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Shop Local | Small Business Saturday

Thank you to Melissa Aldrich of Quiet Graces Photography, who put together this amazing list for you. If you would like to request, an addition to this list please email Bethany at The money you invest in a small business owner … [Read More...]

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Over 10 Ways to Volunteer with Your Kids

I was barely a teenager when my mom brought my brothers and myself to a local soup kitchen to volunteer. I helped with prep work, set up and clean up and ultimately looked into the faces of the people who came and learned compassion, gratefulness and humility. … [Read More...]

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Charleston Cooks! And So Can You

In the heart of downtown Greenville lies a kitchen staffed by a rock star of a chef who is poised to teach you the basics of Southern cooking, from the right knife techniques to how to properly render bacon, right down to making your own champagne of the … [Read More...]

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Whippersnappers: Kids & Maternity | Giveaway

Thank you to Whippersnappers: Kids & Maternity for sponsoring this giveaway. It's that time of year again where we are all having to clean out our kids closets of the summer clothes while making sure that we have plenty of clothes for the new season. … [Read More...]

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4 Tips for Choosing Quality Day Care

Picking a good childcare is such an important decision, but how do you choose the right one. Derek Lewis, the executive director of Greenville County First Steps shares from his experience what steps families should take in the search for the perfect, safe … [Read More...]

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KAG Mom Review: Acrosmith Tot Time

Over the past month, I had the opportunity to experience Tot Time at Acrosmith Gymnastics located minutes off I-385 in Simpsonville.  The drive is quick and easy from downtown Greenville and the $5 cost for one full hours worth of toddler friendly … [Read More...]

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Amazing Newborn Photography | Quiet Graces

Every parent knows that there is something special about those first days when you bring your baby home. The wrinkly, sleepy newborn stage is short but so beautiful. Capturing newborns in photography is an art that Quiet Graces Photography specializes in. … [Read More...]

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Cirque Italia Comes to Greenville

Thank you to Cirque Italia for sponsoring this giveaway. Have you ever wished that you could get a taste of a traditional circus that bypassed the big showy elements for an intimate, authentic experience? Go ahead and reserve your spot because this week the … [Read More...]

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A Little World of Food Perfection: Swamp Rabbit Cafe

I had heard many great things about Swamp Rabbit Café before I actually stepped foot inside the small converted warehouse, where an assault on my senses took me to another world of blueberry scones, perfect lattes and an eye-opening array of fresh produce and … [Read More...]

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KAG Mom Review: Gymboree Play and Music

Conveniently located about 3 miles off Woodruff Road, Gymboree Play and Music provides Greenville families with age appropriate activities that help children grow and develop through play. ~Lauren Lochel, KAG Mom Contributor KAG sponsor Gymboree Play and … [Read More...]

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2 Unique Boutique Experiences with Affordable Prices.

I am excited to bring you this week’s “deal” post! Some of you may not know this, but I love to shop! It’s boarding on an addiction, according to my husband.  Are you looking for a way to have a boutique experience without breaking the bank?  Look no further, … [Read More...]