Bond With Your Kid FREE: Quality time at Home Depot Kids Workshops (2023)

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Looking for the next FREE Home Depot Kids Workshop Kit? I have always looked forward to the first Saturday of the month for the past several years as it has been my mommy-daughter date at the Home Depot kids workshop. I grab my coffee and my two young kids get their hammers and paintbrushes and we build whatever the kids’ workshop has deemed the project of the month.

And it’s all free! Home Depot offers workshop kits for kids, including all materials needed to complete the project, totally free. These projects are an amazing way to spend some quality time with the kids, without spending a dime.

Home Depot continues the kid workshops in 2023 on the first Saturday of each month. In-person workshops and take-home projects are both available!

This article includes:
Kids Workshop November Project at Home Depot
2023 Home Depot Kids Workshop Schedule
How Do the Free Kids Workshops at Home Depot Work?

Home Depot Kids Workshop Schedule

February 2023 FREE Workshop: Valentine’s Vase on February 4th, 2023

The next Home Depot Kids Workshop Kit of 2023 is a cute Valentine’s Day vase. Bring the kids for a little Valentine’s fun for free at Home Depot. This is a great opportunity to make a gift for someone special for FREE! How cool is that?

2023 Home Depot Kids Workshop Kit Schedule

Free Home Depot Kids kits are available the first Saturday of the month for completion in-store.

January 7th, 2023: Snowball Game
February 4th, 2023: Valentine’s Vase
March 4th, 2023: Pinball Game
April 1st, 2023: Poolside Birdhouse

More 2023 events coming soon!

Past Projects Included:

Toss Game
Valentine’s Photo Box
Window Bird Feeder
Mother’s Day Fence Picket Planter
Fish Tank
Constellation Viewer
Summer Camper
Pencil Desk Organizer
Fire Rescue Boat
Scarecrow Napkin Holder
Train Ornament
Santa Letters Mailbox

Review of the First Saturday Home Depot Kids Workshop

The Home Depot has workshops of all kinds for their customers and they have these awesome kids workshops on the first Saturday of every month from 9 a.m.-Noon.

They provide all the materials you need to make whatever the craft is of the day is and you just show up with your kid. With the take-home kits, you’ll have to do some of that yourself.

You, and your child, don’t need any kind of handyman experience. I’ve certainly made mistakes helping my daughters build all sorts of stuff but it’s a great learning time for all of us and it also helps with hand-eye coordination for the kiddos.

date idea for kids Home Depot

Building and Painting

The crafts always consist of something that you have to hammer together and then paint. My daughters both are great with handling a hammer and have only hit my fingers a few times. They also absolutely love the painting part too.

We have made all kinds of stuff together – a birdhouse, a car, a plane, a mailbox, a little sled, a planter (these are all kid-size, not big people, normal-sized things).

Thankfully there are instructions on how to put it together. I also cheat and see what the other parents do.

Home Depot Kids Workshop

How Kids Workshops at Home Depot Work

Check out your local Home Depot by going to the kids workshop link to make sure they have the kids workshop available. Most of the stores in the area have them.

All you do is show up between 9 am and Noon (look around for the area where they have the workshop or ask an associate) and the nice people at Home Depot will give you a packet that contains the craft, along with a kids apron and a commemorative pin. My daughter has a bunch of pins on her Home Depot apron At the stores, Home Depot has benches and tables set up where you can sit down and get to work. They provide the little paintbrushes, the hammers, and the paint. I try to have my kids wear clothes I wouldn’t mind getting paint on because it can get a little messy.

I have to stop myself from helping them too much because it’s so fun. I’ve seen parents really get into it and do all the painting while their child watches. It’s a kid’s thing so let the kids do it! And they are learning how to woodwork in the process, which helps build their confidence.

More Details

The kids’ workshops are on the first Saturday of the month. I started taking my oldest daughter when she was 3-years-old, which worked out great and my youngest when she was around two-and-a-half. It really depends on the child and how many kids you can control at once.

I have found it’s an awesome parent-kid date idea, especially for parents whose time is more limited during the workweek.

Don’t want to wait? Purchase Wood Kits for Kids

This section contains Amazon affiliate links.

You can purchase woodcraft kits for children instead of waiting for the free Home Depot kits each month. Help children develop woodworking skills, practice following written directions, get a little creative, and just enjoy some quality time with you!

