Where to Pick Your Own Strawberries in Greenville, SC

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Looking for a place to pick your own strawberries in Greenville, SC? Here’s the inside scoop about which local farms in the Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson areas are the best for strawberry picking.

pick your own strawberries near Greenville, SC

And since we know how much you all love maps, we made one for all these strawberry farms:

Pick your own strawberries Greenville, SC
Strawberry fields at Hunter Farms in Easley, SC

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Looking for a great place to pick strawberries near Columbia, SC? Check out Cottle Strawberry Farm.

Where to buy local strawberries near Greenville

Looking for locally grown strawberries? You’ll start to see them popping up anywhere between late March through late April–depending on which part of the state they are grown in. Because this is a popular season, we encourage you to call ahead/visit the farm’s Facebook page to make sure the farm stand or farm has strawberries available.

UPICK: Alexandar’s U-Pick, Mountville

Alexander’s U-Pick has both u-pick and prepicked berries. Check their social media page before heading out! U-pick berries range from $12-$15 and they also have ice cream available.. They are located at 389 Waterfall Drive in Mountville, SC, about an hour from Greenville.

UPICK: Beechwood Farms, Marietta

Beechwood Farms is now open for both u-pick ($15/gallon) and prepicked strawberries ($17/gallon). Check the Beechwood Farms Facebook page for updated information and current hours or call 864.836.6075.

Bellews Market, Spartanburg

Bellews Market sells pre-picked strawberries and they also have lots of other fruit and produce for sale.

UPICK: Buck and Ann’s Strawberry Farm, Greer

Call ahead before you go to this small (but tasty) strawberry farm just to make sure they are open. Their address is 139 Pearson Road in Greer (near Abner Creek) and their phone number is 864.879.4612.

This video is from their 2019 patch:

UPICK: Callaham Orchards, Belton

Callaham Orchards is located near Belton and is worth the drive for the variety of foods they offer. They do have u-pick but check their website before you go to make sure it’s open. Berries go really fast so get there as soon as they open if you really want them. The season usually begins with strawberries in April and runs as late as October for pumpkins.  They were adversely affected by the later frost in March 2023 so they aren’t sure exactly of timing of produce.

UPICK: Carrigan Farms, Mooresville, NC

They are open for strawberry picking starting May 1, 2023. See the website for details on times of operation. Upick strawberries $20 per gallon and $7 per quart-sized container. If prepicked strawberries are available, they are $22 per gallon and $7 per quart-sized container. You must bring cash since they don’t take credit/debit. Arrive 30 minutes prior to closing if you want to pick berries.

Carolina Fresh Market, Pelzer

You can get fresh strawberries at the Carolina Fresh Market by the gallon starting in mid-April. Just check their Facebook page before you go to make sure they aren’t sold out. They also sell lots of produce, vegetables, and local goods.

[No strawberries for 2023] UPICK: Due West Strawberries, Donalds

Due West will not have strawberries in 2023. Check their Due West Facebook page for current hours.

Estrada Farms, Greenville

They have prepicked berries at their farm stand at 7901 White Horse Road, Greenville. Follow them on Facebook for their pop-up locations as well.

UPICK: Greyrock Farms and Green Acres Produce, Moore

Located in Spartanburg, Greyrock Farms has pre-picked berries and their u-pick field will be open by mid-April. You can also purchase fresh produce, milk, eggs, butter, and chocolate milk.

UPICK: Honey Branch Farm & Garden, Pendleton

Honey Branch Farm & Garden has both upick and prepicked berries plus flowers, Happy Cow products, and local produce. Prepicked berries are $20/gallon. Follow them on Facebook for updated hours.

UPICK: Hunter Farms, Easley

At Hunter Farms, you can pick your own strawberries or buy at the stand, along with local honey and beautiful flowers. They are open for u-pick but their hours and dates vary so you need to check their Facebook page before heading out. And they make fresh strawberry milkshakes that are not to be missed. General hours are Monday – Saturday 8 am – 6 pm and Sunday from 1-5 pm. U-pick is $16/gallon with your own bucket, or $17 if you don’t bring your own. Pre-picked berries are $20/gallon.

Pick your own strawberries Greenville, SC
Hunter Farms, Easley, SC

UPICK: Lever Farms,

Lever Farms is just outside Newberry, SC, a little over an hour from Greenville and has upick and prepicked berries plus a CSA box option. In the fall, they also have upick pumpkins. They are open Monday-Saturday 8 am – 6 pm but call before you go to check on the upick fields since they aren’t open every day due to weather.

