Date Night Ideas Including Your Baby near Greenville, SC

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Trying to plan a date night that will allow you to bring the baby along without any fuss? Date nights might seem like a thing of the past once you have a baby, so we are coming to the rescue with this list by Lindy Wilson. We have some great date ideas with a baby for parents in Greenville, SC that are perfect for when you need your tiny human to tag along.

You might think I’m crazy but going out on a date with your kid, when he is still a baby (or even a newborn), might be the easiest family outing you’ll have for years! Babies often will sleep in their stroller or sling, usually are pacified by snuggling (it’s fun to trade off during dinner!) and since they don’t talk, your conversations not only flow easier but are less restricted. So if sitters are hard to come by, consider just taking baby with you. Your biggest issue may just be that you will need a bigger purse! Below are some date ideas with babies suggested by our readers.

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Date Ideas with Your Baby

Shop at a Baby Store (or one with a fish tank)

One reader suggested walking around the Shops at Greenridge off Woodruff Road. You can also follow The Shops At Greenridge’s Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up with different events they host throughout the year like summer movies, holiday carriage rides, and live music.

You could also try Magnolia Park. Cabela’s has giant fish tanks that would entertain older babies.

Babies also love to look at all the fish tanks and animals at pet stores.

Scandi Tiny Coffee

Get Ice Cream or (Iced) Coffee

Most of our favorite ice cream shops, like Simpsonville’s Ice Cream Station, have a family atmosphere and outdoor areas so baby cries don’t echo. Smaller outings like ice cream instead of a full meal are often a nice way to test-taking baby out, too.

You might also try a coffee shop (or combination coffee shop/ice cream parlor like Spill the Beans in downtown Greenville or Spartanburg). To be safe, get iced coffee so you can hold baby and not worry about spilling.

Scandi Tiny is a tiny house coffee shop in Greer with lots of outdoor space. They have some delicious coffee and treats, too.

Walking Around Downtown Greenville

If you do decide to head downtown, many recommended walking around Main Street, the Reedy River, Falls Park, the Swamp Rabbit Trail (which extends up to Traveler’s Rest and down into Mauldin, with a few stops and starts).

Local Parks

You can also check out our many local parks- see our Greenville Park Guide for great suggestions like this toddler playground list or our list of stroller-friendly parks. All are great options for picnics too!

Baby-Friendly Restaurants

Swamp Rabbit Cafe is owned by two local moms and goes above and beyond to be child-friendly. They also have excellent sandwiches, soups, coffee, desserts, pizza and more!

PF Chang’s Asian Bistro is also located in the Shops at Greenridge and many readers noted they are very accommodating to families with babies, with car seat holder slings and general friendliness. We also love going there. Happy Hour appetizers, healthy kids’ meals, coloring, fortune cookies and more make it a favorite. We always have to pet the “ponies” (statues) outside. One reader noted she’s “nursed there with no problems”, which I have as well.

Once your baby is on solids, City Range near the mall has generous kids meals, that include dessert! We *may* share off our kids’ plates a LOT. Sounds like a very kid-friendly venue!

Runway Cafe beside Runway Park has great outdoor seating and there is a baby swing inside the playground.

Restaurants with outdoor dining can be a great place to bring a baby for a date. Fussy noises won’t echo off the walls and disrupt other diners, plus baby can watch the trees, birds or people walking by. If you’re looking for other dining options with outdoor seating, check out our list of restaurants with outdoor dining (including outdoor heating).

pomegranate restaurant Outdoor seating area
Outdoor dining is a great option when you have a baby along.

Drive-In Movies

The 25 Drive In located in Greenwood is one mom’s secret to going out to the movies with kids without the stress of a theater. It’s a bit of a drive but is well worth it according to our readers. There is also a small restaurant to grab a bite to eat.

So tell us, what’s your favorite place to go with baby?

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