The Ultimate Kid’s Classes and Activities Guide

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This is the Ultimate Guide for Activities for Kids in Greenville, SC and across the Upstate. That’s not just the title, that’s exactly what this guide is with researched sections packed with information on Sports Leagues, Music Lessons, Dance Classes, Art Lessons, and much, much more! While some of these classes are seasonal, we have still included them to help you find the perfect classes for your kids year-round. This guide also includes recommendations from our readers on which activities for kids are the best in Greenville, Spartanburg and beyond.

Please read: This guide is long but we have carefully divided it to make it easy for our readers to find exactly what children’s activities they are looking for. If you click on the categories in the orange buttons they will take you directly to the portion of the guide that has the information that you want. Below the anchor links are premium listings from our Kidding Around Greenville sponsors. These listings include extra information about our sponsors’ specific class offerings. Below that you will find our entire guide organized by type of class. Our sponsored listings are also included in the appropriate sections.

If you have any questions or notice a class that we have missed, please email Bethany Winston at [email protected]. We will be updating this guide regularly. So bookmark, share it, and keep it for the next time you need a class for your kid!

Disclaimer: This list is intended for informational purposes and none of the contents should be considered a specific recommendation or endorsement from Kidding Around or its staff. All advertisements are marked “sponsored.”

KABOOM Awards: Top Classes and Activities for Kids in Greenville, SC

Classes and Activities by Upstate, SC County

Greenville, SC: Classes and Activities by Category

Spartanburg, SC: Classes and Activities by Category

YMCA of Greenville

TITLE SPONSOR Various Locations, Upstate, SC

YMCA C&A 2023

KABOOM finalist

2023 KABOOM Family Favorites Finalist: Sports Programs
2023 KABOOM Family Favorites Finalist: Summer Camps
2023 KABOOM Family Favorites First Place: Childcare Center
2023 KABOOM Family Favorites First Pace: Afterschool Care

The YMCA of Greenville offers classes and activities for children throughout the year at six locations – Caine Halter Family YMCA (downtown Greenville), Eastside Family YMCA (Taylors), Prisma Health Family YMCA (Simpsonville), YMCA Program Center (Simpsonville), YMCA Judson and the George I. Theisen Family YMCA (Travelers Rest). Classes and sports leagues are available to members and non-members.

Homeschool PE: The Y’s Home School PE Program provides homeschooled children a place where they can exercise and participate in sports in an instructor-led setting. The program is designed to be sports-related, while showing children how much fun exercise can be. Homeschool PE is offered at the Y Program Center on Mondays and Prisma Health Family Y on Wednesdays for children ages 6-15.

Basketball: Did you know that basketball was invented at the YMCA? The love for basketball remains at the Y where each player is met at their skill level. Children, ages 4-14, can sign up for summer and winter basketball leagues or try it out for a week in out of our Summer Day Camps 

Soccer: Soccer’s simple rules are a great way to introduce children to sports. The YMCA of Greenville offers spring and fall soccer leagues or kids can try it out for a week in our of our Summer Day Camps. Teams are available for children ages 3-14.

Swim: The YMCA of Greenville offers swim lessons for anyone six months or older. Classes are progressive and build off each individual’s skills and are available throughout the day. For more advanced swimmers, the YMCA has Swim Academy, a specialized program that teaches the basics of swim team and competitive swimming and helps advanced swimmers hone their skills.

T Ball: The YMCA of Greenville’s T-ball program is designed to be a developmental league for the youngest players. Children ages 3-7 will learn the necessary skills they need to master before moving on to play coach’s pitch, travel baseball or travel softball.

Cross Country: Offered at Prisma Health Family YMCA/Y Program Center in Simpsonville, the Y is looking to introduce the sport to young athletes who are looking to be active, add conditioning, or even have plans to one day try out for their high school cross country team. The Cross Country program is open to children ages 5-14.

Flag Football: Spring and Fall Flag Football is open to children ages 4-14. Participants learn football fundamentals such as footwork, ball control, passing and teamwork.

Volleyball: Did you know that volleyball was also invented at the YMCA? This popular indoor sport is offered to ages 8-16 twice a year at select branches at the YMCA of Greenville. Kids can also try it out for a week in one of our Summer Day Camps.

Dance: The YMCA offers dance classes via Carolina Dance Collaborative throughout the year at several YMCA Greenville locations. Classes are offered in ballet, jazz/hip-hop and other options for young dancers. Classes are available for ages 2-12.

Golf: The YMCA Youth Golf Program is designed for children ages 5-14 that have varying levels of golf experience including beginners, intermediate and brand new to the game. 

Tennis: Tennis lessons are now available for youth ages 6-17, as well as for adults 18+! Join professional coaches Robert and Benjamin Fleming from Love Tennis to offer you quality instruction, and lots of chances to improve your game. Kids can also try it out for a week in one of our Summer Day Camps.

Adventure Guides and Trailblazers: Parent/Child pairs are grouped into circles of others and their surrounding community.  Circles meet on their own for different events and activities on a regular basis and the program as a whole offers events open to all circles throughout the season.  Events include two weekend camps out at YMCA Camp Greenville, pinewood derby race, a chili cook-off and a father-daughter semi-formal Valentines Dance.

International Ballet

SPONSORED 864.879.9404 1018 S. Batesville Rd. Suite 1C, Greer, SC

IB C&A Guide 2022

KABOOM First Place

2023 KABOOM Awards Family Favorites 1st Place: Dance Program

International Ballet (IB) offers the highest quality of classical ballet training for students ages 3 to adult, and offers Mommy & Me classes for ages 18 months-3 yo.

IB is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that awards over $30k annually in need and merit based scholarships to students in Ballet 1 and up. World-class faculty teach Vaganova based technique, and dancers (8 yr+) are eligible to audition for The Nutcracker (performed at the Peace Center with the live Greenville Symphony Orchestra). Dancers of all ages perform at an End of Year Demonstration in May.

IB provides the education needed for each student to achieve his/her greatest potential in ballet, while also teaching life skills (self-discipline, self-respect, teamwork, and much more) that facilitate success in life beyond dance.  The initial trial class is FREE.

Visit for more information.

Unique Dance Academy

SPONSORED 864.360.4743 2301 Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC

Unique Dance Academy C&A 2022

Unique Dance Academy is all about inspiring individuality within the community. That’s why we’re proud to open up a dance school as of August 5th, 2022. We offer classes in kids fitness, hip hop, tap, ballet, k-pop, dance with me, adult ballet and tap, yoga and more. Here, we encourage all students to participate in our classes and build self-expression, discipline, and enjoyment. Our school provides fun dance activities for everyone with a team that is ready to support you on your fitness journey.

Check out our list of classes!

KABOOM finalist

2023 KABOOM Awards Family Favorites Finalist: Best Dance Program
2023 KABOOM Awards Family Favorites Finalist: Kids’ Birthday Parties
2023 KABOOM Awards Family Favorites Finalist: Baby/Toddler Program

Dance is for everyone, regardless of age, shape, size, or ability at Dance Without Limits. Dance classes are offered for students ages 18 months to 18 years old.

Offerings include the Twinkle Toes preschool program (ballet, tap, and hip hop/tumbling combo) and elementary through high school classes in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, acrobatics, and hip hop. A special Limitless Friends class is also offered for students with disabilities. All classes are inclusive, and Dance Without Limits enjoys offering a family-friendly, non-competitive dance program.

