Cayla’s Catering Provides Delicious Meals in Inman, Boiling Springs, and Spartanburg, SC

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When you really just don’t want to cook or want to send someone a meal if they had a baby, Cayla’s Catering in Inman is a great option. We tried out dinner and will tell you all about it. Thanks to Cayla’s Catering for providing us with a meal so we could write this review.

With busy family schedules, it’s so easy to put dinner on the back burner, if it’s on a burner at all, and throw something together without thinking most nights. I cook nearly every day for my family and while I like it, it can be exhausting. Add in activities with the kids, field trips, and work obligations and I want to crash on the couch at 5 pm, not cook dinner. Thankfully, small businesses around the Upstate are here to help parents like us with delicious, home-cooked meals – and it’s as easy as placing an online order. Yum. 

Cayla’s Catering is one of those places. While Cayla is from the Upstate, she moved out to Utah for several years and started a successful catering company. Now that she’s back home, she’s also back in the kitchen and cooking some pretty incredible meals that you can order for when you have those nights where cooking just isn’t happening. 

At the moment, Cayla only delivers to the Inman, Boiling Springs, and Spartanburg areas.

Cayla's Catering

What Cayla’s Catering Offers

Cayla offers good, homemade food. And a lot of it. She changes up her menu weekly so you are bound to find something that works for everyone in the family. There are dinner entrees you can purchase in increments of servings: 2-4 people, 6-8 people, and 10-12 people. They range from $30-$60 and you can choose to take and bake them yourself or have them delivered hot and ready to eat. 

Cayla also offers sides such as garlic knots (amazing – definitely order them) and salads in both small and large sizes. And don’t forget dessert. She offers one dessert every week that you can add on to your meal selection.

You can easily order online but be sure to order before Sunday night for the following week’s meals. Your address, or wherever you want to send the meal, must be within Boiling Springs, Spartanburg, or Inman for delivery.

Our Experience with Cayla’s Catering

Cayla showed up right at dinner time to deliver our ready-to-eat Italian Chicken Crescent Bake with garlic knots and a salad. The chicken was cooked perfectly and it took all my willpower not to eat more than two garlic knots because they were delicious. 

But the sauce, she nailed it with the sauce. It was a tomato basil cream sauce that went over the chicken dish but we used it for the garlic knots and put a little on the salad also. It smelled heavenly and tasted even better. If that sauce is anywhere on the menu, get extra of it!

Caylas Catering Garlic Knots

Because our lives are pretty busy, having a home-cooked meal delivered to our door was amazing. I imagine most families would feel the same. We had the meal for four people and it was enough for us but even better, was really tasty. I love that Cayla makes her meals from scratch and so appreciate any kind of service to help make our lives just a bit easier. 

I think her service would be immensely helpful also for someone who wants to send a meal to a family who has had a baby or is dealing with an illness or recovering from surgery. Food is my love language and if I don’t have the time to cook something for someone, Cayla’s Catering is a great option.


As in the name of the company, Cayla also offers catering services. I think this would be such a good option for a birthday party or corporate event because you get good food without doing any work. You can contact Cayla through her website for information about catering services. 

Ready to order?

Be sure to order your meal before Sunday evening for the week ahead. Your address, or the address you are sending a meal to, must be in the Inman, Boiling Springs, or Spartanburg area for delivery.

Cayla’s Catering

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