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Haunted Houses, Trails, Woods and More!

Do you enjoy celebrating Halloween with a good scare? For those brave souls who are looking for something truly scary, these are the haunted houses, haunted trails, woods and more that open up in Greenville around Halloween. These attractions are scary and are not appropriate for young children (or perhaps even easily scared adults). We’ll say it one more time because we know that you are tired and skimming. These are actual scary attractions, meant to scare people and are not necessarily recommended for children.

If you are looking for a scary experience for tweens and teens, check out our list of Haunted Attractions for Tweens and Teens Near Greenville, SC, that may be more appropriate.

For families with children who are looking for a non-scary alternative, we recommend that you check our Trick-or-Treating and Halloween Events Guide to Greenville.

Looking for a little more scare? Check out this list of Haunted Places near Greenville where we give you a list of of local places with spooky stories all their own and known to be haunted.

Madworld Haunted Attractions

SPONSORED 864.436.6307 | 147 Country Manor Road, Piedmont, SC

Madworld Haunted attraction near Greenville, SC

This attraction makes haunted houses family-friendly events in addition to the haunted house, including a picnic area, bonfires, music, photos with characters, access to food, mini golf, ax throwing, and more.

Don’t let the family-friendly fun fool you, Madworld claims to be the scariest haunted house in the state.

Open Friday and Saturday from September 8, 2023 – November 4, 2023. 
Open Friday – Sunday beginning October 1st, 2023
Open on Halloween
See the calendar for date and time details.

Admission: Madworld offers a variety of admission options and packages. See their ticketing website for a complete list of options.
General Admission tickets start at $40

Family Friendly haunted house experience
Scary Haunted House Experience

Big Kids and Tweens at Mad World

We love that Mad World also offers a “No-Scare” Medallion for both grown-ups and kids. The Medallion “allows your children to take back control of the night by not only signaling to the monsters to stay away from him/her but also giving the child special powers to control the monster!”

*Please see the very comprehensive FAQ’s on their website as well

  • Loud Noises: Yes, proceed with caution
  • Visibility: Yes, There will be moments of low visibility, as they do use fog machines
  • Open or enclosed (tight spaces): Yes, proceed with caution
  • Blood and Gore: Yes, proceed with caution
  • Surprising special effects? Strobe lights (being mindful of kids with disabilities)? Yes, proceed with caution
  • Quality of scare actors: High-level, well-trained

Nightmare Hollow

864.809.8115 | 3411 Reidville Road, Spartanburg, SC

This is a 35-minute Haunted Trail along the banks of the Tyger River in Spartanburg, SC.

Nightmare Hollow is definitely scary and there is quite a bit of blood and gore, but one reason why it makes the list of good haunted attractions for big kids and tweens is because the staff is so kind and sympathetic to the children (and parents) that are brave enough to give their attraction a try.

You can let the staff know if you want them to tone it down a bit for your child and you have a guide that can allow any member of your party to walk around a part of the attraction that might be a bit too intense.


Open Fridays & Saturdays September 22, 2023  – 21,  2023, Sunday October 22nd, 2023
Open October 27, 2023 – October 31, 2023


This is a scary attraction and we recommend waiting until children are old enough to understand that the actors are in costume and that the attractions are all staged.

  • Core attractions: 30-minute trail takes you through multiple haunted attractions. These attractions are creatively set up and have a variety of actors and themes.
  • Best rides for tweens: No rides
  • Loud Noises: airhorns and other loud noises, lots of screaming actors
  • Visibility: dark outside and periods of total blackness
  • Fire/Pyrotechnics: none
  • Open or enclosed (tight spaces): multiple very tight spaces
  • Blood and Gore: actors had bloody costumes, several areas did have gory themes
  • Surprising special effects:  yes, strobe lights and some special effects that have a disorienting effect
  • Quality of scare actors: Great, but actors were friendly if they noticed that children were not having fun due to being scared

Admission price: $20 Fridays, $25 Saturdays, CASH ONLY


The Haunted Farm

828.702.7911 | 624 Townsend Road, Hendersonville, NC

Located in Hendersonville in Western North Carolina, The Haunted Farm is a scary, haunted farmland to explore. They say the land is cursed (eek!)

There are 5 distinct haunted attractions at The Haunted Farm, including The Woods, The Farm, The Meathouse, The Demon Hay Shed, and The Slaughterhouse.
You will see lots of scary costumed creatures, with loud sounds, creepy music, and other scary things.
There is no age limit, but we do not recommend this attraction for younger children because they are all scary.