Class Listings:

Twinkle Toes Preschool Dance Program

Twinkle Baby and Me: (ages 18-24 months) A 30-minute introductory class containing ballet, tap, and creative movement. Young dancers will learn the basics in a positive environment. Engaging age-appropriate music is used to get these little ones inspired to dance. An adult is required to participate in this class.

Twinkle Babies: (ages 2-3) A 45-minute introductory dance class containing ballet, tap, and creative movement. Young dancers will learn the basic steps while learning how to follow directions and imitate movement in a positive environment. Engaging music is used to get these little ones inspired to dance. The use of props, like Twinkle Bears, hula hoops, and bubbles, enables the young dancers to use their imagination and creativity, but mostly to have fun!

Twinkle Stars: (ages 3-4 and 4-5) An age-specific 45-minute class containing tap, ballet, and jazz/creative movement. The purpose of the class is to introduce young dancers to the three styles of dance and inspire movement and creativity within a positive environment. Dancers will also learn basic steps and terminology in all three styles. The use of fun age-appropriate music engages the young dancers’ minds and bodies. Plus, hula hoops, scarves, and bubbles for free dance makes the end of class so much fun!

Tot Hop & Tumble: (ages 3-5) This upbeat 45-minute class introduces our young dancers to basic elements of hip hop, creative movement, and beginner-level tumbling. We incorporate obstacle courses and fun props, such as our mini trampoline and hula hoops! The perfect way to release the wiggles while learning hip hop fundamentals.

Twinkle Ballet: (ages 3-5) This 30-minute class for our young dancers incorporates all the ballet elements from our regular Twinkle Stars class, without the tap portion. The perfect class for little ones who enjoy a bit of a quieter setting.

Elementary, Middle, and High School Classes

Tap: (ages K5-18) A percussive style of dance which gets its name from the sound made when the metal plates on the dancer’s shoes contact the floor. Emphasis on rhythm and clarity of sounds from the feet.

Ballet: (ages K5-18) A class which progresses from beginning ballet steps to advanced technique and placement. Each class will begin at the barre, then move to center floor work and across the floor. Ballet is the building block of all other forms of dance and necessary to excel in all other forms. For this reason, we strongly encourage all students to take a ballet class.

Jazz: (ages K5-18) Jazz builds on the fundamentals learned in ballet and is very structured in technique. The class progresses from a center warm-up with emphasis on strength and flexibility, then moves to across the floor combinations, finishing with a fun combo in center floor. Jazz takes many forms, and is often performed to upbeat, popular music.

Lyrical/Contemporary: (ages K5-18) Lyrical/Contemporary is a fusion of jazz and ballet which uses movement to interpret a song’s lyrics. The class progresses from a center warm-up with emphasis on strength and flexibility, then moves to across the floor combinations, finishing with a combo in center floor. Typically, lyrical is very fluid and quite beautiful!

Hip Hop: (ages K5-18) Also known as street dance, hip hop is an upbeat dance style that has become hugely popular with fun and exciting choreography and engaging music. All music and dance moves are age appropriate. All-boys hip hop class also available.

Acrobatics: (ages K5-18) This class teaches the basics of floor tumbling (such as forward and backward rolls, backbends, cartwheels, etc.) and progresses to advanced tumbling (such as handsprings and aerial work). Teachers work with students on their individual level.

Limitless Friends: This is a movement class for students ages 6 and up with disabilities. Elements of jazz, hip hop, and acrobatics are incorporated in this fun class, along with games and free dance.

Find out more at Dance Without Limits.

Yellowbobbypins Art Camp

SPONSORED 864.238.0599 1320 Hampton Ave Ext. Studio 607, Greenville, SC

Yellowbobbypins Summer Camp 2023

Yellowbobbypins Art Camp is an exciting destination for creative kids aged two through twelve who are looking to explore their artistic side. The art studio offers a wide variety of materials and techniques to introduce students to the world of art.

Young children aged two through five have access to the Wee Create Playgroup. Children in this age range can gather to play and socialize while learning key skills and participating in various art projects. This playgroup is designed to foster creativity, social interaction, and the development of motor skills.

Elementary-aged students have the opportunity to choose between two courses. The first is Time Travel: Art Through the Ages. This course explores the various art movements throughout history and allows students to create artwork in the style of each time period. The second course is Drawing 101 or Drawing 102. These courses are specifically designed for students who want to focus on developing their drawing skills.

Yellowbobbypins Art Camp provides a safe, nurturing environment for children to explore their creativity and develop their artistic abilities.

Children’s Art Classes

SPONSORED 904.330.8720 1618 Woodruff Road. Suite F, Greenville, SC

Children's Art Classes C&A 2023

25 years ago, Barbara Gay, a public art teacher for 20+ years, began teaching her two daughters art skills from her garage. Now, Children’s Art Classes has expanded to over a dozen locations and counting.

Children’s Art Classes offers summer workshops and a nine- month programs of study to thousands of children across America.

We aim to provide a holistic art education program that enhances the lives of its students, improves their self- esteem, and boosts academic performance by offering a comprehensive curriculum that includes over 40 areas of visual art , including drawing, painting, sculpture, and graphic design. We believe that art education can significantly benefit children’s development and have designed a program to enhance their creativity, problem- solving skills, and critical thinking abilities.

We want to encourage students to continue studying art by offering scholarships, guidance on obtaining a degree, and opportunities to become professionals in the field. Our curriculum has proven results with many honor students graduating from our programs, with students earning art scholarships and many participating in leading art shows.

We are dedicated to supporting your child in their own journey and personal growth, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Girls on the Run

SPONSORED 864.256.1002 Various Locations, Upstate, SC

Girls on the Run C&A Guide

KABOOM First Place

2023 KABOOM Awards Family Favorites 1st Place: Sports Programs

Girls on the Run is a program that inspires girls to build confidence and make intentional decisions. Trained coaches use running and other physical activities to build social, emotional and physical skills in every girl while encouraging healthy habits for life.

Girls on the Run has two program seasons: Spring (February – April) and Fall (September – November). The program is available to girls in 3rd-8th grades and encourages girls of all abilities to recognize their individual strengths and celebrate connections with others.  Programs meet twice per week after school for 75 – 90 minutes. At the end of each season, the Girls on the Run teams come together for a celebratory 5K.

Many schools and community centers serve as program host sites including the Caine Halter YMCA and The Pavillion in Greenville and the Thomas Hannah YMCA in Spartanburg. Visit the Girls on the Run website to find a program near you.

Register for the Fall season now!

Goldfish Swim School

SPONSORED 864.835.8788 607 Haywood Rd., Greenville, SC

GFSS C&A listing

Goldfish Swim School was created by parents, for parents, with the goal of helping kids build essential swim skills to keep them safer in and around the water. But their program does more than that — it gives kids a platform to build life skills that help them make waves in life!

GSS has a proven, confidence-building curriculum developed by a 17-time Collegiate All-American swimmer with a degree in Early Childhood Development. The small class sizes help children get the attention they deserve. Parents and students can expect weekly class feedback, quarterly progress reports, and scheduled skill assessments. Have to miss a class? It’s easy to schedule absences and receive tokens to schedule a make-up class. Members can enjoy monthly themes and celebration prizes!


Pool amenities include:
  • 90 degree pool
  • Climate-controlled viewing area
  • Hair drying station
  • Family-friendly changing rooms
  • Private bathrooms
  • Swimsuit dryer

Get started at Goldfish Swim School today!


