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Working Parents Guide to Greenville, SC

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Are you one of the working parents out there who feels like they are missing out on the fun events in Greenville with their children due to long work hours or a full-time job? Our Working Parents Guide includes a variety of activities and ideas to maximize your time away from work, so you can have more worry-free fun with your kids.

This guide is written for working parents who can’t do things with their kids during the typical 9 am – 5 pm workday. We recognize your struggle and we want to help! Below you will find events, activities, childcare, services, and ideas to maximize the time you do have with your children outside of work.

This article includes:
Things to Do With Kids After Work in Greenville
Childcare in Greenville
Quick Meals
Cleaning Services in Greenville, SC
Grocery Delivery in Greenville, SC
Recharge and Relax in Greenville, SC


7 of the Best Companies in Greenville for Working Parents

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If work isn’t stressful enough, parenting probably is, or vice versa. Between the two, it’s a perennial challenge for new or working parents to make the most of both worlds. Luckily, some companies in Greenville are going above and beyond to support their employees who also happen to be parents. We spoke with a number of companies to see who offers the best perks and policies for new parents. Here’s what we learned!

Thank you to GVLToday for providing this content!

NOTE – This content was written in 2018, so policies may have changed since publication.

Best Companies for Moms in Greenville


Leading off, EP+Co promotes a balance of work and life that focuses on the personal and professional commitments of modern-day families. Their family policy was developed after reviewing best-in-class policies across a several industries. To name a few:

12 weeks paid maternity and 2 weeks paid paternity
4 week phasing back into work after leave with the option of reduced hours and work-from home
State-of-the-art mother’s room in the office
Milk Stork shipping service, paid for by EP+Co
Adoption Assistance Programs
‘EP Cares’ program that reimburses parents up to $150 for services like babysitting and house cleaning
Annual paid-time-off for family obligations

Elliott Davis

Along with EP+Co, Elliott Davis has a fully-paid 12-week maternity leave, and a two week paternity leave. A spokesperson for the company noted that they are currently reviewing their paternity leave policy to consider expanding it in the future. In the office, there are multiple private rooms with refrigerators for nursing moms. Employees can work from home as needed to allow for greater flexibility in balancing work and life. Overall, the company is committed to a “family first” culture that promotes the ability to pursue a career without sacrificing time for family.


We’re not too surprised to see Michelin as a top contender. They are Forbes’ No. 1 Large Employer in 2018, and they too offer a full 12-week paid maternity leave. For any employee who is the spouse or certified domestic partner to a new mom, they too get two weeks leave with full pay. Michelin has a business resource group that provides support for parents, managers, and peers of parents. And going further, they have an Employee Assistance program that helps working parents identify counseling and childcare services as needed. Employees with a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account receive a company-paid match up to $500 to assist with childcare costs.

Brains on Fire

Bring your baby to work?! Yep! The creative minds at Brains on Fire have some of the more creative policies that we’ve seen. While they only cover 40% of salary during a 6-week maternity leave, they allow new mom’s to bring their baby to work until they’re 6 months old or crawling. This especially helps mom’s who are nursing. The office offers a range of options for private and clean areas to use for pumping. Brains on Fire’s maternity leave doesn’t include vacation time, which can be used to extend leave if applicable.

Palmetto Technology Group

PTG provides a fully paid maternity and paternity leave for all employees. The biggest area where they shine though, is a company-wide focus on work/life balance. Overtime is very rare, and the company offers a generous paid-time-off policy — and somewhat uniquely, employees are expected to actually use their time off. When you’re not working, you are not expected to do or think about work. We also have an employee assistance program that includes family support.


If you’ve worked at Chartspan for one year or longer, you get a full 6-week paid maternity leave. But the real kicker is that on average they cover 90% of medical, dental, and vision for their employees AND their full families as well. Big perk? Chartspan is located in the heart of downtown Greenville on Main Street.


DOM360 offers a 6-week maternity that covers up to 60% of an employee’s salary after their PTO is exhausted. The company has private nursing rooms for new moms. Beyond that, they emphasize flexibility for parents, even adjusting work arrival and departure times if needed. Plus, Friday afternoons are work from home. WOOHOO!! Overall, DOM360 believes that having a happy and successful workplace means that the employees are happy and successful in other parts of their lives, including their family life.

Is there a local company you think should be on this list? Add it in the comments!