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Top 5 After School Care: Greenville, SC (KABOOM Awards Winners)

Where should you send your child to receive highly-rated after-school care in Greenville, SC? Working families typically require after-school care for their kids, and Kidding Around readers voted for their favorite.

Our 2024 KABOOM Awards Family Favorite winners were voted as some of the best after school care programs near Greenville, SC.

Best After School Care in Greenville, SC

2024 KABOOM Awards Winners

KABOOM Awards Guide

Top 5 After School Programs: Greenville, SC

1st Place: Giggles Drop-In Childcare


  • YMCA of Greenville
  • Girls on the Run
  • Primrose Schol of Simpsonville at Five Forks
  • Sonshine Learning Center


Best Overnight Camp: First Place
Best Sports Program: First Place
Best Youth Organization: Finalist
Best Family Membership: Finalist
Best Place to Splash or Swim: Finalist
Best After School Program: Finalist
Best Summer Camp: Finalist

For more than a century, the YMCA of Greenville has strengthened the foundations of the community we serve. We’re proud of our diverse population and are passionate about keeping our promise to be a force for good.

We serve people from all walks of life in the Greenville County area through YMCA memberships and programs.

We’re committed to nurturing the potential of children through Youth Development, improving the nation’s health and well-being by promoting Healthy Living, and fostering a sense of Social Responsibility by providing opportunities to give back and support our neighbors.

The YMCA of Greenville, following the example of Christ, builds healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

The YMCA of Greenville includes the following branches: Caine Halter Family YMCA, Eastside Family YMCA, George I. Theisen Family YMCA, Prisma Health Family YMCA, Verdae YMCA, YMCA Judson Community Center and YMCA Camp Greenville.

Best Summer Camp: First Place
Best After School Program: First Place
Best Preschool: Finalist
Best Field Trip: Finalist

At Giggles Drop-In Childcare we think of you and your kids as our extended family! We are so grateful that the Kaboom readers have voted us not only the BEST summer camp in the upstate but also the BEST afterschool program, as well as a finalist in the preschool and field trip categories.

Why is our summer camp the best?? A couple of reasons:
1. Did you know that our summer camp goes on a really fun field trip EVERY DAY?!! Places like Shipwreck cove, Kangaroo Jax, skating and more. The kids at our camp have a blast!
2. EVERYTHING is included!! Snacks, lunch, ALL activities and we even wash your kid’s camp shirt daily and fill their water bottles.

Why is our after-school program the best?? We have low ratios!! We have a ratio of 1:14 max which gives kids the personal care that they need with daily homework help, snack, and fun activities. Kids have a great time making friends and relaxing after the school day is done.

Why is our preschool awesome?? Our preschool provides flexibility with an awesome play- based curriculum. Kids learn while having fun too and we can adapt to your changing schedule.