SPONSORED 864.432.5436 Multiple Locations, Upstate, SC

Kidokinetics is an all-around sports fitness program for kids 6 months to 12 years of age that comes to your preschool, elementary school, local park, or community center.  We partner with children to develop coordination, self-confidence, teamwork, and a lifelong love of physical fitness.  Our program teaches foundational skills for a variety of sports in a safe, non-competitive, and FUN environment.

10 examples of how Kidokinetics is set apart:

  1. Plug & play fitness/sports enrichment programming, we listen and accommodate your schedule!
  2. We bring our elite education program on-time to your school, along with all the sports equipment needed!
  3. We make real exercise – really FUN!
  4. F.U.N. Factor: Fundamental, Understandable, Noncompetitive!
  5. 20+ different sports and activities – 48 individual lesson plans!
  6. Ages 3 and up are introduced to a new bone or muscle each class!
  7. Strength, coordination, balance, self confidence, teamwork, fine and gross motor skill development = intentional teaching!
  8. Spontaneous movement for the whole body!
  9. Friendly registration with a unique QR code!
  10. Thoughtfully designed marketing to share with your school and parents!
It’s time to get moving! Ask your school director to schedule a free demo day and bring Kidokinetics P.E. and Enrichment to your kids!

Piano Central Studios

SPONSORED 864.232.5010 Three locations, Greenville, SC

Piano Central C&A

KABOOM First Place
2023 KABOOM Awards Family Favorites First Place: Baby/Toddler Programs
KABOOM finalist

2023 KABOOM Awards Family Favorites Finalists: Music Program

For over 40 years now, students of all ages have fallen in love with learning to make music at Piano Central Studios.

Whether you’re bringing your little one to Kindermusik for their very first music class, or signing up your school-age student for private lessons, or enrolling as an adult because you always wanted to learn or wished you’d never quit, you will discover a warm, friendly environment, and caring and qualified instructors who take the time to individualize your progress musically.

You’ll find that you will absolutely thrive in your experience with a program that’s been purposefully and thoughtfully designed to inspire a lasting love for music and a lifelong skill for singing or playing an instrument.

From Kindermusik® to music lessons in Piano, Voice, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Guitar, and Ukulele, there’s something for everyone at Piano Central Studios – from babies to adults!

Best of all, you can get started at any time – even part way through the month.  You don’t have to wait to experience all that your music classes or private lessons will come to mean to you!

PCS has three studio locations for your convenience:

  • 757 N. Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville
  • Bob Jones University, Greenville
  • 1622 Woodruff Road, Greenville/Simpsonville

Carolina Dance Collaborative

SPONSORED 864.315.3732 [email protected]

KABOOM finalist

2023 KABOOM Awards Family Favorites Finalist: Best Dance Program

The Carolina Dance Collaborative is a mobile dance outreach 501(c)3 Organization that seeks to make dance education accessible to all people regardless of location, ability, or resources. Collaboration, equity, and empowerment are the basis for all our classes. We do not maintain a facility but rather bring our services into the community to make dance accessible to everyone.


CDC partners with all the YMCA Branches in Greenville (Caine Halter, Eastside, GIT, Verdae, Adams Mill YPC) as well as the Powdersville YMCA. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A YMCA MEMBER TO ATTEND THESE CLASSES.

Little Learners I & II: Ages 2-4
Tap I & II : Ages 3-8
Pre-Ballet, Ballet I, & Ballet II: Ages 5-12
Jazz/Hip-Hop I & II : Ages 5-12
Tumble Bugs I & II: Ages 3-8

Classes are 45 minutes – 1 hour, once a week and range from morning through late afternoon (no evenings with YMCA studio availability). View the schedule HERE!

How Much?
$90 Tuition for 8 weeks (30 minute classes) and $30 registration fee
$130 Tuition for 8 weeks (45 minute classes) and $30 registration fee
$170 Tuition for 8 weeks (1 hour classes) and $30 registration fee

Scholarship Program:
CDC has a Scholarship Program for individuals and families who need additional resources for enrichment classes. Apply now!

You can enroll on our website HERE. For questions, please contact [email protected].

For more information about our After School Programs or Adaptive Programs for students with disabilities, visit CDC’s Website or our special needs ad!

Kroc Center

SPONSORED 864.527.5948 424 Westfield Street, Greenville, SC

Kroc Center Greenville

Kroc Greenville offers a wide variety of youth and community based programs in the heart of downtown Greenville. Programs are available to both members and non-members.  Scholarships are also available upon request.

Youth Sports: Dynamic leagues led by experienced, caring staff.  All coaches and referees are knowledgeable and passionate about providing a positive experience for your child.

Homeschool: Kroc Greenville provides a variety of Homeschool elective experiences including Art, Music, Physical Education, and Group Swim Lessons. 

Swim Lessons: Group and Private swim lessons are offered for all ages (6 months+) and abilities. More advanced swimmers may desire to participate in our competitive, state-sanctioned Kroc Swim Academy.  All instructors are certified by the American Red Cross.

Kroc Kids: Our Kroc Kids area is open to children ages 3 months – 10 years while a guardian is on the property. Scheduled activities are provided each day to accelerate early childhood learning.

Community Art Nights: Children and their caregivers are invited to visit Kroc Greenville on the Third Thursday of each month to participate in a fun, family art project with a local artist. Enjoy a free slice of pizza and a drink while you create!

Camps: Full-day and half-day camps are available throughout the year. Themed camps include Art Camp and various Sports Camps.

World Upside Down Art Studio

SPONSORED 864.775.5514 1200 Woodruff Road, Building H7, Greenville, SC

WUDAS C&A Guide 2023

World Upside Down Arts Studio offers classes in music, visual arts, dance, and theater for children, youth, and adults. 

August – May we offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes in all of the arts for students 18 months through adults.

Theater Program: Tim St. Clair II directs our fall and spring seasons. For the fall 2023 season, we are producing Beauty of the Beast and will have two casts. Tuesday: 9am-12pm (Cast 1) and 5pm-8pm (Cast 2). Rehearsals are weekly until the month of the show.

After School Program: Choose two, three, or five-days a week from 3pm-6pm (early drop off included). One hour of homework assistance and two hours of arts daily from 3:00PM-6:00PM. Show and Tell and Guest Speakers on Friday.

Homeschoolers: Pick a morning or afternoon or both to take classes in all of the arts at our studio.

Birthday Parties for all ages! Choose a theme and an art genre (music, visual arts, dance, or theater), and we’ll create a magical experience you’ll never forget.

Dance Nights: Learn partner dances like Swing, Salsa, Waltz, and Ballroom with 30-45 minutes of instruction, then open dance floor.  

Private Music Lessons: piano, ukelele, acoustic guitar, voice, and more

Shining Stars Tutoring

SPONSORED 864.431.3914 103 East Butler Road, Mauldin, SC

C&A Guide Shining Stars

Shining Stars Tutoring is not a cookie cutter box facility. Each students program is built specifically for them. All teachers are certified and are trained specifically for their subjects they teach.
If your child is struggling check us out! We can help make school easier for child and parent.

We do tutoring one on one. Homeschool set up and classes. Social skills classes for special needs adults and kids. Parent classes for behavior management.

Call 864-431-3914 ask for Connie.

