Spa H: Absolute Peace and Tranquility Await in Greenville, SC

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Need a gift for Mother’s Day or a special treat for a birthday or just a day of relaxation in Greenville, SC? Let us introduce you to Spa H at Hotel Hartness. 

Thank you to Spa H for inviting us to experience their amazing oasis. 

Rest and relaxation are not part of my vocabulary, especially as a parent and working mom. There is just no time and if there is time by some miracle, it’s usually spent catching up on laundry or the dishes or meal planning or making deadlines. So when Bethany and I had the opportunity to review Spa H at Hotel Hartness, we carved out the time (and threw some responsibilities to the side) to make it happen because it’s a rare thing to be able to truly relax and just forget about life for awhile. 

Spa H was even better than I had pictured or imagined. It is the absolute perfect way to gift that woman in your life who deserves some time alone or to gift yourself! 

Spa H relaxation room
Relaxation room

About Spa H 

Spa H is part of Hotel Hartness right off Highway 14 in Greenville. It’s set back on a beautiful, quiet nature preserve next to a small lake. While it is a part of Hotel Hartness, the building is separate from the hotel but within a minute or so walk. So if you book a hotel room, you can easily just walk over to your spa appointment (which we absolutely recommend). 

The spa is beautiful and peaceful and it’s easy to see how the designers thoughtfully created the space so that relaxation is encouraged. From the soft music when you walk into the spa to the comfortable couches to the delicious scents – it is all meant to be relaxing as soon as you walk through those doors. 

There are six treatment rooms, locker rooms for men and women, a relaxation room, and a patio that overlooks the small lake with a garden. 

Let’s Get to Relaxing

We were scheduled for an 80-minute Seasonal Treatment, a body treatment that involves an exfoliating scrub, shea butter, a cactus toning wrap, and shimmer air oil. The products were all orange-scented, which smelled heavenly. The scents change every few months with the seasons.

When we got to Spa H, the kind receptionist greeted us and gave us a bamboo cloth that smelled so good! She poured hot water over it so we could use it to wipe our hands or faces. We filled out an intake form and headed to the locker room. 

Lobby at Spa H
Reception room at Spa H

We each had individual lockers – welcoming us with a little chalkboard by name – that had an amazingly soft and fluffy robe with sandals. We each had a key so felt safe locking our valuables inside while we had our treatments. 

The locker rooms have showers and bathrooms along with shaving kits, toothbrushes, hair brushes, deodorant, you name it.  It was a well-stocked locker room. 

For body treatments, it’s best to remove all clothing except underwear. It may be different for facials so be sure to ask the attendant what you should do. We felt comfortable the whole time and cozy in our robes. Everything at Spa H is professional, tranquil, and comforting. 

The Seasonal Treatment

For the seasonal treatment, the back, arms, legs, feet, and arms are rubbed down with a body scrub, then taken off with heated, wet towels. Then shea butter is massaged into the skin along with the shimmer air oil. At the end, you are all wrapped up like a cocoon with a cactus toning wrap. 

My clinician, Beverly, was amazing. She explained everything that would happen and asked what I was comfortable with or preferred to skip and then got to it. The treatment began with several deep breaths while facedown. Beverly had some water that was scented with something that immediately made my body relax. It was heavenly. 

Spa H
All about relaxation and comfort!

Then she worked on my back with the body scrub. Never having had a body treatment like this before, I thought it may be messy with the scrub needing to be rinsed off. But it wasn’t at all. That’s what the heated towels were for. Everything was the perfect temperature and I soon began to forget about my life for a bit. 

She continued to do my legs and then I turned over for my feet and arms. My feet were wrapped in hot towels for awhile, which made them oh-so-soft (yay for summertime!). She then took the bottom of the blankets on the table where I was laying and wrapped me up. It wasn’t tight and it wasn’t as I thought it would be at all. I was wondering how I was supposed to be wrapped up. Would I have to sit up or get off the table or something like that? Nope, all I did was lay there. 

When I was all wrapped up, she gave me a scalp massage. I nearly fell asleep. I can’t even describe how relaxing this was. All the stuff that had been on my mind when I walked into the spa was somewhere else. I didn’t even care where. I was just happy it wasn’t inside my head any longer. I wasn’t thinking of work or dinner or answering a million questions from kids or trying to remember if I ordered enough toilet paper from Amazon. 

I could have stayed there another hour. 

Relaxation Continues After Treatment

I really didn’t want to go anywhere after the treatment and luckily, I had some time to just sit and do nothing. Bethany and I got time to hang out together in the relaxation room, which had comfortable chairs, blankets, books, and cold green tea. It was amazing. 

We headed out to the sunny patio for a little while to enjoy the beautiful day. The sun was warm and we just felt really good. We started Googling how much it would be to do an overnight stay at Hotel Hartness and a spa treatment. Dads – if you’re reading and have forgotten birthdays and Mother’s Day and need to make your wife happy, give her an overnight stay at the hotel with a spa treatment. It will make her very, very happy. 

You are also welcome to hang out at the Relaxation Room as long as you like. 

Booking Your Spa H Appointment 

I don’t go often for massages or facials or really anything that was as relaxing as this trip to Spa H was. But goodness, I really should do this more. It just felt so good to have a couple hours of doing nothing and focusing on nothing but being in the moment and letting go of worries and concerns. 

You can book your appointment online at the Spa H website. They are currently offering a Mother’s Day and weekday discount. You can also become a member at the spa where you receive a 50-minute relaxation massage or balancing facial every month plus discounts for spa products, hotel rooms, and additional services. 

Be sure to get there 15-30 minutes early to have time to fill out the intake form and get changed. We both walked out of there so much happier and more relaxed than when we came in. All the staff are so kind and considerate and just really good at their jobs. Make the appointment. Buy the gift card. 

Spa H
90 Traverse Dr, Greenville
Spa H Website

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