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Straddling Greenville and Spartanburg counties, Greer has some of the most popular playgrounds Greenville has to offer. Check out our list and spot that Apache helicopter at Veteran’s Park or see some ruins of an old mill by the Scenic Enoree river while taking your kids (and dogs) for a walk at Pelham Mill Park and Dog Park.

greer parks

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Century Park

| 3605 Brushy Creek Road, Greer, SC

Playground at Kids Planet, Century Park in Greer, SC

The newly-renovated Century Park features the fairytale-themed Benson Automotive Kids Planet. Kids Planet is located in the shade and sun and includes:

  • Two fence-enclosed age-appropriate play areas
  • Misting play area
  • Musical activity space
  • Ziplines
  • Hillside slides
  • A ground-level trampoline
  • Special needs child/parent swing
  • Sno Hut Shaved Ice concession stand

Century Park also offers:

  • Paved walking trail, picnic shelters, baseball diamonds, frisbee golf
  • Restrooms
  • Free parking lot


Pelham Mill Park

| 2770 E. Phillips Road, Greer, SC

Visit this historic site with your four-legged companion. Children will love exploring the old mill ruins and watching the Enoree River rush by.

  • Old mill ruins along the Enoree River, walking trail, dog park
  • Sunny and shady areas (no playground)
  • No restrooms
  • Free parking lot

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Center for the Arts Park

| 804 Trade Street, Greer, SC

This park located beside Greer’s Center for the Arts has a fabulous unique playground.

This park includes:

  • amphitheater
  • fenced playground
  • sidewalks
  • picnic tables covered by a pergola for shade
  • parking spots in lots and along the street

Greentown Neighborhood Park

| Moss Street, Greer, SC

This enclosed park boasts bench swings, a basketball court, a picnic shelter, a paved path, and a sunny playground with swings.

  • Bench swings, picnic shelter, paved trail, basketball court
  • Sunny playground, swings
  • No restrooms
  • Street-side playground

Springwood Neighborhood Park

| Green Street and W. Arlington Avenue, Greer, SC

Beside the pristine Greer City Stadium, you will find a small playground, green space and small picnic shelter.

  • Greer City Stadium, picnic shelter, green space
  • Playground
  • No restrooms
  • Free parking lot at the stadium

Victor Park

| 108 S. Line Street, Greer, SC

Right off the main streets of Greer and across from Pelican’s SnoBalls, this park includes Victor Field, a sunny playground, and a walking trail. You can also find a basketball court across the parking lot and even a lending library.

  • Victor Field, basketball court, paved trail, lending library
  • Sunny playground
  • No Restrooms
  • Free parking lot


Victor Memorial Veterans Park

| 50 17th Street, Greer, SC

You can spot the Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter from the road, but be sure to get out of your car to visit the memorial and enjoy a walk around the park.

  • Military equipment, paved trail, grassy space
  • No playground
  • No restrooms
  • Street-side parking

East Riverside Park

| 1155 S. Suber Road, Greer, SC

Right by Riverside High School and many neighborhoods in Greer, this large park just received a new playground.

  • Sand volleyball, basketball, green space
  • New playground in the sun
  • Restrooms
  • Free parking lot

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Greer City Park

| 301 East Poinsett Street, Greer, SC

Greer City Park in Greer, South Carolina

With water fountains, bench swings, a paved trail going around the pond, and even a music-timed fountain, your children will want to do even more than play at the playground.

  • Music-timed fountain, bench swings, paved walking trail, grassy space
  • Sunny playground on rubber surface
  • Restrooms
  • Free parking lot

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J. Verne Smith Park

| 2544 Mays Bridge Road, Greer, SC

Review of Lake Robinson in Greer, South Carolina

You will love the tranquilty of Lake Robinson and the awesome mountain views from the picnic shelter.

  • Lake Robinson, picnic shelter, walking path, fishing pier
  • No playground
  • Restrooms
  • Free parking lot

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