XP League

SPONSORED 864-365-2137 721 Cleveland St, Greenville, SC

XP League C&A Guide 2023

XP League Greenville, in partnership with YMCA of Greenville, offers an esports league modeled after classic youth sports organizations, making our programming easy for parents to understand and kids to participate in.

  • Players ages 7-17 have the opportunity to play in a premier youth esports league against other locations throughout North America
  • Players choose which game they will play and come onsite with their team for two sessions weekly
  • Offered at the Caine Halter YMCA in Greenville or the YMCA Program Center in Simpsonville – games offered vary by location and demand

We provide a professional-level experience that is unmatched. Our players dress, prepare and play just like the pros competing in the same popular, age-appropriate video games. Through coach and player training that is custom-tailored with our league partners, we incorporate teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, and positive behavior into our programs’ DNA and reward players each week for displaying one of our core values with our Accredited Educational Program. Our diverse range of players vary in age and skill levels from the most experienced hardcore players to beginners looking to make new friends.

Climb @ Blue Ridge

SPONSORED 864.895.1416 [email protected] 301 Bulls Road, Taylors, SC

climb at blue ridge

Climb @ Blue Ridge has been providing some of the best indoor climbing in the upstate since 1995. Our passion is to encourage everyone to experience the sport of climbing. Our experienced staff want to create a climbing environment that is accessible and fun for beginning climbers and kids, but also challenging enough for the most experienced climbers.

Our day pass option allows you full access to the gym for the entire day, and you can rent all the gear you need from us. We also offer individual, student, and family memberships which allow you the freedom to climb at no additional cost any time the gym is open.

We offer group rates for a variety of groups, from birthday parties, team building experiences, and youth group activities. We also host weekly yoga sessions and hold summer camps, and our kids climbing team welcomes climbers of all skill levels.

Are you looking for a healthy, challenging, and invigorating activity to keep fit? Are you interested in a fun activity the whole family can enjoy? Climbing is a great physical and mental exercise that’s not only a great full-body workout—it’s family-friendly and fun! Give it a try, and you’ll be hooked.

Premier Martial Arts

SPONSORED 864.638.1040 [email protected] 4 Market Point Dr, Greenville, SC

Premier Martial Arts Guide listing 2023

Premier Martial Arts Five Forks empowers lives through Martial Arts.

Our programs for adults and children teach Martial Arts principles that build strength, character, discipline, and focus. Our students become confident and self-reliant leaders in their communities. We’re here to help all our students find their best selves!

We would love for you to try 2 FREE classes with us so we can show you just how life changing Premier Martial Arts Five Forks is. Reach out today and watch your child transform!

South Carolina Children's Theatre

SPONSORED 864.235.2885 153 Augusta Street, Greenville, SC

SCCT C&A June 2023

South Carolina Children’s Theatre offers classes, camps, and workshops year-round in Acting, Musical Theatre, Production, and more for ages 3-18!

Classes include:

  • Acting
  • Musical Theatre
  • Audition Prep
  • Improv
  • Design
  • Production

Check the SCCT website for full class listings, additional workshops, scholarships, classes for kids with processing or developmental challenges, and information about the teachers and curriculum.

Registrants ages 3-5 must be fully potty-trained. Any questions or needs regarding SCCT classes can be addressed with Education Associate Anna Bowman at 864.235.2885 ext. 105 or by email at [email protected].

After School Plus Cooking Camps

(864) 881-4683 255 Service Bay Road, Mauldin, SC

Sweet Treats
June 5-9 |1pm – 4pm | Grades K5-2 | $170
Kids will learn how to make carnival-style treats, including cotton candy with unique flavors, popcorn with various toppings, and of course, homemade ice cream!

Carnival Treats
June 12-16 |1pm – 4pm | Grades 5-8 | $170
Kids will learn how to make carnival-inspired treats like cotton candy, snow cones, donut dough, and more. Kids will get to eat some of what they make and take the rest home to share.

Cook a Book
June 26-30 | 1pm – 4pm | K5-2nd | $170
Kids will read a book and then make a recipe from that book. They may read The Little Red Hen Makes Pizza, then make pizza or If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and make cookies. Come explore other books like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Dragons Love Tacos and the exciting treats they prompt.

Cupcake Wars
July 24-28 | 9am – 12pm | Grades 2-6 | $170
Come bake and ice something delicious! Learn piping techniques to make the cutest cupcakes around! Campers eat some of their treats, take some home, and the rest are sold at a bake sale at the end of camp, with all funds donated to the charity campers choose.

June 19-23 | 1pm – 4pm | K5-2nd | $170
Campers will learn basic cooking techniques like measuring, what the different measuring tools are, how to mix, how to have good cooking hygiene, and how to make yummy treats. All tools are kid-safe. Kids will make pancakes, parfaits, simple snacks, and treats.

Snack Attack
July 17-21 | 1pm – 4pm | Grades 5-8 | $170
Knowing how to create simple snacks is an important skill for tweens and teens. This camp teaches them techniques and recipes to create afternoon or any time snacks using pantry staples. Cooks also learn cooking skills and safety. Come create bagel pizza, test out spices to find your favorites, make muffins, trail mix, and more!

Dance Arts Greenville

864.297.1635 255 Service Bay Road, Mauldin, SC

Offers:  Dance classes for even the youngest of children, beginning at age 3. Drop in classes are offered for a low commitment to see if your child enjoys dance. Summer camps and week long classes are also available.

Starmakers Dance Company

864.814.0454 87 Hickory Hill Drive, Inman, SC

Offers a variety of classes including ballet, clogging, hip hop, jazz/contemporary, Irish, and tap beginning at age 18 months.

Palmetto en Pointe Performing Arts

107 Southport Road, Spartanburg, SC

Offers a variety of classes beginning with creative movement for 2-3 year olds as well as pre-dance, tap, acro, ballet, hip hop, jazz, lyrical. They also have performing and competitive teams.

Greater Greenville Hockey Association

[email protected] Taylors and Greenville, SC

Offers: House, travel and high school hockey teams for youth in the Upstate

US Kids Golf Greenville Seasonal Tours

864.449.3467 [email protected] , SC

The US Kids Golf Greenville Tour welcomes children ages 5-18! From first tournament to qualifying for world championships, these are fun and family friendly events. Parent caddies are required for ages 8 and under, and optional for ages 9 and up. Age-appropriate yardages and tees. The Top 5 in each age group at each event earn medals! Register before deadline for each season.


MOTIVE School of Movement

864.775.4844 10 Webb Rd, Greenville, SC

Offers  ParkourNinja, and/or Trampoline classes. Students are paired with others in the same age range and skill level. Classes are regularly taught by the same coach so they can pay close attention to and really learn the needs of each student as they progress.

Dianne's School of Dance

864.246.0923 7601 White Horse Road, Greenville, SC

KABOOM finalist

2023 KABOOM Awards Family Favorites Finalist: Best Dance Program

Dianne’s School of Dance offers dance classes for ages 2.5 and up with professionally-trained teachers and choreographers. Instruction focuses on various styles of dancing and life lessons.

Greenville Martial Art Center

864.881.1397 425 Feaster Road, Greenville, SC

Offers: Martial arts classes for ages 4 through adult.

USC Upstate Swim Lessons

864.503.5079 800 University Way, HEC – Wellness Center, Spartanburg, SC

Individuals of all ages can take lessons at the Wellness Center.

