Things to Do This Summer in Greenville, SC

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Planning your summer in Greenville? As the weather heats up our thoughts turn to summer. Summertime in Greenville, SC is full of swimming holes to discover, day trips to enjoy, ice cream cones, waterslides, and outdoor events.

In this summer guide, you’ll find places where you can swim, wade, and creek stomp in Greenville, SC! We also have our best frozen treat recommendations so you can find that perfect ice cream cone and stellar milkshake. You’ll also find free and cheap things to do, plus movies, summer camps, and date nights.

We’ll be updating all summer long, so bookmark this page and check back for more summertime fun opportunities.

The Ultimate Summer in Greenville, SC Guide

Summer fun, things to do in Upstate, SC:
Summer Day Trips from Greenville, SC
Staycation in Greenville
Places to Cool Off Near Greenville, SC
Summer’s Frozen Treats in Greenville, SC
Outdoor Spaces and Parks in Greenville, SC
Free Things to Do in the Summer in Greenville, SC
Summer Camps in Greenville, SC
Plan a Summer Date Night in Greenville, SC
Beaches Near Greenville, SC

Summer Day Trips From Greenville

Check out this extremely packed list of day trips from Greenville that are perfect for summer! There is something for everyone on our list from the adventurous to those seeking a bit more relaxation. Go tubing down the river, search out a waterfall, relax on a mountain beach, go river snorkeling, ride a horse, visit a historical site, pet some goats. We have the details you need for all these day trips, plus a whole lot more. Your summer will not be boring with this day trip list!

Horses grazing at the Dillard House
Ride horses at The Dillard House in Tennessee

Staycation in Greenville

Plan your summer staycation in Greenville, SC

Staying in Greenville this summer? Take that vacation right at home with these staycation ideas and things to do in Greenville. We have budget-friendly ideas and lots of fun for a vacation right here in Greenville. Save money on gas and overnight lodging by staying in Greenville.

Cool Off This Summer in Greenville

Places Where You Can Swim in Greenville

Looking for a place to cool off this summer? Swimming pools, water parks, rivers, creeks, swimming holes, we have information about all of these places to help you pick the right spot for your family. Find everything you need in this list of places that are open to swim in Greenville, SC! Or, try some Creek Stomping in the Upstate!

Looking for a beach? Try these Mountain Beaches in the Upstate. They are all within 2 hours of Greenville.

If boating is more your thing, here’s where you can rent boats near Greenville, SC or check out this list of fabulous places to kayak near Greenville.

You can tube down several area rivers, a perfect idea for a hot day – here’s the big list.

Jumping into the water at Hidden Falls

Ice Cream, Milkshakes and Snow Cones in Greenville

Summer is the perfect time to grab a sweet frozen treat in Greenville.

Getting ice cream at Ice cream station in SImpsonville, SC

Outdoor Spaces and Parks in Greenville

lavender at Elf Leaf Farm
Elf Leaf Farm

Fun for Cheap

Looking for FREE or inexpensive things to do this summer in Greenville and the Upstate?

Movies and Music in Greenville, SC

Greenville usually is full of local parks and businesses offering free and very low-cost summertime entertainment.

Summer Camps

Summer camps in Greenville, SC and Upstate, SC

Summer camps are abundant in Greenville and there are many camps to choose in Greenville this summer. Find our huge Guide to Summer Camp here. You can sort this massive guide by categories including camp topic/theme, location, length, age groups, and more!

Date Nights

Summertime is a great time for unique date nights, or days! Here’s a list of things to do for a summertime date in Greenville, SC.

On a budget? Here’s a list of summertime dates that cost $0!

Go to the Beach!

Favorite Beaches Near Greenville

Family enjoying the beach at Myrtle Beach.

Greenville is just a few hours’ drive from a number of great beaches. Some beaches are touristy, some are more remote, some have great family amenities nearby. Here are 21+ beaches in the Southeast beaches that worth traveling to!

Sandy Mountain Beaches

Or, try these Mountain Beaches in the Upstate. They are all within 2 hours of Greenville.

What do you plan to do this summer around Greenville?

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2 years ago

This is wonderful, thank you! Unfortunately, Greenville is a bit of a drive for us from Cowpens. Do you happen to know of a similar list for Spartanburg? Thanks in advance!