Fall Play & Pumpkins at Linda’s Plants & Shrubs: Hendersonville, NC

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Does an indoor pumpkin farm maze and play space sound like fun for the kids? Bring the little ones to Linda’s Plants & Shrubs in Hendersonville for their super cool hay bale, indoor, Pumpkin Maze. They also have free hot chocolate and coffee, and pick your own pumpkins and sunflowers. And, while you’re there you can pick up some super gorgeous pumpkins, mums, and fall plants.

Fall Things to Do at Linda’s Plants & Shrubs

What does Linda’s have for Fall 2023? Lots! Pick your own pumpkins off the vine. Wander through the sunflower field, you can pick your own, too! Enjoy the pretty view and then head indoors and feast your eyes on gorgeous pumpkin displays with mums and all kinds of fall plants. Enjoy a free cup of coffee and then head for the INDOOR pumpkin maze.

Pick your own pumpkins at lindas

Picking Pumpkins

Want to pick your own pumpkins off the vine but don’t want the big fall crowds at large farms and orchards? Linda’s is your answer. The small pumpkin vine field has pumpkins you can cut yourself. The sunflower field is beside that, and you can also pick your own sunflowers.

But, if you can’t find the exact right pumpkin on the vine, no worries. Linda’s Plants and Shrubs shop is full of gorgeous pumpkins in every size, color, and shape you could imagine. They have lots of fall-themed photo opportunities both inside and out.

The Pumpkin Maze

Linda’s pumpkin maze costs $5 per person going through the maze and using the play space. The maze, made out of hay bales, is loaded up with Halloween and fall characters with audio and lights, inflatables, and bubbles.

Fall maze

Crawl through tunnels and tires, once you make your way out of the maze, a slide into a pool full of dried corn is waiting at the beginning of the play area.

In the play area you’ll find construction trucks ready to drive through and move that dried corn, an additional pool of dried corn, and space to play.

Do the maze as many times as you’d like. We saw kids having a great time with a game of hide and seek in the maze, and we have to admit, it does seem like a pretty perfect place for hide and seek! You could also have an epic game of I Spy in here.

There are benches in the maze space so parents can chill with that free cup of coffee while the kids play.

End of the maze at Linda's

Plants and More

Linda’s is personally one of my favorite places to go for fueling my plant addiction. They have a large selection of both seasonal indoor and outdoor plants, plus local honey, sauces, pots, and a small selection of decor items.

Christmas Events at Linda’s

Linda’s Plants and Shrubs is always a fun place to explore. Here’s what they had in 2022 for the holidays. Check back soon for their 2023 holiday happenings,

The Christmas Maze at Linda’s in Hendersonville, NC 2022

Greenhouses are not just for growing plants. Linda’s Plants and Shrubs has converted one of its large greenhouse spaces into a Christmas maze and play area for kids. No matter the weather, it’s dry and toasty at this maze made of haybales and decorated with tons of holiday decorations and inflatables. Kids must wind through the maze and crawl through a tunnel and a tire on their way to a climber and slide that goes right into a pit of dried corn.

For the construction-minded and truck-loving kiddos, there is also a place to play in the corn with large provided dump trucks. Parents can play along in the maze or relax on the benches while the kids play.

Play space in the Christmas Maze at Linda's

The maze and play area are totally free to visit. Younger kids, toddlers, preschoolers, and younger elementary will especially enjoy this area.

Santa at Linda’s Plants and Shrubs 2022

Santa will be visiting Linda’s on December 4th, 2022 from 12 pm to 3 pm. Don’t forget your free hot chocolate at the checkout area near the maze.

Trees and Plants: Holidays 2022

When you walk into Linda’s the first thing you’ll experience is the fresh, piney smell of Christmas trees and wreaths. Smells are free, too, and totally worth a pause even if you don’t need a tree. But if you do, these trees were beautiful!

Next on the list, Christmas cacti. Linda’s has so many blooming Christmas cacti and other holiday plants, like Poinsettias. I love Christmas cacti and I have five or six in my house. I’m lucky to get even one to bloom. So, today I added another, a big beautiful, already fully in bloom Christmas cactus to enjoy right now. Yay!

Christmas Cactus at Linda's

The poinsettia table screamed Christmas in the best possible way, and my husband picked out some other blooming holiday plant that I have absolutely no idea what it is or what to do with it. But, you know, it’s pretty. And, you can never have enough pretty plants, really. Then, my kids found a few succulents to add to their collections, of course.

Linda’s also has some adorable little pots for your new plants, and also some farm goodies like jams and honey.

Visit Linda’s Plants & Shrubs

308 Stepp Acres Lane
Hendersonville, NC 28792
Phone: 828.685.0738
Linda’s Plants & Shrubs
Linda’s on Facebook

Hours: Monday through Saturday 9 am to 5 pm, Sunday 11 am to 4 pm

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