Greenville Youth Chorale

864.905.4559 [email protected] Greenville, SC

The Greenville Youth Chorale has a choir for ages 5-7, ages 8-12, and ages 12-18. For information about auditions and scholarships, visit Greenville Youth Chorale!

Moonlight Piano Studios

864.430.4631 [email protected] 229 Siloam Church Road, Easley, SC

Moonlight Piano Studio conveniently offers at-home lessons, in-studio instruction, and even online classes in piano, brass, woodwinds, guitar, and percussion. Moonlight Piano Studios is now offering Musikgarten Classes and private music instruction.

Foothills Fencing Academy

864.593.3684 1004 Piedmont Hwy, Piedmont, SC

Offers: Recreational and competitive fencing class for a variety of ages and skill levels covering footwork, blade work, tactics and rules of fencing to develop coordination, speed, discipline, balance and endurance

They also offer home school fencing through a 9 week program for ages 7 – 18.

Soccer Shots

864.315.3733 , SC

KABOOM finalist

2023 KABOOM Family Favorites Finalist: Sports Programs

Soccer Shots is a children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. A caring team positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through best-in- class coaching, communication and age appropriate curriculum.

Upward Sports

864.949.5700 198 White Star Point, Spartanburg, SC

Offers: Basketball, Soccer, Cheerleading, Flag Football, Volley and Baseball/Softball

Miss Marion’s School of Dance

864.587.8557 1206 John B White Sr Boulevard, Spartanburg, SC

Offers a variety of classes including ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, musical theatre, pointe, tap, and competitive with classes beginning at age 2 (pre-dance/creative movement)

Camp Mary Elizabeth

330 Scout Drive, Spartanburg, SC

Approved Learn-to-Swim lessons by the American Red Cross including preschool aquatics, parent and child aquatics, learn to swim, and private.

Greenville Rec

864.288.6470 4806 Old Spartanburg Road, Taylors, SC

Offers: Offers an incredibly wide variety of camps and events all summer long and rec classes throughout the year at multiple Greenville locations. Visit website for full details and to explore the many options.

Fall youth sports options include football, tennis (lessons and tournaments), ice hockey (with a variety of experience levels), ice skating, and whole lot more!

i9 Sports

864.642.0209 1050 Edwards Road, Greenville, SC

Offers: Youth sports leagues, camps and clinics for flag football, soccer, basketball and baseball for kids ages 3 and up. Programs are offered at 3 locations: Edwards Road Baptist Church in Greenville and Devenger Road Field in Taylors.

German School Upstate

864.606.4622 [email protected] Simpsonville & Spartanburg, SC

Offers: Offers classes in German as a foreign language and as a heritage language. Ages 5 and up. Locations are at Simpsonville’s Holland Park Church and Spartanburg Day School.
They also offer a homeschool program for 4th-6th grade that meets on Thursday for 1.5 hours.

Grove Station Farms

864.845.3239 421 Piedmont Highway, Piedmont, SC

Offers: English Hunt seat riding lessons for ages 6 and up, beginner to advanced ability. Day camps are also available in the summer and during school breaks for children of all ages.

Blue Ridge Council, Boy Scouts of America

864.233.8363 1 Park Plaza, Greenville, SC

Programs include Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Exploring.


864.586.1671 1400 Carolina Country Club Road, Spartanburg, SC

A therapeutic horseback riding program for handicapped residents of Spartanburg County.

SCOTA Karate Academy

864.268.3477 607 Brushy Creek Road, Taylors, SC

Offers:  Karate skills classes for all ages with an emphasis on fun and safety, guidance and expertise. Classes for ages 4 and up. Free classes available to determine your child’s interest.

Tip Top Cake Shop

864.850.2807 601 Williams Avenue, Easley, SC

Located in Easley, Tip Top Cake shop offers cake and cup cake decorating activities and classes.

Bramblewood Stables

864.363.3727 or 864.322.7979 175 McConnell Road, Taylors, SC

Offers: Horseback riding lessons, summer camps, training, shows and workshops for various ages and skill levels in a full serviced equestrian facility.

East Main Arts

864.430.1040 167 East Main Street, Spartanburg, SC

Offers a variety of classes, as well as family art nights and birthday party options

Arts Academy of the Carolinas

864.327.8828 108 Southport Road, Spartanburg, SC

Offers a variety of classes beginning with Itty Bitty classes for children 2.5 years old as well as tap, jazz, lyrical, tumbling, pointe, contemporary, hip hop, modern, ballet, musical theatre, and lyrical

Greer Children's Theatre

864.848.5383 804 Trade Street, Greer , SC

KABOOM finalist

2023 KABOOM Family Favorites Finalist: Family Theatre and Performing Arts

The Greer Children’s Theatre produces three family-friendly musicals or plays. These productions are performed at Greer, SC area venues.

The 2023 Fall musical show is High School Musical.

Classes Offered:  Multiple theater, dance and drama classes and camps. Students learn all aspects of theatre from make up to stage presence to dance to set design.

Guitar Center Lessons

864.576.5758 1487 W O Ezell Boulevard, Spartanburg, SC

Offers private lessons on guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, piano, and voice.

Scotsgrove Stables

864.266.4240 851 Grand Canyon Road, Inman, SC

Offering lessons, boarding, and training for children 6 and up

Majesty Music Academy

864.242.6395 | 733 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Greenville, SC

Majesty Music Academy offers preschool and elementary programs, private lessons for precollege students, and lessons for adults who are interested in learning a new instrument or revisiting an old friend.

The Practice Pad

864.248.0606 1714 Easley Bridge Road, Greenville, SC

Offers:  Individual music lessons in guitar, piano and more for ages 6 and up, summer camps and a Rock Band Boot Camp.

Spartanburg Martial Arts

864.576.8273 465 E Blackstock Road, Spartanburg, SC

Offering martial arts classes for children, teens, and adults, as well as an after-school program and summer camp

Inman Youth Association

864.256.1901 Inman, SC

Offers baseball, softball, track & field, football, cheerleading, basketball, and lacrosse

YMCA of Greater Spartanburg

864.585.0306 151 Ribault Street, Spartanburg, SC

Thomas E. Hannah, Middle Tyger, and the Willis Road YMCA branches offer youth indoor soccer, youth soccer, youth t-ball, youth flag football, youth cheer, and youth basketball; swim lessons, and parent and child swim lessons.


864.596.9022 Converse College, Spartanburg, SC

A music class for children beginning at 18 months old. Children and their parents will use their imaginations through song and dance. This program is offered through the Lawson Academy of Arts at Converse College.

Greenville Ballroom Dance

864.915.6792 28 Bolt Street, Greenville, SC

Youth Ballroom Dance Classes  for ages 6-18.

3D Centre of the Arts

864.529.9953 9133 Warren H Abernathy Highway, Spartanburg, SC

Offers dance classes, music lessons, as well as adult fitness classes

D6 Youth Athletic Association

864.398.8428 Spartanburg, SC

Offers football, flag football, cheerleading, baseball, softball, t-ball, and lacrosse

The Little Gym of Greenville

864.772.3887 1607 Laurens Road, Ste. 102, Greenville, SC

KABOOM finalist

2023 KABOOM Awards Family Favorites Finalist: Field Trips
2023 KABOOM Awards Family Favorites: Baby/Toddler Programs

The Little Gym of Greenville’s age-appropriate activities for kids are designed to facilitate maximum fun and ongoing skill development through movement, music, learning and laughter. Children progress at their own pace, having fun and building confidence as they develop new skills.

