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Snow Tubing at Zip ‘N Slip in Mars Hill, NC Delivers Fast, Wintry Fun

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Head up to Zip ‘N Slip in Mars Hill, NC for a fun, fast ride on any of their eight snow tubing lanes. We checked them out and have all the details on enjoying this fun, winter entertainment. 

You cannot miss Zip ‘N Slip Snow Tubing Park in Mars Hill, North Carolina. It’s right off Highway 26 heading through NC towards Tennessee, about an hour and 40 minutes from Greenville, SC. And wow, you’re in for some fast and fun rides at this snow tubing park. 

Zip 'N Slip Snow Tubing Park
Tubing at Zip ‘N Slip
Best snow tubing, skiing, and tubing near Greenville, South Carolina

Want more? Here’s our guide to all the fun places to hit the slopes.

About Zip ‘N Slip Snow Tubing Park 

Zip ‘N Slip has eight snow tubing lanes that can run more than 800 feet long in optimal snow conditions. How long is that in terms of flying down on a tube? About 20 seconds! It’s really fast, especially in colder weather. 

My kids – ages 13 and 9 – had a blast at this snow tubing park and it was well worth the drive up there. The owner is really nice and has owned the property for more than a decade. He initially wanted to build a hotel and shopping center on the property but ended up having so much fun with the snow tubing park that he kept the fun winter activity as it was and updated the park and equipment. 

There are eight snow tubing lanes. At least there were when we went. Because of weather and snow-making abilities, this can definitely change each season or each week or month even as the park is able to create the snow needed for the hill. Or if they just get a ton of snow through Mother Nature, then it’s even more fun. It is always a good idea to check the social media pages or website of any seasonal activity before you head out to ascertain the conditions of the park. 

There are heated bathrooms at Zip ‘N Slip as well as hot chocolate and a fire pit. They sell hot dogs, nachos, and mac & cheese as well. We were promised free marshmallows to roast after our tubing run but headed out too fast. We saw some people with sticky fingers though so we know they enjoyed the treats. 

And if you forget your winter gear like hats, gloves, or even socks, you can purchase them at the park. 

Tubing at Zip ‘N Slip 

Tubing at Zip ‘N Slip was unlike most places I’ve been because the guests, once they got their safety briefing and tickets, were pretty much on their own. It was definitely fun but like the Wild West of tubing. 

Once you get your tube, you’ll head over to the Magic Carpet ride, an escalator-type contraption that you stand on while holding onto your tube. Pro tip: lean forward on it so you don’t fall backwards. Once you get to the top of the hill, you’ll step off ever-so-gracefully and be able to choose which lane you want to go down. 

Tubing at Zip 'N Slip
Tubing at Zip ‘N Slip

There aren’t any staff members at the top of the hill so you just choose your lane and go down or wait until the person in front of you goes down. We didn’t have any issues with waiting or choosing our lanes. Because there are eight lanes, we got in a lot of runs and rarely had to wait for a spot. 

But it does get a little tricky at the top pulling a tube amongst other people while navigating snow. I slipped twice but in my defense, it was a little icy. And I’m clumsy. I was fine. 

Once you choose your lane, you put your tube leash inside the tube and then get in your tube and shimmy to the edge of the great abyss, uh, lane. Ideally, you’ll want to check to make sure no one is at the bottom of the lane you are planning to slide down. If they are, wait until they are gone and then go. Also watch out for people who may be walking in front of your lane. Wait for them to get out of the way and then shimmy your tube closer – or get someone to push you- to the edge and go down. Wheeee!

Once you get down to the bottom, get out of your tube, grab the leash and get out of the way. Fast. I cannot emphasize how fast you need to move once you are at the bottom. There are no staff to tell you to get out of the way or signal anyone at top that it’s ok to send down the next people. You’re responsible for getting out of the way so do it. 

And pay attention. People are going to come down those lanes whether you’re paying attention to someone in a giant tube heading in your direction or not. 

And have fun! Depending on how many people are there, you may get through a lot of runs during your time on the hill. I can’t even count how many times my kids and I went down. It was probably at least 30 times. We had the first slot of the day when we went at 10 am and it wasn’t sold out. The slot at Noon was sold out and there were definitely more people. So when you go, maybe choose the earlier time slot.

Tips on Visiting Zip ‘N Slip 

We’ve been snow tubing to several places and some of these tips follow our previous advice but read on because a few are very specific to Zip ‘N Slip: 

Bring a change of clothes: depending on the weather, snow will melt and you’ll get wet. If you don’t want to drive home in wet clothes, bring a change of clothes, socks, and shoes. 

