That Trail of Lights Making It’s Way Across The Nighttime Sky Isn’t Aliens

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If you’ve recently looked up towards the nighttime sky and seen a strange trail of lights dotted across the sky wondering if it was alien lifeforms, fear not. It’s just Elon Musk bringing internet service to the masses.

What Is SpaceX?

The man responsible for PayPal and Tesla has undertaken the task of re-inventing the way internet service is provided to people. Elon Musk started SpaceX in 2002 with the intention of creating a system of satellites orbiting the earth. These satellites are launched into space 60 at a time, with three launches having occurred so far. Once launched, they travel in a train across the midnight sky heading toward their final destination. SpaceX hopes to include up to 12,000 satellites in a mega constellation. When completed, the system will provide internet service 47% faster than the service currently provided by fiber-optic cables.

How To View The SpaceX Satellite Train

The good news is that you won’t need any equipment to view the train of dining table-sized satellites. Visiting a tracking website and entering your location, will provide you with the approximate time to look up to the sky. You’ll need to set a timer to remind you because most days the viewing window is only a few minutes long. For the older kids in your family, researching these satellites would make a cool topic for supplemented science lessons.

Families in the Upstate have already caught glimpse of this man-made spectacle.

Has your family seen the SpaceX Satellite Train in the sky yet?

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