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Have you tried a corn maze yet this fall? The Upstate has many corn mazes to choose from, but local mom Lacey took her family up into North Carolina, near Asheville, for the Eliada Corn Maze. Her family had a fantastic time and she’s told us all about it here in this review. 

The 2023 Eliada Corn Maze is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between September 29th and October 29th. We recommend checking the Eliada Corn Maze website for the most up-to-date information regarding ticket availability and available time slots. Media tickets were provided for this review in 2015, but we’ve updated it with 2023 information.

Nothing says autumn like rows and rows of corn. Every year, we try to make it to at least one corn maze. In years past we’ve tried a few mazes in Hendersonville, and we’ve always been pleased with our options. This year, however, our family took the corn maze game up a notch and drove a little farther north right up to our neighbors in Asheville, and visited the annual Eliada Corn Maze.

A little about Eliada

Eliada is an organization created to help at-risk children succeed. They provide foster homes, group care, residential care for children after trauma, early childhood development, a unique school for both foster children and children in need, a trade school for older children aging out of the foster care system, and much more. (It’s really a fabulous organization settled right down on a glorious hillside with celestial mountain views.)

The corn maze is one way that the organization raises funds for their services and facilities. Knowing this information is important. One – because it provides an opportunity for us to be aware of the needs of many children. Two – because it allows us to realize that not only are we purchasing tickets for a pleasurable outing for our own family, our money is supporting many other families in trauma and in need.

Before You Go

The 2023 Eliada Corn Maze is open between September 29th and October 29th on Fridays 3 – 7 pm, Saturdays 9 am – 7 pm, and Sundays 10 am – 6 pm. You can pre-purchase tickets. Tickets are $12 for adults and children over the age of 4. Children age 3 and under get free admission.

This price includes all of their activities – hay rides, cow train rides, multiple corn mazes, small hay bale maze, spider web play area, giant slides, corn cob guns, and giant checkers game.

The corn maze is located very near downtown Asheville and the directions on the website are clear and easy to follow, although the GPS directions are unreliable. We pulled up to a giant field and parked where we saw other cars parking and followed the route to the first building. Once you enter the building you know you are in the right place, but from the outside, it can appear a little confusing.

The staff is cordial, friendly, and very helpful. The kids all received an armband and we headed outside to survey the scene. It is truly just such a pretty setting. Our day was one of those pleasantly warm days filled with sunshine after a long stretch of rain and we couldn’t help but smile at all the fun times waiting down the hill for us.

There is a large tent right beside the concession stand with lots of clean picnic tables. You can bring your own food too. The concession stand had reasonably priced hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, and snacks.

Our day at Eliada

First, we tried the corn cannons. It’s just what it sounds like. You place ears of corn down a long tube and then you gleefully pull the trigger. It’s a very satisfying explosive sound and that corn shoots far, far across the field.

You can walk down to the corn maze next and that’s a perfectly acceptable option. However, you can also slide down to the corn maze in giant black corrugated tubes!  Of course, we chose to slide.  (Me too!  It was fun. I highly recommend it. I bet your children will cheer for you just like mine did.)

Elida corn maze Asheville NC

We couldn’t seem to get right to the corn maze because there were so many other fun things to distract us.  We all waited our turn for our time on the jumping pillow. It sounds a little – uh, corny – but it was actually loads of fun. A little different in feel from a trampoline and simply so gigantic and unusual that you just had to try it for yourself. (Jumping always reminds me of my age though and I could only jump for a rather limited time.)

The kids liked the novelty of the giant checkers game but each time we wanted to play there were lots of other kids playing so we never made our way back to the game again. Which was just fine, really. Finally, we trekked on over to the corn maze itself – the reason we drove that hour to Asheville.

At the corn maze, you are presented with several options. There are two entrances that are more like corn walks than corn mazes – if that’s more your style.  (And there’s no shame in that, friends.) We decided to warm up on one of those corn walks first. We chose the Jack and the Beanstalk Fairytale path. The route is laid out for you through the corn and all along the route there are cute signs that tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

The other walking option was a spooky story and we decided we wanted to take the challenge of the actual maze instead. There are two options for mazes – a long one and a short one. One of the kids leaped right onto the long one and off we all went.

This one was tricky for us – as all mazes should be. We did a pretty decent job of following the numbers for a long while but then, at some point, we knew we were just walking in circles, cornrow circles, and we kept laughing as we passed the same sign over and over again.

After wandering in the corn for a hot while, we decided we’d better admit defeat and go back down the path we began. So we never actually saw some of our final numbers and I guess you could say we were defeated by the maze, but we had such a great time, I think I’d call us winners anyway. (Plus, I got to see my kids band together and help one another out. I saw piggyback rides offered and jokes given as gifts and encouraging words spoken.  See? I told you it was a victory walk.)

Elida corn maze

After the corn maze, we settled on crunchy bales of hay and took a little spin around the farm and through the cornfield. It was nice that all the activities were included in one price so that the kids could really just enjoy whatever they wanted, as often as they liked.

The little cow train was a big hit too for my two youngest. What is it about being pulled along in a cart that is so appealing? I don’t know – but I think it’s universal.

We spent several hours there. We didn’t pack a picnic lunch this trip, but it would have been an easy place to do that. The staff at Eliada even had a wash-up station under the tent so you could clean your picnic area for the next guests. They really had thought of everything to make your experience a day well-spent where you truly felt as if you had the classic autumn experience of hay rides and corn mazes and beautiful mountain views.

Plan your own trip to the Eliada Corn Maze

2 Compton Drive – Asheville, NC

Admission is $12 for anyone age 4 and over and tickets should be bought in advance online.

Eliada Corn Maze Website

I’m so glad we went – and I love that the cause is such a worthy one.  I hope you decide to take your kids to Eliada Corn Maze too.

Looking for more?

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