Wear layers: we were hot after the first 15 minutes and ending up shedding our hats, gloves, and jacket. It’s best to wear layers, especially if the temperatures will rise while you’re there.

You don’t need snow gear: it’s just snow tubing and you’re not skiing. Pants and boots, even hiking boots, hats, gloves, and a jacket are fine. 

Get out of the way at the bottom of the hill: when you finish your tubing run, move and move fast. The way the lanes are designed, unless you’re in the furthest half of the lanes, you’ll have to walk in front of most of the lanes to get back to the magic carpet. If you don’t move fast, you may be in the way of another tuber coming down the run. 

Pay attention: for reasons mentioned above, pay attention to your surroundings and make sure your kids are watching for fast tubers coming down the lane when they are making their way back to get in line to go back up. 

Watch the weather: if you’re going up on an unseasonably warm day, check with Zip ‘N Slip to make sure they are operating normally and secondly, get the first available time slot of the day. You’ll go way faster on colder snow than when it starts to melt a little when the weather warms up.

Keep an eye on your kids: this is standard advice but here, kids need to be watched as they go up the magic carpet and make their way down the lanes and then grabbing their tubes and doing it again. They just need to be aware of their surroundings. 

It can get muddy: at the bottom of the tubing hill, there’s a lot of straw and snow, which is great for stopping your tubing run. But when the weather is warm, the snow will melt and it will get muddy. This didn’t bother myself, my kids, and really anyone I saw there but just be aware that you may get dirty and refer to tip #1 about bringing a change of clothes. 

Be kind and respectful: we had a blast while tubing and everyone was great. But during busier times, there may be some jostling of uncontrollable giant tubes at the top or people not paying attention at the bottom or on . Have patience and be kind.

Fire pit at Zip 'N Slip
Fire pit at Zip ‘N Slip

Tickets to Zip ‘N Slip 

You can get tickets for an hour or two hours. One hour is $30/person and two hours is $45/person. Kids must be at least 3-years-old to go tubing and kids ages 3-5 are free and must ride in the lap of an adult. 

You can – and should, especially on busy holiday weekends – make reservations online. Save time by filling out your waiver and bringing it with you.

Zip ‘N Slip also offers discounted rates for school and homeschool groups of 15 or more. Keep an eye out for Homeschool Day as well since tickets are heavily discounted. We scored $15/person tickets for two hours of tubing during a recent Homeschool Day!


The snow tubing park is usually open from mid-December through mid-January Monday-Saturday from 9 am – 9 pm and Sundays from 9 am – 6 pm. From mid-January through early March, the park is open Friday-Sunday and holidays like President’s Day and MLK Jr. Day. They also have special events like Homeschool Day. Follow their Facebook page for details.  

Stay in Mars Hill, NC

If you want to make your stay a little longer, here’s where to stay in Mars Hill, NC near Zip ‘N Slip.

Kidding Around earns when you book through this map through an affiliate relationship with Stay22.

Bonus Day Trip Fun 

Because the snow tubing park was a bit of a drive, my kids and I wanted to extend our adventure a bit. So we went to explore nearby Burnsville, NC and had such a great time! The little town has a beautiful downtown and town square. They have several shops that sell homemade items like scarves, clothing, and hats plus an adorable toy store, a huge general store, a specialty tea shop, a beautiful shoe store, and lots more. 

Burnsville NC
Scenes from Burnsville, NC

While we didn’t eat in Burnsville, there are a couple restaurants plus a coffee shop right along the main street area of the town. We spent about two hours wandering around the shops till our hearts content and could not have been more smitten with the town. I certainly plan to go back and explore it more when we are up in that area again!

Additionally, the Biltmore is on your way back from Greenville if you want to add that to your day trip itinerary. 

For more places to go snow tubing, see our big story on the Best Places to Go Skiing and Snow Tubing Near the Upstate

Zip ‘N Slip Snow Tubing Park
10725 US-23, Mars Hill, NC
Zip ‘N Slip Website | Zip ‘N Slip Facebook

West Greenville Community Center’s Playground is a Total Hit!

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Looking for a playground to visit? You may want to check out West Greenville Community Center’s playground in Greenville!

It’s winter and, yes, it can be cold. Really cold. However, we also get the occasional 60 degree day, in January. You know the kind. When you absolutely must spend as much time outside as possible, before it turns cold again. That’s the perfect day for one of the many awesome parks in Greenville!

