Healthcare Guide: Acadia Allergy & Immunology

Offers expertise in the area of allergies and immunology for both adult and pediatric patients.

“Dr. Pulcini at Acadia Allergy. He spends a ton of time explaining and listening to his patients (big and small). Very calming!” -Leah F.

“Dr. Pulcini at Acadia Allergy! I’m a food allergy mom and a health care professional who collaborates with him daily. He’s top notch, up to date, compassionate, and yet a down to Earth dad too!” -Sarah A.

“Dr. Pullcini at Acadia. My daughter has a mast cell disorder. Dr. Pullcini is the only allergist with knowledge about the illness in the upstate and He is also a pediatrician.” -Laura S.

“My son’s both have antibody deficiencies. Dr. Pulcini was the obly one who could help us! He is amazing. I would follow any recommendations this man gives! He changed the quality of life for both my boys!” -Stephanie B.