Ways To Make A Difference And Volunteer Opportunities Near Greenville, SC

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Are you wondering about places to volunteer near Greenville, SC? If you and your family are looking for ways to give back to the community, do something to help the environment, or assist in the classroom, there’s no better time than the present! There’s a way for nearly every member of your family to pitch in and help make a difference. We have ways to volunteer, even if you don’t live in Greenville, South Carolina.

Volunteering in Greenville

Volunteer Opportunities For Children

Our youngest family members often want to lend a hand and help others, but oftentimes safety and logistics become a barrier. There are plenty of ways in Greenville and Spartanburg for your child to donate their efforts, and we’ve got a list of them for your family to choose from.

Hub City Empty Bowls In Spartanburg, SC
Children and their families can attend spring workshops to design clay bowls that will be finished and then sold at a soup luncheon later in the year.

Hub City Bowls

Service Hour Ideas for Teens
High school students are often required to accumulate service hours to receive their diploma. Here’s a list of opportunities for older children to donate their time and effort in the community.

More Than 10 Ways to Volunteer with Your Kids in Greenville
Here are more ways your family can give back in the community, regardless of age.

Inspiring Charity in Young Children During the Holidays
The holidays are the most popular time for charitable giving. While most non-profits need help year-round, there are always additional needs during the holiday winter months. These are some holiday opportunities to volunteer with your family.

GVL Animal Care Day Out

Making A Difference In The Life Of A Shelter Animal

Local shelters present plenty of unique opportunities for families to make a difference. Things like gathering newspapers from neighbors to donate, creating enrichment toys from provided instructions, and other activities can make a huge impact. Here are just two of the unique ways your family can make a difference in the life of a shelter animal.

Greenville Animal Care Has A Great Way For Your Kids To Volunteer!
The buckets brigade program at Greenville Animal care is a great way for school-aged children to make a difference in a shelter dog’s life, build their reading skills, and earn hours toward a veterinary career if that’s their dream.

5 Reasons You Should Sign Up For The Doggy’s Day Out Program In Greenville, SC
Volunteering in the community can be fun, and The Doggy’s Day out program is a perfect example. You get to spend the morning out with a new furry friend!

Volunteering From Home

Volunteering from home, on your own schedule might be the only way to facilitate it happening. The good news is that there are opportunities in our community.

How to Volunteer at Your Child’s School When You Can’t Be in the Building
We would all love to help our children’s schools more, but younger siblings and work hours sometimes prohibit the amount of help we can lend. This is a list of ways you can help from home, without being at school during office hours.

Donating Your Time And Efforts To The Environment

New Nonprofit seeks to protect waterfalls in Western NC
If volunteering and a day trip are something your family would enjoy, Waterfall Keepers has programs for families and children. Protecting one of our region’s most beautiful natural resources is a great way to spend a day!

Volunteer Opportunities in the Great Outdoors
If you are looking for more environmental clean-up volunteer opportunities this list has options across the Upstate, and into North Carolina.

Helping In The Community

Ronald McDonald House: A Great Place for Families to Volunteer Together
There are so many ways to support RMH as a family! This charity becomes an invaluable asset when children are in the hospital or have to travel for medical attention.

RMH charleston

Helping Deliver Meals On Wheels
Delivering meals to homebound residents is a great project that can involve the whole family. Young children can create colored pictures to include with a delivery, and it will add a special personal touch to the food being delivered.

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