Recently, I took the kids to a playground at the West Greenville Community Center. In case you haven’t noticed, Greenville’s West End is bursting with new life. The small, quaint streets are lined with art galleries, vintage shops and to-die-for restaurants. Tucked off the main road, away from all the activity, we found Greenville Rec’s newest addition to the community. It’s not very big, but the boys and I were impressed.

West Greenville Community Center Playground

A little about West Greenville Community Center’s playground

There’s ample space to throw down your picnic blanket. The next time we go, I plan to park myself under the huge Oak Tree. If the ground doesn’t appeal to you, there are two really nice, new tables and benches. The park has two regular slides, one double slide, several climbing apparatus and monkey bars. In spite of the cold, we had a really nice time.

There’s good news and bad news for parents of younger children. The good news is, there’s mulch. The bad news is, there’s mulch. You’ll want to use the set of eyes in the back of your head for the little ones who put anything and everything in their mouths.

Honestly, there’s only so much a girl can write about a playground. So, here’s a short list of comments thrown at me from the back seat on our way home:

“Do we have to leave?”

“Even though there aren’t any swings, it was still fun.”

“Can we come back tomorrow?”

“I’m glad we didn’t have to drive far.”

“I really want to ride that spin around-thingy again!”

Playground benches at West Greenville Community Center in Greenville SC

Visit West Greenville Community Center for yourself

8 Rochester Street
Greenville, SC 29601
Visit the West Greenville Community Center Park website.

Have you checked out the new playground at West Greenville Community Center yet?

5 Awesome Mountain Spots To Go Sledding in NC for FREE

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Can’t wait for some snow to go sledding? In South Carolina, you won’t find many places with snow for sledding, but sledding in NC is worth the day trip! South Carolina doesn’t frequently see a ton of snow, so if you’re looking to go sledding in South Carolina we recommend heading up to the mountains of Western North Carolina. So, grab those gloves and sleds and read on for sledding in NC. Enjoy some winter fun, for free!

Places to go snow sledding in North Carolina

Looking for a bit more excitement? Head to the Kidding Around list of The Best Ski Slopes and Snow Tubing Near Greenville

Where to Sled in Brevard, North Carolina

*Distance – Approximately 1 Hour from the Upstate
The Pisgah National Forest offers visitors plenty of space to play in the snow and pull sleds around.

One reader suggested the area behind Calvary Baptist Church for the perfect sledding hill.

Sledding off The Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

*Distance – Varies 1-3+ Hours from the Upstate
Moses H. Cone Memorial Park Milepost 294 on the Blue Ridge Parkway offers a safe spot for sledding, but getting to this spot might be tricky depending on the road conditions. The Parkway often closes during inclement weather, making reaching certain spots along this highway difficult to access. This is both a curse and a blessing. The Blue Ridge Parkway being shut down offers families a unique opportunity to sled right on the road.

For up-to-the-minute road closure information, head to the Road Closures on the Blue Ridge Parkway page. To take a peek at what Milepost 241 on the Parkway looks like, head to the Bluffs Restaurant Webcam.

For more safety tips and info about The Blue Ridge Parkway in winter, head to the Blue Ridge Parkway Facebook page.

Land of Oz overlook on Beech Mountain in North Carolina

Go Sledding in Beech Mountain, NC

*Distance – Approximately 2.5 Hours from the Upstate
Just north of Banner Elk, The mountain town of Beech Mountain is most famous for being the home of The Land of Oz. In addition to the Beech Mountain Resort located off Beech Mountain Parkway, the city offers a free sledding hill located right behind the Brick Oven Pizzeria at 110 Bark Park Way, Beech Mountain. This sledding hill’s location is new for 2024, and is said to be much better than the original one that was once behind the visitors center. It is larger and much safer due to increased parking, fenced-in location, and no obstructions in the middle of the run. There is also a bathroom and a playground, so you can plan to stay a while!

The Beech Mountain Sledding Hill is open seven days a week, weather permitting, and requires the use of a plastic sled. If you don’t have one handy, you can purchase or rent one from several of the ski shops around the mountain.

There is so much to see and do in Beech Mountain, while this is close enough to be a day trip, you will want to stay and explore! It has one of the more visited ski resorts on the East Coast and is a popular destination for winter sports! Check out the live Beech Mountain webcam, and the Buckeye Lake webcam to see the local conditions before you head out.

