Here’s Where to Find the Best Nachos in Greenville, SC According to Our Readers

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Are you craving nachos?

Whether you are looking for traditional nachos or nachos with unique toppings, you’ve come to the right place. Our readers are sharing their top 5 favorite places for nachos in Greenville.

Ordering nachos is like waiting to open a birthday gift that was on your Amazon wish list – you know it’s gonna be good and you can’t wait to dive in and start enjoying it. That’s like waiting for your nachos order, except cheesier.

So here it is Greenville, your best reasons for heading where you do for the perfect plate of nachos, drenched in cheese and whatever else you just can’t live without.

Best Nachos in Greenville

Top 5 Best Nachos in Greenville, SC According to Kidding Around Fans

Chicora Alley

Chicora Alley was the big winner among Kidding Around Greenville readers. You can’t go wrong with their Simple Cheese Nachos, Mile-High Nachos, or Spicy Volcanos Nachos.

Chicora Alley w/brisket & 3 different salsas plus all the usual goods.


Chicora Alley!! Hands down


Chicora Alley- those homemade salsas 🤤


Chicory Alley! Huge and a great selection of Salsas 🙂


608 B South Main Street, Greenville

Sassafras Southern Bistro

What to order at Sassafras? A reader gives this tip: “Sassafras’s crab nachos are the best!” They also offer Steak & Gorgonzola nachos.

Sassafras crab nachos. The cheese and fresh crab combo is amazing.


Sassafras’s crab nachos are the bomb dot com 😉


The Blue Crab nachos at Sassafras are my all time fav!


103 North Main Street #107, Greenville

Home Team BBQ

With 3 homemade salsas, cheddar, and Monterrey jack cheeses, pickled jalapenos, crema, guacamole, chimichurri, and your choice of pulled pork, pulled chicken, or black beans, readers tell us that the BBQ Nachos at Home Team BBQ are definitely worth a trip.

The nachos at Home Team BBQ are amazing! Fresh pulled pork, and the best toppings!

Emily W

second Home Team! They’re my go-to for nachos!

Tracey J

2537 N Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville

Local Cue

Another repeat restaurant on a reader-recommended list, Local Cue is not only known for their laid-back atmosphere, but also for their delicious BBQ Chicken or Pork Nachos.

Local Cue for their bbq pulled pork nachos 😋💜 So good I even made a copycat recipe!!

Sarah M

The best nachos are at Local Cue!


Uncle Berto’s Burritos

This place has amazing and affordable Mexican cuisine. Tucked away in the Bi-Lo plaza in Five Forks, it could be easily be missed. Don’t miss it and be sad.

Growing up on latin food I can always tell what is authentic. Uncle Berto’s is the best in all of Greenville and surrounding areas I have tried. Their guacamole is fresh, their chips and beans are homemade and the meat is seasoned perfectly. I almost always get the chicken nachos.


100 Batesville Road, Simpsonville

Bonus Nacho Places to Check Out in Greenville!

Mac’s Speed Shop – They layer the cheese and chips. Never seen anyone else do that. But it takes nachos to the next level.

Stephanie E

Have you tried the nachos at any of the reader’s favorites? What did you think?

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7 years ago

California Dreaming on Pelham Rd has 4 varieties of nachos. We love love the barbecue chicken nachos!!!!

7 years ago
Reply to  Sara

They have the best nachos!!!! Their traditional is amazing!

7 years ago

El molcajete in the BILO shopping center on e north and pleasantburg. The nachos are good, but the chorizo is AMAZING.

7 years ago

I have only lived in Greenville for a little more than a year and have enjoyed nachos at many of the above places (Moe’s, Papas& Beer, Ale House, Uncle Bertos, Tijuana Flats). I say that the BBQ Pork Nachos at Twin Peaks beats all of the above hands down IMO. Some may only go there for the “view” but the food is amazing, especially the nachos.