2022 DRIVING TOURS: Spooky Halloween Houses in Greenville, SC

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Looking for some safe Halloween fun for the family? We put together this awesome driving tour of local homes with fabulously spooky Halloween displays. So load up the kids and go for a spooky drive. Which is your favorite stop?

We started this driving tour in 2020 because really, we needed the stuff to do and people around here are very good apparently at doing some seriously creepy Halloween decorations. It was so much fun, for 2022 we have four routes: Greenville, Simpsonville/Mauldin, Greer, and Five Forks (only two houses) – see the map. **When looking at the map, the addresses in orange have been confirmed for 2022. Any other color has not. We still have a few houses not on routes that we need to drive by but all the homes on each of the routes has been driven by and confirmed that they have great Halloween decorations!

Extra special thanks to readers Jason Hurdich and Heather Harris who tested many of the houses on our routes and checked them out for scare ratings and accuracy!

Looking for more spooky fun? Here’s our Greenville, SC Halloween Event Guide!

Kidding Around Spotify Halloween Playlist

Enjoy some family-friendly Halloween music while you follow the tour, through the Kidding Around Spotify playlist we created. You can stream it through your car speakers with the Spotify App.

If you have homes we missed, shoot us a message and we can possibly add them to our driving tour.

And when you go and see these homes, please be considerate and not go traipsing around the property or driving too fast in neighborhoods, or hitting things with your car.

2022 Addition: The Scare Rating

We’ve added a scare rating from 1-5 with 5 being the scariest, 1 being tame. This is subjective but the scariest one is the Haunted Castle of Mauldin due to the multiple instances of gore, terrifying clowns, headless babies, werewolves, and other nightmarish ghouls so that was the scale we weighed everything else against.

Here are the routes on a map and listed them below:

Spooky Halloween Driving Route: Simpsonville and Mauldin

2022 Simpsonville-Mauldin

503 Central Ave, Mauldin (check out their Facebook page) -5/5 scare rating
120 Fairfield Drive, Mauldin – 4.5/5 scare rating
3 Tideland Court, Mauldin – 3/5 scare rating
103 Onslow Ct. Simpsonville – 3/5 scare rating
Verdmont Blvd, Simpsonville (there are 3 homes in here decked out) – 2.5/5 scare rating
507 Agewood Drive, Simpsonville (walk through on Halloween) – 3.5/5 scare rating
278 Oak Branch Drive, Simpsonville – 2.5/5 scare rating

503 Central Avenue in Mauldin, aka The Haunted Castle of Mauldin

Spooky Halloween Driving Route: Greenville, SC

2022 Greenville Route

309 E Hillcrest Drive, Greenville – 2/5 scare rating
201, 203, 204, and 205 E Earle Street, Greenville – 2.5-4/5 scare rating
100 W Earle Street, Greenville – 1/5 scare rating
401 Crescent Avenue, Greenville – 3/5 scare rating
329 W Prentiss Avenue, Greenville – 4.5/5 scare rating
818 Parkins Mill Road, Greenville – 3.5/5 scare rating

Spooky Halloween Driving Route: Greer/Lyman, SC

2022 Greer Route

833 Brennan Way, Lyman – 2/5 scare rating
210 Snow Street, Greer – 4.5/5 scare rating
341 Mansfield Lane, Greer – 1/5 scare rating
1 Saucer Court, Greer – 3.5/5 scare rating
507 Millervale Road, Greer – 3/5 scare rating
204 Firethorne, Greer – 1/5 scare rating
200 Hidden Springs Lane, Taylors – 2.5/5 scare rating

1 Saucer Court/photos provided by Heather Harris

Spooky Halloween Driving Route: Five Forks

2022 Five Forks Route

104 Pond Terrace Lane, Simpsonville (turn to 88.1 to hear spooky music)** – 3/5 scare rating
10 Bennetts Crossing Court, Simpsonville – 2/5 scare rating

120 Fairfield Drive, Mauldin

2022 Halloween Houses Not on Routes

Some were on previous years’ routes and others are reader-suggested. We have not driven by all of these so we cannot vouch for them but the ones that we know do have decorations have been linked.

430 Tripp Road, Piedmont
168 Caledonia Drive, Powdersville
212 Cherish Drive, Easley
Ted Drive, Fountain Inn
14 Morning Glory Court, Fountain Inn
185 Holston Valley Circle, Inman (show runs from 7- 11pm Friday-Sunday and 7-10 pm during the week)
211 Heather Drive, Spartanburg
292 Autumn Glen Dr, Spartanburg – the decor corresponds to music played starting at 7pm nightly on 95.5
544 W Saddletree Drive, Woodruff

Vote on your Favorite Halloween Houses!

Which house on our routes, deserves to be named as the 2022 Kidding Around Spookiest House of All? We will announce the winner on Halloween. Vote once per day from October 21th at 6 pm until October 30th at midnight!

About the Author
Kristina Hernandez is a mom of two girls, freelance writer and photographer. Originally from New Jersey, she is in love with the Upstate and could not imagine raising her kids anywhere else. She enjoys hiking to waterfalls, kayaking, camping, cooking, and exploring all that Greenville has to offer. And she really loves baby goats. Follow her on Instagram at @scadventurer.

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2 years ago

You’ve missed 7 Peters Fork Lane!

Brian Harrison
1 year ago

Is there a similar list for Spartanburg?

1 year ago

3 Tideland Court, Mauldin has a HAUNTED DAYSCARE!

Carson’s Pond
1 year ago

Don’t forget Pond Terrace Lane in the Carson’s Pond complex very close to Woodruff Road. We have a Halloween cemetery with lights that play to music, and the Tick Tock famous Bob Scary that does a new pose/ activity every day! There are other homes too that partake in the fun. Definitely worth it to check it out .

Carson’s Pond - Kara Huycke
1 year ago

I forgot to add. Turn your radio to 88.1 to hear the spooky music! 104 pond Terrace Lane Simpsonville

Mallory P.
1 year ago

How do we submit a house to possibly be on the tour list?

Charise M. Post
1 year ago

Please consider adding 601 Hyde Park Lane Mauldin, SC 29662 to your Spooky Driving List. Located in Butler Station Neighborhood.

Jennifer M
1 year ago

Is it better to see these Halloween houses in the daytime or after dark?

1 year ago

525 Henderson Circle Greer SC 29650. Near Riverside High School.

James R Archer
1 year ago

1 saucer ct greer

Dede Wade
1 year ago

My favorite so far are 503 Central Ave and 120 Fairfield in Mauldin. Will be visiting more this week.

Christine Coleman
1 year ago

I do a free haunted walk through my yard with a 67ft tunnel 14 morning glory Ct Fountain Inn i ask people to park and walk the yard now until Halloween (i’s best for the little ones during daylight)you wont be disappointed ADDING THE SHED AND GARAGE FOR HALLOWEEN

Dede Wade
1 year ago

I love that you have added categories. I am mostly interested in the “Horrifically Haunted” homes.

Larry Nilmeier
7 months ago

I have my Xlights Halloween 2022 Show up and running Autumn Glen Drive Community Spartanburg, SC. 8000 pixel.lights coded to 5 music themes. On weekends there is smoke and fire. 480 hours of coding to make this an amazing show.

Last edited 7 months ago by Larry Nilmeier
7 months ago

Where do I find a map for the spooky house is in the driving tour