City of Greenville Parks and Recreation

864.232.2273 Greenville, SC

Offers: Youth programs for ages 5 and up including dance, soccer and day camps. There is also an after-school study buddy program from 2:30 – 6 pm.

Fall classes include youth soccer.

Ignite Dance Company

864.510.1713 1317 W. Poinsett Street, Greer, SC

Ignite Dance Company offers summer dance classes and camps for ages 2 and up. Ignite wants to both educate and inspire their dancers.

Panthers United Field Hockey Club - Greenville

[email protected] 420 Blacks Rd, Greenville, SC

Panthers United Field Hockey Club is open to girls of all skill levels as they’ll learn and compete together. They have gear to loan too! (Ages 5-19)

Make and Believe Artists

864.245.3977 110 Academy Street, Simpsonville, SC

Offers one-time workshops and monthly classes for ages 3 and up, including painting, clay, photography classes, and drawing classes.
Birthday parties are also available. They offer multiple party themes to choose from, art stations to explore, a piece of self-created art to take home, and a banner for the birthday child.
Make and Believe Artists is located in the Simpsonville Art Center in Downtown Simpsonville.

Ignite Learning Center

864.787.8621 216 Bransfield Road, Greenville, SC

Ignite Learning Center offers unique hands-on activities and programs for students exploring STEAM. Programs include problem-solving challenges, engineering, arts and more.

Wired Minds

864.244.2420 1271 S Suber Road, Suite B, Greer, SC

KABOOM finalist

2023 KABOOM Family Favorites Finalist: Tutoring Program

Wired Minds offers tutoring, ACT/SAT prep, summer camps, after school homework mentoring, study skills.

PurrPoseful Art Studio

864.754.7582 Millside Circle, Greenville, SC

PurrPoseful Art Studio is a Humane Education Art Studio. We offer weekday, weeknight and summer camp classes for children ages 7-13 that have a love for animals and a passion for art.

Simpsonville Gymnastics

864.967.8931 3710 Grandview Drive, Simpsonville, SC

Offers recreational and competitive gymnastics and tumbling classes for toddlers through high school age.

Black Horse Run

864.505.7920 or 864.862.2282 2245 Fairview Road, Fountain Inn, SC

Offers: Trail rides, riding lessons and summer camps for ages 6 and up. Beautiful farm with miles of trails that feels a little like the west.

Carolina Karate and Fitness Center

864.277.2008 2015 Laurens Road, Greenville, SC

Offers: Karate classes, self defense training and afterschool enrichment programs at several satellite locations around the upstate teaching the basics of karate and Japanese language skills to help advance to the next level.

Clay-King Studio

888.838.3625 125 Ben Abi Road, Spartanburg, SC

Clay-King Studio offers classes in wheel throwing and hand-building with clay.  Workshops allow students to create a piece in one session and we also have drop in pottery painting and clay projects, parties, private lessons, and homeschool classes.

Boiling Springs Youth Athletic Association

864.406.5520 2427 Bryant Road, Chesnee, SC

Offers baseball, softball, football, cheerleading, and ragball (tee ball).

Wyndham Academy of Self-Defense

864.595.9555 4249 North Blackstock Road, Spartanburg, SC

Wyndham Academy of Self Defense (formerly Aikido Academy of Self-Defense) offers classes specializing in the martial arts geared towards self-defense beginning at 6 years of age.

Cannon Equine Instruction

864.415.2770 210 Bagwell Road, Roebuck, SC

Offering lessons for all ages and experience levels

Rhythms Tumbling, Gymnastics, & Cheer

864.249.6333 253 Tucapau Road, Duncan, SC

Rhythms Tumbling, Gymnastics, & Cheer offers tumbling and gymnastics to girls and boys of all ages as well as competitive cheer programs

D2 Youth Sports

864.485.9331 3740 Boiling Springs Road, Boiling Springs, SC

District 2 NSAA offers baseball, football, and cheerleading

Let's Dance

864.297.0895 Two Locations, Mauldin & Fountain Inn, SC

Offers:  Dance classes of all varieties for both boys and girls ages 2 and up. Classes have one way glass so parents can observe without distracting children.

Greenville Academy of Martial Arts

864.270.2468 872 Woodruff Road, Greenville, SC

Offers: A variety of martial arts classes for ages 4 and up and all skill levels. The instructors focus on building character and self control along with simple self defense appropriate for children. A free trial class is available.

Arts in Motion

864.308.2882 401 E. Kennedy Street, Spartanburg, SC

At Arts in Motion, we work to develop, inspire and cultivate the individual talents of your child in a loving and nurturing environment. It is our mission to offer quality and comprehensive dance education through age appropriate classes, always encouraging  and nurturing creative minds in all aspects of the arts!

District 5 Sports and Activities Council

150 Leonard Street, Duncan, SC

Offers baseball, basketball, cheer, football, golf, lacrosse, softball, tennis, track, volleyball, and wrestling. See website for more information

Upstate Homeschool Physical Education

Two Locations, Upstate, SC

PE classes give homeschoolers the opportunity to play organized games and sports, make friends, and stay active. Weekly class meets in Boiling Springs and Greer.

Acrosmith Gymnastics

864.593.4066 3130 N. Industrial Drive , Simpsonville, SC

Acrosmith Gymnastics offers Family Fun Gym (previous Tot Time) for children aged 1 to 6. Pre-registration is required. There are also various other classes including Ninjas and tumbling for children in preschool and up.

Sylvan Learning of the Upstate

864.214.3528 [email protected] 150 Tanner Road, Greenville, SC

Sylvan Learning

KABOOM finalist

2023 KABOOM Family Favorites Finalist: Tutoring Program

If you want real results, Sylvan delivers better than anyone else. For over 4 decades, our proven, personalized instruction has given families solid results – guaranteed!  With Sylvan, you’ll see skills, confidence, motivation, and focus grow with lasting results.

Like you, we believe education should meet your child’s specific needs and learning preferences. That’s why at Sylvan, learning is personal!

When You Choose Sylvan, You Can Expect:

  • A deeper understanding of your child’s individual needs with our state-of-the-art Sylvan Insight™ Assessment which provides a personal and adaptive plan to meet your child’s needs.
  • Engaging, motivating, effective, and fun instruction for skill mastery, higher scores, and increased confidence. (Up to 3x more academic growth)
  • Expert teachers who love to teach and know how to inspire and engage students with the best methods and school-aligned curriculum.  
  • A proven approach to skill mastery with our Sylvan Method™ that ensures long-term success – not a “band-aid” approach.
  • Caring, dedicated staff that listens to your concerns and provides regular updates on your child’s progress.
  • Convenient scheduling and affordable hourly rates with flexible payment options.
  • A locally owned business invested in the success of our community.

For real results, start with Sylvan today. Waiting doesn’t work. Sylvan does!

Carolina FC

[email protected] 200 Madison Drive, Lyman, SC

Soccer instruction and soccer competition for children 5-18 years old. The soccer club is located at the Carolina FC Soccer Complex.

Southern Martial Arts

864.585.8814 990 S Pine Street, Spartanburg, SC

Offering a variety of martial arts classes for kids as well as an after-school program

Foothills Gymnastics and Cheer Center

864.855.9660 198 Couch Lane, Easley, SC

Foothills offers gymnastics, cheer, and tumbling classes for children, a 10,000 square foot facility with a separate gym for preschoolers. Classes offered from parent and tot classes to adult classes.