Where to Go Sledding in Boone, North Carolina

*Distance – Approximately 2.5 Hours from the Upstate
Near the eastern Tennesse border, Boone, North Carolina sees its fair share of snow. Depending on the driving conditions, this is an easy day trip to make for a day playing in the snow. Alternatively, you could plan a last-minute weekend getaway and stay overnight to play in the snow even longer. Head to The town of Boone’s webcam so you can check up on the snow status in real time!

Boone Jaycee Park & Strawberry Hill Overlook is a public park that offers sledding on Strawberry Hill. Be sure to stop for a bathroom break before you head to the park because the restrooms within walking distance are closed during the winter months.

Blowing Rock, North Carolina has several parks that offer a great opportunity for snow play! Blowing Rock Memorial Park has surfaces for older kids to slide down, as well as plenty of open flat areas for snow-play and building snow-folks. The Julian Price Memorial Park in Blowing Rock is also a great place for sledding.

*Approximate drive times are calculated from the Greenville/Spartanburg Airport and can vary based on road conditions. Please check for road closures and hazards before heading to a location listed here during or immediately after inclement weather.

Winter Guide to Greenville, SC

Find more amazing things to do with your family in our Kidding Around Winter Guide!

While visiting the mountains, check out our Guide to Western North Carolina to find things to do, places to stay, and fun activities.

Kidding Around WNC: things to do in Western North Carolina towns

13+ Places to Ski & Snow Tube: North Carolina & Beyond

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Looking to hit the slopes this winter? Head north for skiing and snow tubing in North Carolina. You’ll find many great ski and snow tube options including huge North Carolina ski resorts and super family-friendly North Carolina snow tubing parks. Of course, there are some great spots throughout the mountains for skiing and snow tubing in Tennessee and Georiga, too. Use our guide to find the best snow tubing near you, or a great ski slope closest to you. We’ve visited lots of these ski and snow tube places and you’ll find our reviews linked in each listing.

Best snow tubing, skiing, and tubing near Greenville, South Carolina

Snow Tubing in South Carolina

Are there places to go snow tubing in South Carolina?
Are there any South Carolina ski resorts?
Where are the ski slopes near me?

The short answer is “No.” If you want to ski, snow tube, or snowboard you’ll need to head out of South Carolina. But, the good news is that there is most definitely skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing very near South Carolina. You’ll just need to head up to North Carolina for most of it.

There are some great spots just an hour or two from Upstate, SC, and two to three hours from the Midlands, SC.

Snow tubing at Black Bear in Hendersonville, NC
Blackbear Snow Tubing

Snow Tubing North Carolina

Check out this video of our trip to Blackbear Snow Tubing.

Quick Guide: Ski and Snow Tube Near You!

Here’s a quick list of locations by activity.
Scroll down for a description of each park and resort!
*Tubing Only Parks

Best Snow Tubing in North Carolina

Where to go Snow Tubing in Tennessee

Best Skiing in North Carolina

Where to go Snowboarding in NC

Ski Resort & Tube Park Map

And we made a map!

Some resorts have closings when the weather gets too warm. Be sure you check the resort website before planning your trip.

Moonshine Mountain Tubing in Western North Carolina
Our visit to Moonshine Mountain

Ski, Snowboard, and Snow Tube: North Carolina

Western North Carolina Ski Slopes and Best Snow Tubing in NC

Looking for the closest ski slopes to Greenville, SC? The ski resorts and slopes in Western North Carolina are nearest to Greenville, SC. You’ll find several options in the Asheville, Hendersonville, and Sapphire Valley areas. Here are the nearest ski slopes to Upstate, SC.

Hatley Pointe Resort

Hatley Pointe, formerly Wolf Ridge Snow Tubing Park and Ski Resort, in Mars Hill, NC brands itself as a boutique mountain resort with slopes, restaurants, and bars.

Hatley Pointe
578 Valley View Circle, Mars Hill, NC

Moonshine Mountain

Moonshine Mountain in Hendersonville, NC was mentioned by several Kidding Around Greenville readers when we asked you where to go tubing. Located just over an hour from Greenville, this snow tubing-only park offers two hours of tubing for $40 per person. Be sure to check their current hours before making the trip. Minimum height is 36″.

Note: This is a cash-only business, with an ATM on site.

Read our Moonshine Mountain review for special tips on making the most of your time there. Target opening date is December 20, 2023.

Moonshine Mountain
5865 Willow Road, Hendersonville, NC

Ski Sapphire Valley

Sapphire Valley, North Carolina was also mentioned as one reader’s go-to for fun in the snow. Sapphire Valley offers ski school, Frozen Falls Tube Park, The Vordach Zipline Experience, and, of course, snow skiing. Plus Sapphire Valley is under two hours from Greenville so it makes for an easy day trip. There are no height or weight restrictions.

