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culinary tour feature photo

Chef’s Table Culinary Tour

Thank you to John Nolan for providing this tour in order to allow us to share a review with you. Just. One. More. Bite. My eyes were fighting with my full stomach as I stared down the dark chocolate tart at The Lazy Goat, the last of what amounted to a … [Read More...]

Greenville parks: Heritage Park

31+ Things to Do in March

The spring is right around the corner (no, really it is!). March is a notoriously unpredictable month weather wise in Greenville, so I'm including a lot of activities that will be great rain or shine plus links to some of our best warm-weather content. After … [Read More...]

too much snow feature

One Simple Idea for Playing in the Snow

Fact is our Greenville kids love snow. When your chances of a decent snowfall are >1 each winter, you learn to embrace every chance that you get to enjoy the snowflakes when they come. In fact, southern kids will go out and play in anything that is frozen, … [Read More...]

Yoga for Moms Feature Photo

For All The Parents Out There: Get Back To Self

We are happy to have Sarah Oliver, local mom and fitness coach, joining us today with some tips on how yoga an help prevent parent burnout. She even has a short video just for you to demonstrate some practices and poses ideal for parents! Being a parent is … [Read More...]

Consignment Sale Feature

Spring Consignment Sale Shopping Tips

If you can believe it, Spring is right around the corner. You may have noticed that your children have grown tremendously and will need new wardrobes. I am here to present you with a list that can save you money as well as make you a bit!!! Here are a few … [Read More...]

hair cuts for kids

Greenville Speaks: Top Hair Salons For Kids

Whether you are looking to have your little one's locks trimmed for the very first time or in search of a regular place to have your child's hair styled, Greenville and our amazing Kidding Around Greenville community have got you covered with this list of what … [Read More...]