13 Local Restaurants that Offer Healthy Kids’ Meals

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Where are the healthy kids’ menus in Greenville, SC? Can’t bear to put together another meal for your kid that consists of cheese and a carb? Me neither.

As a parent, meals can be a difficult and dreaded time. Ask your kid a million times to finish eating or suggest they try a new vegetable and be greeted with a look that could kill. So we asked our readers for some help – where do they suggest for a healthy restaurants in Greenville for their kids? Here are several local restaurants that fit the bill. Your family will have plenty of healthy restaurant options for the next time you want to eat out with kids.

Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

Here are some of the best restaurants in Greenville, SC!

healthy kids meal greenville sc

Looking for more meals for kids? Check out Free Kids Meals in Greenville where you will find a list of restaurants offering free and discounted kids’ meals sorted by day of the week.

So what’s healthy?

Healthy can be somewhat subjective but in this sense, we are searching for meals that aren’t full of processed and fried foods, preferably that include fresh ingredients with a protein, vegetables or fruit and maybe even a new food or two. We want parents to feel good about choosing these meals for their kids.

Some of the places below don’t necessarily have menus specifically for kids but are recommended for their fresh food in general, and that have healthy options for children (and adults).


Aware that nearly everyone loves pizza, Brixx makes sure they offer options that not only appeal to lots of people but also that even their customers who are vegetarian or vegan or gluten-free can eat them. They bake their focaccia bread daily so it’s fresh and only use natural flavors. Their kids menu is basically smaller portions of their normal menu but bonus points because they have crayons and coloring paper available.

1125 Woodruff Road #1601, Greenville
Brixx Menu


“Simple, honest, scratch-made ingredients” is the tagline of this national restaurant. Cheddar’s has a “lighter side” menu with healthier options available like Lemon Pepper Chicken and Grilled White Fish. Kids have the option of grilled or BBQ chicken with the sides of green beans or steamed vegetables if they are feeling adventurous.

1025 Woodruff Road, Bldg G, Greenville
Cheddar’s Menu

Jason’s Deli

Jason’s Deli touts gluten-free options and a healthy kids menu that features a baked potato, grilled cheese on multigrain wheat, or a chicken tender meal with antibiotic-free chicken. They don’t use any artificial colors or dyes nor any high-fructose corn syrup.

Crosspointe Plaza, 824 Woods Crossing Road, Greenville
Jason’s Deli Menu

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina

Mexican food and healthy don’t necessarily go together in the same sentence all the time, but On the Border does give healthier options on their menu, especially for kids. For example, kids can build their own mini-tacos and make them healthier by substituting soft corn tortillas for the fried ones and choose grilled veggies as a side.

74 Beacon Drive, Greenville
On the Border Menu

Panera Bread

Panera Bread has turned a corner on their menu, evaluating their ingredients and making substantial efforts to only serve high-quality food without any additives, MSG, or artificial trans-fats. They have an entire website dedicated to their kid’s menu, where they explain the options, talk about what’s in the food, and generally try to help parents feel comfortable about choosing Panera for their kids (and themselves). They don’t offer fries or onion rings for kids but instead, organic yogurt, whole-grain rolls, and apples. For entrees, they have soups, salads, and sandwiches in kid-size portions.

Find your closest location on the Panera Bread website
Panera Bread Menu

Farm Fresh Fast

The only farm-to-table fast food restaurant in the Upstate, Farm Fresh Fast sources 80% of its ingredients from local farmers! Their food is both healthy and tasty and they can help kids choose something that they will like and is good for them.

860 S. Church Street, Greenville
Farm Fresh Fast Menu

Pita House

A Middle Eastern café and grocery shop, the Pita House serves hummus, homemade pita bread, and typical foods from that region of the world. There is chicken, falafel, tabouli salad, baba ghannouge, and shawarma. This is one of my favorite cuisines and the Pita House does a great job of making up a plate that contains lots of different food so that kids will be able to find at least something they like. Be sure to bring cash since they don’t accept credit cards.

495 S. Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville
Pita House Menu


A salmon, asparagus, and fruit plate for a kid? Most definitely you can find this at Roost in downtown Greenville. They serve fresh, local ingredients and have an awesome brunch buffet on the weekends.

220 North Main Street, Greenville
Roost Menu

Swamp Rabbit Café

Swamp Rabbit Cafe has an entire menu full of local, fresh ingredients and with minimal prepping, they are able to make the ingredients themselves shine to their full potential of delicious flavors. Everything – yes, everything – they have is amazing. My own little kids love their stecca bread and I’m a huge fan of their oatmeal, which is filled with an antioxidant mix of dried fruit and nuts. Their pizza is also loaded up with local ingredients that aren’t always traditional for pizza, but totally delicious. They frequently adjust their menu with the seasons. I never feel guilty giving my kids anything to eat from Swamp Rabbit Café.

205 Cedar Lane Road, Greenville
Swamp Rabbit Cafe Menu

Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse

The first thing I think of when Tandem pops into my head are their delicious crepes filled with bananas and Nutella, which isn’t the healthiest option by any means (but boy is it good). There’s more though! Besides sweet crepes, Tandem also offers savory crepes like Chicken & Mushroom, the Green Club, or the Sausage Potato. They combine fresh ingredients in a fun way that kids will at least give it a second look. And if you need to bribe them with a Nutella crepe afterward, no judgment here.

2 Main Street, Travelers Rest
Tandem Creperie Menu

Tipsy Taco

Using a made-from-scratch artisan approach to making street tacos and Tex-Max favorites, Tipsy Taco prides itself on bold flavors and fresh food. They do have a small kids menu but with their extensive menu for everyone else, kids may want to pick from the grown-up options.

See their website for local locations
Tipsy Taco Menu

Tropical Grille

Many KAG readers enjoy Tropical Grille, which serves up healthy Cuban-style cuisine. Customers can choose from a variety of different “chops” that include flavorful chicken, rice, beans, steamed vegetables, plantains, roasted pork, or a vegetarian option. They also serve wraps, sandwiches and salads and have a menu devised by a local fitness trainer as well as kids options.

See their website for locations in the area
Tropical Grill Menu

Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey takes traditional Southern cuisine – including the freshness and flavors – and gives them a creative twist. They also responsibly source their ingredients, which means they visit the farms where the food comes from and form relationships with these suppliers. While Southern food typically doesn’t equal low-calorie cuisine, Tupelo certainly raises the bar by selecting only the best ingredients with their dishes of shrimp & grits, farm-fresh burgers and vegetable plates, sweet potato pancakes, Southwestern omelets, grilled salmon, and their signature salad. I’ve seen parents rave about how much their kids enjoy eating at Tupelo.

1 N. Main Street, Greenville
Tupelo Honey Menu

Or, try these Healthy Alternatives to the Fast Food Drive-Thru and Healthy (but Fast) Sit Down Restaurants in Greenville.

Or maybe you want to support restaurants that use locally-sourced ingredients? If so, we’ve got a list of the best Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Greenville, SC for you.

Where does your family eat when you’re looking for a healthy meal for your kids?

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Debra Johnson
7 years ago

Beware if you order grilled turkey and have a chicken allergy at PDQ, they cook them in the same oil and my husband got deathly ill. Never had that problem at any other restaurant.

6 years ago

I would add fresh to order to this list. The plus to F2O is that on the weekends kids eat for $.99 with each adult entree purchase. The kids menu offers salmon, chicken tenders with sides of carrots, apples, salad, etc.