See the Earle Street Santas (and Other Holiday Attractions) with the Kidding Around Holiday Greenville Bike Taxi Tour

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As if seeing holiday lights and the beauty of downtown Greenville could be any better – it just did. Introducing the Kidding Around Holiday Greenville Bike Taxi Tour. We did it and have all the info on this new, must-do holiday item for your family. 

When Greenville Bike Taxi opened in Greenville, SC as the only pedicab biking down Main Street, owner Phil thought it’d be a great fit. Bikes use no gas. They are eco-friendly. They allow guests to really take in the sights and sounds of our beautiful downtown. And really, they are just plain fun. 

And fun is exactly what we had with Phil when he took us on the new Kidding Around Holiday Tour designed specifically to enjoy the beautiful Christmas season and see lots of fantastic Christmas lights and one pretty famous street with about 40 blow-up Santas. 

Greenville Bike Taxi Santas
Greenville Bike Taxi

About Greenville Bike Taxi 

Phil grew up in Greenville and moved to the coast to go to school. In Charleston, he ended up working for a bike taxi company and loved it. He peddled all over King Street and through the historic district, taking people to restaurants, markets, bars, and on shopping trips. Literally, anywhere they wanted to go. 

When he decided to move back home to the Upstate, he wanted to bring that same experience to Greenville. So he did. After obtaining the necessary permits and navigating all the business paperwork, Phil opened up Greenville Bike Taxi in the spring and people have loved it. 

It’s easy to see why. It’s such a unique way to get around town and since Greenville is so beautiful and since there is lots to see, it’s far from a boring way to be stuck in traffic on Main Street. 

If you’re in town and want a bike taxi, just call or text (843.670.0418) Phil and he’ll come get you! A standard ride is $7/person for 10 minutes. We’ll give you pricing info on our holiday tour below.

Greenville Bike Taxi
Greenville Bike Taxi Downtiwn

The Kidding Around Holiday Bike Tour

You all know how much we love tours, right? But they are all driving tours. Now we’ve partnered with Greenville Bike Taxi to offer a Kidding Around Holiday Tour! 

Here’s where you will go: 

  • The Gingerbread Competition at the SpringHill Suites
  • The Hyatt Regency to see the Festival of Trees
  • Earle Street to see the Santas – like literally dozens of them – that line the street

The entire tour is an hour long and it’s one of the best tours we’ve done downtown. Phil cranks up the Christmas tunes and you’ll get people waving at you the whole time you’re in the pedicab. Honestly, my daughters and I felt like celebrities. It was our 15 minutes (well, an hour) of fame. 

Greenville Bike Taxi
Greenville Bike Taxi in front of the Hyatt

My daughters (ages 12 and 9) were just elated the entire time. They loved watching Main Street fly by and enjoyed all the stops, especially the ride down Earle Street. The novelty of being in a pedicab was a joy. 

But as an adult, I absolutely loved it also. It’s just a view you don’t usually get and Phil was a great bike rider (even though he didn’t let me try to ride the bike, ya know, insurance and all that!). 

I also loved it because it’s literally your own private tour. You aren’t squished in anywhere with strangers. You’re squished in with your loved ones and nice and snuggly while stopping to see all the cool stuff around town during the holidays. 

Tips on Enjoying the Kidding Around Holiday Bike Tour 

You’ll want to read through these tips so you can enjoy your holiday bike tour with Greenville Bike Taxi. 

  • Dress warmly. It’s chilly so bring hats and gloves and wear a warm jacket. Phil has blankets, which are nice and warm. 
  • Charge your phone for photos. I find that my phone batteries die faster in colder weather so bring your phone charged to document your fun night. 
  • Rides are an hour long. The tour is an hour long but you’ll stop at the two hotels and can use the restrooms if needed.
  • Each bike can fit four people. You’ll be able to squeeze in two adults and two kids to any bike. If you need more space, you can rent two (or three or four) bikes for your group. 
  • Holiday bike tours will go to around Christmas. You’ll be able to book your tours during the week through Christmas with Greenville Bike Taxi. 
Greenville Bike Taxi
Greenville Bike Taxi in downtown Greenville

Booking Your Kidding Around Holiday Bike Tour

The Kidding Around Holiday Bike Tour is being offered at a discounted hourly rate of $30/person for weekdays and $40/person for weekends, which includes all the stops on the tour. If you’d like to change it up, just ask Phil. He’s pretty awesome. 

You can book your tour by calling or texting Phil at 843.670.0418 or emailing him at

Tours are offered right now Monday-Thursday at 5 pm, 6 pm, and 7 pm. Fridays & Saturdays have just been added at 5 pm, 6:15 pm, and 7:30 pm.

Greenville Bike Taxi

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