• Prisma Health Jan 2024
  • Int'l Ballet April 2024
  • YMCA June 2024
  • CCES May 2024
  • SCCT April 2024
  • Five Oaks May 2024

Check In Procedures

Weather permitting, we will start checking-in guests by 6 pm outside. Please bring your e-ticket issued by Simple Tix. Your hand will be stamped once you have been checked in.

Once your hand has been stamped, you may get a Kona from Kona Ice of Greenville outside the event. Please note that food may not be brought into the building. Kona Ice will remain outside from 6-7 pm.

Doors will open by 6:30 pm. You may enter with your stamped hand or by scanning your ticket at the door. Please understand that we work hard to get everyone in the building as safely and quickly as possible but it will take several minutes to check everyone in.