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Are you looking for a way to instill gratitude and thankfulness in your children this Thanksgiving? Greenville mom, Lacey, shares how her family makes and uses a Thankful Tree. Use her suggestions to celebrate Thanksgiving and teach gratitude this holiday season.

This fall we’ve completely acquired an idea from our friends – and probably dozens of other families too – A Thankful Tree.  Or  – more accurately – A Bunch of Thankful Sticks. ~Lacey Keigley

Such a simple idea

It was easy to designate the task of securing branches to my boy – he took the assignment seriously.  We stashed the sticks in a jar of chickpeas (because I had a jar of them and I do not recall the day I ever bought them which means they most certainly had long since expired).  I cut out some leaves on autumn-colored paper and my five year old gleefully punched holes in the leaves.

It’s so easy.  All I did was place the leaves and a sharpie on the table by the tree.  And suddenly – our little tree is loaded with thanks.  We haven’t even had to encourage the kids to jot down their thanks.  They’ve been spontaneously filing it up since we stuck it there.

thankful tree

(Why don’t I leave one of those out all year long?)

They’ve written down food and friends and family and fishing.  (No, not all of them begin with the letter f!)  My youngest children have been drawing pictures when they cannot spell the words they wish to write.  The branches are really being filled every day.  All I know is – it can never be too many leaves of thanks for me.  I’ll happily cut out dozens more.

Our friend suggested that we just take these down on Thanksgiving day and read all of our thanks out loud together.  I think it’s a perfect little plan.

Ready to go make your own Thankful Tree now?  Thought so.

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Lacey Keigley is the mother of six children - five of whom she homeschools. She thinks old wooden crates make the best bookshelves. She hangs worn out barn tin on her walls and calls it art. She believes raising her six children is the scariest and the wildest journey she has ever taken. She likes the magic of sunlight through the old bottles on her kitchen shelf. She blogs about education and parenting and grace and unexpected adventures on her blog SoEveryDay. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest.

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