34 Super Fun Outdoor Things to Do: Greenville, SC

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Are you wondering “what are the outdoor things to do near me”? We get it. It’s good to get outside and get some Vitamin D and fresh air. Being outside makes everyone happier. So we’ve compiled a giant list, organized seasonally, of all the things you can do outside in the Greenville and Spartanburg areas. Make some memories with your family and spend some time outside together—no matter the season.

Things to Do Outside Near Me in Greenville, SC

2024 KABOOM Awards

Best Outdoor Fun: Who Has KABOOM?

The KABOOM Awards are Kidding Around’s annual best of contest. Readers say these are the TOP 5 Places for Outdoor Fun in Greenville, SC

Visit a park and/or playground

The Upstate is home to an incredible number of parks and playgrounds. Each park has unique features, as does each playground. You could spend at least an hour at each park, if not, more. And to help you out with finding the perfect park and playground for your family, we have extensive guides for you to comb through before you head out the door.

Guide to SC Upstate Parks

First, you might want to start with our Greenville & Spartanburg Parks Guide where you can sort parks by the features you want.

Visit the Zoo

While it’s not a large zoo, The Greenville Zoo is still one of the “must-see” places in the area. It’s a quick and easy visit, but you’ll see some giraffes, primates, leopards, birds, red pandas, and more! Be sure to read Everything You Need to Know About the Greenville Zoo before heading that way!

Visit Roper Mountain Science Center

While the Roper Mountain Science Center also has indoor exhibit spaces, outdoors you’ll find a dinosaur trail, historic farm, nature trail, gardens, play spaces, and more!

Go on a Hike

Just like our area is home to a plethora of parks and playgrounds, there are also plenty of areas where you can go hiking. We have an entire Upstate area hiking guide to help you, but if you have toddlers and younger kids, you’ll want to check out our guide for hiking with toddlers and younger kids.

If you are feeling really adventurous, pick one (or all) of these SC7 Expedition adventures to embark on while exploring the 30 most beautiful places in South Carolina!

Chase Some Waterfalls

While you’re on one of those hikes, you might see a waterfall. But if you want to be certain you see a waterfall, then be sure to check out our guide to Waterfalls In & Near Greenville, SC. And if hiking isn’t your thing, we have a Waterfalls Driving Tour that you might be interested in!

Going beyond Greenville? Check out Waterfalls of the Southeast.

Visit Falls Park

Falls Park is absolutely one of Greenville’s gems. While you’re there exploring the single-suspension bridge and waterfalls, gather the family and get your picture taken at the Medusa Tree!

Spend a Day on the Swamp Rabbit Trail

If there’s one thing that has provided hours of outdoor fun for people of all ages in Greenville, it’s the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Check out our Simple Day Itinerary and read the history and fun facts we compiled for you about the trail.

Go Bike Riding

Rent a bike or grab your own. Then find a local trail and get pedaling!

Find the Mice on Main in Downtown Greenville

This is such a fun activity, especially for toddlers and younger children, but older kids and adults have fun with it, too! Read about the history and find some clues on the Mice on Main website. You can even purchase a fun picture book about the Mice on Main at the Mast General Store in downtown Greenville. Definitely check out our tips on Mice on Main for more information and help.

Search for the Toads on Trade Street in Greer

Just like Greenville has its own Mice Scavenger Hunt, Greer has their own Toads on Trade Scavenger Hunt. Be sure to grab your Toad Hunt hints!

Ride the Trolley

There’s something special about hopping on a trolley. Grab your family and take a ride on downtown Greenville’s Trolley. Be sure to check out the trolley website for details on hours and routes.

Play Tennis

Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, hitting the courts with your racket and tennis ball is a great way to spend time together. We’ve got a comprehensive list of courts in the area to help you out.

Go Fishing for Free

Thanks to the South Carolina Fishing Tackle Loaner program, you can go fishing for free! Here’s our list of where to fish near Greenville.

Go Camping

Want to spend the night under the stars with your family? Here are some of the Best Campgrounds Near Greenville that are Perfect for Kids and Places to Camp Near Spartanburg


There are many places near Greenville where you can volunteer outdoors. Lend a helping hand and enjoy being outside. What could be better?

Go Horseback Riding

Eden Farms in Pickens is an excellent way to enjoy the forest while also getting to ride horses.

Play Mini-Golf

Visit Take-Off Mini Golf for a round of aviation-themed mini-golf next to Greenville’s Downtown Airport.

Things to Do Outdoors Without a Crowd

Want to get away from people? Here’s a list of places to go outdoors near Greenville without a crowd.