General admission tickets start at $35, $5 parking

Open Fridays and Saturdays, September 29, 2023 – October 14, 2023
Open Friday – Sunday, October 20, 2023- October 29, 2023
Open on Halloween


The Asylum on Pine Knoll

864.275.0917 | 110 Pine Knoll Drive, Easley, SC

This haunted house sounds like a real thrill and includes “intense audio, lighting effects, fog and mist,” and many other special effects. The experience also includes a 3-D Haunt and Fun House. It is not recommended for children under the age of 12, though they can visit if they are willing. They also have axe throwing to enjoy.

Open Friday and Saturdays from September 29th, 2023 – October 31st, 2023
Open Thursday, October 26th, 2023
Open Halloween

Pricing: Regular admission- $25; Fast pass admission: $40;
Axe Throwing- $5 for 6 throws

Haunted Woods

| 416 Old Colony Road, Clinton, SC

Haunted Woods!
Open Friday and Saturdays from September 29th, 2023 – October 31st, 2023

Most nights are Friday and Saturday nights only.
Open Sunday October 29th- Tuesday October 31st (Halloween night)

7:30 – 12 am each night

Tickets are cash only
$15 general admission

The Fear Farm Haunted House

864.839.1022 | 424 Ninety-Nine Island Road, Blacksburg, SC

The Fear Farm Haunted Farm offers five attractions in one place: Abyss, Mindshaft Mayhem, Confinement, Twisty Z, and Farm House

All ages are welcome, though we do not recommend for younger children because of gore, scary masks, and costumed characters.
Read more on the “faq’s” page of The Fear Farm before you go.

Open Friday & Saturday nights from September 23, 2023- October 28th, 2023
Open Sunday, October 29, 2023
Open on Halloween

Admission: General admission is $28 (plus tax)
They do offer a Buy 3 get 1 free option for two nights in September.

Booger Jim's Hollow

864.492.7246 | 278 Doolittle Street, Blacksburg, SC

The Clown House, The Doll House, and the Haunted Trail are all at Booger Jim’s.

This haunted attraction is best for older kids, teens, and adults.

Open Friday and Saturdays from September 29th, 2023- November 4th, 2023
Open Sunday, October 29th
Open on Halloween

Admission: Ticket office opens at 7 p.m. Closing times vary, call after 11:30 p.m.
$25 general admission
No touch medallions are $5
Cash preferred!

Sweet Dreams Scare House

864.787.4831 | 250 Saco Lowell Road, Easley, SC

Sweet Dreams Scare House has a quarter mile of indoor and outdoor haunting, with suspension artists and “freakshow” performances before entering the trail. The attraction offers interactive characters and creative frightening scenery throughout the haunt.


Open weekends from September 22nd through October 21st, 2023
Open October 27th through 31st, 2023, Friday – Tuesday
Open November 3rd and 4th, 2023

Pricing: Adults $30; Children 10 and younger: $20 ( We do not recommend younger children attend)
Touch tour tickets are $35
Fast pass tickets available for an additional $10


Nightmare Dungeon Haunted Attraction

864.905.2289 | 645 Old Anderson Road, Greenville, SC

Nightmare Dungeon is considered terrifying, and they even offer a “hands-on option” for adults that will allow the characters to interact with guests up close and personal, to the point of picking them up!

New for 2023 is the “Hellevator” scary elevator experience.

We express caution when visiting this attraction with younger children since they may see others being touched by the characters. The characters do not touch guests who did not purchase the “hands-on option” The haunt has three large structures that are indoors, inside of a 120-year-old house. There is a lot of gore, scary imagery, characters to interact with and be scared by, and more.

Nightmare Dungeon is open nightly from September 15th through November 4th, 2023.

Admission: $30 + $2.50 fee for everyone, under 10 is $20+ Buy tickets online. 

Joanna Haunted Hospital

864.983.5599 | 212 State Rd S-30-139, Joanna, SC

Open for 2023 season September 29th!

Open Friday – Sunday, September 29th – October 29th
Open Monday October 30th and Tuesday October 31st, 2023

Haunted hospital with costumed characters and scares. Recommended for teens and adults, and older children who do not scare easily!

Tickets are $12 cash only.

Open Friday – Saturday from 7:30 pm to Midnight
Open Sunday 7:30 pm to 10 pm