Ethos Combatives

864.381.7837 2306 Chesnee Highway, Suite 10, Spartanburg, SC

Offers a variety of diverse martial arts programs for children, as well as after school programs

Ice Skating Lessons at Greenville Rec

864.322.7529 400 Scottswood Road, Taylors, SC

Offers: Private and group ice skating lessons are available for ages 4 and up

Hurricane Martial Arts

864.879.7916 2 Upstate Locations, SC

Offers karate classes for kids, teens, and adults in 2 locations: Lyman and Taylors.

Greenville Gymnastics

864.297.5589 1311-C Miller Road, Greenville, SC

Offers: A variety of gymnastics classes for all ages from toddler through adult. Classes include preschool movement, development, tumbling and Parkour. Private birthday parties and Friday night parent’s night out are also available.

Artistic Edge Dance Center

864.631.2156 75 Orchard Park Drive, Greenville, SC

Artistic Edge offers dance classes for ages 2 and up, beginner and advanced. Various types of dance and creative movement. Summer camps are also available.

Spartanburg County Parks Department

864.595.5356 9039 Fairforest Road, Spartanburg, SC

While the Parks Department does not sponsor any youth athletic leagues, the various athletic leagues use the county’s recreational fields. Their website also directs you to the various district leagues and traveling teams.

District 3 Youth Sports Association

Spartanburg, SC

Offers baseball, softball, and football

Black Sheep Farm

864.301.5325 , SC

Black Sheep Farm focuses most of its program efforts on children ages 3 to 6 that are struggling with speech delay, mild forms of autism, and, other circumstances that are impacting their ability to age appropriately socialize, and, interact in a social setting. 

Good News Club

864.292.5842 Various Upstate schools, SC

Good News Club is an after-school opportunity for children in the Upstate to hear the Gospel and learn truth from God’s Word. Register at

Creative Soul Art Studio

864.285.6455 60 Groce Road, Lyman, SC

Offers a variety of classes for kids and teenagers to learn about art and create art.

USTA Jr. Team Tennis

864.580.9839 Spartanburg, SC

Multi-week programs for children 6-18 in multiple divisions

HappyFeet Greenville

864.884.2586 Greenville, SC

We hold FUN, creative weekday soccer classes at local daycares/ schools and weeknight and weekend leagues for boys and girls ages 2 and up! Email [email protected] for details.

Palmetto Gymnastics Academy

864.963.2590 115 Pride Drive, Simpsonville, SC

Offers: A variety of gymnastics classes, including tumbling, parkour, sports conditioning, and youth fitness for very young children through high school age. Free trial classes are also available.

Spartanburg Art Museum

864.582.7616 200 E St John Street, Spartanburg, SC

Offers a wide assortment of art classes from ages 5 and up. Specific information and all the class details are available at their website.

Hidden Valley Farm

404.247.1835 9081 Highway 9, Inman, SC

Offering lessons for Hunter, Jumper, Equitation, and Horsemanship.

The Pearl Center

864.675.9200 410 East Butler Road, Mauldin, SC

Offers: A wide range of academic teaching, training and testing for children of all ages, both in individual and group settings for reading and learning tools.

Artistic Expressions with B

315 N Main Street, Fountain Inn, SC

Classes and workshops for adults and kids. Classes are by semester and focus on several art mediums.

Learn more about owner Brandi Grover and the unique SC coloring book she created!

Sylvan Learning of Spartanburg

864.214.3649 100 Burton Street, Ste A, Spartanburg, SC

Offers a variety of program to help with academic success including test prep and summer camps from elementary through high school

Airborne Athletics

864.877.7897 212-C Riverside Court, Greer, SC

Airborne Athletics offers gymnastics classes for children age 3 and up. Summer camps and birthday parties are also available. Free trial class for first time students.

Hillbrook Baseball and Softball

[email protected] 300 Blackwood Drive, Spartanburg, SC

Offers recreational and competitive coed baseball and softball leagues.

Lawson Academy of the Arts

864.596.9000 580 E. Main Street, Spartanburg, SC

Located at Converse College, it offers a wide range or private and group classes including piano, strings, wind & brass, vocal, and specific music programs for young children including Musikgarten

Spartanburg Athletic Club

864.582.5050 2420 Andrews Road, Spartanburg, SC

Swim lessons are offered. Contact Colleen Miller at 864.585.7936.

Northwood Little League

[email protected] Greenville, SC

Offers: Fall and spring baseball


864.626.3030 1756 Woodruff Road, Greenville, SC

KABOOM finalist

2023 KABOOM Family Favorites Finalist: Tutoring Program

Along with working through their customized learning plans, Mathnasium students receive homework help to solidify their understanding of concepts that are being covered in their current classwork. They even offer private tutoring!

For more information email or visit Mathnasium.

First Tee of Greenville

864.395.0013 Multiple locations throughout the Upstate, Greenville, SC

The First Tee Upstate South Carolina impacts lives of youth ages 7-17 by providing programs that build character, instill life enhancing values and healthy choices through the game of golf. Register at

Ballet Spartanburg

864.583.0339 200 East Saint John Street, Spartanburg, SC

Offers a variety or recreational dance classes beginning with classes for toddlers including ballet, contemporary, modern, lyrical, hip hop, tap, and jazz

Stroller Rollers

864.621.1307 [email protected] 411 Old Lowe Road, Spartanburg, SC

A fitness class for moms and their babies that meets at High Point Academy’s volleyball center (The Luke). Contact [email protected]

Color Clay Cafe

864.244.3445 2518-A East North Street, Greenville, SC

KABOOM finalist

2023 KABOOM Awards Family Favorites Finalist: Art Program

Color Clay Cafe is a Paint-Your-Own Pottery Studio that also offers classes in addition to open studio time.

Fox Run

864.967.9505 215 Club Drive, Simpsonville, SC

Offers: Youth golf leagues

Music Adventure

1288 Pendleton Street, Greenville, SC

Offers: Weekly creative music experiences, activities and adventures for kids. Private music lessons for kids of all ages.

Backstage Dance Connection

864.699.9390 3236 Parris Bridge Road, Boiling Springs, SC

Backstage Dance Connection offers a variety of dance classes beginning with a Mommy & Me dance class for children 2 and under as well as tumbling, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, Irish, ballet, tap, and clogging.

Music and Arts Greenville

864.254.0849 1025 Woodruff Road, Greenville, SC

Offers a variety of private lessons in its on-site private studios including guitar, drums, piano, violin, and more

Imagine Music Studios

864.380.8884 125 North Main Street, Simpsonville, SC

Private Lessons Teaching: All brass instruments, Ukulele, Woodwinds, Piano, and our specialty, vocals.

Bright Eyes Arts

Greer, SC

Offers various classes, ages 11-18. Homeschool classes, weekly classes, workshops on art, history, literature and theater topics.

Stagecraft Theatre for Kids

864.209.1582 Anderson, SC

Offers: After school theatre arts training program for students age 5 – 18. Other opportunities include musical productions, theatre arts classes, camps and leadership programs. Email [email protected] for more information.

Roller Time

864.561.2172 Taylors, SC

Offers: Certified instructors provide roller skating lessons to teach or help improve skills of children starting at age 3. Skates may be provided and lessons take place in a variety of facilities around the Upstate.