Snow tubing

Outdoor Things to Do Near Me in the Winter


You can still spend time outside during those colder months, and one of the things you can do is go sledding. We’ve got 5 Awesome Spots to Go Sledding Near Greenville, SC for you!

Winter Hikes

If sledding isn’t your thing, maybe hiking is, and lucky for you, there are winter hikes you can take! The cooler temperatures mean you’re going to get a broader view when you’re at the peak of each hike. Here are 5 Amazing Winter Hikes for Families Near Greenville

Skiing & Snow Tubing

Maybe you’re an avid skier or you enjoy snow tubing. There are places near Greenville and the Upstate where you can hit the slopes on skis or tubes. There are great options for people of all skill levels and all ages.

Go See Holiday Lights

If you love Christmas and holiday lights, the Upstate is no stranger to mega-light displays around the holidays. Some are public light displays and some are light displays that people have on their homes and in their yards for you to enjoy. Regardless, we have 50+ Holiday Lights Near Greenville, SC that you can check out.

Go Ice Skating

If you love ice skating and want to practice outdoors (or maybe you just want to try ice skating for the first time), it’s always fun to go ice skating at Ice on Main in Downtown Greenville!

Outdoor Things to Do Near Me in the Spring

Visit a Garden

When the weather starts warming up and those spring feelings are in the air, it’s a great time to go visit one of the 15 Beautiful Gardens Near Greenville or one of the Gardens Near Spartanburg!

Fly a Kite

Take advantage of the sunnier weather and fly a kite with your family! Be sure to read about the Best Places to Fly a Kite Near Greenville before you head out the door.

Go Bird Watching at Lake Conestee Nature Preserve

When the weather starts warming back up, head to the Lake Conestee Nature Preserve to go bird watching. There are almost 200 different species of birds there. Plus, there are trails and play areas where you can extend your time there.

Attend a Greenville Drive Game

Once it’s officially baseball season, it’s always fun to head to Flour Field to see the Greenville Drive in action. Be sure to check out our tips for going to the Drive games.

Outdoor Things to Do Near Me in the Summer

Go Blueberry Picking

Another fun activity to do is to go blueberry picking! It’s also a great way to teach your kids about agriculture. After you pick your blueberries, head home and make some blueberry muffins or pancakes! Not sure where to pick blueberries? Read our Guide to Picking Your Own Blueberry and Blackberries.

Go Tubing

Cool off by tubing down one of the nearby rivers with your family. It’s relaxing and fun and is sure to leave behind some memories. Here’s a Giant List of River Tubing Spots Near Greenville so you can find the perfect place to go.

Visit a Splash Pad, Waterpark or Swimming Hole

Take advantage of the hot weather and head to one of the area’s splash pads or swimming holes. There are so many areas for you to choose from:

Go on a Scavenger Hunt with the Greenville Park Hop

This is such a fun, free event where you can win prizes. We’ve compiled a post with information and details for the Park Hop, but be sure to visit the official Park Hop website, too.

Go Watch an Outdoor Movie

There are several places that offer free outdoor movies during the warmer months. Check out all the places you can go watch an outdoor movie in Greenville, pack up the family, and go spend some time watching a great movie outside together.

Grandad's Apples corn field

Outdoor Things to Do Near Me in the Fall

Go See Some Fall Leaves

This area has some of the most beautiful fall foliage, so be sure to take advantage of that, and take a drive or hike to see some of it. Stuck on where to find those hues of rust, auburn, orange, and gold? We’ve got you covered on Where to Find the Best Fall Leaves Near Greenville, SC.

Visit Denver Downs

Lots of family fall fun all in one place at Denver Downs. Enjoy a corn maze, unique playgrounds, pig races, pumpkin patch, games, and more.

Go Apple Picking

This is such a fun, affordable way to enjoy fall. We live so close to so many apple orchards, some of which offer u-pick. You can read our Ultimate Guide to U-Pick Apple Orchards for more info. Jeter Mountain Farm is one of our readers’ favorites.

Go on an Apple Cider Donut Tour

Did you know several places near you have apple cider donuts in the fall? Why not go on a tour of each place and taste-test them? And guess what? We’ve got you covered on your full tour! Take your family on Kidding Around’s Apple Cider Donut Tour.

Attend Fall for Greenville

One of Greenville’s most beloved festivals is Fall for Greenville. The downtown streets are packed with restaurants, music, art, and people. It’s even been awarded as one of the best fall festivals by Country Living!

Visit Something Haunted

If you’re the type that enjoys being scared and visiting haunted places, then take some time in the Fall to Find Ghosts at These Haunted Cemeteries Near Greenville, SC or visit one of these Haunted Places in the Upstate.

There you go! Plenty of things for you to do outside year-round! Which one are you most looking forward to?

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