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About this advertising . . .

Why do we sell advertising on Kidding Around Greenville? You might be surprised to learn that our advertising packages are carefully crafted to provide more than income but to support local businesses and to provide additional content for our readers.

  • Maintaining a high-quality local site such as Kidding Around Greenville requires a large stable income each month. As the site grows, various fees increase including hosting costs, outside labor, and necessary online services. These expenses must be covered as well as profit generated for the website to be sustainable.
  • Our income is also used to hire writers and other contractors to provide the information on Kidding Around Greenville. Since monetizing more effectively in the fall of 2014, we have added large amounts of new content to the site.
  • Offering affordable advertising options to small businesses in the area helps them to continue to grow and find new customers.
  • Advertising dollars provide you with a free resource that isn’t free to produce. Kidding Around Greenville is completely free for our readers.

Each advertiser directly helps us provide FREE content and giveaways for you.

We carefully review advertising applications with the goal of providing the best information to our readers.  Acceptance of advertisers is based on a number of factors to help ensure that we are providing quality suggestions.

If you ever have a question about an ad or find a business advertised here to be less than promised, we encourage your feedback. We do listen and take reader feedback into consideration when reviewing advertising applications.

How do I know if I’m reading an advertisement?

We work hard to fully disclose all advertising relationships or partnerships by using the words “sponsor”, “sponsored”, or “paid listings” when introducing the advertisements. We try to disclose even when we are just mentioning a sponsor apart from a paid package such as sharing one of their deals on social media. Of course, we still only share deals and businesses that we think our readers will love.

You might see the word “sponsor” quite a bit while browsing Kidding Around Greenville. We partner and interact with many, many of the businesses and non-profits in town, and we try to err on the side of over-disclosure in an effort to be transparent with our readers. We are proud to say that our advertisers represent many of our readers favorite businesses and naturally fit into our organic content.

How you can help us continue to provide free content

We appreciate our readers’ support. You are awesome. Every time you enter a giveaway, read a sponsored post, or tell a business that you found them through this website you help our business grow. Thanks again for making Kidding Around Greenville, Greenville’s top family website!

~Bethany Winston, owner