10 Cheap Birthday Parties in Greenville, SC for $100 or Less

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Are you looking for cheap birthday party options for your child in Greenville. SC? Birthdays on a budget are totally possible. Here’s a list of local birthday party venues and services that cost less than $100 (some are even free).

For even more birthday party ideas be sure to see our ultimate guide to birthday parties in Upstate, SC.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the work involved in throwing a birthday party completely by yourself at home but don’t have the budget to spend hundreds on a venue or entertainment?

No worries! Here’s our list of cheap and inexpensive birthday parties to the rescue. We have several ideas of venues and entertainers that offer budget options under $100. In fact, some of these parties are almost free and others include a venue and entertainment for one low fee.

This article does include information about our sponsors as well as other reader-recommended businesses in Greenville. Prices and details may change without notice.

Carolina Cheer

This indoor gym offers birthday parties for a $30 gym rental fee + $6/child so if you have 10 kids, cost is $90. Parents can bring in anything they like and Carolina Cheer provides tables, chairs, and table cloths. They are located in Greer.

Local Parks

A popular way in the warmer months to save money on a birthday party is to rent a picnic shelter near a fun playground. The price is typically dependent on the area and the size of the pavilion, so a good way to save money is to look for small shelters at the nicer parks. Some great choices are:

Runway Park – Greenville’s Downtown Airport’s Runway Park shelter is popular due to its location right beside an active runway and its airplane-themed playground. The shelter rents for just $80 for a two-hour rental on Fridays-Sundays to $55 for a three-hour rental Mondays-Thursdays.

This playground is very hot and has little shade though so plan an evening party if your party is in one of the hottest months of the year, otherwise, you may find it too hot to really enjoy the play equipment. See our review of Runway Park for more information.

Of course, there are many, many more picnic shelters available in town. You can find a complete list of the websites for information on these shelters on our Birthday Party Guide to Greenville.

There are also several Community Centers available for not much more than $100. One reader mentioned that the Bobby Pearce Community Center was great and even came with a kitchen and easy access to a playground.

McPherson Park has a totally free and beautiful mini-golf course. So gather a few friends, some putters, and balls, and enjoy the park. There are shelters to rent, or if your party is small, there is ample shade to spread some blankets for a birthday picnic.

Free mini-golf at McPherson Park in Greenville, SC

Fire Stations

Some fire stations offer birthday parties for free, though a donation is typically requested. The best way to determine if your local fire station offers this benefit is just to call and ask.


While we haven’t personally tried it, Rock Springs Baptist Church Bowling Center offers a birthday party package that includes pizza, a drink, 2 hours of bowling, and even a room for just $12 a person. You are also allowed to bring in your own birthday cake.

Pepsi Party Pack

If you have a child turning 6, don’t forget to pick up their Pepsi Party Pack. This free special package is filled with tickets to area attractions and also includes supplies for a Pepsi Party. It’s completely free but there are only specific days that you can claim it.

Climb@Blue Ridge

KAG-Reader-recommended Climb@Blue Ridge offers parties at $12 per person with a minimum of 8 people. Bring your own cake and decorations and enjoy 1 hour of climbing and 30 minutes of cake and presents!

Greenville Zoo

Greenville Zoo’s birthday party packages start at $340, but a cheaper and more informal option for a birthday is to purchase a Greenville Zoo membership. You can purchase a membership that has several guest tickets attached making it pretty affordable to take a group of kids celebrating through the zoo. The Household Plus Membership includes two adults and their children, plus two guests (at any time), and 8 tickets to be used at any time. This membership is only $90, so you could purchase it and bring an additional 10 people to the zoo by using your passes at no additional charge and then you would still have your membership to enjoy year-round.

The adjoining Cleveland Park also has several small shelters (not the large ones right beside the big playground) available to rent for as little as $60/day.

Craft Stores

Michael’s has craft-themed birthday party options starting at just $50. This party option just mainly includes the room (not the craft supplies) but does provide a room for a party at a reasonable rate.  The party option that includes craft supplies is $120.


Several fast-food restaurants offer party packages or will allow you to reserve a table and bring in a cake if you make prior arrangements.

McDonalds offers party packages that include a Happy Meal and even games. Right now, they have resources so you can have a McDonalds Birthday Party at Home.

Birthday Party policies and offerings vary from location to location, but Chick-Fil-A is also a popular place to host a kids’ birthday.

If you live on the Spartanburg side of the Upstate, be sure to also check out our list of Inexpensive Birthday Parties in Spartanburg.

If you need more Greenville birthday options, see our Birthday Party Guide to Greenville with over 100 Birthday Party Venues and Entertainers Listed!

What inexpensive birthday party packages would you recommend in Greenville?

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6 years ago

I can’t remember how much it was, but we had my daughter’s 2nd birthday at Amanda Henry’s Popcorn Parlor on Augusta St. It was definitely under $100 and they provided all the tablecloths. There isn’t really room for games or anything but great for younger ages to gather and eat/open presents. You can also bring in whatever you want. AND they have a parking lot for your guests.

6 years ago

I’m looking to have a very cheap 1st birthday party for my about to be 1 year old. I have two boys 4 & 7 that are going to want to play but haven’t found somewhere that’s baby friendly.

Kenyetta Young
6 years ago

I am looking for a cheap party for my soon to be 3 year old. She loves paw patrol. Her last parties were at home but i wanted to try something new for her. Please help this mommy out

5 years ago

Kidszone drop in daycare in Greenville does birthday parties on Sundays. It’s $100 for up to 25 kids and includes 2 hours of unlimited play and assistance with set up and tear down

5 years ago

Another option that is really cool, unique, and would surprise kids would be if you threw them a virtual reality party. It’s still so new most kids haven’t done it yet, and your children definitely know about it. They get to play in virtual reality like a lot of their favorite YouTubers and have fun doing whatever they want. The only company I know of that does it is NUEVRO, and they bring everything out to your house and guide the kids through everything. Each person I talked with was super sweet too.

4 years ago

Are you guys positive about the most Greenville Zoo rates? I checked recently and I was told the most basic package was more than $300 even with zoo membership.