Where to Find the Best Pizza in Spartanburg, SC

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Looking for the best pizza in Spartanburg, SC? A home-cooked meal is always nice, but it’s also time-consuming. What is something that everybody in the family can enjoy and it can be made simply for picky eaters or with more exotic choices for adults? Pizza is a meal everyone can agree on.

Spartanburg SC Restaurants

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Best Pizza Near Spartanburg, SC

If you are going out to eat with your family, co-workers, hosting a birthday party, or just want to grab a slice, Spartanburg offers several options to fill your pizza craving.

Instead of opting for your traditional delivery or carryout pizza place, why not give one of the pizza restaurants our readers love a try!

Rapid Fired Pizza Spartanburg SC
Rapid Fired Pizza

Rapid Fired Pizza

1707 John B White Sr Boulevard, Spartanburg | 864.216.8186
Why it’s good: Have you ever looked longingly at the list of pizza toppings and wished you could get whatever you wanted on your pizza, instead of just boring cheese and pepperoni? That’s what draws our readers to Rapid Fired Pizza, the chance to enjoy whatever you want on your own pizza while still making the kids happy! Personal size pizzas are prepared in front of you and cooked lightning fast.

We were one of the first to try Rapid Fired Pizza when it opened and it’s been a huge hit with families.

Rapid Fire, because they have so many options, are affordable, and super fast!

Summer L.


1047 Fernwood Glendale Road, Spartanburg | 864.327.8281
Why it’s good: If you’re seeking more of an elegant Italian experience, look no further than Fratello’s. With a moody ambience and a big variety of flavors, Fratello’s is a favorite in Spartanburg. At Fratello’s, you’re not only limited to pizza. (Though the pizza is rated as delicious). You can also find any authentic dish you’d expect to enjoy at an Italian restaurant.

Fratello’s! They are consistent and delicious.

Nikole O.

Apollo’s House of Pizza

8151 Warren H Abernathy Highway, Spartanburg | 864.587.7117
Why it’s good: At Apollo’s, Italy meets Greece! With a big selection of toppings and speciality pizzas, everyone is sure to find something they’ll love at Apollo’s. Not in the mood for pizza? Apollo’s also offers create-your-own pasta bowls, along with a variety of sandwiches, wings, and speciality Greek entrees.

Apollo’s House of Pizza for sure! It just tastes sooo good!

Ashley S.

Apollo — love the crust.

Teri F

Manny’s Greek and Italian Restaurant

2520 Boiling Springs Road, Boiling Springs | 864.578.7334
Why it’s good: Manny’s is a family-owned restaurant that takes pride in their dishes. Each pizza is prepared with homemade dough, three blended cheeses, and a special sauce made in house. At Manny’s, authenticity is key. With a variety of elegant and delicious entrees, Manny’s is sure to impress!

Manny’s in Boiling Springs! I love their crust and their sauce!

Barbara M.

Town Grill & Pizza

5250 South Main Street, Cowpens | 864.463.0333
Why it’s good: Combination pizzas and appetizers reign supreme at Town Grill. With a small, hometown feel and menu filled with options, Town Grill is a great place to slow down and visit with your loved ones. (Or order a pizza to go, if you can wait until you get home to snag a slice!) Town Grill is a charming local restaurant that packs on the flavors.

Town Grill in Cowpens, no doubt. Most pizza places are ridiculously greasy. I get the house pizza here and I don’t get a pizza box wet from grease. Love it!

Charlene B.

La Taverna

120 Dorman Commerce Drive, Spartanburg | 864.576.8660
Why it’s good: Not only do they have some really tasty pizza, they also have some of the best Italian cuisine in Spartanburg! They offer a kid’s menu or you can leave the kids at home and enjoy a nice date night meal. It’s a great place to go no matter the occasion.

La Taverna in Spartanburg. Closest to Long Island pizza here in SC. Love them!

Crystal R.

La Taverna-most like NY style and Pi squared for a deep dish.

Becky M.

Venus Pie Pizzeria

400 East Main Street, Spartanburg | 864.582.4200
Why it’s good: Venus Pie has a loyal following locally. They make their own crust and sauce and the slices they sell are HUGE. Conveniently located downtown, you can spend some time at the park and then head to Venus Pie for a slice as big as your head.

Venus pie hands down!!

Erin E.

Venus Pie is closest to the pizzas I used to get growing up in PA.

Darryl H.
Pi-Squared Pizza Spartanburg, SC
Pi-Squared Pizza

Pi-Squared Pizza

1802 Drayton Road, Spartanburg | 864.586.2525
Why it’s good: If you are looking for an alternative to New York-style pizza, Pi-Squared is the place to go. They offer pan-style pizza, made famous in Detroit as well as a thin crust option.

Pi squared. Michigan style!

Carol U.

Pi Squared (it’s thick but not too much bread and crunchy) and Manny’s (it’sjust awesome)!!

Alicia R.

Other Places Our Readers Like

Pepperoni Pizza Express– Lyman SC

Pepperoni Pizza Express Lyman – it’s good ingredients, fresh, and they make their ranch fresh in store

Amanda T

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Where is your favorite place to get a pizza in the Spartanburg area?

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Jeb Klein
5 years ago

I like the pizza in warmers at the checkout at walmart. It’s so good, I wanna slap someone

Chrystal Randolph
4 years ago

Della Venturas in Greer is the absolute best. 🖤

Cheryl Burke
3 years ago

You all need to get over to Whitney and try Spaced Out Pizzaria. Not only is the pizza great, but so are the wings and everything else that we have tried so far.
They are in the building where the steak house was. Awesome Pizza.

2 years ago

La taverna is hands down the best in the burg