They open on December 16th, 2023. Read our Sapphire Valley review here.

Sapphire Valley
127 Cherokee Trail, Sapphire Valley, NC

Snow tubing at Sapphire Valley in Western North Carolina
Our snow tubing trip to Sapphire Valley

Zip n Slip

Located just outside Asheville in Mars Hill, NC, Zip-n-Slip is open daily during mid-December-mid-January and then weekends through early March. They’ve got a fire pit, hot chocolate, nachos, and hot dogs on -site.

Read our full review of tubing at Zip ‘N Slip!

Prices start at $30/pp for an hour (it’s $22.50 for military, police, fire, and EMS persons) and go up to $45/pp for two hours. Unlike other snow tubing places, Zip-n-Slip allows kids ages 3-5 to ride in the same tube as an adult. Kids must be at least 3 years old for tubing. Kids 5 and under are free. The target open date is December 15th, 2023, and you can easily book your ticket online.

Check their website or Facebook page for the latest info on weather and hours.

Zip n Slip
10725 US Highway 23 North, Mars Hill, NC

Zip 'N Slip Snow Tubing Park
Tubing at Zip ‘N Slip

Scaly Mountain Outdoor Center

About two hours from the Upstate, the Scaly Mountain Outdoor Center has snow tubing all winter long for $35-40 per person for two hours for adults and kids. Snow tubing is open as of November 30, 2023.

Kids must be at least 4 years old and 42 inches tall to ride. Scaly Mountain has a kiddie snow tube area for two hours for $20. Scaly Mountain is near Highlands, NC and they also have ice skating available. A combo two-hour tubing ticket plus one hour of ice skating is $50/person. Snow tubing is open now.

Scaly Mountain
7420 Dillard Road, Scaly Mountain, NC

Cataloochee Ski and Tube World

Cataloochee Ski Area and Tube World in Maggie Valley, NC is another reader favorite.  Also offering tubing, ski school, and skiing, this is a great option for families who don’t want to drive that far. Kids must be 42″ tall to snow tube. They do offer an area where kids under that height can pay to play with tubes but not go down the slopes.

Tubing costs $35/person on weekdays and $40/person on weekends.

1080 Ski Lodge Road, Maggie Valley, NC

Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing

Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing is also a two-hour drive from Greenville and offers snow tubing that even the little ones will love. This snow tubing destination has staff photographers to capture action shots of your family so you can remember your fun day long after it’s over. They open on December 18th, 2023, and require reservations.

Rates are $30/ages 7+ and $20/age 6 and under for an hour of tubing or $45/person and $30/age 6 and under for two hours of tubing. Kids must be able to sit up on their own to go down in a tube. No lap riding.

Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing
9472 Highway 181, Jonas Ridge, NC

Black Bear Snow Tubing

Black Bear Snow Tubing in Hendersonville is pretty close to home and a lot of fun. Check out our Black Bear Tubing review for all the details. Tickets are $40 per 2 hours of tubing or $30 for one hour. Children under 4 or under 40 lbs are not permitted to tube and kids ages 4-6 must be accompanied by an adult but every tuber gets their own tubes, even kids. They accept cash and credit cards and, to save time, sign your waiver online.

Sliding down in a tube at Black Bear Tubing

Check out our Kidding Around review of Black Bear Tubing for all the information.

Hours vary so check their Facebook page or website before you go. You can reserve tickets online (which we recommend).

Black Bear Snow Tubing
373 Kerr Road, Hendersonville, NC

Crowders Ridge Camp

Hear us out: this place has snowless snow tubing at their camp, which they call Chutes. It looks really fun and is only an hour and 20 minutes from Greenville. They have four lanes, which are 225 feet long and you can go pretty fast, up to 15 mph. You need to make reservations in advance, which you can do through their website. The tubing is all outdoors so dress accordingly.

Each ticket includes 3 hours of tubing time and proceeds support the camp. There is no official age limit but they suggest kids need to be at least five years old (younger kids can tube at the discretion of their parents). Tickets are $25/person. Hours are Friday & Saturday nights with slots at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30 pm.

Crowders Camp Chutes
4914 Linwood Road, Kings Mountain NC

Skiing and Snow Tubing in North Carolina High Country

Looking for a great ski resort in North Carolina? Head to the North Carolina High Country where you’ll find a variety of resorts offering all kinds of winter fun. You will have no trouble finding someplace great to ski, tube or even ice skate. If you’re ambitious, you could even hit more than one ski resort in a single weekend.