Carolina Cheer & Dance

864.587.0122 219 North East Drive, Spartanburg, SC

Offers competitive dance classes for children 6 and up and preschool tumbling classes for ages 3-6.

Yoga 2 Go

864.300.2152 Various locations, Greenville, SC

Offers:  A mobile yoga program with on-site group and private yoga therapy classes for children age 5 years old and up. Virtual classes available.

Revolution Mixed Martial Arts and Performance Fitness

864.578.0557 6400 Highway 9, Inman, SC

Offers a variety of classes for kids, men, and women including karate, jiu jitsu, MMA, kickboxing, and more

AYSO Spartanburg

877.722.2976 P.O. Box 160566, Boiling Springs, SC

Soccer organization for instruction and competition for children 3-18 years old.

Peace Center

864.679.9217 300 South Main Street, Greenville, SC

The Peace Center is a performing arts center offering a diverse mix of programming through its Arts Discovery Workshops.

Spartanburg Gymnastics

864.574.0509 570 Southport Road, Roebuck, SC

Offers gymnastics classes for boys and girls beginning with classes for children 16 months old (with parental involvement).

Hearts of Clay

864.576.2228 660 Spartan Boulevard, Suite #20, Spartanburg, SC

Offers a wide variety of art projects involving clay and canvases with special kids events and homeschool days.

Sparkle City Gymnastics

864.587.8255 9084-B Warren H Abernathy Highway, Spartanburg, SC

Sparkle City offers gymnastics classes for children from the time they can walk. They also have a competitive girls gymnastics team.

Greenville Little League

864.505.1250 [email protected] , SC

Offers: Fall and spring baseball leagues

Spartanburg Youth Theatre

864.585.8278 200 E. St. John Street, Spartanburg, SC

Offers multiple theatre classes in the fall, spring, and summer for rising K4-12th grade students

Plate 108

864.915.2640 108 E. Poinsett Street, Greer, SC

Offers: Kids cooking classes and culinary camps for ages 5 and up.

Music and Arts Spartanburg

864.595.1116 1450 WO Ezell Boulevard Suite 400, Spartanburg, SC

Offers a variety of private lessons in its on-site private studios including guitar, drums, piano, violin, and more

Westside Aquatics

864.679.7946 2700 W. Blue Ridge Drive, Greenville, SC

Offers: Greenville Rec’s indoor swim facility offers programs for youth, adults, and seniors.

The Cook's Station

864.250.0091 515 Buncombe Street, Greenville, SC

You can dine-in, shop for gourmet ingredients, and learn how to cook at The Cook’s Station. They also offer classes for kids that range from teaching kids basic baking skills to teaching them how to prepare their own yummy snack favorites.

Southern Dance Connection

864.414.0974 215 W. Wade Hampton Boulevard, Greer, SC

Southern Dance Connection offers classes in various forms of dance, tumbling, and cheer. Children aged 2 and up can participate in ballet, tap, and hip-hop dance. They also offer themed dance summer camps.

Eden Farms

864.898.0043 4700 Dacusville Highway, Marietta, SC

Eden farms offers English riding lessons for ages 6 through adult with private or group lesson options. They also offer birthdays, field trips, summer camps and more.

Homeschool at the Barn- Includes an hour long riding lesson or trail ride, learning about life on a working horse farm (grooming, saddling, equine anatomy, feeding and more), horse themed crafts, bible study, snack, and time to play on the new playground.

Field Trips: Eden Farms has offered educational field trips for all ages and sizes including church groups, Scout troops, and schools. Groups rotate through their 40-stall barn to different hands-on horse stations to learn about grooming, saddling, healthcare, horse breeds, feeding, healthcare, and more! Horseback riding, playground, and time for a picnic are also available.

C.C. Woodson Swim Zone

864.596.3710 210 Bomar Avenue, Spartanburg, SC

Swim lessons in June and July for children 3 years old and up.

Greenville Center for Creative Arts

864.735.3948 101 Abney Street, Greenville, SC

Offers: art classes, exhibitions and summer camps that provide an opportunity to cultivate art appreciation while experiencing Greenville’s growing arts community.

Kids Golf and Fitness Academy

[email protected] Inman, SC

Kids Golf and Fitness Academy offers a variety of fun classes such as golf, Mom/Dad and me, American Sign Language, Art, design, fitness, dance specific fitness, golf specific fitness, sports specific fitness, and more! Ages 3 and up. All skill levels, learning styles, and physical abilities welcome.

Master Kim's World Class Taekwondo

864.289.0201 1258 Woodruff Road, Greenville, SC

Offers:  Kid, adult and family martial arts classes and life skills with professional instruction. Free trial period is available. Children’s classes start at age 5.

Rhythms Dance Studio

864.249.6333 1582 E Main Street, Duncan, SC

Offers a variety of classes beginning with Mommy and Me classes for 2 year olds and including jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, pom, lyrical and contemporary

Wine and Design

864.288.1260 1175 Woods Crossing Road, Greenville, SC

Offers: TAKE HOME ONLY family friendly painting and craft class for children of all ages. All supplies are provided. In studio classes are only for ages 18+.

Vino and Van Gogh

864.787.1349 1818 Augusta Street, Ste 112, Greenville, SC

Offers: After school, art classes, summer art camps and private art lessons for infants and up.

Spartanburg County Public Libraries

Multiple Locations, Spartanburg , SC

Spartanburg County Public Libraries offer multiple storytimes at all their branches. These storytimes include music, stories, and creative free playtime. There are 11 locations throughout Spartanburg County.

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Do you have a class or activity that you would recommend that we add to our list? Let us know in the comments.

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7 years ago

What about Greenville Ballroom for the dance section? Awesome program!

7 years ago

My shop in Easley is opening at the end of July! The Cooking Shop will offer after school programs for children and weekly cooking classes for all ages!
Contact us at learnwithus

7 years ago

How about Steele Music Studio for piano lessons and family music classes for babies-prek?

6 years ago

Could you please add Black Belt Attitude School to the list under martial arts & karate. We have 4 locations in the upstate. Classes for all ages. Specializing in Songham Taekwondo which includes self defense training & life skill building.

Debbie Gouldin
6 years ago

Are there foreign language learning opportunities?

6 years ago

The Kroc center downtown has awesome Sport Camps during the summer,spring & winter breaks! They also have a Soccer League for kids up to 12 yrs old for the spring and fall time. During the school year there are Homeschool classes as well.

6 years ago

CESA offers soccer programs from age 4-19 year round.

6 years ago

Could you add Yellowbobbypins Art Camp to the art lessons section? We offer small group art instruction for elementary age students and Mommy and Me art parties for preschoolers.

6 years ago

The arts academy at Younts center has been closed. There is not currently any programming available there. One of their instructors has moved to Simpsonville and started The TreeHouse which is an improv and storytelling school for kids and adults. More info at

5 years ago

Riverside Tennis Club offers year around tennis classes for children ages 5 to 18 as well as classes for adults. We can also customize classes for private groups to meet P.E. requirements.

4 years ago

I’d like to recommend Kazoku At southeast karate they offer traditional Japanese karate. Great owners with a fun, nurturing and inspiring learning environment

Destiny Wilkie
2 years ago

Sterling Studios is a Dance School (also offers an art class) in Easley.

2 years ago

Theatre camp for ages 8-18 here! Taught by Broadway actor and Greenville native!

9 months ago

Is there a list like this, but for adults anywhere?
New to the area and would like this for my kids and for myself as well!