Where to Get the Best Chinese Food in Greenville, SC

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Are you searching for the place with the best Chinese food in Greenville? If you’re looking for that perfect Peking duck in the Upstate, you’ve found the right place. We went in search of the best Chinese cuisine in Greenville with Kidding Around Contributor Melanie’s help, and the help of our readers. They had lots to say about this type of dining, but there were some clear favorites!

A close friend recently said to me, “I love you, but there are two areas of life that you have ridiculous standards, and I love you for it… Tacos and Pizza”

Well, I happen to disagree.

I also have impossibly high standards for Chinese cuisine, and it wasn’t until recently that I found a place that reminds me of the authentic Chinese food I crave.

The authentic kind you find in cities like Chicago, DC, and New York. The crazy thing is I passed the local answer to my search a bunch of times, blissfully unaware that it was there and I bet you have too.

Asia Pacific Restaurant & Supermarket

864.603.1377 | 420 North Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville
Asia Pacific Restaurant & Supermarket is the only place in the Upstate that I’m aware of serving authentic Chinese cuisine. That means no glossy orange chicken, and no crab rangoon. But everything they offer on the menu more than makes up for the lack of Americanized Chinese cuisine you can find everywhere else. 

Can you think of anyplace else locally where you can select a live fish from a tank and ask for it to be cooked to your liking? The best way to experience dining here is with a large group eating family-style. Alva, the owner, has a huge table set in the dining area just for that! Everyone orders up a dish from the menu and shares, it’ll be better than any buffet you’ll find anywhere, plus there will be leftovers to take home. One of my favorite dishes right now is the glass noodles with roast pork. There are so many delicious things on the menu, though, and while they don’t have a kids menu, there are kid-friendly dishes.

You can dine-in or place a to-go order and browse the store while you wait. You don’t take my word for it, though; it was also the most mentioned Chinese restaurant when we asked readers on social media!

Asia Pacific for their salt and pepper (anything)… I usually get the squid version 🤤 really everything on the menu is amazing AND fresh!

Karla H

Asia Pacific is the best! Duck Plate with rice, crispy pork with rice, soup dumplings, scallion pancakes! They have a wide selection of authentic Chinese dishes with some Chinese American selections.

James V.

I love the salt and pepper grouper

Mary Anne S.

We’ve only had the beef noodle soup (with yellow egg noodles), spicy calamari/squid and beef chow fun (Stir fried wide rice noodles) and they were all delicious. I bet most if not all, of the items on their menu are just as tasty

Karen M.

For authentic dishes, the ONLY one in GVL is Asia Pacific. The rest of Chinese restaurants here are American Chinese style. Miss all the authentic Chinese dishes they have in the North! We need more authentic Asian restaurants here! Enough Mexican restaurants around?

Nova B.

If you need more reason to visit, read local mom Anna’s review of Asia Pacific!

Our Reader Picks for the Best Chinese Food in Greenville

If you are more fond of American-style Chinese cuisine, these were the most popular choices with our readers!

Chin Chin

864.234.3336 | 1099 East Butler Road – Suite 101, Greenville
Offering Pan Asian cuisine including American style Chinese, Korean & Thai

Chin Chin in Mauldin. Best Lo Mein I’ve ever had. The dumplings are amazing as well.

Elyse G.

Chin Chin in Mauldin is the best! Delicioso and very affordable


Chin chin. You know it’s authentic and delicious when everyone eating there is of Asian descent. We also like Tokyo Cafe.

Lauren G.

Chin chin. You know it’s authentic and delicious when everyone eating there is of Asian descent. We also like Tokyo Cafe.

Lauren G.

Shanghai Tokyo Express

864.281.9583 | Batesville Road, Simpsonville
Offering Chinese and Japanese cuisine, they offer lunch specials starting at $7.25

Their General Tso Chicken, Orange Chicken, Mongolian beef and Sesame chicken with Lo Mein has been our go to!! Sooo good 🤤

Kimberly Stout

Shanghai Tokyo in Five Forks! For Americanized Chinese food, that is. We’ve been regulars since we moved to the area 12 years ago. Best wonton soup, and the mu shu pork is addictive! My son loves their boneless ribs, and it saves us the hassle of having to cut the meat of the bones for him. My dad thinks they have the best shrimp and lobster sauce he’s had outside of NY. They are great with special requests (like extra spicy, or sauce on the side), and my take out order has never been wrong. I can’t say that for ANY other restaurant in town.

Stacy H.

I’ve been ordering from Shanghai Tokyo in Five Forks for the 9 years I’ve lived in Simpsonville and have never been disappointed. My family’s favorite by far.

Ivonne S.

Lieu’s Chinese Bistro

864.288.3800 | 103 East Beacon Drive, Greenville
An Asian fusion restaurant, offering dim sum, vegan & gluten-free dishes. They offer a lunch special menu from 11 am – 3 pm.

Lieu’s! I have celiac disease and they can make almost anything gluten free

Andrea N.

Their fried rice so fresh and light, even thought that contradicts the whole purpose of fried rice, imo. I’ve never had anything that wasn’t super fresh and delish!

Jeanne Mussell Anderson

Lieu’s Chinese Bistro. Hands down the best. So freaking amazing!

Stephanie M.

Lieus! Always fresh and delicious and the servers are always friendly and quick.

Kristi B.

Mei Mei House

864.967.8868 | 654 Fairview Road, Simpsonville
A full menu with lunch specials starting at $7.99 is served until 3 pm.

Mei Mei on Fairview across from Chick-fil-A is delicious. I usually order take out and drive all the way from Five Forks even though we have Chinese here in Five Forks, because its that good. Plus, I’ve been going there for 4 yrs and never messed up an order and is always ready when they say it will be.

Brandi M.

Yellow Ginger Asia Kitchen

864.605.7551 | 2100 Poinsett Hwy -Suite J, Greenville
A full menu offering dishes from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. They offer lunch specials priced at $9.95 served until 3 pm.

Yellow Ginger is amazing especially if you are plant based! Pretty much all of their items can be made vegan. Great service and the food is so yummy!

Timarie L.

We Love Yellow Ginger!!!!

Erin A.
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