My Kid’s Class Loved Their Wildlife Geeks Show

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Are you looking for an unusual and exciting birthday party theme or educational program? We have the perfect suggestion for you, Wildlife Geeks. Not only is this show fun and hands-on but it’s also STEAM approved through the Greenville County School System.

Recently, we had the chance to join Chuck Alberding of Wildlife Geeks for an educational program at Roebuck Elementary School. Here’s our two cents on this great animal show!

Wildlife Geeks Spartanburg Schools

The Wildlife Geeks Show

The show starts with a fun, fast-paced video followed by the best part, the live animals. We liked how Chuck mixed the show with participation, questions, facts about animals, and tips on how to be a “wildlife geek”.

As anyone who works with kids knows, entertaining a group of kids is not an easy job. Chuck did a great job of keeping the kids engaged for the entire hour by peppering the show with surprises, jokes, and interesting facts. We met a wide variety of animals including a chameleon, prairie dogs, a tree frog, scorpion, snake, bunny, and more. We were lucky enough to also get to meet a baby prairie dog and we found out that Chuck also now has a baby skunk (de-scented, of course).

One of the teachers in the audience, Brandi-Lee Nolan said, “Chuck was fantastic!!! We loved how engaging his presentation was. He had the kids hooked with his personal video he created of the chameleon. All of the content he presented from the animals to the knowledge and questions he asked aligned perfectly with our science standards. We’ve been studying animal habitats and adaptations in the classroom and his presentation was a perfect closure to our science unit. The students stayed excited and engaged. The students and even the teachers learned so much from this session. We’ve had presenters in the past and we all agree that Wildlife Geeks has been the best by far!!! “

Wildlife Geeks field trip birthday party

Wildlife Geeks also offers birthday parties. For the birthday party, the birthday child gets to be the special assistant during the show and has the opportunity to hold and feed the animals.

Wildlife Geeks is a non-profit, USDA licensed, and fully insured. If you book Wildlife Geeks you aren’t just booking a birthday party or program for your school, you are also helping contribute to the care of these animals.

How to Book Wildlife Geeks

You can book Wildlife Geeks for your party or school by either calling 843-592-8079 or emailing [email protected].

Chuck Alberding Wildlife Geeks

Which of Chuck’s animals would be your child’s favorite?

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