5 Awesome Spots To Go Sledding FREE In the Mountains: North Carolina

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Can’t wait for some snow to go sledding? Bring those sleds to North Carolina for some mountain sledding. South Carolina doesn’t frequently see a ton of snow, so if you’re looking to go sledding in South Carolina we recommend heading up to the mountains of North Carolina. Just a few hours’ drive will get you a day trip to play in the snow!

So, grab those gloves and sleds and read on for sledding in NC. These 5 spots are the closest for sledding near Greenville, SC. Enjoy some winter fun, for free!

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Where to Sled in Brevard, North Carolina

*Distance – Approximately 1 Hour from the Upstate
The Pisgah National Forest offers visitors plenty of space to play in the snow and pull sleds around.

One reader suggested the area behind Calvary Baptist Church for the perfect sledding hill.

Sledding off The Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

*Distance – Varies 1-3+ Hours from the Upstate
Moses H. Cone Memorial Park Milepost 294 on the Blue Ridge Parkway offers a safe spot for sledding, but getting to this spot might be tricky depending on the road conditions. The Parkway often closes during inclement weather, making reaching certain spots along this highway difficult to access. This is both a curse and a blessing. The Blue Ridge Parkway being shut down offers families a unique opportunity to sled right on the road. For up-to-the-minute road closure information, head to the Road Closures on the Blue Ridge Parkway page. To take a peek at what Milepost 241 on the Parkway looks like, head to the Bluffs Restaurant Webcam.

For more safety tips and info about The Blue Ridge Parkway in winter, head to the Blue Ridge Parkway Facebook page.

land of oz overlook on Beech Mountain

Go Sledding in Beech Mountain, North Carolina

*Distance – Approximately 2.5 Hours from the Upstate
Just north of Banner Elk, The mountain top town of Beech Mountain is most famous for being the home of The Land of Oz. In addition to the Beech Mountain Ski Resort, the city offers a free sledding hill next to the Beech Mountain Visitors Center. The Sledding Hill is open seven days a week, weather permitting and requires the use of a plastic sled. If you don’t have one handy, you can purchase or rent one from several of the ski shops around the mountain.

There is so much to see and do in Beech Mountain, while this is close enough to be a day trip, you will want to stay and explore! Check out the live Beech Mountain webcam, and the Buckeye Lake webcam to see the local conditions before you head out.

Where to Go Sledding in Boone, North Carolina

*Distance – Approximately 2.5 Hours from the Upstate
Near the eastern Tennesse border, Boone North Carolina sees its fair share of snow. Depending on the driving conditions, this is an easy day trip to make for a day playing in the snow. Alternatively, you could plan a last-minute weekend getaway and stay overnight to play in the snow even longer. Head to The town of Boone’s webcam so you can check up on the snow status in real-time!

Boone Jaycee Park & Strawberry Hill Overlook is a public park that offers sledding on Strawberry Hill. Be sure to stop for a bathroom break before you head to the park because the restrooms are closed during the winter months.

Blowing Rock, North Carolina has several parks that offer a great opportunity for snow play! Blowing Rock Memorial Park has surfaces for older kids to slide down, as well as plenty of open flat areas for snow-play and building snow-folks. The Julian Price Memorial Park in Blowing Rock is also a great place for sledding.

*Approximate drive times are calculated from the Greenville/Spartanburg Airport and can vary based on road conditions. Please check for road closures and hazards before heading to a location listed here during or immediately after inclement weather.

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