Appalachian Ski Mountain

Appalachian Ski Mountain is located just outside downtown Blowing Rock and offers a little bit of everything. Not only can you ski or snowboard, but you can also ice skate too! They are open for the 2022-23 season now and reservations are required.

Appalachian Ski offers three different ski school options for kids. Choose either Ski Wee for kids as young as 4 or Cruiser Camp for kids 7 – 12 who want to give snowboarding a try. Both of these camps offer 2 and 4-hour sessions. The newest program, Mountain Challengers, is for kids who are a bit more experienced and want to try intermediate terrain.

While App Ski Mountain has a rustic lodge with dining and shopping inside, there is no inn so you’ll have to head down the mountain after your day on the slopes is over. The slopes end very close to the ski school area so parents can check in on kids at ski school every so often. 

Read a mom review of Appalachian Ski Mountain here.

Appalachian Ski Mountain
940 Ski Mountain Road, Blowing Rock, NC

Hawksnest Snow Tubing

Hawksnest Snow Tubing is 2.5 hours from Greenville and worth the drive.  There is no hiking up the slopes here as they have magic carpets that allow you to save your energy for the tubing. The opening date is December 1, 2023.

Hawksnest is the largest snow tubing park in the east with 30 lanes of fun. You can make online reservations here and they are open now. Tubers must be at least three years old and tickets are $35/person on weekdays and $40-47/person on weekends and holidays for an hour and 45 minutes of tubing.

Hawksnest Tubing Park
2058 Skyland Drive, Seven Devils, NC

Sugar Mountain

With 20 slopes and trails, plus four tubing runs many think of Sugar Mountain first when planning a ski trip close to home. Sugar Mountain also offers multiple lodging options, some slope side, so you don’t have to pack up the car when you’re done skiing for the day.

Tickets are $34-50 per person during weekdays and weekends are $34-84 per person. Ages three and four are free with a ticketed adult. Sessions are an hour and 45 minutes long. Kids must be ages 3 and up to tube. Tickets are sold first come first serve and will likely sell out.

They also offer half or full-day ski or snowboard school for kids as young as five years old. Kidding Around Greenville reader Kim warned that holiday weekends can get pretty crowded so be prepared if you’re planning a trip to Sugar over Presidents’ Day Weekend this year. They are currently open.

Sugar Mountain Resort is just 10 minutes from Banner Elk, NC.

Sugar Mountain Resort
1009 Sugar Mountain Drive, Sugar Mountain, NC

Beech Mountain

Just up the road from Sugar Mountain is Beech Mountain Resort, the highest ski resort in the Eastern United States. Beech Mountain Resort offers skiing, snowboarding, a terrain park, tubing, and ice skating.

Little ones as young as 3 can get in on ski school at Beech so the whole family can ski! Ski school students are placed into groups based on age and skill levels. Like Sugar, Beech Mountain offers multiple lodging options if you prefer to ski right out the door and onto the slopes.

Tubing guests must be at least 42″ tall and tickets are $34/weekdays and $42/weekends and holidays. Tickets are sold the day of starting at 9 am on a first come first serve basis.

There is also a free sledding hill right in the center of town. You can’t miss it as it’s on the main road that goes through the small town.

Beech Mountain Resort
1007 Beech Mountain Parkway, Beech Mountain, NC

Snow Tubing Slopes in North Georgia

Lanier Islands

Margaritaville at Lanier Islands in Georgia has fast and high runs on Parrot Mountain for snow tubing. The slide is eight stories high and 575 feet long. The minimum height for snow tubing is 42″ inches tall and one person per tube is allowed.

Tickets are sold to the entire “License to Chill” area which includes snow tubing, ice skating, the snow play area, and amusement rides. They offer day and winter passes. There are also discounts when purchasing online.

Margaritaville at Lanier Islands
7650 Lanier Islands Parkway, Buford, Georgia 

Snow Tubing in Tennessee

Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snow Park
2155 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Pigeon Forge Snow

This snow tubing place is open all year round because it’s indoors! This place has real snow for the tubing lanes plus a snow area where kids can build forts and snowmen. Plus, it’s always around 60-70 degrees inside so you aren’t freezing. Kids must be 38″ tall to tube. If not, you can buy them a ticket just to play in the snow.

Tickets start at $29.99 for an hour of snow tubing and at $36.99 for tubing plus 30 minutes of snow play. No reservations are needed.

