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Horse & Farm Parties Spartanburg

Zuber! Ever heard of us? It’s the zoo that comes to you!

What to expect from Zuber? It’s the easiest, most convenient event that you will ever plan! We offer packages that can fit on your back porch, all the way up to groups of 1,000+.

Have you ever wanted to cuddle with a baby pig? Take selfies with alpacas? Ride a unicorn? We have you covered and can do all of this in the convenience of your backyard! Age limit? Nope! We do events for children and adults, because let’s just be honest, adults have just as much fun as the kids!

We have baby goats, rabbits, chickens, piglets, ponies, alpacas, and mini cows. We are based out of Campobello, SC. Our travel radius is about two hours in every direction.

We started this business because we want to share our sweet animals with people of all ages. We strive to make Zuber a form of both education & therapy, plus it is just plain fun for everyone. Looking for a one stop party shop? We are partnered with businesses that have inflatables and shaved ice trucks. Zuber has it all, so contact us today for your next event!

Please email us at ZuberPettingZoo@Gmail.com or contact us through Facebook messenger.