Reach Your Wellness Goals with the YMCA of Greenville’s Flex Fit

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Nearly everyone starts a new year with great intentions to get healthier, but then life happens. And when you’re a parent, it can feel like your time is not your own, and because of that it can become hard to find the time to pursue physical activity.

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Let the Y Plan Your Workout with Flex Fit

The Y’s most successful members will tell you that having a plan when they get to the Y is one of the secrets to their success. But if you’re new to working (or it’s been a while), or if you’re a busy parent, coming up with a plan can be daunting. Thanks to the Y’s new signature wellness program Flex Fit, the Y will do the planning for you. 

Flex Fit is a flexible wellness program that meets you where you are and moves you toward your fitness goals, no matter what those goals are. Flex Fit is organized around the “Flex Fit Tracks,” each one designed to get you to a goal.

  • Flex Fit Basics: Great for those who are new to exercise altogether
  • Flex Fit Endurance: A plan for those who want to take on an endurance event like a 5K, 10K, marathon, or obstacle course
  • Flex Fit Power building: A plan for those who want to get stronger or put on muscle mass
  • Flex Fit Shred: A plan for those who want to lose weight, get stronger, and tone up.

Every time you come to the Y, log your workout on the Flex Fit App, and your next workout will be ready for you on your next visit. (You can find links to download the app on the Flex Fit page on our website.)

Not interested in one of the tracks? There will be a new workout posted daily on the Y’s website and at all of the locations. Just come to the Y and do the Workout of the Day. 

Getting onboard with Flex Fit at the Y is easy. Just become a Y member! Flex Fit is included in all YMCA of Greenville memberships. Visit any YMCA of Greenville location to join or join online.

Let the Y Watch Your Kids while You Work Out

The YMCA of Greenville understands the busy parent experience, and they make it easy for parents to take time for themselves with Childwatch, which is included in all Household and Adult with Dependent memberships. While your kids play age appropriate games with their peers, you can go to a group exercise class, work out on the wellness floor, or even take a moment for a cup of coffee and a book. 

What are your fitness goals for 2020?

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