10 Inexpensive Things To Do This Spring Break

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Searching for cheap things to do over spring break? Spring Break fun doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of things to do to in the Greenville area and at home that will quickly fill up the downtime during the break and even better, don’t require a ton of energy or planning. Spring Break for Greenville County Schools is March 20th – 24th, 2023, so making your plans with these inexpensive ideas will make it full of memories and fun! Read on to discover ten cheap things to do in Greenville this spring break.

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Have Fun Over Spring Break Without Breaking the Bank

1. Get that Garden Going

Have a garden? Spring break is the perfect time to plant seeds or grab starter plants from the garden store and prepare for a bountiful summer of homegrown fruits and vegetables. Clemson University has this handy chart for the best times to plant during the year.

If you don’t have the space for a garden, small pots can be used without taking up too much space. If that doesn’t work, Greenville County offers Community Gardens all around town where garden beds are available to purchase inexpensively and where you can grow vegetables and get tips from other community members about best gardening practices. You can also grab free seeds from your local library during one of their pop up seed library events.

2. Family Movie Night

This is my go-to solution for cheap fun at home with the kids. It’s easy to pop some popcorn and dig through our movies or rent something online. Spread out a blanket and pillows and enjoy a family movie night. Some of my family favorite films are any of the Shrek movies, Hook, Zootopia, and E.T.

3 . Camping in the Backyard

For the brave parents and their kids, set up a tent outside and camp overnight in the backyard (or do it during the day – still fun and adventurous). Grill hot dogs and roast marshmallows and you’ve got a legit camping experience. Plus, if anyone gets scared, you’re close to a real bed and roof.

4. Hang out at the Library

The Greenville County Library system is huge and they have an array of programs for kids of all ages. There are also kid-only areas with computers, Legos, and sometimes, little castles with knights and ladies available for play. If you can’t get to the library, check out their online offerings.

5. Become an amateur astronomer

Stargazing is a free activity that kids love. There are so many cool tales of the constellations in Greek and Roman mythology that parents can read to their children while trying to find the stars in the night sky.

Or check out the incredible planetarium at the Roper Mountain Science Center for their Friday night Starry Nights programs ($6 for adults, $5 for kids 5-12, military and senior citizens, and free for members and kids under 3).

6. Take a Hike

We always put hiking on our list of inexpensive things to do in the Greenville area because there are tons of great natural parks here with awesome hiking trails. We even made a huge Hiking Guide to help you out.

7. Bike + Picnic

Either rent a bike or take your own along the Swamp Rabbit Trail for a nice ride. Make a day of it by packing a picnic (or picking up stecca and local fruits from the Swamp Rabbit Café along the trail) and enjoying the hopefully great weather.

If mountain biking is more your family’s preference, check out this list of mountain biking parks and trails near Greenville.

8. Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Most dollar stores or big box stores have cheap kites or for the crafty parents, you can make your own.  Legacy Park is especially spacious for running around with a kite. Cleveland Park and many other good parks for kite flying in the area have big, open spaces that work, too.

9. Clean Out Those Closets

This is a great activity for a low-key or rainy day during the break. As you change over clothes from spring to summer, this is an ideal time to gather gently used clothes and donate them to Goodwill, Miracle Hill, Safe Harbor, or the Salvation Army.

10. Volunteer

Meals on Wheels encourages families to volunteer with them and deliver meals to those in need. (Be sure to do an orientation beforehand, which are every Thursday at 9:30 am). You can also volunteer with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas, with children 8 and older being able to participate in most volunteer opportunities. Here is a list with some other ideas for volunteering in Greenville, too.

Bonus: For more ideas, check out our giant list of Free and Cheap Things to Do in Greenville, SC.

Do you have an inexpensive idea on how to have fun this Spring Break?

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