Mile Creek Farm Market

Mile Creek is located in Six Mile, SC and will have a lot of pre-picked strawberries come mid-April as well as produce and fruit.

Mixon Farms, Gray Court

Mixon Farms in Gray Court has upick blueberries in the summer but does have prepicked strawberries available on their farm for $18/gallon.

UPICK: Obermiller’s Strawberry Farm, Hendersonville, NC

About an hour north of Greenville, Obermiller’s Strawberry Farm plans to open around Mother’s Day 2023 (May 14, 2023) for strawberry picking. They provide containers and 2022 pricing for strawberries was $14/gallon. Follow them on Facebook for the latest in when their fields are open. They also have blackberries and blueberries for upick over the summer.

UPICK: Pinebreeze Farm Strawberry Fields, Pelzer

Pinebreeze Farm, a small family farm in Pelzer, is open for u-pick strawberries but dates and times vary according to how many berries are ripe. They currently have prepicked strawberries available, so we recommend following their Facebook to grab them fast. Be sure to check their Facebook page for updated info and closures. Hours are Monday – Friday from 8 am – 7 pm and Saturday from 8 am – 5 pm. They are closed Sundays.

Pressley Farms, Hendersonville, NC

Pressley Farms has lots of yummy berries and fruits they grow, including strawberries. Expect them to open up in early May, depending on the weather, like every other farm we’ve mentioned here.

[No strawberries for 2023] UPICK: Reedy River Farms, Easley

You’ll have to make an appointment to u-pick strawberries at this farm. Unfortunately their 2023 strawberry crop didn’t make it so they will not have strawberries this year.

Pick your own strawberries Greenville, SC

Sandy Flat Berry Patch, Taylors

Located at 4715 Locust Hill Road in Taylors, this farm might be out of the way for some, but it is totally worth the trip.  While they will not have upick this year, they do have some prepicked berries. Follow the Sandy Flat Berry Patch Facebook page for updated info.

UPICK: Stewart Farms, Enoree

Stewart Farms in Enoree is wildly popular with families here in Greenville – as in, get there early when you decide to go. They are open for u-pick but not every day. Follow their Facebook page for day-to-day updates. Upick gallons are $15 and pre-picked is $18. Be sure to check their website, Facebook or give them a call at 864.969.7270 before you go to check for any last-minute changes or hours.

Pick your own strawberries Greenville, SC

Strawberry Hill USA, Chesnee

Strawberry Hill USA (the largest strawberry farm in SC) is located up in Chesnee with strawberry sales beginning late March 2023. Prices are $16/gallon and $6/quart. They currently have a limited quantity of prepicked strawberries available as of the end of March, so follow their Facebook for updates if you’re craving those sweet berries! While it does not offer u-pick, we think it’s a must on your berry stops because their berries are delicious. But, and we cannot emphasize this enough, get there early and call before you go to make sure they have berries available. In previous years, they picked 700 gallons one day and sold out by the afternoon.

UPICK: Lush Acres Farms, Clinton

They have both u-pick and prepicked strawberries. U-pick is $16/gallon and prepicked is $18/gallon.

April 15, 2023 is the Spring Festival at Lush Acres Farms.

Strawberry Picking in the Midlands

Head down towards Columbia for even more places to pick your own strawberries. The strawberry season starts a little earlier in the Midlands, so that’s where you want to head early in the season.

Kidding Around Columbia Guide to Strawberry Farms in Columbia

Other Local Fruit Crops:

Where to pick your own peaches

After strawberry season comes peach season. The official state fruit of South Carolina is generally a summer fruit, harvested between June and September. Fun fact: South Carolina outproduces our neighboring peach state of Georgia in annual peach production! On average, South Carolina farms will yield about 60,000 tons of peaches annually.

Fisher’s at Taylors

If you grew up in the Greer area, you probably went to The Peach Shed on Hwy 290 a couple of times and you for sure ate ice cream at Dillard’s.  When I was little, we went and picked peaches and blackberries and then went home and made pies.  Those childhood memories were so amazing, I’m starting the tradition with my son this year.  The Peach Shed is now called Fisher’s at Taylors and is open for 2023. 

Fisher’s has grown into three Greer locations, including Fisher’s Pick Your Own (650 Fisher Road), Fisher’s at Dillard’s Ice Cream (504 S. Buncombe Road), and Fisher’s at Taylor’s (1001 Locust Hill Road).  If you’re looking for fresh fruits (including locally grown strawberries!), this is the place to go.  Their spring hours begin April 2023 but they will not have u-pick this year. See their Fisher’s Orchard Facebook for up-to-date information.