Pigeon Forge Snow
2533 Teaster Lane, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Indoor snow tubing at Pigeon Forge Snow
Pigeon Forge Snow

Ober Gatlinburg

 Ober is one of the oldest entertainment areas in Gatlinburg that gets mixed reviews. They have snow tubing, skiing, and snowboarding over the winter. Book online because they do sell out. Also note that parking is an extra fee. Kids need to be at least 3 years old to tube.

Tubing sessions are 90 minutes long and start at $35/person. Prices are higher on weekends.

Ober Gatlinburg
1001 Parkway Suite 2, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Ski Vacations on the East Coast

So, you’re looking for a serious ski vacation without having to book a flight? Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia offers 251 acres of fun and a total of 57 trails! Snowshoe offers everything you’ll need for a fantastic ski vacation, all at the top of the mountain! 

This West Virginia hot spot offers a lot; everything from ski school to a tube park, snowmobiling, shopping, dining, entertainment, lots of lodging options, and even an inn and spa. Snowshoe offers some pretty great package deals on skiing.

Snowshoe Mountain
10 Snowshoe Drive, Snowshoe, WV

Did your favorite place to snow ski or tube make our list? If not we’d love for you to fill us in!

Winter Guide to Spartanburg, SC

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Are you looking for things to do this winter in Spartanburg, SC? Our Winter Guide is full of our best winter content with ideas about things to do this winter, places to go, winter travel, shopping and more! Enjoy the Upstate this winter!

Spartanburg Winter guide

Winter Treats

Wintertime is perfect for a steaming cup of something warm and delicious. Check out these places our readers recommend for hot chocolate and a great cup of coffee in Spartanburg.

Dine Outdoors This Winter

Want to eat outdoors? These Spartanburg restaurants have heated outdoor patios and dining spaces. You can enjoy a meal outside even if it’s a bit chilly out there.

Get Outdoors This Winter in Spartanburg

Where to Hike This Winter Near Spartanburg, SC

Get outdoors and hike this winter! Here’s a list of parks and trails in and near Spartanburg that are perfect for wintertime hikes.

Ski and Snow Tube Near Upstate, SC

While there might not be snow on the ground here in Spartanburg, nearby there are several places where you can enjoy winter on the snowy slopes for tubing and skiing. See Places to Ski and Snow Tube Near Spartanburg and Upstate SC.

Waterfall Driving Tour

Hunt out some frozen waterfalls in nearby Western North Carolina. Make a day of it with this Waterfall Driving Tour of WNC. See all these waterfalls without any hiking. This tour is a Kidding Around staff and reader favorite day trip adventure.

Winter Getaways

Winter cabin rentals near Greenville, South Carolina

Book one of these cozy mountain vacation rentals. Bring some hot cocoa and a good book and maybe you’ll even get some snow. With all the amenities at these rentals, like fireplaces, pool tables, and hot tubs, we don’t think you’ll mind getting snowed in!

Indoor Things to Do This Winter Near Spartanburg

Indoor Guide of Spartanburg, SC Things to Do

Here’s our gigantic list of indoor things to do in Spartanburg, SC. You’ll find activities for families with kids of all ages including trampoline parks, pottery studios, museums, libraries and so much more!

Indoor Things to Do with Your Preschooler

Keep the little kids busy with these indoor things to do.

Winter Consignment Sales

Fill up the kids’ closet this year for less with these winter consignment sales.

What is your favorite winter activity to do in Spartanburg, SC?

Winter Guide to Greenville, SC: Things to Do

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Are you looking for things to do this winter with your kids in Greenville? You can find all the information that you need and more here on Kidding Around Greenville. We have free things to do from hikes to museums, winter markets, places to hit the slopes, things to do indoors and so much more!

Caesars Head State Park

Free and Inexpensive Things to Do in Greenville in the Winter

We love free things to do in Greenville and we know our readers do, too! Here’s a list of things to do in Greenville that won’t cost a dime. And, we’ve included a section of some low-cost things to do. These are things that will cost a family of 4 $20 or less to do.

Play Outdoors this Winter in Greenville

Ice on Main

Downtown Greenville’s outdoor ice skating rink, Ice on Main is open through January 15th, 2024. Rent some skates and enjoy this time-honored winter activity in beautiful Downtown Greenville, SC.

Here’s a fun video of our visit to Ice on Main!

Winter Hikes near Greenville

Winter is a great time to go for a hike near Greenville! Avoid the unpleasant heat and humidity of a summer hike, and discover the views hiding behind the leaves on the trees now that they’ve fallen to the ground.

