• CCES May 2024
  • Five Oaks May 2024
  • YMCA May 2024
  • Int'l Ballet April 2024
  • SCCT April 2024
  • Prisma Health Jan 2024


What should I bring? Make sure you have your e-tickets and a bag for all of your swag.

How will I know if I won a prize? This year you were given the option to opt-in to our giveaway when purchasing tickets. This means you don’t have to sign any clipboards to enter. Instead just walk through the museum and look for your name on the tables to see if you won one of the 20+ prizes donated by our partners. You will need to present an ID to claim your prize.

Why is the event not longer? Since our event has to be after hours in the Children’s Museum, we are limited in our ability to extend the event. We promise though we will pack these two hours with tons of fun.

What should we wear? We encourage kids to dress in their favorite birthday attire! Children are welcome to wear costumes.

What should I do if I need assistance during the event? We have Kidding Around team members and volunteers with Golly T-shirts stationed at every elevator and walking the floors as well as TCMU staff. If you speak to one of us, we’ll make sure that you are taken care of.

How do I have the most fun? Come early and get a Kona at 6 before the doors open and then start on either the upper or lower floor and work your way throughout the event. Some of our activities like face painting, characters, and cupcakes will develop lines as the night goes on. Be sure to visit all of our partners to get prizes and see if you won a birthday gift.

Is there a sensory-friendly area if my child needs a break from the noise? Yes, we have identified several sensory-friendly sections of the museum that are available. Just ask one of our team members to point you in the right direction.

Can I bring food? Food is not allowed inside the museum. If your children receive candy at the tables, please do not open it inside the building. We do have cupcakes and Girl Scout samples in the cafeteria downstairs as well as water fountains on each level. Kona Ice of Greenville is offering free Konas outside until 7 pm.

Are there any additional costs? Your ticket is all-inclusive for event activities and food. The TCMU store will be open with a 20% discount for attendees.

Can I rent the museum too? Yes, you can actually rent the entire museum for your kids’ birthday! Visit the TCMU table (Main Floor, Table 10) for details.