Pick your own strawberries Greenville, SC

Jeter Mountain Farm

eter Mountain is located about an hour north of Greenville in Hendersonville, NC and they have u-pick peaches, apples, grapes, and even elderberries. The u-pick orchard will open late July 2023. Read our review here.

Where to pick your own blueberries

You can anticipate seeing blueberries in South Carolina throughout June and July, and sometimes into August.

Here’s our full list of places to pick blueberries near Greenville, SC.

Picking Strawberries
Picking Strawberries

5+ Tips for Picking Your Own Strawberries and Other Berries

Tip #1: It can get really hot in a berry patch. Pick in the early morning or early evening if possible and be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat if you are picking in the heat of the day. Don’t forget to bring water!

Tip #2: Be sure the kids use the bathroom before you leave the house.

Tip #3: Wear appropriate shoes and clothing. It’s a dirty job and there will likely be fire ant hills and other insects. Rain boots are an excellent choice. Also, bring bags that can get dirty, like plastic bags, for dirty shoes.

Tip #4: Be respectful of the farm. Coach your kids on good behavior such as not stepping on plants and only picking what you plan to keep. Some farms may also ask that you not eat strawberries while picking.

Tip #5: Be cautious of pesticides, and be sure to wash your berries when you get home before eating them.

Bonus Tip #1: Call ahead to be sure that the patch is still offering pick-your-own strawberries or blueberries. The pick-your-own berry season is typically only at the peak of the season and can change depending on demand and the crop.

Bonus Tip #2: Bring gallon baskets. Most patches ask that you only use approved gallon baskets or buckets. Usually you can reuse baskets from year to year from local patches. Plan on spending a little extra money on purchasing approved baskets if you don’t already own some.

Everything you need to know for spring in Greenville, SC

Looking for more fun things to do in the Spring? We’ve got the Ultimate Guide to Spring for Families in Greenville, SC.

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8 years ago

Thanks for the Sandy Flat recommendation – went this weekend with my kids and it was awesome! Never would have known about it except for this post. Thank you so much!

7 years ago

There is a little known blueberry patch on Cannon Rd in Greer behind Lake Cunningham that we’ve been to a couple of years now. They have really good berries and its usually not crowded. There is no information so you just have to drive by abd see if the sign is up. They are supposed to have them June-August. They sell late-season blueberries. We’ve picked well into August before. You just leave your money at the stand and borrow a basket if you don’t have your own. They are $10/gallon.

7 years ago

I am confused – today is June 29th – and per Sandy Flats facebook – they do not offer pick your own
Strawberry Hill Website says they are commercially owned and no longer a pick your own farm.
**Due to our being a commercial farm, we do not offer a U-PICK program to our customers. All berries are pre-picked by our employees and sold at our market.

7 years ago
Reply to  SB

Hi SB! The headings will be helpful. Sandy Flats offers Pick-Your-Own Strawberries (currently out of season) but they also sell many other types of fresh fruits & veggies during the entire season. There is a note that specifies that Strawberry Hill no longer allows pick-your-own. It is an excellent farm experience though since there is a lot for the kids to do there which is why it’s still included at the bottom of the list. I hope that helps.

Becky S
6 years ago

Great article, thanks! Don’t forget Hunter Farms in Easley. You can pick your own strawberries or buy at the stand, along with local honey and beautiful flowers. BONUS: They make fresh strawberry milkshakes that are not to be missed! The family that runs it is very nice and welcoming too. It’s 20 minutes from downtown Greenville and a gen of the upstate!

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5 years ago

You’ve left off Arrowhead Acres — organic blueberries right beside Beechwood Farms! Friendly folks and lots of yummy berries!

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Lucie Bujetova
4 years ago

Are there any organic u-pick berry farms around Greenville? Thank you!

4 years ago

There is an organic you pick blueberry patch in Landrum at 520 Gibson Rd. You need to bring your own container and the price is $10/gallon. They only accept cash. https://www.facebook.com/Peachy-Hill-Farm-Blueberry-Patch-1088083754724087/

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Stephanie Reynolds
2 years ago

Are any strawberry farms organic?

[…] Strawberry Hill is a commercial farm, they don’t permit u-pick berries. If you prefer to pick your own strawberries, there are other options in the […]