25 Stellar Places for Pizza: Greenville, SC (Our Favorites for 2024)

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Are you craving pizza and looking for the best pizza in Greenville, SC? Greenville locals have told us where to find the best pizza around town. Peruse our list to find your new favorite pizza!


Best Pizza in Greenville, SC

There are over 75,000 pizzerias in the United States and as a $36 billion a year industry, Americans are champions when it comes to pizza eating. They eat approximately 100 acres of pizza per day, which is a gorgeous picture to imagine.

The South is known for some exceptional cuisine but it’s the Northeast that takes the award for the best pizza, especially the New York/New Jersey region (I’m originally from NJ and lived in Rome for a time, which I’m proud to say makes me a pizza expert – this is the only thing I’m an expert at so let me have it). Most pizzerias claim they are NY-style pizza, which consists of a thin crust topped with a delicious tomato sauce and melted cheese.

One astute Kidding Around Greenville reader noted that when people get asked what their favorite pizza place is, it’s implied it is NY-style because “let’s face it, is the only style that really matters.” Well said, sir.

Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

Craving something other than pizza? Here are the best restaurants near Greenville, SC!

Where To Get Great Pizza In Greenville, SC

We asked our readers where they go for the best pizza places in the Greenville, SC area. I’ve been to most of these but I can personally recommend only one place that comes closest to the kind of pizza I grew up eating (aka the best kind) – New York Style Pizza- it’s Della Ventura’s in Greer, SC. No other place comes close in terms of correctly cooking the dough, the balance of flavor in the sauce, and the right amount of cheese. For non-NY pizza, Sidewall Pizza takes the win there with its brick oven chewy dough and a wide array of fresh toppings.

Now that I’ve likely offended a bunch of people with my recommendation, let’s see where ya’ll go for pizza:

Della Ventura’s Ristorante and Pizzeria

Della Ventura’s Ristorante and Pizzeria
337 S Buncombe Road, Greer | 864.989. 0100

Della Ventura’s has some of the best pizzas in Greenville, SC based on our reader’s suggestions! Their New York-style pizzas are as close as it gets in Greenville to the real deal, and they also offer a plethora of Italian dishes with hearty portions. Some of their popular dishes include calzones, baked ziti, hot subs, and chicken parmigiana. Do not forget to order their garlic knots, they are superb.

Della Ventura is awesome. The closest thing we’ve had to NY pizza since moving here. Their pastas are delicious as well.

Jennifer T.

Della’s is definitely a great place. I’m from NJ and it is the closest thing to home.

Jennifer M.

Sidewall Pizza

Sidewall Pizza
99 Cleveland Street, Greenville | 864.558.0235
35 South Main Street, Travelers Rest | 864.610.0527
3598 Pelham Road, Greenville | 864.991.8748
117 Southeast Main Street, Simpsonville | 864.757.9191

If you’re looking for a relaxed place to eat pizza in Greenville, SC, then Sidewall Pizza has a pizza pie for you. With locations in Greenville, Travelers Rest, and Simpsonville, you are only a short car ride to dine in or carry out pizza, including specialty pizza options, or you can try out their roasted garlic sauce-based or pesto sauce-based pizzas. You also have the option to build your own pizza. They also offer dairy-free and vegan pizza options on their menu. You can order online or by phone.

Sidewall! They are so attentive, work well with kids (hello gold fish or a free bread stick if your pizza is slow on delivery), dairy free and vegan options INCLUDING ice cream 😮, free birthday pizzas and other great promos, and the best seasonal menu in town 🙌🏻

Alyssa M.

Sidewall. Not only is the margherita pizza awesome, but the smoky salad and breadsticks with homemade marinara hit the spot! Fav pizza place in town! Oh yeah, a whole FREE pizza for your birthday and 1/2 off a pizza for your half birthday! Who else does that?!

Baird S.

Sidewall…have gluten- free option, lots of toppings, great salads and ice cream!

Joann H.
sausage pizza Greenville, SC

The Slice

The Slice
134 South Main Street, Simpsonville | 864.757.9330

A pizza place in Greenville, SC that has a family atmosphere AND serves up New York-style pizza, that’s a win-win! Their authentic pizzas contain fresh ingredients and crispy crusts that come in a variety of specialty options, white pizza, or silician-style pizza. They also have wings, pasta, and garlic knots on their menu. You can order online for pick up, or dine in.

The Slice in Simpsonville!! Amazing pizza, homemade pasta, and staff that treats every customer like family!!

Megan D.

