Summer Time Treats: Find the Best Frozen Desserts in Upstate, SC

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Is it time for some ice cream in Greenville? How about a milkshake in Spartanburg? Summer time is here and our readers have checked-in with their favorite summer time frozen treats. We compiled their answers to help you find the perfect ice cream cone, the most delicious snow cone and even some very unique milkshakes. Enjoy your summer time treat and don’t forget to let us know if your favorite isn’t on our lists!

Milkshakes in Upstate, SC

Milkshakes, in my opinion, have a significant advantage on a hot day. When melting, milkshakes stay in the cup, unlike an ice cream cone. When my kids were small, milkshakes were my summer kid treat of choice for this reason. Less stressful, no rush. You need to take an hour to drink your milkshake? Not a problem.

Find Fabulous Milkshakes in Greenville with our milkshake list. You can also make a day of milkshakes, load up the kids and share a milkshake at each of these spots on our Greenville Milkshake Tour.

If you’re on the Spartanburg side of the Upstate, here’s our Milkshakes in Spartanburg list.

Milkshake from Molly and Miles

Snow Cones and Shaved Ice Near Greenville and Spartanburg

The summer time treat with oodles of flavor options, snow cones and shaved ice are super popular in the upstate. We asked our readers about their favorite shaved ice and snow cones and you can read their suggestions in Best Snow Cones and Shaved Ice in Upstate, SC. There are even a few Italian ice recommendations.

Shaved Ice from Pinguinos Hermanos

Ice Cream in the Upstate

Ice cream, the classic summer treat. Eat in a cone, eat in a bowl, eat it in a sandwich. Nearly endless topping choices and your ice cream is never the same twice. My kids still ask for it in a bowl with the cone on top like a hat. It’s all good.

If you’re on the Greenville side of the Upstate, here’s our readers’ favorite ice cream in Greenville. Of course, we also have the Best Ice Cream Spots in Spartanburg if you’re on the Spartanburg end of own.

Ice cream from Pickwick Pharmacy

Did we miss your favorite summer treat spot? Let us know!

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2 years ago

You need a frozen coffee category!!!… and the frappes and iced coffees at Palmetto Proper needs to be top of the list 😍😍😍

2 years ago
Reply to  Meredith

That is such a good idea!