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Homeschool Associations

Have you decided to homeschool in South Carolina under option 3? Then you might be looking for a homeschool association to join. The associations in the state offer a wide variety of services, some include classes, graduation, diplomas, high school guidance and more. Here’s a list of South Carolina homeschool associations to get you started in your search.

You’ll find a complete list of option 3 home school accountability associations in South Carolina at the SC Department of Education’s site.

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United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited

The UCHU (United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited) is an option 3 homeschool association.

They offer virtual classes in instrumentals, reading, mindfulness and yoga, drawing, high school courses, and more.

Academic Advantage Association

864.968.1118 | 557 Hammett Store Road , Lyman, SC

3rd option homeschool accountability association for preK- 12th grade.
They offer homeschool support to families in a variety of ways, including supply obtainment, an online store, resources, seminars, and more.

Grace Homeschool Association

This association offers membership documentation, assistance with accountability and record keeping and a graduation ceremony with diploma.

Upcountry Homeschool Association

Option 3 homeschool accountability association with over 20 years of experience. Membership provides dozens of resources, free printable forms, free lesson plans, and more.

The South Carolina Homeschool Accountability Association


The South Carolina Homeschool Accountability Association offers planning and record-keeping documents, monthly newsletter, membership cards, and an online support group. Optional services include high school transcripts and report cards.

Palmetto Homeschool Association

803.327.2344 | 454 South Anderson Road BTC 568, Suite 205, Rock Hill, SC

This homeschool association provides proof of membership documents, assistance with high school transcripts, and, while standardized testing is not required, they provide assistance finding sites where homeschoolers can participate if desired.

Mountains to Sea Homeschool Association


A 3rd Option homeschool accountability association that covers the entire state of SC. They offer in-person consultations and walk side-by-side with all families who are interested in homeschooling, even if they are not a member of the association.

Carolina Homeschooler

| 961 North Main Street #3, Lancaster, SC

In addition to being an accountability group, Carolina Homeschooler offers field trips, online classes, book clubs, and online parent support forums. Their page offers helpful information about legally homeschooling in South Carolina.

Hometown Homeschool Association

Internet-based option 3 accountability association. Enrollment fee is $30 per family. The association can help with resources, member discounts, and questions about homeschooling or transitioning from public to homeschooling.

Piedmont Home Educators Association

864.395.6086 | 2435 East North Street, Suite 1108-370, Greenville, SC

This third option homeschool association serving upstate families, provides membership documentation, GPA, class ranking and transcripts. In addition, this association requires its high school students to take standardized testings (ACT/SAT).