Slice of Brooklyn in Simpsonville!! Authentic, fresh ingredients, and amazing staff!

Laura T.

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza
1125 Woodruff Road Suite 1601, Greenville | 864.286.1070

If you are looking for wood-fired pizza in Greenville, SC, then Brixx has you covered. Their 11-inch pizzas are perfect for reducing overindulgence but are packed with flavor layered on a crunch crust. They also have vegan cheese and crust for your pizza. Along with pizza, they offer wings, salads, pasta, and desserts.

We love Brixx- great pizza, good kids menu, and their salads are delicious.

Claire B.

We love Brixx, actual pizza and their salads are the best!

Paige K.

D’Allesandro’s Pizza

D’Allesandro’s Pizza 
17 Mohawk Drive, Greenville | 864.252.4700

If you are a fan of a thin and crispy crust on your pizza, D’Allesandro’s in Greenville, SC has that for you. Their hand-tossed pizza comes with several sauce options, including red sauce, olive oil and garlic, pesto, barbeque sauce, or ranch. Top it off with some amazing fresh topping choices, and you’ve perfected your pizza. They also have two highly recommended vegan pizza options. The restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxed and modern, making it the perfect sit-down pizza place. You can order your pizza online, dine in, or call in a carry-out order.

Pizza Parcheggio

Pizza Parcheggio
775 Woodruff Road J2, Greenville | Order Online

This *secret* pizza place has gained a cult following with pizza enthusiasts in Greenville, SC. They offer pizza carry-out only and their classic thin-crust pizza is always well done. They are pretty strict about how things are done, so let me break it down. They have a limited number of pies available each day, first come first serve. All pies are 16”, 8 slices and they do not do half toppings or substitutions. They absolutely recommend preordering your pizza, and if they are sold out of pizza for the day you can order for the next time slot available the next day. Try the Piccolo Diavolo with tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, peperoncino, hot honey, and basil, you will not be disappointed! They are currently only open Thursday through Sunday, so plan ahead.

Merrell’s Pizza

Merrell’s Pizza
1207 West Poinsett Street, Greer | 864.469.7409
101 North East Main Street, Easley | 864.442.5062

Sauce lovers will love the New York Style pizza found at Merell’s Pizza in Greer and Easley, SC. The pizza and its cheesy goodness can come with traditional red sauce, but they have options for several different sauces including alfredo, oil and garlic base, ranch, margarita, and more! Their chicken alfredo pizza is so creamy and packed full of flavor. Pair your pie with some wings and a salad to make the perfect meal.

Merrell’s in Greer!!! Their pizza is so good and their sauces are delicious.

Samantha H.

Merrell’s Pizza! You can buy by the slice and each slice is huge! Their sandwiches, wings, and fries are also delicious!

Laura H.

Sciortino’s Trattoria & Pizzaria

Sciortino’s Trattoria & Pizzaria
3734 Pelham Road, Greenville | 864.991.8636

Located in the bustling section of restaurants at Pelham Road and Interstate 85, Sciortino’s Trattoria & Pizzaria is the perfect Italian place for an informal dinner or even a relaxed date. They have several options including New York Style pizza, Neapolitan, Sicilian, grandma, and deep dish in addition to specialty pizzas. Their pizza has been described as “true Italian”, and you can find other dishes such as pasta, soups, seafood, salads, and wine to pair with your delicious pizza.

Sciortino’s Pelham Rd. True Italian pizza.

Lauren G.

Pizza City New York Style

Pizza City New York Style
1547 North Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville | 864.292.0485

Want Silciliana New York Style pizza in Greenville? Pizza City has it! Their thick pan pizzas are a meat lovers’ dream. You can even grab pizza by the slice. They also have pasta dishes and hot subs like meatball chicken parmigiana if you’re looking for another entree to fill out your meal.

Pizza City, because it comes close to my NY Pizza.

Vivian R.

Pizza City. Great New York style pizza. Friendly staff. Never disappoints.

Margaret D.

Coastal Crust Pizza

Coastal Crust Pizza
1254 Pendleton Street, Greenville | 864.412.8501

Coastal Crust Pizza Greenville SC

Wood fired? Check. Great location? Check. Fresh ingredients? Check. Coastal Crust Greenville is an excellent dine-in option for pizza, and their wood fire flavor really elevates your senses while eating their pizza. Their dough is made from scratch, the ingredients are Italian-inspired, and the hand-stretched Neapolitan wood-fired pizza makes Coastal Crust a contender for one of Greenville’s best pizza places. They are open seven days a week for dine-in or carry-out.

