6 Stress Busting Date Ideas in Greenville, SC

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How about a date and stress busting activity all at the same time? Sometimes we need some physical ways to get out pent up frustration and stress, right? And maybe doing that with our significant other could be fun. Here are some Greenville for date ideas that are also great for busting stress and getting out some of that frustration.

Numerous studies point to pent up anger, stress, and frustration leading to physical problems like depression, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, insomnia, and aches and pains in joints. For me, exercise is a huge help for dealing with stress but I also like to use more enjoyable physical activities to help relieve this kind of stress. I’ve done everything in this list except for the last one!

I’d suggest these would be awesome date night activities as well since you can bond with your significant other while smashing a car or throwing a few punches at a bag. If you want more normal date night activities, we do have a big list of date night ideas in Greenville, SC!

Since COVID-19 policies change quickly, we did link to every place listed so you can easily check their individual rules and regulations online.

Mad Smash

You can quite literally smash up a car or take swings at glass, plates, or anything else that can be destroyed with a bat or golf club. It feels really, really good to do this. Mad Smash is by appointment only.

250 Mill Street, 2nd Floor, Taylors

Axe Throwing

Grabbing an axe and chucking it at a target is a fantastic stress reliever. The Blue Ox Hatchet House, Craft Axe Throwing, Group Therapy, and Stumpy’s Hatchet House are all local places to do such a thing.


While kickboxing is an awesome workout, it’s also a great way to release frustration. Mad about work? Punch that bag. Stressed about your kids and school? Kick the bag. Just irritated in general? Let. It. Out. For kickboxing here in Greenville, try 9Round. They have multiple locations around town.


Spinning is basically biking except on a stationary bike that you can adjust to different levels to make your ride harder or easier. These bikes aren’t from the 80s – they are slick and durable and deliver a great sweat session. Bring your partner, water, a towel, and get spinning. You’ll feel awesome afterwards (if you can stand up). CycleBar® offers spinning lessons here in town.

301 East McBee Ave, Suite B, Greenville

Jump Around

While you’re not necessarily hitting things or trying to seriously tire out your body, you’ll definitely have the opportunity to feel like a carefree kid at a trampoline park. It makes for a fun date, jumping around, doing flips or swinging off a trapeze bar if you’re really adventurous. Here’s a list of trampoline parks in Greenville.

Sky Diving

This is the only thing in this list I haven’t done personally. And I won’t. But it was suggested by one of our writers who has done it and I imagine it’s because when you’re about to jump out of a perfectly good airplane by your own free will, you are literally thinking of nothing else and just letting the adrenaline take over. Good luck.

Skydive Carolina
1903 King Air Drive, Chester, SC

Would you do any of these stress busting activities with your date?

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