You also find some of the Home Depot Kids Kits on sale at Home Depot online. You can even purchase a kid party pack. What a great idea for a kids’ party!

Bird Bungalow

Mechanical Model Cars

Candy Dispenser

Home Depot Free Kids’ Workshops FAQ

How do I sign-up for the free Kids’ Workshops at Home Depot?

Sign-up at Home Depot Kids. It just takes a minute and it’s the best way to make sure there will be a kit there for your kids.

Are the Home Depot Kids’ Kits hard to build?

Don’t worry. Picture instructions are included and you don’t need any special prior knowledge of building things to complete the project with your kids. Just go and have a good time. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Are the Home Depot Kids’ workshops really free?

Yep. Totally free. Sign-up and then spend a little time building something fun with your kids. Few things in life are free anymore and opportunities to do something cool with your kids for free are definitely limited. We love that Home Depot is keeping these workshops free. Go make some memories. You’ll never regret spending time with your kids.

What ages are good for the Free Home Depot Kids’ Workshop

We’d recommend about age 3 and up. At 3, the kids will need lots of help from you. but as kids get older they’ll be able to do more and more of the project independently.

Are there more free kids’ workshops and events at other stores?

  • Lowe’s offers similar Free Kids’ Workshops once a month.
  • And, JCPenney offers free kids craft events each month.
  • So mark your calendars and have fun!


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    2 years ago

    Hi, has anyone been able to register for a DIY take home kit?

    2 years ago
    Reply to  Lindsey

    No, I haven’t. I see where you can pay money for it but not the free one. It’s confusing?

    1 year ago
    Reply to  Tiffany

    to go you´r home depot and go to customer service and ask for a free kid kit

    1 year ago
    Reply to  Lindsey

    Just check your store. Ours still is giving them away the first Saturday of every month between 9a-12p. Check with customer service, they might still have some left.

    1 year ago

    Does anyone happen to know what the project will be Nov 27th?

    1 year ago
    Reply to  Dana

    The black Friday project for 2021 is a Gingerbread house photo frame.

    1 year ago

    Is there a way I can get enough for my READ program students? We have 17 students enrolled now.

    1 year ago
    Reply to  Nicole

    You will need to contact Home Depot.

    Nicole Fink
    1 year ago
    Reply to  Nicole

    Hi! As Bethany Said just contact your local Home Depot and inquire about getting kits for an event. Most of the time the store may have enough on hand to hand out directly. Typically if extra kits need to be ordered the store will require at least a 3 week lead time to ensure that the kits arrive before the event is supposed to take place.

    Eternity Busick
    1 year ago

    How can you get one of these in the mail?

    Jodi L Brandsma
    1 year ago

    I am a summer day care teacher for 5 to 10 year olds. I was wondering if it were possible for me to pick up 25-30 of your amazing building kits to do with my kiddos since we are not allowed to have fieldtrips this summer.
    Jodi Brandsma

    1 year ago

    You’ll need to contact your local Home Depot location to arrange this with store management.

    Mary Carroll
    1 year ago

    Loved taking the grandkids to the workshops.

    1 year ago

    I would like to know how we can get an apron for the kids crafts I need 5 of them if I can get them thank you for your time

    April Laney
    1 year ago

    When will the 20222 list of projects be out?

    1 year ago
    Reply to  April Laney

    There is not a January workshop, so the new year’s list is usually announced in late January for the first workshop of the year in February.

    Nick Calabretta
    10 months ago

    My grandson has been doing these projects for awhile now. First 2 years in the store & since has been doing at home with the free kits since Covid started. He earned his 25 kit pin in the store but now has 5-0 kits/ pins on his apron. How can he get his 5o project special pin. Also, my granddaughter is of age now, how can I get a new apron for her?

    Stefanie Chandler
    5 months ago

    I have written a book for kids; The Crud Box…an Inventor’s Supply Kit. It teaches kid how to dream-up, design and make their own toys. I suggest the child and parent work together to decide what tools are need. I need some pictures of tools so parent and child can talk about their safe use. Who may I send a copy of the book to and let them see if Home Depot would be interested in helping me. In addition to the book I hope to develop a TV show encouraging kids to invent toys.  

    3 months ago

    Is this at all Home Depots, or is there a specific one?