Moonshine is something new to us. Out west where we’re from, we didn’t see much of it though we aren’t much of drinkers anyways, especially not hard liquor. It seems sweeter than rum and I love its history. This particular business, like many in TR, is family owned and we met both the owner and his grown daughter. It’s also situated fairly center in the Main Street stretch making it a convenient stop.

Last but not least was Shortfield’s. It’s a quaint little place with an impressive menu. We got there right as they were filling up for dinner so we ordered quickly as not to be ”campers”- humus, brownie stack, and tartlets in addition to a generous bread basket (a life saver for impatient little ones!). They also had a nice patio set up for those interested. Even the kids liked their humus, which was smoky and not your common everyday chickpea puree. The brownie stack was baked just right, fudgy but yet crumbly. Our oldest didn’t like the tartlets but we enjoyed them. All in all it was a great way to spend a long afternoon.

What’s your favorite thing about Travelers Rest?

The Kids and The Adults are Sure to Love Poinsett Park in Travelers Rest

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Love Travelers Rest? Consider checking out Poinsett Park with the kids. KAG Contributor Lindy Wilson visited with her family and is giving us all the details so you’ll know just what to expect. You’re sure to love all this park has to offer, including multiple playgrounds and a paved trail for walking!

About Poinsett Park

This park is a little tricky to get to heading south, but worth it! If planning your day, its easiest to stop while driving northward, as you won’t have to fight traffic to turn off Main Street.

At first, I was skeptical. The park looks small, but we were there so why not check it out? It was gorgeous with a very decadent tree line and lush grass.

The playgrounds

The kids were enchanted with the tree house themed playground. I was relieved that there was a toddler area to direct my little one towards. They liked the swings and enjoyed the many slides available.

Watch out for the climbing web- preschoolers will need your help but it’s very user friendly! The forest of stairs shaped like trees also scared me, but my kids navigated them well. Little monkeys will surely enjoy all the climbing features!

For whatever reason, the rainwater didn’t pool much on the slides or swings or anywhere else for that matter. The low retaining wall surrounding playground also seemed to help waterproof the park a lot, as there were hardly any puddles. So this park may be a good bet after a rainy day.

Poinsett Park in Travelers Rest

The walking trail

Once we finally got the kids away from the playground, we took a family walk around the trail. This trail seemed popular with many people, and though there were quite a few pet owners walking their dogs, the park was very clean. It is a nice size yet had good visibility. Those with older kids could probably walk the trail by themselves yet be in sight to wave at their children over on the playground. This feature makes it very family friendly- adults can jog a bit, have an uninterrupted conversation or just enjoy the walk.

There are also some nice picnic tables and a shelter that can be reserved for special occasions. The larger trail has a cut through with tables near the playground so you can just circle nearby if needed.

Visit Poinsett Park

Poinsett Park is a great little destination for the whole family. We saw many generations there and families with kids of all ages. It’s not far from downtown Greenville and is just a stone’s throw from downtown Travelers Rest.

5 Pine Forest Road, Travelers Rest
Visit the park website here.

Have you taken your little ones to Poinsett Park in Travelers Rest yet?

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