Love the location/the aesthetic/the service, and the pizza and dishes are fantastic. Fresh ingredients and exquisite flavors.

Nicole S.

Coastal Crust Greenville is by far the best pizza in Greenville. That wood fired oven taste just makes it perfect.

Liz C.

Paisanos Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

Paisanos Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
8590 Pelham Road #25, Greenville | 864.284.0390

You will find pizza with a flavorful sauce and delicious cheese at Paisanos Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Greenville, SC. You can create your own pizza, either a 10’’ or 15’’, and top it off with some excellent topping choices. They even have toppings like eggplant, chargrilled chicken, and gyro meat in addition to traditional toppings. Their menu also includes stromboli, Greek dinners, pita sandwiches, Italian dinners, and calzones. You can dine in, carry out, or even request catering from Paisanos.

Belladina’s Pizzeria

Belladina’s Pizzeria
9 West Washington Street, Greenville | 864.740.3030

Belladina’s Neapolitan traditional crust is some of the best pizza in Greenville, SC! They have tons of options, including Sicilian-style pizza, Coppia pizza, and pan-baked Detroit Style pizza to name a few. You can also grab pizza by the slice, and pair it with pasta, stromboli, panini, or one of several salad options. Do not forget to grab a loaf or two of their Bruschetta for later!

Belladina’s Pizzeria…Detroit style is the BEST and the bruschetta is delicious!!! Can’t wait for them to open their location at The Silos!!!

Hollie S.

Belladina’s is the only acceptable answer!

Stephanie D.

Tito’s Restaurant Pizzeria

Tito’s Restaurant Pizzeria
2018 North Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville | 864.322.0670

Tito’s Restaurant Pizzeria is one of Greenville’s staples and a go-to for many for a reason. Their pizza is described as true New York-style pizza and they also have a thick pan crust Sicilian-style pizza if that is more your thing. Their menu is expansive with homemade specialty seafood or chicken-based pasta dishes, salad, soups, stromboli, calzones, and more.

Tito’s Restaurant Pizzeria!! It’s the best pizza!!!

Angie E.

Tito’s Pizza is our favorite! True NY style and always good!

Amanda P.

Myles Pizza Pub

Myles Pizza Pub
555 South Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville | 864.509.1416

Myles Pizza Pub is highly rated among Greenville, SC pizza lovers, and their fresh ingredients and fantastic crispy crust elevate the pizza game. Build your own pizza with classic ingredients, or excite your palate with some new flavors by trying toppings such as ground bison, bacon strips, or shrimp on your pizza. They also have specialty pizzas that are flavor balanced and certain to please. Pair your pizza with salad, a sandwich, and some garlic bread and you will not be disappointed.

Myles Pizza Pub
Myles Pizza Pub

Myles Pizza on S. Pleasantburg is amazing! I first experienced it when I was in college, 30 years ago at BGSU and it was a huge part of my college experience. Lots of fresh quality ingredients and loaded with cheese. Their cheesy garlic bread melts in your mouth. We’re lucky they’ve moved here to Greenville!

Lori R.

Myles Pizza Pub is amazing! The toppings are top-notch and is great the next day too!

Brianna S.

Frankie’s NY Pizza

Frankie’s NY Pizza
109 Batesville Road, Simpsonville | 864.531.8632

One of my best friends swears by Franki’s NY Pizza, and he should know since he is from Staten Island. Their Frankie’s Famous pizzas are huge and foldable, and you can go for classic cheese or create your own by adding additional toppings. Their specialty pizzas utilize a multitude of flavor combinations, so you can try a BBQ Chicken pizza, Sicilian style, or meat lovers Billy the Bull pizza. In addition, they have onion rings, stromboli, mozzarella sticks, antipasto salad, Jalapeno poppers, and more fresh and savory starters to fill out that game day table.

We love Frankie’s Pizza!

Kimberly C.

Bertolo’s Pizza

Bertolo’s Pizza
3631 Pelham Road, Greenville | 864. 297.1245
120 SC-12 d, Simpsonville | 864.757.1323

Bertolo’s has two locations in Greenville, SC, one in Greenville near Pelham Road and 85, and another in Simpsonville off of Highway 14. Bertolo’s is a long-loved pizza place for our family, and their pizza always has fresh dough and delicious toppings, my personal favorite being feta, green peppers, and onions. You can get pizza by the slice, or order calzones, stromboli, and subs. The meatball sub is so good!