Skate on the Big Ice

Ever wonder what it is like to ice skate on the same rink as professional hockey players? This is your chance! On select dates throughout December, you can lace up your ice skate and skate on the rink at Bon Secour Wellness Arena! They also have Skate Roll and Stroll ADA sessions available twice in December.

Ski and Snow Tube Near Greenville

While there might not be snow on the ground here in Greenville, nearby there are several places where you can enjoy winter on the snowy slopes for tubing and skiing.

See Places to Ski and Snow Tube Near Greenville.

Waterfall Driving Tour

Hunt out some frozen waterfalls in nearby Western North Carolina. Make a day of it with this Waterfall Driving Tour of WNC. See all these waterfalls without any hiking. This tour is a Kidding Around staff and reader favorite day trip adventure.

WNC waterfall driving tour

Visit a Park with a Sunny Playground

Sunny parks are ideal for winter fun and helping burn off energy. Here’s a list of Greenville’s Sunny Parks. They’re bright and sunny, so they’re great when the weather is a little cool.

Warm Up With Hot Cocoa This Winter

Heated Outdoor Dining in the Upstate

Want to go out for a meal but sit outdoors? These restaurants have heated patio spaces for outdoor dining no matter the temperature.

Shop Local in Greenville This Winter

Toasty Farmer- Winter Farmer’s Market

It may be winter, but there are still lots of fresh veggies, meat, dairy products, and more available in the update. Visit the Toast Farmer and indoor farmer’s market for your winter supply of local foods straight from the farmer.

Winter Consignment Sales

Wintertime consignment sales are your chance to prep your child’s closet for warmer weather. Here’s a list of Greenville area consignment sales to put on your calendar.

Winter Getaways

Book one of these cozy mountain vacation rentals. Bring some hot cocoa, and a good book, and maybe you’ll even get some snow. With all the amenities at these rentals, like fireplaces, pool tables, and hot tubs, we don’t think you’ll mind getting snowed in!

Things to do Indoors this Winter in Greenville

Guide to things to do indoors near Greenville, South Carolina

Indoor Guide of Things to Do in Greenville

If you’re looking for something to do indoors in Greenville, you’ve just hit the jackpot. Here’s our giant list of things to do indoors in Greenville. No matter the weather, these are great options.

Indoor Things to Do with Preschoolers in Greenville

There are a lot of things to do indoors, but sometimes when you have a little one in tow, choosing an appropriate activity can be a little challenging. Here’s a list of things to do indoors in Greenville for families with preschool-aged kids.

Tot Times in Greenville

Looking for special times at your favorite venues just for little ones to roam? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a round-up of local tot time programs including local gyms, trampoline parks, art studios, and more!

Family Friendly Gyms

One place to hide away from the rain or cold is a great gym. The gyms in this list are reader-recommended for being family friendly with features like child care, parent and child classes, pools, parent’s night out, and more.

What is your favorite thing to do during the winter in Greenville?

50+ Things to Do This Winter Break: Greenville, SC

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Need ideas for things to do this winter break? Greenville and Upstate students are out of school for the next couple of weeks, so we’ve put together a huge list of over 50 things in the Upstate that you can do with your kids during the winter break. You’ll find fun activities, day trip ideas, and ways to have a great time while keeping your kids busy while school is out.

Things to do during winter break with your kids in Greenville, South Carolina

If you have any more suggestions for ways to keep your children busy while school is out let us know in the comments!
This list contains affiliate links and may include non-paid mentions of KAG sponsors.

Winter Guide to Greenville, SC

Don’t let the cold bring you down.

Our KA Winter Guide to Greenville, SC will help you plan the best day ever!

Have fun this winter with these FREE & cheap things to do near Greenville, SC.

Winter break camp

Keep your kids busy at one of these winter break camps near Greenville, SC.

Kidding Around Greenville events calendar for Greenville, SC

Stuck on what to do? Our events calendar is full of the best events for families in the Upstate!


25 Fantastic Local Coffee Shops: Greenville, SC

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Looking for a great coffee shop in Greenville, SC? If you’re craving the perfect cup of coffee, espresso, or your favorite coffee-based beverage, this list of local coffee shops near Greenville, SC should have just what you need. Most places on this list offer drip or pour-over coffee, unique specialty lattes, or a fabulous view and relaxing atmosphere to hang out. Each of these Greenville coffee shops is locally owned and unique. No chains here!

We’re pretty sure the best coffee in Greenville, SC is on this list.

Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

And if you’re looking for great restaurants, we’ve got a round-up of the best restaurants near Greenville, SC!