Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting Quiz: Is a sleep consultant right for your family?

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Sleep is one of the few things that everyone needs. Sleep helps us function as fully present and thinking humans. If you or your family go without adequate sleep, you probably notice! Take the Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting interactive quiz below to find out if a sleep consultant might be a helpful resource for your family!

Sleep Matters

A good night’s sleep has implications for attention, cognition, and mood–regardless of one’s age. Tired kids will be cranky and accident-prone–and so will parents. Parents also need downtime to refuel at the end of the day and also need energy to function.

The antidote to the fatigue and frustration of poor sleep starts with a sleep routine that is loving, calm, and even enjoyable. According to Erin Lawyer of Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting, children who have independent sleep skills will fall asleep more easily, sleep through the night (if age appropriate), take good, reliable naps, and get the sleep their body needs for their health, happiness, and overall well-being.

Take the Quiz

Got sleep on your mind? Take our interactive quiz to determine if your family might benefit from a FREE evaluation call with Erin Lawyer of Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting

Want to learn more? Read about Chasing Dreams and pick up a few tips for better sleep. If you’d like to schedule a FREE evaluation call, you can book your call online.

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