Wild Ace Pizza and Pub

Wild Ace Pizza and Pub
103 Depot St, Greer | 864.879.6900

Wild Ace Pizza and Pub is pretty popular among the pizza-loving Greer, SC crowd. They offer New York Style pizza, specialty pizza, and tons of toppings to choose from. Their menu also offers by the slice pizza, gluten-free pizza, calzones, loaded baked potatoes, and humongous plates of nachos. This is a great place for pizza if you have small children because the ceiling is adorned with large model planes! You can order your pizza online for carry-out or dine-in at Wild Ace.

They have really great pizza and my kids love all the model airplanes on the ceiling!

Sam G.

Bada Bing Pizzaria

Bada Bing Pizzeria
1860 Woodruff Road, Greenville | 864.234.1515

You can order pick up or delivery from Bada Bing Pizzeria in Greenville, SC. They have many of the classic pizza options, but also offer a stuffed pizza that is a meat lover’s dream! You can order calzones, stromboli, wings, salads, pasta, and New York-style Heros to pair with your pizza. They offer 5% off when you order online.

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom
1 Augusta Street, Greenville | 864. 233. 9020

Mellow Mushroom is a vibe and has some truly unique stone-baked pizzas in Greenville, SC. Located in the heart of Downtown Greenville, Mellow offers hand-crafted pizza that you can build your own or choose one of their specialty pizzas. Some of their specialty pizza ingredients include sheep’s milk feta cheese, seasoned ricotta, and garlic aioli swirl. You can order online for pickup, but the in-house dining experience is pretty excellent.  They also have multiple vegan options, including pizza, tempeh hoagie, vegan pretzels, and salad.

pepperoni pizza

Delicious Quick-Fired Pizza in Greenville, SC

Sometimes the kids can’t wait and everyone is hangry, and waiting 30+ minutes for a traditional pizza just won’t do. Lucky for us there are a few options that can have you out the door, pizza in hand in less than 10 minutes! Don’t worry these are not the cardboard crust pizzas you might be expecting, we wouldn’t dishonor pizza that way.

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza
109 North Main Street, Greenville | 864.412.0050

This delicious and fast pizza is co-owned by basketball superstar LeBron James. The Pizza is made as it passes down a line of different sauce, cheese, meat, and veggie topping choices. It is then quick-fired in a specialty oven. Blaze also has some delicious artisan soda to complete your meal! This pizza place is a go-to option for us when taking our toddlers for a quick meal while visiting Downtown Greenville.

pizza Greenville, SC

Rapid Fired Pizza

Rapid Fired Pizza
Locations across the Upstate

Rapid Fired Pizza makes 9”-11” pizzas, that are custom-made right in front of you, so everyone can get what they like! They offer several crust options including a gluten-free crust and an option called “No Doh” that is prepared on a bed of spinach and parmesan cheese. Rapid Fire Pizza Is Bringing Pizza To The Table In Just 180 Seconds With Locations Across Greenville, SC

For more pizza options – check out our Kidding Around Spartanburg Pizza Guide!

Did we miss your favorite pizza joint in Greenville?  Add it in the comments!

About the Author
Kristina Hernandez is a mom of two girls, freelance writer and photographer. Originally from New Jersey, she is in love with the Upstate and could not imagine raising her kids anywhere else. She enjoys hiking to waterfalls, kayaking, camping, cooking, and exploring all that Greenville has to offer. And she really loves baby goats. Follow her on Instagram at @scadventurer.

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7 years ago

Is Della Ventura’s still open? The web site is expired.

7 years ago

My kids love Your Pie on Woodruff rd, where you get to put your own pizza together like a subway style, and it’s brick oven as well. On Wednesdays kids eat free with every adult Pizza purchased! Children also get extra dough to play with while they wait for their pizza to be cooked, and a free Gelato after they are finished!

7 years ago

Risata in Greer is awesome!

Eric Beck
4 years ago

Cannot forget Tito’s New York Pizza on North Pleasant urg. Tastes like back home in NJ.

Lindy Wilson
3 years ago

BRIXX! I adore Sidewall but if it’s a Sunday (and I’m not near Spartanburg) or if it’s late night, Brixx is amazing! They have great deals- BOGO after 10 which doesn’t help kids much but is fun (we did take advantage of this a few years back when a late showing of The Force Awakens kept us out late). They also have daily deals, often BOGO, which makes them super affordable. It’s artisan style pizza with alternative crusts available (whole wheat, cauliflower, gluten free). The Woodruff Road location is great because there’s that nice little plaza and hedge maze between… Read more »

Cory Rutland
1 month ago

Local Pie Pizza Co.